Latest Hot Stove Rumors Surrounding Dodgers


If you spend any amount of time on the Interwebs, you’ll no doubt come across any various sort of Dodgers rumors. Some are just fun to think about but don’t really make any sense, while others are much more in the realm of possibility.

The Dodgers are of course tied to every big free agent out there. Jon Heyman tweeted late last night that the Dodgers are indeed interested in Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, and Anthony Rendon, but have their own set value on each in mind, and will not go above that. Well, any Dodger fan could have told you that. This is the same as any offseason ever. I am not pinning my hopes on the Dodgers acquiring any one of these three, although I would love to see any of them in Dodger Blue.

Another rumor that keeps circulating is that of the Dodgers being interested in Josh Donaldson. He would be a cheaper and probably shorter option than Rendon, but a more fiery addition to the clubhouse as well. I did believe that last year’s Dodgers lacked that certain spark in the clubhouse, and Donaldson could indeed provide that. He also could mess up what the Dodgers have built in their chemistry, while Rendon would slide right into the third base slot.

The latest rumor to cross my twitter feed would be that of Mike Clevinger of the Cleveland Indians being available for trade. Now I’ve only seen it in this one account, so who knows how accurate it is. Still, the tall right-hander is an intriguing option and could slide into the second or third slot behind Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw.

The 28 year old has pitched in each of the last four seasons in the majors for the Indians. Last season, he was 13-4 with a 2.71 ERA in 21 games and 126.0 innings pitched. He only allowed 10 home runs in a homer happy league while walking 38. He struck out 169, and had a WHIP of 1.056 while having a more impressive FIP of 2.49.

Clevinger did miss two months of the 2019 with a back injury, from mid-April to mid-June. He lost his two games upon returning, but then did not suffer another loss until September.

Acquiring Clevinger would require a trade chip or two, as he is under contract with the Indians until 2023. He is just entering his first year of arbitration, projected to be around $4.5M. Of course, Clevinger happens to have a teammate that has also been rumored to be on the Dodgers’ radar in Francisco Lindor. To get both would be a huge bundle of players on the Dodgers side, most likely including two high prospects, two major leaguers, plus some assorted lower-level prospects.

A trade for these two players with Cleveland would take care of two things that most Dodger fans have on their off-season wishlists. It would also allow the Dodgers to stay under their self-imposed luxury tax threshold. But, it would also take them trading some big names in the prospects department, something else they are not wont to do.

As we’ve stated many times here, let just hope ownership and the front office are motivated by the last three seasons to finally make the big move(s) to get the Dodgers that elusive World Series ring.


33 thoughts on “Latest Hot Stove Rumors Surrounding Dodgers

      1. Cleveland would not even consider that trade and nor should they. 2 of their better starters for 2 middle of the rotation guys? And one prospect? Not even close. They would not even take Seager for Lindor straight up. No, it would take Seager, Gonsolin or May, and then a outfielder and a couple of lower level prospects to even get the talks started. And Ol Andy is not that inclined to deal his best cards. If the Dodgers make a trade, you can bet they are not going to horns-waggle anyone into a deal. They want at least equal value back. Kluber was injured last year as was Clevenger. Strip and Maeda were not. The Indians have little use for Ruiz. And I doubt AF really wants to trade him

    1. Really? Seager for lindor ? Really. Clevinger and Kluber for maeda and stripling. Really? You think ruiz would balance that out? In our dreams,.

  1. I’ve been on the Clevinger bandwagon for awhile now and would love to have him. Most people would probably disagree with me but I would actually include May or Urias in a trade for him. He’s a proven major league high-end pitcher with 4 years of control remaining. I absolutely don’t see the need for Kluber if we get Clevinger, unless the Indians would insist on including him as a salary dump.

