Examining the Likliest Dodger Trade Scenarios

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If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that Andrew Friedman and Co. like to make a major trade right before Christmas. Will this season follow the same pattern?

Last year, on December 21st, the Dodgers traded Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood and Kyle Farmer to the Cincinnati Reds for Homer Bailey and prospects in a trade that was a salary dump. December 16th 2017, they traded Charlie Culberson, Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy to the Atlanta Braves for Kemp. And, in 2015, they made multiple trades in December to acquire Enrique Hernandez, Howie Kendrick and Yasmani Grandal, among others.

There are, of course, multiple trade rumors that the Dodgers are involved in. The two most persistent ones involve trading for Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox, and Francisco Lindor and/or Mike Clevinger of the Cleveland Indians. Yesterday, Dennis covered the ins and outs of such a trade with the Red Sox, and whether it might include David Price. Including Price would be mostly a salary dump for the Red Sox, a trade scenario that the Dodgers have engaged in before.

If the Dodgers did acquire Betts, then one would assume there would be some shuffling of outfielders. A right fielder, he or Cody Bellinger would have to move to left field. And of course the caveat with Betts is that his contract is up after the 2020 season, and I find it doubtful that the Dodgers would want to pay the superstar what he would be commanding, especially with their own budding superstars like Walker Buehler and Bellinger who will be doing so in the not so distant future.

As stated, there have been persistent rumors the last two seasons regarding the Dodgers and the Indians. If the Dodgers were to go all in on a trade, this would be the one to do it. A superstar shortstop, and an excellent arm to put in line behind Buehler in the rotation. But this would be a trade that the Dodgers would have to give up more than they’ve ever given up for any other trade. I know that Friedman is adept at making deals that are a little bit more beneficial to the Dodgers, but a trade of this caliber would really hit deep. 

New rumors have surfaced that both the Padres and the Reds are in on Clevenger and Lindor. One can never be sure if these are absolutely true, or if it’s the teams and/or agents leaking info to drive the price up on the Dodgers. The thing is, the Dodgers could easily beat both of their offers, if they really wanted Lindor and Clevinger. Gavin Lux seems to be the whole linchpin to the off season. Do the Dodgers trade him or not?

I think that neither of these trades are the one that end up going down for the Dodgers. If we are indeed going on past precedence, a trade that no one ever saw coming will be what happens. That’s just the way this front office works. Hopefully, the front office gives us a holiday gift we all deserve, even if we don’t know what it is just yet. 


29 thoughts on “Examining the Likliest Dodger Trade Scenarios

  1. I totally agree. I doubt either of those deals are made. The cost to the Dodgers is just too high. A Betts-Price trade would add close to 60 million to the payroll, and then they are on the hook for 64 million more over the next 2 years for Price, who believe me is no longer a 30 million dollar man. I am with Scoop. Stand pat and add some lower priced FA’s, probably pitchers, and see where they are mid season. It won’t be cheap, but they can get what they need then.

    1. So am I correct Bear that if AF does very little between now and the start of the season, you’ll remind me that I was wrong and you were right, but that you’ll actually agree that he shouldn’t have made any big moves based on how the market is playing out?

      1. I am not one to gloat when I call it right. My motives for being against these moves is probably selfish because I believe in the long run, which is what we all would like, these kids will contribute to multiple crowns. Their potential upside to me is of more value than 2 years of Lindor or one of Betts. Getting saddled with 3 years of the fast fading and oft injured Price just blocks 3 young arms in my book.

      2. IF you call it right I won’t have any problem if you gloat. I’m good that way (and I’ve had plenty of practice). 🙂
        It seems as though a lot of Dodger fans have gotten to the point where they would rather keep the prospects than trade them at this point. I think that the numbers of fans who feel that way has gone up since the news has come out that none of the big three really wanted to come here. I really don’t know how I feel right now and I’m just going to wait and see what AF does or doesn’t do. I do know that I am not in favor of giving up some of our best prospects for Lindor when we have Seager already and would only control Lindor for two years.

      3. He is still getting raked over the coals on Twitter. And not just by the fans. Some of the pundits are questioning his tactics too. I will say this, some of those fans have come up with the worst trade packages I have ever seem. They also believe Boston would take a package loaded with basically flotsam from LA for Betts and Price. I think they are looney tunes.

      4. We don’t know what instructions Bloom has gotten from management with regard to reducing payroll. If they’re desperate (and I’m not saying they are), then our taking Price and Mookie might just make them settle for a weak package in return. Between the two of them you’re looking at about 60-65 mil in salary next season.

      5. I do not do it unless they send some money back to the Dodgers. I do not like Price’s contract at all. Maybe the change of scenery helps and he pitches in a park less prone to HRs. But his overall performance lately does not merit 32 million a year. One year of Betts might really help and already potent offense, but it still does nothing to address the bull pen.

      6. Price has had some pretty good relief outings in the playoffs. You aren’t willing to pay 32 mil per year for 3 years for a guy who might pitch OK out of the bullpen?
        I really wonder what it would take to get Hader from the Brewers. I’m sure it would be more than we would want to give them. How about Ruiz, Joc and Maeda? Think they would go for that? Would you if you were the Dodgers?

      7. I am not sure AF would give up that much for a back end of the pen reliever. A 32 million dollar bull pen arm? Little pricey. Look, if Price was the pitcher he was against the Dodgers in the playoff, and could do it for 3 years, then he would be worth it. But I doubt that happens.

  2. We are all waiting for that unexpected trade. The ones mentioned so far don’t seem likely to me. Whatever it is will be creative, might involve multiple teams, but will not involve anyone that is in Friedman’s 5 year plan. And I don’t know who that includes.

