Dodgers Showing Preliminary Interest in Kwang-Hyun Kim


If there’s one certainty regarding the front office group of the Dodgers, it’s that they almost never leave any stones unturned when it comes to players on the open market.

Some recent rumors surrounding the Los Angeles camp have the team linked to lefty Kwang-hyun Kim, the latest international player who has expressed his desire to be posted this winter.

“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to pitch on a major league mound,” Kim said in a recent statement.

The 31-year-old native of Korea broke into the KBO at the age of 18, staying with the SK Wyverns for the entirety of his 12-year career. He had Tommy John surgery and missed the entirety of the 2017 campaign, but most international scouts feel that he hasn’t missed a beat since his return.

In 2018, he posted an 11-8 record with a 2.98 ERA and 130 strikeouts over an even 136 innings of work. In 190-1/3 innings least season, he went 17-6 with a 2.51 ERA and 180 punchouts. After averaging 5-1/2 innings per start returning from surgery in 2018, he ended up hitting almost 6-1/2 frames per start last year.

Lifetime, he has a 136-77 record with a 3.27 ERA and 1456 strikeouts in 298 career games, 276 of which were starts. Perhaps his most impressive state is his career 0.8 HR/9. Last season, he continued to prove that he has the ability to keep the ball in the yard by posting a 0.6 HR/9.

Kim was posted to the MLB once before back in 2014, with the Padres subsequently winning his negotiating rights for $2 million. No agreement was ever reached.

Eric Longenhagen of Fangraphs has Kim ranked as the 41st best free agent available on the market.

Being that he throws left-handed and hails from Korea, some folks are making comparisons between Kim and free agent southpaw Hyun-Jin Ryu. However, their builds are completely opposite—Kim tips the scales at 175 lb. while Ryu weighs in at 255 lb.—and Ryu seems to have the more extensive repertoire.

Nevertheless, scouts feel that Kim’s arsenal is developing much more effectively as he settles into his thirties.

According to Sung Min Kim, a scout in the KBO, Kim’s fastball sits in low-90s but can reach mid-90s when needed. His slider has a sharp break and is a sure MLB pitch. He’s become a better pitcher in recent years utilizing more of his secondary pitches (curveball and forkball) and showing much better control in 2019.

The starting rotation of the Dodgers—as it stands right now—is setting up with Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, Julio Urias and Kenta Maeda, with the possibility of youngsters Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May seeing a significant amount of time. Front office boss Andrew Friedman has also stated that right-handed swing man Ross Stripling will be given his fair share of chances to earn a spot in the rotation during spring camp.

There have been no reports to date indicating that the Dodgers are having negotiations with Ryu, although many feel that discussions between both sides at some point this winter are inevitable.

According to a few MLB scouts, Kim has the potential to slide into a No. 4 or No. 5 spot in an average big league rotation, or he could end up thriving as a decent swing man.


101 thoughts on “Dodgers Showing Preliminary Interest in Kwang-Hyun Kim

    1. I’m a huge fan of bringing Ryu back. I honestly think it should be the team’s top priority, despite the injury risks. Ryu has already said he’d accept a three or four year deal so long as he could remain on the West Coast. If Friedman can secure a contract somewhere around 3/63, I believe I’d jump on that in a hurry.

  1. I don’t think Kim will cost anywhere near as much as Ryu. If they wanted to they could easily sign both. I really am not thrilled with adding him as a starter. I see him mostly as a reliever, and with that I wouldn’t have any problem. Or let’s put it this way, his job would be as a reliever except in case of emergencies. If AF is thinking the same way I am, we’ll be outbid because at least some teams will view him as a starter. Prediction: we won’t be the team to sign him.

  2. The KBO is roughly the equivalent of AA. Wouldn’t our own successful AA pitchers be as good? I’m thinking both Gonsolin and May can do what this guy does and save the team a bunch of money.

