Dodgers News and Notes – Andrew Heaney’s Progress, Mookie’s Month of May and More

The Los Angeles Dodgers are two-thirds through their current 10 game road trip. Their record thus far is 4-2, dropping the final game of the series against both the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals.

While they’ve scored 33 runs over this time span, they could not get a runner across the plate in Wednesday’s matinee game in D.C. It is the first time the Dodgers have lost a game 1-0 since September of 2019.

Tony Gonsolin, Julio Urías and Tyler Anderson combined to pitch 25.0 innings and only allowing two earned runs combined in their outings. Anderson had a particularly stellar outing on Monday, going 8.0 scoreless innings. The bullpen was when most of the runs were scored by the other teams.

Mookie Betts has been on fire in the month of May. He went from having no home runs through April 19th, to now being tops in the National League with 12. After having a slash line of .171/.277/.220 through the first 10 games of the season, he now sits at .292/.385/.578 and a team leading .957 OPS. He had also scored a run in 12 straight games, tying the Dodgers franchise record.

That streak was ended on Wednesday, a postponed scheduled day off. He was brought in as a pinch hitter in the eighth inning but struck out. Betts had been scheduled to have the day off on Tuesday, but an ailing Cody Bellinger left him in the lineup. He hit two homers in that game. The Dodgers definitely missed his bat in Wednesday’s games.

“Over the last 30 days, it’s as good as anybody on the planet right now,” said manager Dave Roberts. “It’s as good as I’ve seen him — scoring runs at a crazy clip, his on-base, he’s slugging at a ridiculous clip too, and he’s playing Gold Glove defense.”

The Dodgers will now head to Arizona for a four game set against the Diamondbacks. They will once again have to have at least one bullpen type game, as both Clayton Kershaw and Andrew Heaney are on the IL.

Heaney has started throwing bullpens off the mound and as long as he is feeling well on Thursday, he will do a three inning simulation with ups and downs between innings. If all goes well with that, he will start throwing to batters, but the plan for that has not been finalized yet.

Kershaw is still likely a few weeks away from any bullpen sessions.

Probable starters for the Diamondbacks series are Thursday, Mitch White and Humberto Castellanos; Friday, Gonsolin and Madison Bumgarner; Saturday is TBD and Merrill Kelly; and Sunday, Tyler Anderson and TBD for the DBacks.

28 thoughts on “Dodgers News and Notes – Andrew Heaney’s Progress, Mookie’s Month of May and More

  1. White has been in 6 games this year and has pitched a total of 11.2 innings, so basically we’re looking at two bullpen games out of the next four. Maybe they’ll bring in Pepiot and give him another start, but any way you look at it, our bp guys are probably going to be pretty tired after the Arizona series.

    1. With off day today seems Anderson could start Saturday and Buehler Sunday. Both would be on regular rest. Stop babying these guys and having so many bullpen games.

      1. I stand corrected. But still true that Anderson would have 4 days off if he started on Saturday. Same for Buehler on Sunday.

  2. I am hoping they give Grove or Pepiot some innings. Anderson has been great. I have always been a Gonsolin fan and he is rising to the challenge. Hopefully White can give us some innings. White needs to step up and show why he is on the 40-man roster. You don’t get many shots at the MLB his window is closing.
    Dodgers have lost for now Heaney, Treinen, Kahnle, and Kershaw and have Muncy struggling along with Bellinger and yet they have one of the best records in the league and are in 1st place.
    Freeman is so much better than I had thought. He does everything well and is a great clubhouse presence. Plus a mentor to others in preparation and hitting. Atlanta was insane to let him get away.

  3. It’s all about the money tmaxster. Fortunately we can afford to buy the best players. Most teams can not. When you can afford the best players you don’t need much of a farm system because there is no room for prospects. They do however make good trade chips. Padres have just realized this, however their trade and free agent signings are mostly pathetic.

  4. I like the way Freeman is perfectly willing to poke the ball to left field for a base hit, but I would like to see a few more HRs out of him

  5. As far as the pitching goes I think AF will take some of the Bauer money, some prospects, and make a deal before the deadline for a good starting pitcher.

    1. Most articles I’ve read about the Bauer situation seem to think he’ll get his suspension time reduced, although nobody is hazarding a guess as to how much of a reduction. Less games suspended means AF is on the hook for more money.

      With regard to getting a starter at the deadline, it really doesn’t seem as though there are a lot of possibilities out there and it will definitely be a seller’s market because of that. Andrew doesn’t overpay so don’t be disappointed if we don’t get a big name.

      1. Might not get a BIG name but he’ll get somebody. Won’t go into September with gonsolin, (who i like) ,Anderson and heaven forbid, Heaney, the national league reject. And it won’t be pepoit, white or Grove. We have to hope these 3 former prospects interest someone and that kersh gets back, although that doesnt seem likely

      2. So, throw a couple of names out there that would satisfy you in terms of starting pitching.

        Not sure why you refer to Heaney as the NL reject since he was also rejected by a number of AL teams. That said, if he even gets close to what he looked like before he got hurt, he’d probably be better than anything we could get in a trade.

