Dodgers News and Notes: No DH in NL for 2021, Dodgers Interested in DJ LeMahieu, and More

Today would have been the day that the Winter Meetings would have started were there no Covid to ruin yet another thing. The Hot Stove might have started heating up, but instead of meeting all in one place, meetings will take place virtually, and the stove will probably stay lukewarm for awhile.

The big news from Monday is that the National League will likely not have the DH for the upcoming 2021 season. MLB and the players agreed to have the DH as part of the 2020 shortened season to reduce the wear and tear on pitchers and to help the game move along more quickly.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported that Major League Baseball sent a memo to teams last week to assume that there will be no NL DH next season. It will likely be discussed along with the other changes that MLB made to the 2020 season, such as a runner on second base to start extra innings and seven-inning double headers.

Having the NL DH definitely benefited teams like the Dodgers, who were able to use their versatile roster more advantageously. No idea how this will affect Justin Turner’s free agency and possible return to the Dodgers.

Another highly interesting piece of rumor mill on Monday is that the Dodgers are supposedly interested in free agent DJ LeMahieu. Jeff Passan mentions it in his article on Monday. Of course, the Dodgers are usually mentioned on any top tier free agent, as President of Baseball Operations Andrew Freidman is probably just doing his due diligence.

The 32-year-old infielder had a .364 batting average last season with 10 homers while playing with the New York Yankees. Worries that DJ would not be able to hit after leaving Coors Field were largely unfounded. Adding LeMahieu to the Dodgers would give them the power right-handed bat they are desiring, and no doubt the Dodgers love his ability to play around the diamond.

Two previous Dodgers are drawing interest from other teams. Kiké Hernandez is reportedly drawing much interest from the Minnesota Twins. They are looking for a regular, premier defender and someone who hits left-handed pitching well.

Joc Pederson is also rumored to be on a few teams’ radars. The Milwaukee Brewers, St Louis Cardinals, and Chicago White Sox have all reportedly shown interest in the 28-year-old outfielder. In Milwaukee, he could split time with Avisail Garcia, and in St Louis he could platoon with Harrison Bader.

Also on Monday, MLB announced its winner of the Roberto Clemente award. Adam Wainwright of the Cardinals was this year’s winner. His charity, Big League Impact, works to end poverty in the United States and around the world. Justin Turner was the Dodgers’ nominee.

Our congratulations go out to the new Mr. and Mrs. Corey Seager! The World Series MVP added another ring as he and his wife Madisyn were wed outside of Nashville on Saturday.






12 thoughts on “Dodgers News and Notes: No DH in NL for 2021, Dodgers Interested in DJ LeMahieu, and More

  1. I would be interested to see if no DH would make a difference as to whether AF would offer JT a contract and/or how it would affect the length and size of that contract.

    No DH cuts down Turner’s potential landing spots to mostly AL teams, but on the other hand, the team I’ve heard most mentioned as having interest in him was Toronto and, of course, they have DH.

    I expect LeMahieu to wind up with one of the NY teams but if, for some reason, he decided to sign here, would that mean no more JT? Would JT come back to play third and DJLM would play second? So many questions and so few answers. Eventually we’ll have those answers, but for now we speculate.

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  2. I think almost all Dodger fans want to see JT back in a Dodger uniform in 2021, including myself, but I could see how being in the AL, with the DH, would be more beneficial to him, if he’s choosing where to play next season.

    As far as LeMahieu is concerned, he was a player I didn’t really see the Dodgers being attached to, now that it’s out there in the rumor mill, I could see him as an option, especially if the FO is thinking about different options to JT. Just to give Dennis some props, he was touting LeMahieu three off seasons ago as a good fit for LA. You’re a man ahead of your time Dennis😀

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  3. Royals are signing former Dodger Carlos Santana to a 2 year 11 million dollar deal. Eaton back to the Sox on a one year deal. Lynn also to the Sox.


    1. Royals have been surprisingly active. They are acting as though they feel they can make the playoffs this year. Or maybe they feel that if Minor and Santana have good first halves they’ll bring back something worthwhile at the deadline.

      White Sox getting a couple of veterans is no surprise considering LaRussa is the manager.

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  4. That seems like a lot of money for a guy like Santana, first base/ DH hitters are in abundance.

    I do like the Lynn move for the white Sox, their pitching just got a lot better. They should be able to make that division very competitive, with Cleveland looking like they could be heading downward, and the twins pitching is not as good as Cleveland or the Chisox.

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