  3. Scoop you are right on I agree let’s put some faith in our kids (May,Gonsolin) again I sound like a broken record bullpen,bullpen,bullpen

  4. The Braves did it again. They snuck in and signed Travis d”Arnaud to a 2 year deal for 16 mil. Second major free agent they have locked up and all of that before the meetings. Makes you wish Ol Andy would do some of that. Some forward thinking guy has produced an Astros cheaters bobble head! Guy has a trash can lid and trash can next to him. Pretty funny. Another story said that AF believes pitchers took advantage of Seager’s propensity for going after the first pitch. I would definitely concur with that. He swung at some pretty bad pitches in the playoffs. I also think that the Dodgers are more likely to sign Donaldson than they are Rendon. Cheaper, shorter deal, and the guy has a fiery personality which this team could use. But again, like Larry says, pitching, pitching, pitching. I also believe that Gonsolin might be trade bait if they re-sign Ryu.

    1. My son sent me the tweet with the photo of the Astros trash can bobblehead. It’s great, and assuming it’s real rather than something a funster just photoshopped and threw up on the internet they’ll sell thousands of them.

      1. I think so too. It is well done that’s for sure. Seems like the commish is taking a hard line in the new negotiations for the CBA. There also is going to be a lot of blow-back about MLB wanting to reduce the number of minor league teams. There is a lot of anger in those small towns.

      2. I agree. After WWII, there were about 450 minor league teams, mostly a East of the Mississippi. Minor League baseball was and is a big part of Americana. Millions of people in rural US or those that cannot afford to travel or pay for MLB go to minor league games. Further cutting back the number of teams is not good for the popularity of baseball. Maybe more Independent League teams will form?

      3. I would think that might be the case. The plan seems to be to cut out 42 teams, mostly at the lower levels. Rookie and low A ball. I think it should be up to the team itself how many teams they wish to support.

      4. But then the PC police would come out and say unfair! The big market rich teams can support having more teams than the small market teams.

      5. I am not PC. I care less what those people think. The rich usually get what they want in the end anyway.

    2. D’Arnaud should thank the Dodgers for giving up on him after one at bat and sending him off to Tampa. He really took advantage of that opportunity and now is $18M richer.

      1. Ain’t that the truth. I could be mistaken but I think they basically released him because they realized he wasn’t going to get much playing time and his agent probably found other better opportunities, so they did it more or less as a favor to him.

      2. d’Arnaud has little to do with us. He’s a 31 year old backup catcher that only projects 99 games next year. The Braves can have him. We’ve got bigger things to do.

        Corey Seager hit .352 during the year on the first pitch. When he didn’t swing at Ball 1 he OPS’d 1.191 on a 1-0 count. He’s the living breathing example of what to do when you step in the box. I don’t change a thing about his approach and would encourage everyone on the team to do what he does. I don’t know what Washington did but he had a horrible series going 3 for 20 with 8 Ks. He’s not the only Dodger starter that sucked. The whole team hit like
        they didn’t know what was coming.

      1. I don’t believe we will be getting any of the leading free agents. It would require Andrew to step too far outside his box. We are more likely to ride the same horses that got us 106 wins, with the few peripheral pieces that are always added.

        I still believe moving Seager to third would be good for him. I think Lux can play short and Muncy could put up 1 dWAR at second (if just put there and left there) and 5 WAR overall.Turner would be an excellent and reliable first baseman. I’m not saying I think they would do that because I don’t think they will. Pollock/Pederson platoon in left, Bellinger in center and Verdugo in right is an excellent outfield. Buehler, Kershaw, Maeda, Urias, May, Gonsolin, Stripling, (Ryu) Jansen, Kelly, Baez, Garcia, Kolarek, Alexander, and whoever looks pretty good to me. Good enough to win the West.

        The Dodgers are strong enough right now to exercise patience and see what might fall to them. I believe that is how Friedman will play it.

