Dodgers Set Up for Immediate Season and Beyond

We are now T-minus three weeks from pitchers and catchers reporting to Dodgers Spring Training (we hope). February 17th is the date that’s penciled in for the day that baseball fans look forward to almost immediately after the last out of the World Series is recorded.

We still don’t know if there will be a DH in the National League, who will be that killer righty bat or the Dodgers, or who will be the starting third baseman. But we’ve got time, right? Season doesn’t start for another two months.

But, what we do know is Dodgers fans don’t need to sweat the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff now that they’ve won their World Title. Ah, what a luxury this offseason has been.

Listening to the recent Baseball America podcast, hosts Kyle Glaser and J.J. Cooper feel like the Dodgers are not done with their pursuit of another title. They reminded listeners that while people like to say the Dodgers ‘bought’ their title, that was indeed not the case. Sure, they paid for Mookie’s incredible services, but most of the team was homegrown or were low-key pick ups that just happened to pay high-end dividends like Chris Taylor and Justin Turner.

Regardless of whether Turner returns, the Dodgers still are set up incredibly nicely to stage a run at the World Series in 2021 and beyond.

Past graduates of the Dodgers’ farm system have come up strong for them, in Cody Bellinger, Walker Buehler, and Corey Seager, he of the NLCS and World Series MVP in 2020. The Baseball America podcast turns its eyes onto the future of the Dodgers franchise.

Keibert Ruiz is named as the Dodgers’ number one prospect, but they state that anyone of the top six prospects right now could end up being the one that made the biggest impact in the end.

Diego Cartaya, according to Dodger officials, might have the most pure upside of all of the Dodger prospects. While he’s only been able to play up to rookie level so far this early in his career, Dodger scouts are very high on the up and coming catcher.

Right handed pitcher Bobby Miller has been called “an animal” and “a monster,” and that’s just in instructional league. The guys state that next year at this time, there’s a very good chance he could be the Dodgers’ number one prospect.

They go on to state that Josiah Gray, Michael Busch, and Kody Hoese all have high ceilings and that there’s no doubt that the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best player development system in all of baseball.

While fans may worry about starting pitching depth at the moment, and not making many moves now, the farm system is set up to add players via that system, or via trade to help the Dodgers in whatever area they may be lacking when it comes to playoff time.

And, as the Dodgers front office has shown, they will be prudent with whomever they decide to part with, and the return will no doubt be better than whomever is dealt away.

8 thoughts on “Dodgers Set Up for Immediate Season and Beyond

  1. I totally agree. I also think it is time for all the Turner drama to end. It looks like Joc might take his game to the Giants. But they have 2 corner LH hitting outfielders already. He might have to move back to CF to garner playing time. Zaidi is very familiar with Joc, and he was a Giant fan growing up. Kike already gone as is Baez. Once Joc finds a new home the only FA from last year unsigned would be McGee. I would consider bringing him back. He was after his first game, extremely valuable.


    1. I agree also. Turner’s lost bat & foot speed. High fastball strikes he drove a few years ago he fouls off or misses now. JT is 36 the Dodgers will probably offer him a 2 year deal with an option. The Dodgers are on Kasten’s business plan which means you build a top Farm Team organization and use the talent it produces to control costs and maximize profit. Vargas, Hoese, and Mann are Farm guys that can hit and play 3rd and Rios has proven he has power and can play 3rd. Research says Vargas may be special.
      Dodgers could play Will Smith at 3rd part-time and bring up Ruiz.
      In a few years, Dodgers should have an amazing young rotation as guys like Carrillo, Gray, White, Santana, Miller, etc are all competing to get to the MLB. Dodgers have to let bench players go to extend their home-grown stars.

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  2. I think the dodgers are making a big mistake not bringing back Joc. He is only one year removed from a 36 homer year. While he had an off year in 2020, it was “joctober” time again in 2020. Remember he would have likely been the 2017 World Series mvp had the Dodgers won. Can we really count on Pollock to stay healthy and even if he can, he has not hit righties well.

    Joc is the first one out of the dugout when a Dodger hits a home run, and brings an enthusiasm that the dodgers will miss.


    1. Joc Pederson was good in October, but he can’t hit LH pitching, and Pollock was much better than he was last year. He was basically a platoon player. Pollock is a pro. He came to camp in the best shape he has been in in years. Joc is going to be given a chance to play everyday in Chicago. He would never get that chance in LA, and outfielders are easily replaceable. They did not miss a beat when they traded two 20 homer outfielders on the same day to the Reds, Kemp and Puig. With Belli, Mookie, Pollock, and Taylor, there are 4 players who have hit 20 plus HR’s in a season.

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  3. It was inevitable as Kike and Joc want to play full-time and signed larger $ deals than the Dodgers can pay guys they see as platoon players. The Dodgers have Rios, Beaty, McKinstry on the roster. Depending on Turner there are 2 or 3 roster spots. They have guys like Reks, Raley, Thomas, Pages, and probably others that will compete for a spot. If Turner does not re-sign, I believe he will. Then perhaps they rush Hoese, Mann, or Vargas up and see how they do. I am fine with the Dodgers trying to patch 3rd base with in-house players until the trade deadline to see how competitive they are. The Dodgers have plenty of trade chips to make a deal with the Cubs for Bryant or another team for a 3rd baseman if it proves necessary. Is there a strike in 2022? I think there will be one. Does the Luxury Tax stay? I think the Players Union will demand big changes or fight to abolish the Luxury Tax. Will Spring Training start on-time? My answer is NO! They will delay it at least 30 days. AZ continues to lead the country in Covid cases per 100K.

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    1. Joc’s only getting 7 mil. With 500,000 in performance bonus’s possible. But there is a mutual option for 2022. Joc got 7 mil in LA last year. There will be a work stoppage at some point in 22. Spring is not going to be delayed, MLB has already stated that. They will take precautions, but you cannot have half the teams working out in Florida and the Ariz teams idle.


      1. Bear I think this tells us the Dodgers decided that some of the Farm Talent are ready to fill the roster spots for Joc and Kike. The bet is McKinstry but he is another left-handed bat. The Dodgers have an overabundance of left-handed bats to replace Joc. This will allow the Dodgers to save $ and use the Farm system which is what the Kasten Dodgers are all about. Do they bring up Peters, Reks, Raley, Thomas? We shall see. Losing Joc might be a way to get Rios more at-bats.
        You may be right about Spring Baseball. But sitting here in AZ and looking at the numbers, AZ has consistently led the Nation in infections per 100K and has not been able to get sufficient vaccine according to the Governor. We shall see. Reportedly the owners want to delay Spring Baseball by at least 30 days. CDC announced yesterday the combination of new variants and slow vaccinations they see another spike in infections in March. The players want to play as they want their money. The owners see the loss of revenue due to not having fans or enough fans and do not want another money-losing year. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If I were the owners I would delay as much as possible or at least until all the players can be vaccinated.


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