Dodgers Reportedly Make 6-Year Deal with Freddie Freeman

All the East Coast Dodger fans who went to bed early on Wednesday night hoping they would awake to a new Los Angeles first baseman got their wish.

According to Jon Morosi of the MLB Network, Freddie Freeman and the Los Angeles Dodgers agreed to a 6-year deal not long after midnight Eastern time. The contract is reportedly worth $162 million, although additional information will surely trickle in later regarding potential incentives and other details.

The signing came on the same evening the rival Giants signed former Dodger outfielder Joc Pederson.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Freeman will no doubt fill the hole in the Los Angeles lineup vacated by Corey Seager, who left for the Rangers and $325 million not long before the winter lockout.

We’ve already taken a quick peek last week of how a Dodger lineup might look with the lefty hitting Freeman inserted into the three-hole.

With Cody Bellinger having settled in at the center field spot, the Dodgers get a significant defensive upgrade at first base in the 32-year-old Freeman, as Max Muncy may see most of his time as the club’s DH while spending limited cover time at both second and third base.

In Freeman, the Dodgers get an ironman who never played fewer than 115 games in a season, aside from his debut campaign in 2010 and the pandemic year in 2020. For the World Champion Braves last year, Freeman played 159 regular season games, slashing .300/.393/.503 with 31 homers and 83 RBI, all numbers on par with his career averages.

Freeman won the National League MVP during the abbreviated season in 2020, but many believe his banner year came in 2019 when he slashed .295/.389/.549 with 38 long balls, 34 doubles and 121 RBI in an MLB-leading 162 regular season games. Aside from 2010 and 2020, Freeman has hit 18 or more home runs in each of his 12 big league seasons.

The 6-foot-5, 220-pound Freeman has a long list of accolades to his credit, including finishing runner-up to Atlanta teammate Craig Kimbrel for the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2011. In addition to the MVP award, Freeman has been named to five All-Star teams, earned one Gold Gloved and captured five Silver Slugger Awards.

Initially a second-round pick by the Braves out of Orange El Modena High in 2007, Freeman returns to California with a career .295/.384/.509 slash line with 271 home runs and 941 RBI.

78 thoughts on “Dodgers Reportedly Make 6-Year Deal with Freddie Freeman

  1. Surprised you are up this late, to make this post, Dennis. Thanks for always being on top of things.

      1. 6/162. I can live with that. Check out the power this team now has. Freeman, 31 last season, Muncy, 36, Trea, 28, JT, 27, Pollock, 21, Betts, 23, Smith, 26, Bellinger has the ability to hit 40. Then you get Taylor with double digits off of the bench. Awesome lineup. Saw an interview with Max, he said he will be ready by opening day, or a couple days into the season. Revised schedule out. Dodgers finish the season with 6 straight games against the Rockies. Daniel Norris, no relation, signed with the Cubs. Billy McKinney, one of AF’s worse pick ups, signs a minor league deal with the A’s.

  2. Great Lineup! Will be interesting to see the order as Roberts likes to alternate his left and right hitters
    Mookie or Trea to lead off with the other hitting third?
    Freeman second or fourth? I’m thinking Muncy second due to his propensity for walking.
    Trea Turner
    J Turner

    Really could go many different ways
    Now I would like to see Jansen return. Pen is solid with or without him.
    Need Bauer situation resolved so can address the rotation.
    It’s gonna be a fun season.

  3. I had another thought. Saw a rumor about a potential trade of Jose Ramirez from Cleveland to Toronto.
    I have been against trading Lux but could you imagine plugging Ramirez, a switch hitting extra base machine into 2B in this lineup?
    Would probably take Lux and 2-3 top prospects.

    1. I’m not sure where Lux is going to play.

      Haven’t seen how the 162 breaks down yet, but did see a 3 year projection of how fangraphs thinks Freeman will break down. From 4 WAR at age 32 to 2.8 WAR at age 34. No 30 home run years, no 100 RBIs years, only 134 games played in year 3. I figured at least 4 WAR in each of his first 3 years. Eh, what does fangraphs know. Bunch of geeks. They don’t wear baseball gloves, they wear pocket protectors.

      1. I don’t pay any attention to that stuff. I doubt they projected Justin Turner to play 151 games last year. Plus, by year 4 maybe he is DH more often. Who knows? Nobody knows.

      2. I’m also kind of wondering why other teams suddenly dropped out of the freeman bidding war, handing him to the dodgers. I mean I’m excited about his signing, but 7 years?? Can’t think of any 32year old that was productive after 3/4 years. If you go 5/6 years I would gave signed Briant.and squeezed another 2/3 years out of the contract.

    2. “I don’t pay attention to that stuff”

      You don’t write the checks. Those that do absolutely pay attention to that stuff. That’s why teams front offices are stacked with analysts.