      2. What’s your definition of the leading free agents Scoop? Just Cole, Rendon, Strasburg? Are Wheeler and Ryu on that list?
        I think, from what I’ve read, that there are some concerns about Lux playing shortstop. He had some throwing problems there and I’m not sure they would want to make that the permanent solution at short. Seager has also indicated he doesn’t particularly want to move to third so if they don’t trade him I don’t think that scenario will be the one we ultimately see.
        I am absolutely convinced that AF will make a big move this winter, either through a signing or a trade. I have no idea what the move will be but I predict that when it happens you and Bear will say “wow, that was a surprise.”

      3. The leading free agents are Cole, Rendon and Strasburg. Second tier, in my opinion, are Wheeler, Bumgarner, Donaldson and Ryu.

        I read about Lux having a throwing problem, he addressed it himself and has figured it out, cutting his errors from 31 in ‘18 to 12 this year. Everything I’ve read says he’s one of the better athletes in the system. As for Seager not wanting to play third, I don’t care. He appears to be a bit fragile and short is a more physically demanding position. I think he’s going to end up at third some day, and when he does it would be nice to have a Lindor-like presence to replace him at short. Is that Lux? Iontkno but it might be. He’s in the Top 10 MLB Pipeline (#9) at short. It is considered a very talented list.

      4. I admit that this comment is totally based on a feeling rather than stats, but I’ve always felt that Seager doesn’t like to get in front of hard hit balls if he can get away with fielding them at an angle. That doesn’t work very well at third and, although I’m probably totally wrong here I’m going to predict that if he ever moves to third he’ll be a less than average fielding third baseman. Wouldn’t even be surprised to see him wind up at first instead of third eventually, although not necessarily for the Dodgers.

      5. I think the way he sometimes fields at an angle, is more about setting for the throw. There has been forecast about him eventually moving to third ever since he came up and the thought was his 6’4″ ? stature would do well there vs SS. The future holds no promises.

  5. Jon Heyman
    Dodgers are looking at Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon. But while they can afford to go big, word is they have set valuations for each star and intend to remain disciplined.

    Friedman has set valuations for each star. And THAT is why I believe we won’t get any of them.

  6. I have always been a huge Kershaw fan, but I really think it’s outrageous to be paying $1M+ per start for him even in his prime and now Cole and Strasburg will be looking for something similar. Which others are also making $1M+ per start? Greinke, Scherzer, Verlander? Just crazy IMO, and also very few even average 7 innings per start or 200 innings for the season. If they make $1M and throw 100 pitches, that’s $10,000 per pitch! Mind bogg!

    1. Scary to think about it that way. Two or three pitches and they’ve equaled a year’s salary for some people.
      On the other hand we get their pickoff throws free.

  7. I read an article last night that said the Dodgers have interest in all 3 of the big free agents, but are not going past what they feel is the right salary for that person. In other words, they would do a shorter term higher per year salary, but no long term commitments.

    1. I just said that Bear. Well, Heyman said it, I quoted it.

      Seager at first works too, but if he doesn’t want to play third he won’t want to play the least valuable position on the field. He knows salaries are predicated on WAR and higher WAR numbers can be achieved on the left side. After he gets his $100 million he may not mind moving.

      1. I was thinking of you when I saw Bill Ripken on MLB tv this morning Scoop. Granted he’s hardly the ultimate expert and he tends to be anti-stats anyway but his theory is an outfielder makes about one-fourth as many plays in a season as a first baseman so he plays Belli at first. Being an ex-infielder Ripken feels he knows the value of a good first baseman in scooping throws, etc. I know that is totally contrary to stats and to your way of thinking and Ripken did have a smirk on his face when he said it. I’m sure that’s because he knew he’d get lots of negative feedback.

      2. It’s not my “way of thinking”, it’s what the analytics tell us.

        First base is just not that difficult. Scooping a ball? Compared to chasing it down, fielding it, then throwing a strike, scooping a ball in the dirt is just not that hard. Most of them do it with ease. And the outfield? With the number of fly balls now traveling at near 100 miles an hour toward an immovable wall and they have to run it down catch it and get it back to an infielder? This action beginning to end requires much more skill and for obvious reasons is just more valuable than anything a first baseman does. First base just catches the ball and steps on a bag. Also, an error in the infield costs fewer bases. That’s huge. A first baseman drops a ball there’s a runner on first. An outfielder misplays a ball and a runner is in scoring position.

