How Would Dodgers’ Lineup Look with Freddie Freeman?

As the free agent signings and trades continue to occur during this abbreviated hot stove season, all eyes remain on Freddie Freeman as he decides which club he will commit to for the next half-plus decade.

Fans of the Dodgers are particularly excited, as the prospective addition of the five-time All-Star and three-time Silver Slugger could produce one of the most potent lineups in the majors.

Often, we see a guy like Freeman and automatically assume that he can improve a team’s daily lineup, regardless of the current components or chemistry. As far as the Dodgers go, there aren’t many holes, but Freeman would certainly be an upgrade.

If we look at some team stats from the 2021 regular season, the Dodgers finished right in the middle of the pack with a .244 average. However, an interesting stat I dug up on Baseball Reference showed the Dodgers finishing 28th of all 30 teams with a .193 average with runners in scoring position and two outs. As fans, we knew the team was bad, but to be in the bottom tenth of the majors in a critical category is a bit worrisome.

Nevertheless, in the era of the launch angle, the Dodgers still held their own in the power department with 237 long balls, good enough for fourth in the big leagues. They also finished fourth in the majors with 799 RBI, meaning that they still delivered the runs, just mostly with less than two out and few runners west of second base.

Regarding the lefty-hitting Freeman, he’s a career .295/.384/.509 hitter, but if we look at some of his splits, he has a lifetime slash line of .327/.447/.540 with RISP, which would be significantly beneficial for the Dodgers. In addition, while he’s not a southpaw smasher, he has a lifetime .784 OPS against opposing left-handed pitching, a number well-above the MLB standard.

So how would a lineup look with the addition of Freeman? Obviously, the Dodgers have a lot of moving parts — especially with that guy named Taylor — and skipper Dave Roberts loves matchups. But we could imagine an Opening Day lineup card something like this:

  • Betts RF
  • TTurner SS
  • Freeman 1B
  • Muncy DH
  • JTurner 3B
  • Bellinger CF
  • WSmith C
  • Pollock LF
  • Taylor 2B

At the beginning of the weekend, there were several reports indicating that Freeman was nearing a decision, but as of early Sunday evening, there weren’t any rumblings abound suggesting he was close. There are, however, a few rumors that the Yankees have joined the Braves and the Dodgers as Freeman’s primary suitors.

The longer the ordeal stretches out, the more you wonder if Atlanta is putting together an offer that meets or exceeds the Dodgers’ proposal.

30 thoughts on “How Would Dodgers’ Lineup Look with Freddie Freeman?

  1. AF said today that his primary objective this off season was re-signing Kershaw. Why don’t I find that statement encouraging? If Bauer returns to the rotation, one could objectively say that Kersh is our number four starter.

    That stat about our ineptitude last year with runners in scoring position and two out is pretty scary. And we won’t be able to bring back Souza to help because the Mariners just signed him.

      1. I can’t imagine Sheldon was very happy today when he heard we signed Hanser Alberto.

      1. It’s very obvious that we have no room on this roster for Freeman or Cruz.

      2. I wouldn’t have thought so either, but earlier today Mark Feinsand reported that we were one of the finalists along with the Padres. Of course, reporters have been wrong before.

  2. Dodgers added three more players to the non roster list, Jake Lamb, Mike Wright and some pitcher whose name eludes me.

  3. What is with all the talk about Neuse? He is not on the non roster invitee list. He is not on any of the Dodger minor league affiliates roster. As far as I know he is no where in the conversation anymore. He was released after last season.

    1. Noise, not Neuse.

      I don’t think anyone was serious about Sheldon Neuse. He had his shot, and it went in his own foot. These other signings are about as exciting as he was.

    1. Listen here, young man. When we sign Freddie I’ll talk about him but until that happens, I’m going to keep talking about Sheldon Neuse. I mean, doesn’t that name just scream ballplayer to you?

      And by the way, I guarantee that we’ll know by the end of the day where Freeman is going. I have no clue which team that will be, but he decides today!!!! And if not today, then tomorrow, or the next day, or…………………………

      1. Day before yesterday Cruz was down to LA and SD and we would know about Freeman within 24 hours. That, and the minor league signings we’ve made is all just noise.

      2. Braves just traded for Olson. Freeman will be a Dodger before midnight. I hold Sheldon he should be hung by a Neuse in the same high esteem with which I hold Tyler White. And you know where I stand on that guy.

  4. Matt Olson has just been traded to the Braves.
    That means Freeman will be leaving. Odds are he’s coming to L.A. but there are other interested teams………………….

    1. More noise. Freeman is going wherever they offer $5 dollars more. Could be Canada at this point.

  5. Just read, the Yankees are pessimistic about their chances to sign Freeman.

    My guess is the Dodgers offered up that sixth year, so the Braves, and Yankees bowed out of the negotiations.

  6. A’s gave up their first, and second plus more off their prospects. Everyone knew it would take a huge deal to get Olson out of Oakland.

  7. Just looked it up, it took the Brave’s 1, 2, 6, and 14 prospects, for two years of Matt Olson. I’m glad we didn’t give up that much for Olson,

    1. The A’s had him 6 years, he put up 14.1 WAR and they paid him $6 million.

      This is how smart teams like the A’s and Ray’s do business.

  8. SportsNet LA added 5 to their broadcast team. Jessica Mendoza, Jose Mota, Adrian Gonzalez, Eric Karros, and Dontrelle Willis. Joe Buck left Fox for ESPN.

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