Dodgers Active Roster: Is Andre Jackson Ready for Permanent Spot?

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Despite recording his first major league loss on Friday, 25-year-old righty Andre Jackson continues to prove to the Dodgers that he might be ready for a permanent roster spot.

After throwing four scoreless innings in his debut against the Pirates back on August 16 in Los Angeles, Jackson took over for opener Brusdar Graterol on Friday against the Rockies and lasted 4-2/3 innings, surrendering one earned run on four hits and two walks.

Granted, the Pirates and the Rockies are among the worst offensive teams on the road, perhaps making fans wonder if Jackson’s appearances against these two squads were by design. Regardless, over two appearances, he now has the equivalent of about one full MLB game under his belt as far as innings pitched go.

Control Issues

If there’s one glaring weakness for Jackson, it’s been his control. This is an issue we’ve been discussing for a while here at TBPC, as he’s a converted collegiate outfielder still trying to hone the command on his breaking arsenal. The six walks over his two major league appearances this year aren’t pretty, but there have been brief flashes of his changeup showing plus-plus qualities.

According to Brooks Baseball, Jackson has mixed his pitches well. He has thrown his fastball 44 percent of the time, while using the change 38 percent and a slider and curve for the remainder. Although he’s touched higher than 95 MPH with his four-seam, he’s mostly sat right around 92 MPH.

Brooksbaseball-Chart (2)

Throwing against Colorado and Pittsburgh is one thing but pitching against the Giants with a division title on the line is another. As September rolls in, it should be interesting to watch how the Dodgers proceed, especially if they’re limited to just four proven starting pitchers the rest of the way through the regular season.

Roster Expansion

Speaking of September, the active roster expands to 28 players next week, which will finally give the team some flexibility after often making personnel moves on a nightly basis. One would think that both Jackson and Mitch White would be considered for spots, but there are two decent lefty bats lurking at Triple-A in the forms of Matt Beaty and Gavin Lux.

One caveat of 2021 roster expansion is that all MLB teams will be permitted to carry up to five players on their respective taxi squads, providing even more roster flexibility in the event of injuries or COVID-related absences.

Besides watching the initial roster moves Los Angeles makes on Wednesday, all those close to the Dodgers will continue to monitor the recovery of lefty Clayton Kershaw.

After completing a 20-pitch fastball-only bullpen on Tuesday, Kershaw threw another 30 pitches ahead of the opener against the Rockies on Friday, this time mixing in sliders and curveballs.

Depending on how his arms feels, there might be another bullpen for Kershaw as early as Monday.

5 thoughts on “Dodgers Active Roster: Is Andre Jackson Ready for Permanent Spot?

  1. You would think Jackson and or White will be on the roster or squad. I would hesitate to use Lux as he is not much of an offensive threat. Beaty can make contact and has had some pinch hits. Successful pinch-hitting is difficult I do not think Lux has the knack. With Muncy and Taylor being able to play second and 3rd and Taylor is a very shortstop and outfielder. Trea Turner fits right in with infield and outfield abilities Lux is not as needed.
    What a blast by Cron last night. Jackson looks really good but loses his concentration, mechanics get’s tired? Not sure which but when he begins to miss looks vulnerable as he does not have great velocity but does have good movement and changes speed.
    We shall see. They were beaten by the Rockies’ best pitcher recently and a left-hander while going with a bullpen game plus I wore my McCourt generation Dodger shirt which is usually the kiss of death. I really should burn the shirt. Hopefully, Price can pitch well and the Dodgers can put up some runs against Grey and the Braves can beat the Giants again tonight.

  2. Jackson has done well considering his lack of experience above AA. I’d lean more toward White who has paid his dues, has more experience and better control. I would also had moved on from McKinney and kept Beaty up for his bat. McKinney is a good athlete and defender, but hasn’t shown to be any better hitter than guys like Raley or Reks who can play if the need arises due to injury. For those who constantly clamor for Jansen to be demoted from closer, I think all of the following have allowed homers in the last week or so. Graterol, Treinen, Vesia, Knebel and Bickford..

  3. A low 90’s fastball and good change up probably won’t make it in this league. Needs a controllable breaking ball . Nothing wrong with sending him back to work on another pitch and get him ready for next year.

  4. The Dodger bats have gone cold. We can all be thankful for Dodger pitching. Bruihi & Bickford have come out of nowhere to make some timely relief appearances. Hard to sustain an inning when you have a couple of guys averaging around 170 and going 0 for in a lot of games.
    I would have kept Beatty rather than McKinney also as Beaty can make contact. With Betts playing second you have Turner, Taylor, Muncy, Betts, and even Barnes that can play 2nd is Lux needed this year?
    Its been great that Smith and Pollock are having a torrid August. Will Trea Turner win the Batting Average title? He is at .329 as of last night.

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