        Anyway, I’d be interested to know who you’d like to add that you think might possibly be available in July and wouldn’t cost all of our prospects (at least all those under 25).

  6. I’m not sure who yet Jeff. In theory, every team can still make the playoffs, but around the end of June, or beginning of July, as teams start falling out of the race, names will start popping up. You may be right it may not be a big name, but Andrew will find some kind of help. Until then, our prospects are going to have to get the job done. Hopefully.

  7. On Bauer, his suspension may get reduced, but I think it will still be long enough to have some money to spend in July, if Andrew gets the okay from ownership.

    1. At the rate they’re dealing with this, it’s quite possible that Andrew won’t know what they’ve decided by the time the trade deadline hits on August 2nd.

  8. Yes Jeff. You are right about heaney.he has been rejected equeally by both leagues. He has a horrible 8 year career, and was worst in spring training this year. But if you think pitching a few good innings in 1 game was his carreer turnaround well good luck with that. The point was he’s not a major league pitcher and never has been. Just another failed prospect. Anderson I can live with and Gonsolin has always been ok but the dodgers don’t have much faith in him. Those 3 are not going to be relied on for the post season.
    And yes Gary. No chance with those 3 former prospects unless they find the strike zone.
    Gosh I hate being negative. Wish i could be wrong once in a while. LoL

    1. I’m gonna have to call you out here Gordon for gross exaggeration and over-the-top inflammatory comments about my hero, Andrew Heaney.

      “if you think pitching a few good innings in 1 game was his career turnaround well good luck with that.”
      It was 2 games, not 1 and those were the only regular season innings he’s pitched this year. Spring Training means absolutely nothing. After all, Max Muncy had a pretty awful ST and look how he’s turned it around……………………well, maybe that wasn’t the best example.

      Heaney 2022 Game 1 – 4.1 innings, 0 earned runs, 5 strike outs
      Heaney 2022 Game 2 – 6 innings, 0 earned runs, 11 strike outs

      He’s developed a new pitch since he’s been with the Dodgers and he was working on it in Spring Training so that’s why his numbers were so lousy. Once he mastered that pitch, he’s been nothing short of sensational, although I have to admit that some people might call 10.1 innings a small sample size.

      You say you can live with Anderson. Well you might be surprised to know that both of those guys have very similar lifetime ERA and WHIP numbers. And that was before the Dodgers fixed both of them. Just to show you I don’t hold a grudge, I’ll be happy to fly you to Cooperstown, all expenses paid, for Heaney’s induction ceremony.

  9. Actually the company would be great and I will pay my own fare to see his induction.
    But i hate it when you confuse me with facts!
    On the other hand after 8 miserable years he’s found a new pitch and is going to be part of this rotation? Well good luck with that as well. You think he’ll share his new pitch with Pepoit, white and Grove? Naw.

    1. We both know that you’re much more likely to be correct about him than I am, but I’ve been a big fan of his since the day we got him from Miami, held on to him for about 15 minutes and then sent him to the Angels. I remember the next day he tweeted thanking the Dodger fans for their support during his stay and saying he’d really enjoyed his time with the team. A good sense of humor always trumps good results with me.

  10. Boy I hope you are right. We will need someone, especially if kersh has more problems. Remember the good old days, Kersh, Bauer, Buehler Price and Urias and all those major league ready prospects?

  11. Looks like Mitch White took exception to Gordon’s assessment of his talent😀
    Good job Mitch, now go out and do it again.

    1. Roberts should have given him a opportunity to pitch the 5th with the big lead. If he allowed a base runner then he could have replaced him.

  12. That was impressive. Wild but got the job done with only 2 walks. I thought he was a 2 inning guy.Thr guy we should be talking about is alberto one if our better pitching prospects who doesn’t get enough opportunities.

  13. That was impressive. Wild but got the job done with only 2 walks. I thought he was a 2 inning guy.The guy we should be talking about is alberto one if our better pitching prospects who doesn’t get enough opportunities.

    1. White, Jackson, Pepiot, Grove, Price and anybody else we might throw out there means a bullpen game to me. We go through that process from now until October our pen is going to flame out.

      1. Hopefully we won’t have to be doing that for the rest of the season.
        Heaney could be back in the next 3-4 weeks. Hopefully Kershaw by late July-early Aug.
        Both Pepiot and Grove are making progress with stretching out in their minor league starts (now going 5 innings on a regular basis) so by July might be able to go 6-7 up here if needed.
        No matter how it all plays out, I expect AF to bring in at least one proven major league pitcher at the deadline and my vote still goes to Greinke.

      2. I’ve advocated a 6 man rotation for a long time. We’ve effectively had one for a few years now, 19 different pitchers started games last year, we’ve had 9 start games already this year.

        I agree AF will find a reliable starter this summer. Greinke works. I think. He’s still taking the ball every 5th day and averaging 5+. His ERA is a little jacked, but, maybe pitching in LA it would come down a bit.

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