      That’s not to say Freddie won’t buck the odds. But most players production curves trend down after age 30. I hope he remains a 4 WAR player for the next 3 years. But I won’t be surprised if fangraphs is right.

      Cost per WAR figures have bounced a bit over the years, but remain between 8-9 million. That means over the next 6 years he needs to put up about 19 WAR to earn his money. It’s possible. Just keep hitting Freddie.

      1. But has anyone ever actually looked back to see how accurate those projections are? The natural decline apparently didn’t concern them too much since they are paying him $27M per year.

  4. I hate to say it Gary, but I don’t think Jansen will be back, AF just spent a bunch of money, and we still could use another starting pitcher, the money has to come from somewhere, and that may be a place that Andrew can save some money. Hope I’m wrong.

    Hey where were all you guys last night, I saw the news about 9:10pm, I was excited to see what everyone thought, and all of you guys were in bed already. We need to get some younger posters on here, that can stay up past 8:00pm😀

    1. I was watching Notre Dame and Rutgers until about 11PM, but never got an alert on my phone until 11:59. Normally, I would still be up, but had a golf match this morning that ended up cancelled due to weather.

      1. Where do you live Gary? Obviously not in L.A. It’s gorgeous weather here today.

      2. Virginia, 45 min west of DC. Originally from NY State and bled Dodger Blue my whole life.

      3. Great to see fans from all over commenting here. It’s fun to know we all share a love of the Dodgers.
        I was born in NY but came to L.A. when I was three. My love of the team comes from my uncle who lived in Brooklyn and took me to my first ballgame.

      4. My brother is 6 years Older and was a Dodger fan from Brooklyn years. So they became my team. Most of my relatives were/are Yankees fans.

  5. Let’s play one year at a time with Freeman and by keeping, so far, all of their top prospects, the Dodgers will be awesome in 2022 and at the same time not be afraid of the future.

    Bauer remains a payroll issue and a big question mark. The in-house rotation options are not a sure thing but I am willing to start the season with what they already have and that includes Bauer not pitching for the Dodgers.

    With Justin aging, I think the Dodgers weakest position is 3rd base for 2022. I have not been impressed with Justin or Muncy playing third. Maybe Rios will be the guy that covers for Justin as needed.

      1. Muncy is not very good at third. It is probably his worse position, and his arm strength over there would be very questionable. Not enough range either.

      2. I would contend that range is less important at third than second. With that said, none of Muncy, CT3, Beaty, Rios are very good defensively at third. And we have been hearing for a few years that JT is declining defensively.  Gander Alberto looks to be pretty good all over the infield so might be the backup at third or late innings replacement. 

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    1. Rios is very slow and has limited range at 3B, though he has improved his D from a few years ago.

  6. With the DH, importance of bench becomes a little less important. If Taylor starts at 2B, and Barnes is backup at C, then top bench candidates are Lux, Beaty, McKinstry, Alberto and Rios. Other than Barnes only Alberto bats righty. Considering athleticism and position versatility, there is a chance Rios doesn’t make the roster. Is there a limitation on how many pitchers can be carried? Will roster be 26 or 25. The bench will at most be 5, and maybe only 4. Yes, Rios can play a few positions and has power, When Muncy is healthy, I think he is the primary DH, When he spells JT or Freeman, they probably DH. If an injury, I think Lux is first guy to start somewhere.

    1. Lux is one of the best athletes in our system. He can play anywhere and at the moment, unless Muncy isn’t ready in two weeks, he has no starting position. Lux and Taylor off the bench sounds awesome to me, but Lux needs at bats. He’s only got 532 plate appearances in 3 years, albeit one of those years was the shortened season. I still believe in him and would like to see him get 500 plate appearances this year. Not sure how that’s done with Freeman at first base.

      1. I agree about Lux. I would at least platoon him at 2B with Taylor and since Taylor is 4Th OF and will see time for other reasons, injury, rest, etc., and there are more RH starting pitchers than left, Lux should be able to get 400-450 at bats. Not sure where the rest of the bench finds many at bats with this lineup if healthy.

  7. Starting lineup will be most days, Freeman 1B, Muncy, 2B, Turner, 3B, T.Turner, SS, Pollock, LF, Bellinger, CF, Betts, RF, Smith, C. DH will be rotated. So that gives you 5 bench guys, Barnes, Alberto, Taylor, Lux and one of your choice, Rios, McKinstry, Outman, Raley, or any one of 12 other guys who are in camp as non roster invitees. Chances of any one of those guys making the team, about 2%. Now, the rosters have a chance of being increased from 26 to 28 again for the short term. But no matter what the size of the roster, only 13 pitchers allowed. One of the biggest rule changes is to the 10 day IL and the number of times a player can be optioned. AF is not going to be able to bounce players up and down like before.

