News and Notes Ahead of NLDS Game 3

After splitting the first two games of the NLDS in San Francisco, the Los Angeles Dodgers now are set to play the first of two games at home against the Giants. And if they have it their way, they will win them both, not have to go back to San Francisco, and move on the NLCS.

For that to be accomplished, however, the team will need to play much more like they did in Game 2 than in Game 1. After being shut out in the first game, they came back with some offense, scoring nine runs the next game.

The Dodgers are sending Max Scherzer to the mound for this pivotal matchup. Since being traded to Los Angeles, the Dodgers have won every one of Scherzer’s starts, going 12-0 in those outings. However, his last few outings have been shaky, including the Wild Card game last Wednesday.

However, when asked about his recent outings, Max told reporters that they have identified a mechanical issue with his lower half, and have adjusted it. Player development and the pitching coaches worked with Scherzer. He felt like he has been out of sync, and now they’ve fixed it to make him feel his rhythm again.

‘Mad Max’ will be taking the mound once again, it sounds like. When asked about the Dodgers/Giants rivalry, Scherzer said “it’s personal to them (the fans), so it’s personal to us.”

The Dodgers will also need AJ Pollock and Trea Turner to start hitting more like they did in the Dodgers’ rallies on Saturday night, and not have their bats go silent like they had been before that. Pollock was hot going into the playoffs, and Trea the batting champ, and they need to start putting the team more on their back if they’re going to go any further.

Former Dodger Alex Wood will be taking the mound for the Giants. San Francisco lost all three games to the Dodgers in which Wood started the game for them. Trea Turner, Albert Pujols, and Chris Taylor all have homers off the right hander.

Pujols will be making his first start this postseason at first base, and Cody Bellinger will be on the bench. Chris Taylor will be taking over for him in centerfield.

“We made this acquisition for him to be an ace, a stopper” said manager Dave Roberts said of Scherzer. “When he takes the ball we expect to win”. The Dodgers look to take advantage of their home field advantage and take a 2-1 lead in the NLDS.

6 thoughts on “News and Notes Ahead of NLDS Game 3

  1. Although Bellinger has been very good and coming around with his swing I think I would use Pujos against a Left-handed pitcher that throws a lot of breaking pitches. Pujos as you noted has good success against Wood.
    Save Bellinger for the right-handed relief if necessary. Glad Pujols gets a start. I wonder how he feels back in the playoffs. It makes me think how sad it is for Trout to have not been to a WS as he is one of the best of his generation.
    Seager is the only lefty in the lineup. Looks good…Smith has been hammering the ball. His first out last game was amazing! 109 low line drive nice snag as it was going by from Crawford.

    1. Molly Knight says she’s never seen it this windy at DS. When she tweeted about 1/2 hour ago the wind was blowing from left to right. As you mentioned, we have 8 right handed batters in the lineup.

      The Giants have 4 left handed batters in their lineup. I really hope the wind doesn’t determine who wins tonight’s game. That would be really ironic.

  2. Josh won it for Atlanta!! Glad for him he was a great Dodger…Very happy for him and his family. Verdugo has been effective for the Sox also.

    1. I am sure you mean Joc. And Kike hit a walkoff sac fly in the 9th to win the series for the Red Sox. The way things are going though, it does not look like there will be a rematch. Dodger bats colder than an iceberg in the Atlantic. 6 hits, all singles. Top 6 hitters in the lineup a combined 1-22. That is not going to get it done. Max did his job and lost the game because he hung one pitch. The Turner boys are hitting .077 each for the series. Last seasons post season hero, Seager, is hitting .167.

      1. Yeah, thanks I gotta stop writing on my iPhone! Joc & Kike have been instrumental in their team’s wins.
        Wow! Dodgers cannot make contact so cannot generate runs same issue all year. When they are cold they are dead cold! I was hoping their speed would help especially in tight games in the playoffs. Obviously not.

  3. Well, last night before the game I commented (above) that I hoped the wind wouldn’t determine who won the game last night. Turns out my fears were justified. Wind died down just before Longoria’s homer and was blowing in hard when Lux hit his shot.

    Let’s see what tonight brings. We ain’t outta this thing yet.

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