        Honestly it’s not that difficult to comprehend. And the numbers don’t lie.

      3. Let me word that differently. According to your way of thinking, in other words, what the analytics tell us………………….

        I must admit I’m very conflicted when it comes to this subject. I can see both sides.
        If it’s so damn easy to play first base, how come Joc (a decent athlete, at least not a total klutz) looked totally uncoordinated in trying to field that position whereas he plays a decent left and right field?
        I also think there is some validity in Ripken’s argument that the first baseman has four times as many chances as the right fielder. That should account for something. I also understand that the numbers agree with your position on the subject. Therefore, I think I’ll just be Switzerland for the time being and remain neutral.

      4. Yes, OFs are probably more valued, then first basemen, but man you sure over simplified the position in your post. There are many nuances to playing first you apparently don’t recognize. A lot more than just catching and scooping, Scoop.

      5. Joc is not now, nor has he ever been, an infielder. But I can tell you this with absolute certainty – if he decided to take it seriously and spent all winter and all Spring Training learning the position, he would be fine over there. Maybe even better than he is in the outfield where he has totaled a negative 1.1 dWAR over 6 years. I doubt he wants to put in the work. He just wants to hit. It looks like that’s the case with a lot of Major Leaguers.

        And Jefe, catchers have 40 times the number of chances as outfielders. Does that mean they should be valued 40 times higher?

      6. When Ripken made his argument he didn’t say he valued first basemen 4 times more because they handled the ball 4 times more often. He said that factored into his opinion. So no, I’m sure he wouldn’t value catchers 40 times as much as outfielders but it might explain why a catcher can have a 10 year career while maintaining a .225 lifetime batting average, assuming he handles all those extra chances well. Hey man, I said I was neutral on this one. Don’t shoot the messenger!

      7. Joc was a 30/30 .300 guy five years ago in AAA. Not sure what he weighed then, but IMO if he would drop 20-25 pounds and get his speed back he’d be a much better defensive player and offensive player.

      8. I don’t shoot anyone anymore Jefe. You brought a message I disagree with so I’m addressing you with my response. If Bill Ripken was in here saying that stuff I’d tell him his opinion is ignorant, completely off base and his brother was pretty good. And I wouldn’t shoot him.

  8. AF said he was thinking about shaking the team up, so I’m gonna take him at his word, and say he will make at least one, if not two major acquisitions.

    1. Looks like it’s us against Scoop and Bear Keith in the Big Deal vs No Big Deal Sweepstakes.
      Dennis, you should set up some kind of poll or if not, it’s time for everyone else to weigh in. Of course we have to define what a “Major Acquisition” is.

      1. In my opinion a Major Acquisition is about talent. If who we get becomes a starter on this team, or immediately becomes a Top 5 prospect, I would call it a major acquisition.

      2. I think we could see something big happen. There is more pressure than ever after not making it to the WS this, year and they have money to spend, while staying under the luxury tax line.

      3. I agree we could see something happen. In fact I’m sure we will see something happen. But from the Dodgers ownership perspective ….. we had a good year. 106 wins, led the league in pitching, scoring and most importantly … attendance. We had a bad couple of innings at the end of a 167 game schedule. You don’t necessarily do something “major” with that. You just pound out the dents and buff up the rough spots a bit.

      1. Lindblom I would actually consider if he’d be willing to be a reliever. Of course, someone will be willing to make him a starter and pay him more.

      2. I wonder if he regrets not going to college to play football? LSU, I think. I hope he invested that bonus he got.

      3. He seems like a pretty smart guy. I think he’ll do OK in his life after baseball, or instead of baseball since one might suggest that he really never had much of a baseball life.

  9. No way it can be 18 mil. That is barely above the QO. Has to be 20 mil plus and 3 or more years. And no way they sign 2 guys to that kind of deal. I still say, if AF upgrades at all, it will be through trade. I do not see them signing any of the big 3. In fact, if they sign a major free agent at all it is going to be Ryu.