  2. As Bear just said, in that trade Cleveland is sending out two injured players. Clevinger only threw 126 innings, Kluber 35. Together they project only 230+ innings. Gulp

    I believe Jesus’ numbers are correct. That trade on paper works out but could be disastrous for either side. Personally I would include Pederson. And if Seager’s injuries are behind him, he could easily match Lindor’s WAR numbers, which I predict would go down in the NL West.

    PS, to me the idea Cleveland wouldn’t be interested in Ruiz is absurd. Ruiz is a top catching prospect and if nothing else could be flipped.

  3. Looks like Rich Hill has had arm surgery and won’t be ready to pitch until June or July. It’s a procedure that’s less invasive than TJ surgery but not all UCL situations can be treated that way.
    I suppose some team might sign him now and hope for the best, starting in June, but my guess is that he’ll wait until he’s ready and then do a workout for interested teams. I could see AF signing him for half a season if he looks OK in June and the need is there.

    1. I just read that myself Jefe. You have to feel a little bad for Dick Mountain, but that surgery makes it almost a lock that AF will bring him back. We all know how much he loves damaged goods.

      1. Nobody more fun to watch on a baseball diamond than Mr. Mountain. I hope he makes it back next year and I hope it’s in a Dodger uni. It certainly won’t cost much, no matter who signs him.

      2. At this point he’s more of a Bluff than a Mountain. I’m not interested, but I’m sure you’re right, Friedman would be.

        It’s my opinion we need to get younger. Peak years appear to happening sooner.

  4. I’m not sure how it would go, but the dodgers, and the Indians could match up in some sort of deal easily.
    I have a hard time believing the Indians would move Clevinger, Kluber I could see since they are trying to cut payroll in Cleveland, same goes for Lindor. If you take Jesus’ deal, and add Pederson, or another prospect, it might not be too far off.

    1. Jesus’ numbers aren’t his own, he got them from that trade value site that I’ve seen other people use. I haven’t used it but the values given are generally considered accurate by other people I know. I tried to use it and had trouble with it.

      I would use Pederson because I read Cleveland is looking for outfield help. Seager for Lindor is nearly an even trade WAR wise, and I give Seager more WAR if he stays healthy. Both are on the same FA path so that’s a wash. I would only do it because I think Seager won’t last at shortstop and Lindor will. I don’t include Ruiz and frankly I don’t think I’m interested in Kluber. I think that’s a salary dump. I’d give a couple good, but lower prospects for him on a chance he might rebound. All that said, I don’t see any of this happening.

  5. In an ideal scenario AF would swing a deal for Lindor giving the Dodgers a much needed switch hitting lead off hitter for the lineup. They could then use their money for a run at Cole. If Cole doesn’t happen you could sign Ryu plus an elite reliever. Or they could use the money to get Rendon and almost certainly go after Ryu as there’s no way they will sign two of Rendon, Cole or Strasburg. Josh Donaldson isn’t too much of an upgrade to me. He makes the team older where it needs to get younger. Linder would change the offense like no player in baseball almost. Then again a Cole, Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, Maeda/May rotation would be devastating. No matter what happens though the bullpen has to be addressed and it will have to be done through trade since Atlanta beat everyone to Will Smith.

  6. I am all in for signing Rich Hill again, but as assistant Pitching Coach. He should retire and move to the next phase of his life.

    1. Well said Gary.

      I’d love to see Lindor leading off for us Alex. Not just for 2 years but for at least 5. I just don’t know how we make that happen without 1. giving up prospects that I don’t want to lose and 2. knowing for sure Lindor wants to finish his career as a Dodger. To get him here would cost multiple players that would be team controlled for Cleveland long after Lindor has left LA. In fact, it’s actually possible Lindor could go back to Cleveland in two years and play alongside the players we sent there to get him here. How would we feel watching Ruiz catch Maeda with Lindor playing short and Seager at first IN CLEVELAND!

      Again I don’t know how to get and keep Lindor. If he agrees to an extension…. ok, do it. But, I just don’t see it.