    1. If they temporarily bump the rosters to 28, I don’t think they’ll limit pitchers to13. That’s where the real need will be, at pitcher. But I’m also not sure how long the expanded rosters will last. I would think 30 days max, maybe only till the end of April.

    2. Why in the world would Muncy start at 2B ahead of Taylor or Lux. I think Muncy will be primary DH.

      1. I think the answer to that is whether Doc is more interested in keeping Max happy or having better defense at second? I don’t think Max is going to be happy being the full time DH at this stage of his career. When they asked him if he would be happy if Freddie came, he said he actually preferred playing second. Didn’t say he’d be happy to slide into the DH role.

        As with any team made up of All Stars, there will always be guys who think they aren’t getting enough playing time, or being played at the positions they want to play. This may just be Doc’s toughest managerial year yet.

      2. “Why in the world would Muncy start at second base..”

        Because he OPS’s .850 and those other guys don’t.

      3. If Muncy is unhappy being primarily a DH then he should be traded. The Rays might want him. They are in rebound mode after losing out on Freeman. Lux and Taylor are solid for second base. Three is a crowd. If Muncy accepts the DH and occasional days backing up Freeman then keep him.

      4. You’ve been wanting to trade Muncy for two years Fred. I think you’re just looking for an excuse.
        I know where you live and I’m giving him your address. Please send it to me.

      5. Simple, he says it is his best position. Roberts has already stated that the DH will be a rotating spot to rest players. Muncy is a much more devastating bat then either Lux or Taylor. 36 HR’s almost 100 RBI’s. Lux is not going to beat him out for the starting job. Read almost every depth chart after Freeman is officially on the roster, Muncy will be the starting second baseman as soon as he is healthy enough to play everyday. Just like Pollock is the left fielder. Lux and Taylor are the premier utility guys from the left and right side.

      6. Actually I think he said it would not be an issue for him to play 2B and that he enjoyed it more. He has made himself into a decent 1B, but while he has a good fielding pct at 2B, he doesn’t have great range or DP turning ability. He also said he expected that The team would rotate players at DH (as you said). Hitting is his best position, so let’s see who has the most at bats at DH on the team. IMO, it will be Max.

      7. I think you are wrong. Muncy will not get most of his AB’s as the DH.

      1. Never Jefe. Guy has no shot. Only way he even comes up is if a couple guys get injured. As for Muncy as a full time DH, only people making that assumption are fans like Gary.

      2. What are you going to do with Muncy Bear? Lux is a middle infielder, or centerfielder, who needs at bats. He’s gotta play. Freeman is at first, Muncy has to hit, DH looks like the likely spot, unless the team has given up on Lux.

  8. Oh yeah, and Fred. Sorry Fred, you put a more experienced Muncy in the starting role over a guy who does not even have 500 at bats in a season. Lux has skills, but he is still unproven.

    1. Regarding what I said about Muncy, I said Primary DH, not Full Time. Anyone who watches the Dodgers or reads the box scores knows they will give position players days off by utilizing the DH spot. Muncy will get some time at 1B, 2B and 3B. JT and Pollock will likely get more of those days off then some of the younger guys.

      I’m not sure what you meant by “fans like Gary”. I’ve been following the Dodgers since 1957 basically 365 days a year and I watch nearly every game often up to 1-1:30 AM since I live on the east coast. I also read the Dodger minor league affiliate team box scores. Unlike you, I am not a fan who thinks he knows it all but I do have an independent opinion and respect the opinion of others posting on here.

  9. Bauer admin leave extended to April 16th so he is guaranteed to miss at least one week of the regular season. He will have no spring training to speak of since he is not allowed at Camelback Ranch. MLB is stretching this out as far as they can. LA needs to get creative at the starting pitcher slot.

      1. The Reds GM, a couple of days ago, stated that he expected not to be trading Castillo or Mahle and that he planned to now make some (lower cost) additions to the roster.

        If AF offered the Reds Lux and Miller and Vargas, I’m sure they would be happy to drive Castillo to the airport (although that wouldn’t be necessary since the Reds train just a few minutes from Camelback). In other words, the price would be ridiculous for just two years of control over Castillo.

        Maybe Andrew plans to see exactly what he has in ST in the hopes that the offense will overcome sub-optimal pitching. Then he can go add someone at the deadline.

        If we assume a healthy Kershaw, that gives us three spots filled. Then we have the following for the final two spots:

        He might go out on the cheap and add one or two from this list, hoping someone catches fire:
        Danny Duffy
        Drew Smyly
        Garrett Richards
        Chris Archer
        Michael Pineda

        I really don’t know that he’ll spend the prospect capital on either of the A’s guys (Manaea or Montas) so if he wants an established starter he’ll need to be creative.