    1. How about a total deal of at least 60 mil or the acquisition of a player who has been an All Star within the last 3 years?

  10. It can’t be tied to money, if the team traded for Clevinger, for example, it would be a major acquisition, but he only makes 4+ mil. It has to be an impact player regardless of money.
    Heck Jeff, all we need is the dodgers to make that deal for Clevinger, and Lindor, it’s a done deal.

    1. I can see we aren’t going to agree on this but you have a valid point. Clevinger would be a major get but wouldn’t be paid much. And although you said you thought AF would get one or two major guys I think we should say at least one. No need to go overboard here. Once the hot stove season is over, we can just have everyone submit their thoughts as to whether AF did anything major. It’s in the eye of the beholder. Just remember Keith, when we re-sign Daniel Hudson you and I have to jump up and down and say what a major acquisition he was. I’m sure Dennis would agree with us. 🙂

      1. As I said above, I think a major acquisition would be one that becomes a starter on this team or an immediate Top 5 prospect within the organization.

        This starting lineup as it stands is pretty good. Our holes, or hole, is pitching. It would be great to sign a starter. But we don’t NEED one. It would be great to find a top reliever, because we DO need one. Something will happen because it always does. But none of the Top Tier free agents are coming here.

    2. Keith you are the ultimate optimist, and the trade that was proposed, no way Cleveland takes that little for those 3 guys. If we were to get those 3, and none of them except Lindor has even been mentioned in any rumor, it would take like a 6 for 3 trade. With us giving up 6. And besides, the Indians are not trading two of their best pitchers in the same deal. Keep on dreaming, but it will never come to pass.

  11. I hope we can butter Dennis up, and get him to agree with us on the impending Hudson acquisition.😀
    I just got an idea let’s let Andy be the judge of what is major or not, everybody trusts Andy, right?

  12. To judge whether the acquisitions AF makes this off season are considered major or not.which would decide who is right me and Jeff or you and bear.
    Bear I’m terrible at proposed trades, I was just looking at Jesus’ proposal at the beginning of the other thread. I will say that the dodgers have the prospects, and players to make a deal with the Indians, If they want to reduce payroll, we can take some payroll on. If they want prospects we have them, may Gonsolin, Urias Ruiz Lux etc. If they want major leaguers we have them to trade, Pederson, Seager, maeda Strippling could be moved.
    I’m not saying what we should or shouldn’t do, but the possibilities are there.

  13. Keith, you are a passionate fan and I like that. But the trade he proposed has about as much chance of happening as I do of becoming the pope. Obviously some moves will be made, there were some last year. But the major move last year was the salary dump. They have plenty of assets that we know. They have tons of money, that we also know. But what we know more than anything after watching him operate for the last 5 years is that Ol Andy hates trading his best prospects. He is under a mandate to STAY under the Tax, and he never has in those 5 years signed any player to more than a 4 year deal, Pollock’s is 4 with an option, he has never signed any impact free agent except those who were Dodger free agents anyway. Mark my words, May, Lux and Ruiz are the last players on earth he wants to or will give up in trade. He likes versatility, one reason McKinstry made the 40 man. Everyone here knows that every off season the Dodgers are linked with the top names, and they did make Harper an offer last year, 4 years 45 per. But to a player who wanted to get the most he could, it was not nearly enough. Look at it from Cleveland’s point of view. Not LA’s. For their prime pieces, they want the biggest haul they can get. Except Kluber, the other 2 are under control for 2 years at least. And they want pieces that they need. They do not need Maeda or Stripling. Especially if they traded 2 front-line starters like Clevenger and Kluber. That is no where close to equal value. Just for Lindor, I would think they want at least 1 MLB ready player, and maybe 2, plus a couple of prospects, because he has 2 more years before free agency. That my friend is why I think you are dreaming, living in a fantasy world where Friedman actually acquires an impact player. My belief is that they will bypass Rendon, unless he takes a much shorter deal, and the other high priced pieces, sign Ryu, and if they really want a 3rd baseman so they can move Turner, they will ink Donaldson. Then they will either trade or sign some back end of the bullpen arms, no star’s mind you, but a couple of serviceable arms, and hope for the best. A couple other things will factor into what moves they make, the All Star game, with the new look stadium, the new 26 man roster, and trade deadline. Remember also, that even though he is president of baseball operations, he still needs approval from ownership before any huge deal can be reached with any free agent. With that all star game next summer coming to LA, they do not want to alienate any fans by trading an extremely popular player and generating some fan back lash.