      1. That’s the conundrum with all of these proposed deals for stars, with 1-2 years left before free agency. If Betts or Lindor would extend, I think most would agree they are worth a haul in players and prospects. But, if not, even if they get us over the hump and win the WS (not guaranteed), will it set us back in the future too much. That is what LA management must wrestle with.

      2. Lindor might very well leave after two years and I agree that it makes little sense to give up the prospects we would have to sacrifice when we already have Seager. The one thing you wouldn’t have to worry about is seeing our guys playing with Lindor. No way the Indians will be able to afford to sign him in two years.

  7. At least the Dodgers aren’t the Rams, cheese and rice!

    I watched the first two series of each team, then promptly watched the latest episodes of The Crown

    1. I couldn’t watch past the first half. Ended up watching Star Trek the movie for the third time. The Rams are an embarrassing mess.

      1. You are actually being too kind to the Rams, they would have to improve in order to be a mess.

        Like I said, I literally watched the Rams first two possessions and the Ravens first two possessions, told my wife they had no chance of even being competitive, predicted a 52-10 final score (I was very close), turned to netflix and watched The Crown with my wife. You don’t supposed that Friedman has somehow infiltrated the Rams’ front office, do you?

  8. Not much news out there right now. A lot of minor league and fringe signings. But that is usually a normal thing in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I doubt we see the Dodgers do anything until the meetings, and even then I really do not expect anything earth shattering. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, avoid Wal-Mart on Black Friday, and stay warm. The latter will be a priority here as it snowed again last night, more due tonight and tomorrow, and it is supposed to get down to 6 tonight. 23 right now. So stay safe everyone!

    1. Happy T. Day to you Bear and to all of you other folks who stop by here. We’re expecting rain here in L.A. starting tomorrow but, of course, no snow. Gonna be absolute hell for people on the roads or in the air this holiday weekend. As Bear said, stay safe!
      I’ve never taken part in Black Friday in the stores, so you won’t find me anywhere near Wal-Mart. For that matter, now that many stores open on Thanksgiving Day, I try to avoid shopping in those establishments for the entire holiday season. Other than those who volunteer to work those days because they want the extra pay, I think any business that forces its employees to work on Thanksgiving should be blacklisted. There, I’ve said it!

      1. You can always take a drive up to Gorman if you want to get some snow, and get stuck in traffic of course.

        Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Damn those Rams suck, no turkey or pie for them this year.

      2. Bah humbug.

        We’re doing a half day Thanksgiving with the wife’s family, brother leaving quickly for other festivities. We don’t do Christmas anymore. Got way too commercial for my liking. Winter in general sucks, though the weather here is easy.

        I’m about done with the enormous egos in football and basketball. I still love the sports, I just don’t care much for where they’ve evolved. Those defenses posing in the end zone just sent me right over the edge. Then there was the Ravens post game interviews. Saw that this morning. Gag.

      3. Most stores open on Thanksgiving night for the beginning of Black Friday. Been that way for years, and Scoop is right, it has been so commercialized over the last several years. Since none of my grand kids are near, I am no nearly as excited about it as I once was. I celebrate the day with close friends and we exchange small gifts. Same way with Thanksgiving. Not a huge family gathering, just a few of us. The building I live in gave a T-day meal for us today at noon. It was nice, most of the residents showed up.

      4. Thanksgiving sorta got quashed for me when a university history professor recited to us a few stories of the origin of it. Damm. The Pequot and the Wampanoag tribes of the region certainly weren’t thankful. I’ve always gone along with the play because it’s a few days off work, I eat well and there is plenty of football.

  9. I’m lucky both my daughters will be at our house for Tday, along with my 19 month old, and 3 week old grandsons. Life couldn’t get any better.

    1. Not only do you have a handle on the inner workings of the Dodger front office Keith but you have put your finger on the real meaning of life. Enjoy your daughters and your grandsons.

    2. Add a Dodger championship banner to that salad and your dinner would be perfect……alas, no dressing for the salad this year.

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