Random Thoughts About the Dodgers

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One can’t be too mad at a loss after seven straight wins, but fans of the Dodgers might think they could have lost a little better.

On Wednesday, the Dodgers lost 6-4 to the Seattle Mariners. Los Angeles took their seven-game winning streak into Seattle, and the Mariners had lost seven in a row; so hey, it was bound to happen. But the loss was due to bad starting pitching from Julio Urias, as well as bad defense and situational hitting.

Even All-Star teams have clunkers from time to time. The Dodgers normally have excellent defense, and had just traveled from LA to Seattle late the night before, so one might overlook a flub here and there. The Dodgers also have been historically not great at situational hitting, although they’ve been better with RISP this season. Again, we could just chalk it up to an off night.

The most worrisome thing was the pitching of Urías. In his previous start, he allowed two solo home runs in the first inning and then pulled it together. Wednesday night, he never found it. He went only 1.2 innings with four hits, five strikeouts and one earned run. Acting manager Bob Geren pulled him quickly in favor of Dennis Santana, who worked around traffic on the bases to end the second inning.

The Dodgers have some unsteadiness in the starting rotation. Walker Buehler has not looked at all like what we know him to be. Alex Wood is on the IL after some shaky outings. Urías is having issues on and off. Clayton Kershaw has one bad outing, but has looked vintage in his other two starts. Dustin May has been decent, and Tony Gonsolin, just as we all foresaw, has been the rock star of the rotation.

While the Dodgers have the bullpen and offense (when they hit) they can beat anyone, but a WS winning team needs all three components working at the same time, especially in a year with an extra round of playoffs. It can’t all be reliant on Kershaw once again. I think the bullpen can handle it this year. But….

When do we start to worry about Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy? Both of these big lefty bats have batting averages in the bottom 10 of the major leagues. In a regular, long season one could shrug it off as just a slow start. Now that we are almost halfway through this season, the longer it takes for either to get going, the more worrisome it becomes.

Monday I wrote about how special a player Mookie Betts is. It turns out he’s even more special than we thought. Betts is apparently the catalyst behind Austin Barnes’ resurgence at the plate. Is there nothing this man can’t do?

Okay, that was a little harsh, but it’s great to see Barnes matching his defensive skills behind the plate with those while he’s standing at the plate. Maybe Betts can talk to Muncy and Bellinger, too.

It’s might be silly to nitpick a team that has the best record in the major leagues at this point in the season, but after eight division titles and no World Series wins, I think Dodgers fans are allowed a little slack to wonder when it will all come together.

Before Thursday’s game, relief pitcher Pedro Báez was placed on the 10-day IL with a right groin strain. Josh Sborz was recalled from the taxi squad.

The Dodgers take on the Mariners one last time Thursday afternoon, and then head back to Chavez Ravine to start a three-game series with the Colorado Rockies. Probable starters will be Friday, Buehler and Jon Gray. Saturday, May and Kyle Freeland and Sunday, Ross Stripling and Antonio Senzatela.

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts About the Dodgers

  1. I really hope Urias just had an off day because his last start before that showed what he can be when he’s confident in his stuff and just attacks hitters. Not worried about Buehler though. A guy as competitive as him with his talent will figure it out.

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  2. Urias pitched like bleep and they ended up playing a bleep game. You play like that you lose. 3 big boppers from last year hit dingers, but no one else did anything. Baez to IL, Sborz recalled. They are still down a position player. Been short since Rios went down.


  3. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Why does anyone ever throw Max, Belli or Joc a fastball? None of them are hitting off speed stuff this year so they should get nothing but off speed until they show they can hit it. If you’re going to throw them a fastball make it out of the zone.
    Belli looked ridiculous striking out on a breaking pitch in his first at bat tonight. So what did they throw him his next time up? A fastball, which he smacked and drove in a run.

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  4. Don’t look now but Kenta Maeda is in the AL Cy Young conversation having a career year. I really hated losing him but he wanted out and deserved a chance to be a permanent rotation arm.


    1. Agreed. I wish him nothing but the best. He’s a great guy and a great teammate but this just wasn’t the right environment for him to succeed the way he might be able to in Minnesota.
      I would love it if Maeda and Dick Mountain and Ryu all had great years and without them we were still able win the World Series.


  5. We let 3 arms most clubs would kill for just walk out the door except for Maeda who we traded. That’s very telling in what the front office thinks of our young arms.


  6. Lakers CRUSHED Portland. Lillard dislocated a finger. Belli looked a lot better today. And Kike actually got a hit to RF. Turners hitting streak stopped, and Barnes adds to his. Taylor still struggling the last few games. Muncy still striking out way too much. Brennaman fired by FOX. Reds have not decided yet whether to fire him or not. Got a card of Rocky Colovito in a Dodger uni.


    1. With you as my source of information Bear I can afford to cancel all other subscriptions.
      Did Lillard dislocate his finger when he was hit by that pitch or while turning the double play?
      Belli looked better but still can’t make a 3-pointer when he needs to.
      How come no hockey scores in your report? 🙂

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  7. Phillies made 2 trades, one with the Sox and another with the Yankees and got 3 relief pitchers, Hembree and Workman from the Sox, and another reliever from New York. Starting their trade deadline early. Strasburg has carpel tunnel syndrome and will most likely need surgery and miss the rest of the year. I had that once. It is no fun


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