    1. Well said my man.

      We’ll have All Star representation in Bellinger, Buehler and something else. I think that All Star game is more about the stadium, which they’ve spent millions on and the spectabulously effulgent nature of Los Angeles.

      In looking at our current lineup, doing some projection research, with a little forward thinking I see 8 guys that can OPS .800 or better. I can safely predict we will score a lot of runs. Defensive runs saved? Ehh, not so sure about that, but we won’t be anywhere near the bottom. Pitching? We did lead the Majors in ERA last year, though I’m not sure how we pulled that off. We should be be good again, but good during the first 162 obviously doesn’t guarantee anything. We need only look at the last 7 years finish to know that.

      Gonsolin, Urias, Lux and May aren’t prospects. They are all on my 26. Ruiz, Gray, Downs, Hoese, White, Busch, Peters, Cartata, Santana, Amaya are all prospects with a grade of 50 or better. I keep Ruiz, Gray and Hoese, I would like to keep others but……

  14. Okay bear I’ll concede that trade won’t work, but the dodgers have the players, prospects, and money to make any trade AF wants, with any team, so I feel like some kind of a trade is a distinct possibility. A lot of Andrew’s recent trades have had to have a financial component to them, so he could get under the tax, this year AF doesn’t have to unload any money. He has much more flexibility, so that is one more reason I’m looking for a trade that makes us better not to trade somebodies contract.
    I’m not quite as sure about a FA signing, not sure if AF is ready to sacrifice the flexibility he now has. Maybe, we’ll see.

    I’m looking forward to debating you and scoop over this for the next three months, it should be a lot of fun😀

    Go team Jeff/Keith.

    You see what I did there, giving my elder top billing.😀

    1. First of all, I’m glad you respect your elders Keith. Your parents raised you right.

      We could be in for a tough battle against those two. Bear is tough – he lives in snow half the year. And Scoop has the best vocabulary of anyone who comments here (of course half the words he uses he’s made up, but you have to give him credit for originality).

      We need a better team name. How about Team AF Apologists? Or The Optimists?

      Lastly, we need some more recruits. Anyone who thinks Friedman will pull off a major trade or signing come join us. If you think Winter 2019 will be business as usual, head over to team Bear/Scoop. The game is on!!!!!!

      1. I would say that this will be more the winter of content, not discontent, as the factors for something big to happen are more in align than ever, with money, depth and prospects all in abundance. However, we could pretty much stand pat and still improve, with a full year of Smith, behind the plate, Cory a year away from his two surgeries and Lux ready to compete for ROY. In addition, if Pollock is healthy all year and Verdugo as well, we are solid at every position. The further development of Urias, May and Gonsolin could make up for the loss of Ryu and the oft injured a Hill. Ok, so that may have seemed wishy, washy. Put me in the optimist box that something Big will happen.

      2. Welcome to the team Gary. First meeting is tomorrow at the Starbucks on the corner. New guy buys the coffee.
        Team Name: The Lemmings
        Team Motto: When Life Gives You Lemmings, Make Lemmingade

      3. First order of business should be a new Team Name. As Bear pointed out, Lemmings, doesn’t really describe a team as astute an honorable as ours.
        Secondly, I have a new trade proposal for a RH power bat, that wouldn’t break the Dodger bank i either payroll or prospects. The Yankees are in need of starting pitching, so Maeda, White or Santana and Chris Taylor for 3B Miguel Andujar. There have been reports with the emergence of Urshela that NY might be willing to trade Andujar for pitching.
        While Andujar, is not a great 3B defensively, he is young enough to improve. There are no doubts about his offensive ability based on his 2018 season, 47 doubles and 27 HRs with less than 100 Ks. Last year he WS injured most of the season, but should be healthy now.

