Max Scherzer Likely to Make Contract Decision Ahead of MLB Lockout

In a bit of hot stove news on Sunday, we learned that there’s a good possibility Max Scherzer could decide on his future team before the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement deadline.

Jon Heyman of the MLB Network initially reported the news, adding that the Dodgers, Giants, Angels and Mets are among the frontrunners to land the 37-year-old righty.

The current CBA between the MLB and the players association expires at midnight on December 1, meaning that fans could see Scherzer decide on his future sometime over the next three days. Should no agreement be reached before the deadline, it is believed that a major league transaction freeze will be implemented until both sides find common ground.

We’ve heard a lot of chatter the Dodgers could be one of the teams trying to secure a handful of core players before the potential lockout, but we really haven’t seen any significant acquisitions aside from lefty pitcher Andrew Heaney two weeks ago.

The Mets have been extremely aggressive in the days leading up to the deadline, having already signed stars like outfielder Starling Marte and infielder Eduardo Escobar.

Other teams across the league have been aggressive with free-agent pitchers so far this winter, as notables like Justin Verlander, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz have already signed contracts.

As it stands, the current setup for the 2022 Opening Day Los Angeles rotation looks like Walker Buehler and Julio Urias with the strong possibilities of Heaney and Tony Gonsolin. Lefty David Price could also be an option, but no matter how far he was stretched out last season, he was never really able to go much farther than four innings. Youngsters Mitch White and Andre Jackson could also be in the picture.

We haven’t heard any significant rumors about Clayton Kershaw lately, who was seemingly spared the qualifying offer to allow him more time to think about his future plans. Obviously, the Dodgers are the favorites to land Kersh, although there have been rumblings about the Rangers being interested.

There’s still not any clarity on the future of Trevor Bauer. Many pundits believe that he’ll never pitch in a Los Angeles uniform again. However, whether the Dodgers will be on the hook for his 2022 salary could be a factor in how actively the team participates in this winter’s free agent market.

The Dodgers acquired Scherzer before last season’s trade deadline in one of the most memorable summer blockbusters in recent years. After arriving in Los Angeles, Scherzer started 11 games, going 7-0 with a 1.98 ERA and a 0.820 WHIP with 89 strikeouts over 68-1/3 innings of work.

Considering Scherzer’s age and his bout of dead-arm syndrome during last year’s playoffs, it’s tough to guess the lengths of contracts he’ll be offered. With Scott Boras as his agent, I’m guessing serious minimums could be coming in somewhere around three years and $100 million.

34 thoughts on “Max Scherzer Likely to Make Contract Decision Ahead of MLB Lockout

    1. Actually almost anyone could make our rotation better right now. It’s pretty pathetic. And we learned last season that white and jackson are not a part of the plan moving forward. ( you know 27 year old career minor leaguers and all). However you can be sure this is not the rotation we will have entering next season. Right now we have 2 major league starters. Last year we had 4 plus May.

      1. You know jeff I think you are awfully close to next years rotation. Except heany and gonsolin. Used to be a gonsolin fan, but no more. Think he is another chicken strip. They also told us at the end of season and playoff series that he also is not a part of the future. Also agree with your thoughts on kersh.

      2. Not really sure what’s going on with The Catman. Between his shoulder and everything else last year, it would be easy to write him off, but I’d like to give him one more chance. At his best he’s excellent, but we really haven’t seen his best in quite a while.

        We really need a long man in the bullpen for 2022. I think that spot could go to Gonsolin, but it could also go to White, Jackson or Price. That’s what spring training is for. All four of those guys have shown spurts of excellence mixed with periods of “oh brother, get him on the plane to OKC” or in Price’s case “when’s the retirement party?”

      3. I like Gonsolin, or I should say I usta did. His spin rate was among the best in the league. I hope he heals up. If he does, he has value.

        I think there might be a a rash of signings here in the next few days. Players might want to get locked in before they get locked out.

  1. A lot of movement right now, Texas signed Gray, Jays signed Gausman. Calhoun signed by the Rangers also. Scherzer offered a multi year deal with the Mets for at least 40 mil a year. Length unknown. If it is more than 3 they can have him. LA can use the money elsewhere and NY is not nearly as close to contending as the Dodgers. Atlanta still the best team in that division and they are getting Acuna back.

    1. Did anyone see yesterday’s Dodgers Digest column on moves to fix the Dodgers? If not, go take a look. Yoiks.

      I’m reading the Mets are in the lead for Scherzer. Until it’s done I don’t believe it.

      Rams look awful. I think Stafford’s injuries are more limiting than he’s letting on. I also think the defense misses Brandon Staley and the offense misses Cam Akers.

      1. Saw the Digest column. Nosler always comes up with crazy but interesting stuff. I wouldn’t do any of those deals.

        Wouldn’t it be ironic if we pulled another Bauer on the Mets and stole Max at the last minute…………………………and then he pulled a Bauer on us and needed TJ surgery half way through the first year.

        Your three Rams comments – agree, agree, agree. I love Akers. He’s going to be a good one.

      2. I might have considered trading Lux if we had signed Semien. As it is, Lux just might become an outfielder, for a while anyway. If Seager leaves, Lux starts at second and takes a hundred grounders a day from now until April.

        I need Rios news.

  2. No news on the Scherzer front yet. Castellanos wants a 7 or 8 year deal. Guy is 31. I do not think anyone is going to do that. Also some scuttlebutt that Corey is going to sign today, most of that chatter is on Twitter, where if you look between the BS, sometimes a nugget appears.

    1. Things could get very cool after December 1st. I’m still thinking there will be a lot of movement between today and tomorrow.

      Rangers rumors are flying. I don’t see our guys there, but you never know …. until you do of course.

      1. Got that right. Mets re-engaged with Scherzer’s camp this morning. Boras holding out for a 4th year, and Dodgers seem unwilling to go more than two. At those prices, they can have him. 3/129 supposedly on the table.

      2. Yep. 3/129 sounds crazy. How many innings left in that arm?

        Get some guys on their way up. Who that is? Iontkno. But Friedman does, so, make it happen Andrew.

    1. I don’t twit. Way too much misinformation flowing there. But, you can tell me what ridiculous rumors sound interesting to you Bear.

      1. There are some that are way out there. One guy had the Dodgers trading Betts to the Cardinals for what would be considered chump change players in return. Scherzer to the Cardinals, which a couple weeks ago might have been a possibility.

      2. Looks like 3/130, 43.3 AAV. Way too much money for a guy who turns 38 come July. I am glad the Dodgers did not take the bait.

  3. Scherzer is now a Met. Good luck with that. For what they are paying him, the Dodgers could sign 4 guys.

      1. My sentiments exactly. He is officially persona non grata with me. Got an opt out after the second year and a full no trade. AF was smart to pass.

  4. That’s the exact deal I told my son that Max would get two nights ago. I told him AF would never go that high and Max wouldn’t be able to resist the money. For once, I was right. I won’t bother to list all of my incorrect predictions.

    I’d love to go get Stroman now although the way prices are going, I’m not sure Andrew would be willing to pay the price. Also, since he’s a major ground ball pitcher, he might prefer to sign with the Cards or Giants, both of which have much better defensive infields than we do.

    I think we’re on the phone with the A’s and Reds as I type this. We’ll wind up with one of their pitchers at some point. Assuming that Castillo (even though he’s my first choice) would cost half of our farm system, I’d go for Montas, Bassitt, Manaea or Mahle. Not a big Gray fan.

      1. We still have a solid lineup but need to add some quality bench pieces. And of course pitching. I don’t see us in play for Correa, Story or Baez but need to work an extension for Trea now.

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