  3. Quiet in here.

    I was thinking, instead of signing a new third baseman for millions, or moving Seager, why not leave Turner there for one more year then move Rios in. Another year of crushing AAA pitching, along with a program of 100 grounders a day, a call up sometime this year, and third base might be solved for several years. Here’s another idea – sell Pollock while he still has any value and platoon Peters with Joc. I know these two strike out a lot, and old guys like me don’t particularly care for that, but clearly today’s game is about OPS and both these guys have the potential for .800 OPS at the Major League level. If we aren’t going to use them then it’s time lose them. I think this move would depend a lot on how they begin the year. As in Spring Training. Peters is 24. Rios is 26 in April. I sure would like to know what the plan is for those two.

    1. I think that with Pollock’s injury history and the amount of years and $ left on his contract, he doesn’t have a huge amount of trade value at this point, except possibly to exchange for another not-so-good contract like Price or Cueto. I would think that Rios’ long term future here is probably in some doubt. Some AL team would probably like to have him included in a potential deal. Putting a so-so fielder at third is taking a chance, as opposed to putting him at first or in left field for example which is probably preferable. Hoese and Vargas are probably both a couple of years away but are considered better prospects for third base than Rios. This should be a big year for Peters. If he can cut his strike outs down (he made some progress last year) he could definitely find a home at the Ravine. Doc loves his attitude and he is a better than average fielder with excellent power. The future is bright. The next couple of weeks should tell us more about the present.

  4. Most likely that Donaldson goes somewhere else. If AF is going to spend some money, I would like to see him spend it on Ryu. Not much left out there besides Ryu and Kuechel. Bochy said he was surprised that the Mad Bum did not sign with LA> Hey, Pablo Sandoval is still out there.Anyone want the Panda in blue?????LOL

    1. Agree on Ryu. I would feel much better with him back in the rotation. I wouldn’t even be upset if we signed Keuchel if we can’t get Ryu. I know that most people think he isn’t much any more but I have a feeling he’s going to have a bounce back year in 2020.
      I am definitely against giving Donaldson 4 years.
      Sure, let’s sign Panda. He could be the second coming of Uribe.

  5. One thing that has been surprising to me is that AF has not started signing a lot of players to minor league deals. He has loaded up on those in the past. The did sign a former Giant who was playing in the Korean league to a minor league deal. But I cannot remember his name. Indians informed teams that they wanted their best final offer for Lindor by today so they can weigh their options this weekend. The price for Clevinger is said to be ridiculously high.

  6. The price for Clevinger should be high. A controllable 4 WAR starter is a valuable commodity. I don’t see why they would trade him, or Lindor for that matter. Cleveland is a playoff caliber team. They are listening as all teams do, but I can’t see any trades happening for those guys – unless like I said they get 10 WAR in return. Their payroll isn’t that high so there is no need for them to shed salary.

    We’ve got some decent prospect depth at catcher, third base and pitching. Who Friedman plans to put behind the plate and on the corner is anybody’s guess, but we don’t NEED to do anything in the infield. It would seem most people talking about it agree what we need is a quality starter and bullpen help. All this talk about these free agents that aren’t at positions of need is just that – talk. Friedman knows what he wants to do and he ain’t talking. It could be a three way where we trade for Bryant and flip him to a team that then trades him. Who knows. If someone who is released or is rehabbing intrigues him he’ll sign him. It’s just that each empty day this time of year is painfully long. And, it’s still true we don’t have to do a thing and we’re still favored. Every team in the NL is chasing us, and that includes Washington. We know it, they know it and the American people know it.

      1. Ukrainians don’t. The Russians know everything.

        Tell me, is anyone here familiar with that line?

  7. you Better be careful mentioning the Russians, or the Ukrainians Jeff, we may have to impeach you from the presidency of the shlemmings.

    1. I like the name but I have no desire to be President. We need someone younger, so I nominate you Keith.
      Please go get the hats made.
      MAGA – Make Andrew Great Again (or still, depending on your view)

    1. Blue hats … For Uncommonality Choose Keith (then underneath that)
      Support Fortitude!


      Ok, moms might be offended but you’d sell a lot of hats.

      (too much?)

      1. Not bad Scoop. You’re officially Keith’s campaign manager. Normally we’d want a Shlemming in that job but you claim to be neutral (or undecided, or confused) so I guess that’s OK. I hope Bear can forgive you once this is all over.

      2. Scoop Tells Us Postivity Is Determinate!

        That’s my hat.

        I am middle of the path, leaning West. As those who know me can attest, I did not take to Friedman at first, too much analytics and wtf signings, but after exhaustive reading at fangraphs (2 pages) I understood what the play is and realized I’ve been on board with a lot of it since I was in Little League. My grandfather was the first coach I listened to and his first rule of offense was “get on base”. That’s half of OPS. The rest just made sense to me. I do recommend they add algorithms for the little things, like preventing extra bases on defense. One of my rules in coaching a defense is do not give bases away. Every player has an assignment on every pitch. Every ball in play requires movement by all 9 players. Anticipate the overthrow and be moving to a point that prevents any base from being given away. Drives me crazy to see professionals standing around watching from 100’ away. Move your lazy ass into a position of support. If runners don’t dare run on you that’s dWAR points before you step on the field. I could go on. In my opinion dWAR does not tell the whole story.

  8. I get the feeling that fundamentals aren’t taken quite as serious by the developmental leagues as they once were. I don’t know if it’s from the coaching end or from the players not taking it serious enough. That’s why guys like Utley stand out so much when they come around.

  9. If you get Lindor and Clevinger then I would trade Lux in a heartbeat. I think lux is going to be a star but Clevinger’s numbers are ridiculous and he’s under team control for like 4 more years.

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