  15. Scoop may be the best wordologist, Jeff, but you have him beat on comedic content, hands down. I’ll take my comedian against their vocabularian. Is that a word? or have I been reading scoop to much.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, but Scoop has an excellent sense of humor. He just hides it in all those long words he uses.

  16. You both are high ! Your chances of winning that duel are slim and non existent. Not only are Scoop and I in tune with the machinations of Andy the lesser, we are also Veterans with a keen insight into the mind of Fraudman. Little chance for the optimist club to overcome the obstacles that sticking to your wish list are going to be in your way of accuracy in said predictions. The Dodgers have the ways and the means, so far Frauddy has not shown the inclination. So dream on McDuff..

    1. Two comments my friend:
      1) Due to your musical background, I’m delighted to see you’re “in tune”.
      2) Maybe you can explain to me how being a veteran gives you extra insight into AF. And by the way, I’m turning that nickname over to the MLB offices. I think we may have to penalize you for unsportsman-like conduct.

      1. Easy, with the many travails of being Vets, it allows us to sift through the constant BS that emanates from the mouth the aforementioned individual known as AF. He is a fraud, and has perpetrated upon the unwilling fan the illusion that wining a championship is important to him and ownership. No, their main goal is to be COMPETITIVE and IN THE HUNT. Making it to the playoffs is their aim. What happens after is in the hands of Zeus or whichever god they worship. Making MONEY and TONS of it is also their primary goal. I for one have not bought into his fantasy world of saber metric horse manure and his love of injured and slightly used pieces. His fascination with players who are versatile and play many positions, though understandable, is also sometimes maddening since it leads to more lineup changes than costume changes in a chorus line. The Fraudman has you and poor Keith bamboozled into believing his oft lame rhetoric. I feel for you my friend, and practicing good sportsmanship is something they do on the field, not in the front office.

      2. Regarding AFs love of versatile players, I think that is at least somewhat a product of 13 man pitching staffs, leaving 4 man benches. The new 26 man roster, hopefully will provide another player, not an additional pitcher.

      3. According to the new guidelines, 13 pitchers is the limit, so there will be 5 bench guys. The reason teams carry so many pitchers is because starters do not finish what they start anymore. So you have a need for the middle relief, the long man, short man and closer. Back in the day as we all know pitcher usually finished what they started. Too much money being paid to players and the fear of losing one of your stars to injury for an extended period of time. As for the faux utility players that are abundant on the Dodger roster, maybe 3 guys are not multidimensional, and that is why there are so many variations of starting line ups with DR’s team. They play players according to who and what the metrics say gives them the best chance to win. Goes against us old school guys who say just run your BEST out there every night. The Dodgers have not done that for a while. Not the culture now. The team has a lot of good players, but only a couple who could be considered super stars.

      4. Also being old school, I like the idea of a pitcher coming in relief, having to pitch to a minimum of 3 batters or end of an inning. My thinking, is if you are an MLB talent, you should be able to get players out who bat from either side of the plate. I also deplore the defensive shifts and think infielders should have to play on their sides of second base. But given that the shifts probably won’t go away, hitters need to excel at spraying the ball to all fields. My opinion.

      5. I wouldn’t have any problem if a team lined up everyone on the first base side of the infield. If a major league hitter isn’t good enough to bunt or hit to the oppo field against a shift, he shouldn’t call himself a major leaguer.

  17. Bear came on pretty strong at 3:37pm Jeff, I think he’s getting worried he’s on the wrong side of this.

    1. Worried my heinie. No way am I worried when i see the writing on the wall as plainly as it is with Fraudman. He is a shyster pure and simple and the lemmings who are those who believe his drivel are the ones who need to be worried.