      2. It’s my opinion the Reds would be wise to go ahead with a rebuild. Castillo could bring 3 prospects. We have plenty to offer.

        That said, we may not need to do something like that. We’ve got a few back of the rotation starters including Price, White, Jackson, Duffy, Bauer, and May, Also, Knack, Grove and Beeter are all in their mid 20’s. I could also see Pepiot and Miller getting a look. We got arms o’plenty.

      3. I thought Duffy would be a rotation candidate but it turns out we’re getting a replay of what we thought we were getting last year. He had flexor tendon surgery in October and expects to be back in June but figures he’ll only pitch in relief this year. Team has an option for next year.

  10. Muncy is a proven player. Lux has lots of skills. I do not think he belongs in the outfield at all because he looked pretty shaky out there last season. Lux will get his playing time, but only as long as he hits. He was shaky as a second baseman if memory serves me right. He is a natural SS. Trust me, most nights Dave is going to run his 9 best out there. Lux is not one of those guys yet.

    1. “Trust me, most nights Dave is going to run his 9 best out there.”
      That means Lux will run out to second as he is bester than Muncy defensively. Muncy will not run out there and instead will one of the nine that walk up to the plate.

      Gary is one of those guys that gets it.

  11. I also think way too many people are writing Heaney off before they see what adjustments the Dodgers coaching staff has made to his delivery. And don’t forget Gonsolin. If his shoulder problems are behind him, he is very viable as a starter. They won’t make a trade until they see what they have.

    1. I’ve been thinking about exactly that Bear. Only problem is if they wait until they see what they have, ST will be almost over, the better pitchers will have already been traded and it will then be apparent to all the other teams that he’s desperate.

      Best case scenario, all of those guys are great. Worst case scenario, they all fall flat. It’s not in AF’s dna to wait for things to happen. He’s the chess player who always plans in advance. I would be astonished if he doesn’t bring at least one more starter into camp, although it may not be a top of the rotation guy. The more guys you have to choose from, the more likely one will work out.

      1. He rarely makes major trades during spring. The lone exception was bringing Betts in just before spring in 2020. Jeter Downs stole home on a double steal today in Boston’s 14-1 slamming of the Twins.

      2. I’ve got Heaney eating some innings (125) with an ERA just over 4. He’s one of our #5’s.

      3. I’ve always liked Heaney so wish the best for him.
        I also think this is going to finally be the year that White hits his stride and becomes a viable every day starter.

      4. I too would like to see White given an opportunity. Considering how he was jerked up and down between AAA and Dodgers last year, he did pretty well. Great numbers at AAA and some moments with Dodgers where he looked good. Came in and threw 7 and a third shutout innings against Pittsburgh. Yes, the lowly Pirates, but looked ready for more opportunity.

      5. Doubt our coaching staff is any better than the 5/6 who have already worked with Heaney so why expect a different result. Never happened before. We really need at least one more dependable starter assuming gonsolin is OK. Right now it looks like 2 bullpen games a week znd our pen is not built for that. Price, white and Jackson aren’t the answer and none of the prospects look anywhere ready, if in fact they are prospects.looks bad right now.

    2. We can at least agree on that Bear. I think Heaney will more than hold his own this year.

      1. The guy has a live arm. We all have differing views Fred. I do not believe they will just use one player as a primary DH and I base that belief on interviews I have heard with Roberts. Also I know Lux has a lot of promise, but he has not proved anything yet. And Muncy has more than proved himself. 30 plus HR power in 3 of his 4 seasons. Lux is not that kind of hitter.

      2. I know he was a first round pick who has under achieved and his K rate is high so potential is there. HR ball has been his problem..

  12. St. Patrick never wore green clothes. In the earliest paintings of him, the robes he wore were blue. In fact, there’s even a rich shade of dark blue called “St. Patrick’s Blue” named after him. The only green he popularized was the shamrock, and it wasn’t until at least 1,000 years later that green became attached to Ireland. 🙂

      1. Notre Dame’s school colors are St Patrick Blue and Gold.

        I made that up. I don’t think that’s true.

  13. A couple of hours ago I posted this:
    ” I would be astonished if he doesn’t bring at least one more starter into camp, although it may not be a top of the rotation guy. The more guys you have to choose from, the more likely one will work out.”

    We’re about to bring back Danny Duffy who was pitching very well last year before he got hurt. He never did have a chance to pitch here last year after being signed but obviously AF sees something he likes. I think this could turn into a very good signing if he can stay healthy. One more possibility for a rotation spot.

      1. Bobby Castillo. RIP

        How about we watch an old Abbott and Castillo routine while we try to figure this out?

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