Clayton Kershaw Showing Why He’s Still an Ace

The biggest change in Kershaw’s pitching has been his increased velocity this season. His velocity jumped up an average of 1.5 mph from last season. He received run support early and it was all he needed, a couple of RBI from Matt Beaty, AJ Pollock, and Cody Bellinger sparked a four-run third inning.

With Kershaw going seven strong innings, it gave the bullpen a breather after it had to eat up more than seven innings the previous day after a Julio Urias 1.2 inning start. Kershaw has allowed only five hits in his last two starts and just two runs, both courtesy of the long ball. Home runs given up by Kershaw have increased through the past seasons, but his start to this year has still been exciting to watch.

Now in his age 32 season, and after a back injury postponed his debut, Kershaw has put up a 3-1 record with a 2.25 ERA. He also leads the team in strikeouts this season with 29 and is second in innings pitched just behind Ross Stripling with 24. Kershaw has probably been the best full-time starter at this point. There is also Tony Gonsolin, who has been amazing and hasn’t even allowed a run in three starts this year. However, Gonsolin has been up and down with the team and was optioned recently to recall left-hander Victor Gonzalez. Gonsolin will probably be back with the team to make another start at some point and continue his strong case for a playoff roster spot.

With the Dodgers taking three games out of a four-game series from the Mariners, they now sit at 19-8 and have the best winning percentage in the majors at .701. They also continue to add on the best-run differential in the league which now sits at +66. Los Angeles is four games clear of the Padres, who are in second place now. Four out of the five teams in the NL West have winning records with the Giants being the only exception.

Nearly halfway through the season (yes, you read that halfway through the season), the Dodgers sit with the best record in baseball. Friday night will be the opening game of a home three-game series with the Colorado Rockies, the first series between the two clubs this year. The Rockies through the first couple weeks of the season seemed to be the hottest team in the league, as Charlie Blackmon was batting .500 at one point. Since then, the Rockies have cooled down, currently sitting in third place in the division, five games out of first.

The Dodgers have an 8-5 record at home and a 11-3 record on the road. The three starting pitchers slated to start this weekend’s series are Walker Buehler, Dustin May, and Stripling.

Buehler, who has had a rough start to the season after joining the team late in Summer Camp, hopes to swing some momentum his way. He allowed five runs in his last start against the Angels in 4.2 innings. His ERA stands at 5.21 and he hasn’t factored in any decision as his record is still 0-0.

The probable pitching matchup on Friday pits Buehler against right-hander Jon Gray. The first pitch is scheduled for 6:40 p.m. Pacific.

6 thoughts on “Clayton Kershaw Showing Why He’s Still an Ace

  1. I’m not sure if Max Muncy needs to sacrifice a virgin, bite the head off a chicken or what but he needs to go do it because his bat has a curse on it right now. He’s painful to watch up there.


  2. Vintage Kershaw last night. Of course the home run ball accounted for the only scoring. Of the runs he has given up this year, all but one has come via the dinger. He gave the BP a breather after the long line of relievers that appeared in Wednesdays game, Personal opinion is that the one area AF needs to address at the deadline is starting pitching. I do not trust anyone to go any distance besides Kersh and maybe May and Gonsolin. Strip has been very hittable his last 2 outings, Buehler has yet to be Buehler, and Urias is about as erratic and unpredictable as I have ever seen any pitcher. I do not trust him at all. Wood does not inspire much confidence either. I would like to see White make a start just to see how he fares. And bring back the Catman and leave him in the rotation. Send Strip to the pen because the one thing that seems to be missing down there is a long man. Santana has not shown he is thta guy so far.


  3. If Strip has another bad outing this weekend he’ll be shuttled off to the bullpen, but I think he’s just as likely to have a good start. Wood can be the long guy when he returns.
    I have no clue what they’re doing with Catman. He’s been the most consistent starter of them all and they keep sending him back to SC. Maybe Buehler is the guy who needs to go to SC. He just seems to totally lose concentration at least once during every start. Sometimes it lasts a few batters, but sometimes it’s enough to send him to the showers. Not really sure what’s going on there.
    In the meanwhile, we’ve got the most wins in baseball with our starters very inconsistent and a number of our better hitters in the Mendoza category. That’s probably why there doesn’t seem to be any urgency with management. Imagine what this team would look like if it was functioning on all cylinders.
    Will AF make a deadline trade? We’ll know by the 31st. I have no guess on that one, because it takes two teams to pull off a trade.

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      1. I disagree. I do not trust this starting staff and if you do, then you have problems. Urias is erratic. He makes way too many pitches. Stripling is better suited to be the long man. Buehler has yet to show anything. He is definitely not the same pitcher he was last year yet. May and Gonsolin have good stuff, and little experience. Wood has not been good for a couple of years and is injury prone over the last 3. So you have Kersh and a bunch of 4-5 inning guys for the playoffs. You down with that? I am not. If they still had price, or May and Gonsolin a little more experience, I might feel better. I have no doubt they can score runs, and the bullpen so far has saved their bacon. But unless they have some sort of miraculous turn around by the starters and they get at least Belli and Muncy hitting like they are capable of, they are going to be over matched when they face better pitching, which has been proven to be able to shut them down in the past.


  4. Is Buehler showing you something bear? I’ve never been worried about him. He’s too talented and too competitive to not bounce back.


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