      1. Odd flow here.

        Keith, my humor is not for the novitiate. It takes real depth of experience to comprehend the laughably absurd.

        Friedman is exactly what his record says he is. He didn’t start this here, he became a GM in 2005. In Tampa his teams got to the playoffs 4 of 8 years, losing the last game of the year every time. He’s now done the very same thing 5 years here. In 14 years of doing this he’s been to the post season 9 times, losing in the World Series 3 times. What to make of this? I’m still working on it. I’ve never seen him go bold with trading assets FOR super stars. With Tampa, for reasons I hope don’t need to be explained here, he did the opposite of that. Here, he’s had assets AND stars o’plenty and hasn’t traded for or signed a big free agent or constructed a champion. Blame it on the salary cap? Yeah, sure, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. But now he’s got assets AND stars AND money to spend. What’s he going to do? Who knows! We are all just guessing. I’m guessing he does the only thing he knows how to do. Why would I expect something different?

  18. Scoop, you hit the nail on the proverbial head. As I have said after every playoffs exit and 2 World Series flops, he has won NOTHING. If he was the frippen genius everyone thinks he is, he would have won with Mattingly managing, and Hanley still on the team. But time after time over the last 5 years under his leadership, and I use that term loosely. we have lost the last game of the year. The Fraudman apologists are satisfied with that result simply because they buy into and drink HUGE quantity’s of the BLUE KOOL AID. Not me. I have never been on board with a lot of his moves. Befuddling as many have been. He has surprised me exactly twice, trading for Darvish, and then trading for Machado. Neither had the desired affect. One thing I will say, Machado was a need. Darvish was nothing more than a luxury that flamed out when it mattered most.

  19. I get it you guys are going with his history, but I think if AF gets the right deal or the right price he pulls the trigger.
    The lemmings have spoken!

    1. You just do not get it do you Keith, he may pull the trigger, but the gun is jammed and never fires. You do know don’t you that Lemmings are furry little creatures who BLINDLY jump off of a cliff? I feel bad for you being so horns waggled by the machinations of Jefe. Face reality it does not matter that the stars line up. It would take a super nova right next door for Fraud the man to do anything close to an earth shattering move.

    2. Pundits say Dodgers have interest in all the major free agents, but will not go past their perceived value for them.
      Pundits say Angels will stop at nothing to sign Cole.
      Don’t worry Keith, we still have Rendon, Strasburg, Wheeler or trades for Lindor, Betts or Bryant.

      1. There’s a poll being taken at BR. So far most people voting, not pundits mind you, believe Strasburg and Rendon both stay home. Cole of course signs with Anaheim. Everybody knows that. The Dodgers will have 26 on the roster. In fact, they already do.

        Does anyone here believe that if no big fish is landed we won’t 1. win the Division and 2. draw 3.5 million?

  20. Probably draw 3.7 million even if they don’t make any changes.
    I know what a lemming is bear, I’m putting my faith in Saint Andrew, he will bring us what we need.

    1. Putting way too much faith in a guy who has never done what you hope he will do. and calling that guy a saint, well, that is just way off base. He is not a genius either.

    2. Saint Andrew. That’s a 15 yard penalty for targeting a Bear. Friedman is good. But so was Colletti and nobody is calling him Saint Ned. And he had to do it in the McSphincter years.

      ‘drew do what ‘drew knew to do starting in Florida. It remains to be seen that if after 9 years of scouring the injured lists and turning over saber stones he has the cajones to outbid somebody on a Super Star. My money is on the second tier safer bet. If I’m wrong I’ll admit it.

  21. It would take a lot more than that to get my pressure up. For a guy my size, my pressure is pretty good. It stays at about 130/80. And sometimes is a lot lower. Ypu want to see it rise, let me be watching a game that the bullpen blows, or they lose a big lead or lose a game to the Gnats. Then it goes up. Calling AF a saint is a minor infraction. Believing it would be lunacy.

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