Joc Pederson Signs with Cubs, More Offseason Rumors

Joctober will longer be, at least not in a Dodger uniform, as Joc Pederson’s six-year tenure with the Los Angeles Dodgers officially ended Friday morning.

Pederson and the Chicago Cubs agreed to a one-year, $7 million deal. During his time for the Dodgers, Pederson hit 130 homers, 303 RBIs and posted a .230 batting average. Throughout the various postseason runs by the Dodgers, Pederson was one of the better hitters, with his career playoff numbers being a .272 batting average along with nine homers, five of those coming in a World Series. His playoff hits are the reason Joctober took off within Dodger fans on social media.

After last season concluded, Pederson was not expected back with the Dodgers by many. His role within the Dodgers was a platoon hitter due to his struggling numbers against left-handed pitching. With the Dodgers locking up Mookie Betts for the rest of his career, it made a Pederson reunion unlikely, at least from an economical stance. Once Betts arrived, Pederson was originally traded to the Angels, but that trade was scrapped at the last minute by Anaheim owner Arte Moreno.

With the Cubs letting go of Kyle Schwarber, it opened up an opportunity for Pederson to play every day in the outfield, something that was not happening with the Dodgers.

Personally, I’m glad Pederson will get to play every day. Hitting at Wrigley Field can really help his numbers compared to many other destinations he could have landed.

In other news, the Dodgers may be a finalist for the services of reigning National Cy Young Winner Trevor Bauer. Several reports circulating in the media have said that Bauer’s final choice could either be the Mets or Dodgers.

The Mets reportedly have offered Bauer a long-term deal, but not close to the number he is looking for. The Dodgers are likely to offer Bauer a short-term deal with a high average annual value (AAV).

A long-term deal with the Dodgers and Bauer is unlikely, due to how many young, loaded arms the Dodgers have throughout the organization.

Justin Turner still remains a free agent, and another Dodger alternative option at third base is likely off the market. Nolan Arenado, who was reported a trading possibility earlier this offseason, may be heading to St. Louis. The Rockies and the Cardinals have been actively talking. For one, if the Dodgers missed out on Arenado, at least they don’t have to see him in the division anymore.

Lastly, Kike Hernandez gave his final farewell to Dodger fans, with a video posted on social media. In the video, he tanked and expressed his gratitude to the Dodger family.

8 thoughts on “Joc Pederson Signs with Cubs, More Offseason Rumors

  1. I have always liked Joc. But I also felt he could have been better than he was. I wish him nothing but the best. I sincerely,wish him the best as a Cub. I know the Chicago fans will love him as much as we did.


  2. Arenado is being traded to the Cardinals. Just who is headed the other way is not clear yet. What we do know is the Rockies are sending the Cardinals 50 million dollars, Arenado is waiving his no trade, getting another year at 15 per added to the contract and has a second opt out after 2022.


    1. Since I live here in Colorado, I know how the reaction would have been had they done that. Outright rebellion. It has been negative so far even with him going to the Cardinals because it looks like the Rocks are throwing in the towel on the 2021 season. And they are getting prospects back along with sending 50 million bucks to the Cardinals. St. Louis on the other hand gets another RH bopper, and a significant defensive upgrade at 3rd. And the Dodgers get to not face Arenado 18 times a year. Only 6 now. Arenado gets a year added to his contract and a second opt out in 2022.

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  3. The next time any of us has a negative thought about Andrew Friedman, thank your lucky stars that our GM isn’t Bridich. I can’t believe he still has a job.

    He’s made some strange signings over the last few years but this tops them all. He just paid another team 50 million dollars to take his best player off his hands. They say this will enable the Rockies to extend Story before he hits free agency next winter. Why the hell would he want to resign with that team?

    There are a lot of very capable assistant GM’s around MLB. The Rockies’ owner needs to completely clean house and start rebuilding that organization from the ground up, front office first.

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  4. Why would Story sign? Only if the Rockies offer him a ridiculous contract much as they did for Arenado. Story, Seager and, Baez will be the marque Shortstops available in 2022. I am guessing Lindor will extend with the Mets. Throw in the real possibility of a strike and the Competitive Balance (aka Luxury Tax) will be re-negotiated or removed and there is good reason to wait.
    I have a feeling Seager signs with a team on the East Coast to be near family in North Carolina. His new wife has stated they want to buy a farm near their relatives.
    This is the year for Lux to prove he can hit. If they lose Seager and Lux proves his offensive ability you can bet he moves to SS and Busch is promoted to play 2nd.

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