Dodgers Look to Increase Division Lead Against the Rockies


While the Dodgers are a very good team, they are also always an adventure. The late innings of last night’s game was definitely that, leaving many Dodger fans still worried about the state of the bullpen.

Now it’s true that the Dodgers’ bullpen was depleted, having to go into emergency mode after Rich Hill left Wednesday night’s game after just one inning. Hill will not be able to throw a baseball for at least three to four weeks, as he rests his left arm dealing with forearm strain. He expects to be back pitching before this season is over.

Josh Sborz was called up and made his major league debut. He handled the eighth inning just fine, and went out to tackle the ninth with a five run lead but didn’t even register an out before Kenley Jansen was brought in to clean up the mess. Jansen wasn’t anywhere close to himself, but managed to not let the Giants tie the game, relying on some great defensive plays and the luck of a call going the Dodgers’ way.

As I’ve joked many times, it seems as though the Dodgers are just going to have to slug their way to a Championship, getting more runs than their bullpen gives up. The Dodgers aren’t always going to have back to back bullpen games, but we sit and wait to see what happens with the end of game pitchers.

The Dodgers now turn their attention to the Colorado Rockies who come in for a weekend series. The Rockies are in second place in the division, 10.0 games behind the Dodgers. They, like the Dodgers, are on a three game winning streak, just having swept the Diamondbacks in Arizona.

The Rockies come in to town a little beat up. Shortstop Trevor Story was just placed on the 10-day IL with a right thumb strain. Third baseman Nolan Arenado left yesterday’s game early, and it remains to be seen if he will be in the lineup for Friday night’s game.

As a team, the Rockies are averaging 6.5 runs per game, so this matchup against the depleted and tired Dodgers pitching staff should be another adventure. But the Dodger will start it off on the right foot, sending Walker Buehler to the mound. Buehler has only allowed one earned run in his last three games, going seven innings twice and eight innings once. He will face off against German Marquez, a righty with a 7-3 record and a 4.57 ERA. He went 5.2 innings in his last outing, allowing seven earned runs against the San Diego Padres.

Saturday’s afternoon game will feature Hyun-Jin Ryu and Peter Lambert. The 22 year old righty rookie is 2-0 with a 6.00 ERA. He allowed eight earned runs in three innings of work against the Padres in his last outing.

And to round out the series, Sunday’s matinee will see Kenta Maeda go up against Antonio Senzatela. The third righty of the series, Senzatela is 6-5 on the season with a 5.09 ERA and only 40 strikeouts. He went 6.2 innings against the Diamondbacks on Tuesday, allowing only one run.

Even though the Dodgers have quite the comfortable lead over the Rockies, a series win will only further help the cause. As long as the Dodger bats stay hot, they should be able to out-slug the just as hot Rockies offense.

30 thoughts on “Dodgers Look to Increase Division Lead Against the Rockies

  1. Peter Lambert and Antonio Senzatela? Damm. I don’t think I’ve heard of either one of them. I gotta read up more.

    Dodgers -183. 7 1/2 O/U. I’ll take the Dodgers and the over for 25 pushups each. Betting on these games is keeping me in shape.

  2. Old friend Frankie Montas got busted for 80 games today. He was having the best season of his career too.

  3. Sborz to IL. Beaty in starting lineup. That’s so blatant that the commissioner’s office might not be able to ignore it.

  4. Knew Sborz would be moved one way or the other. Jansen most likely not available to close tonight. Has shown he is not good on multiple days. So I am thinking Baez or Floro as the stopper. Probably no news on who replaces Hill in the rotation until next week. I am betting Strip will be the one. The kid we got from the Reds in the Puig deal is looking pretty good down on the farm. Josiah Gray…remember the name. Meanwhile top pick Kendall continues to suck big time in the Cal league. Strikes out way too much for a guy who is supposed to be a contact hitter. Smith is way ahead of Ruiz hitting wise. Ruiz showing little power, and not much average wise. Smith will be on the 40 man again soon. Finally, continuing a subject we started on the last post, I would rather listen to Charlie Steiner and his inane patter than Joe Boring Davis and Orel wish I had a take that made sense Hershiser. Charlie is at least entertaining.

    1. Solid post Bear.

      I’m looking for a move outside the organization. Perusing our AAA club I see nobody to replace Hill. Chargois was the best reliever there, followed by Sborz. We saw what they can do. Starters? The leaders in starts and innings pitched have horrible stats. Gonsolin maybe, though he hasn’t been stretched out much. 8 starts, 26 innings. I don’t think Stripling is the answer, though they will use him, and Urias was to work sparingly until September/October. I still think guys like Kershaw, Ryu and Maeda will need days off in July and August. Who is here to get those starts? Get on the phone Andrew.

      Good thing we have a 10 game lead. I have a feeling we may need it.

  5. I think it’s safe to say Walker is feeling it now. 7 innings 11Ks followed by a 111 pitch complete game with 16Ks. It’s going to be very interesting who gets the ball forst in a playoff series this year. It’s going to be hard for Doc not to give it to Kershaw but this year has stated it needs to be Ryu or Walker. We have a changing of the gaurd happening this year. With over 2,000 innings on his shoulder Clayton is sliding into more of a middle of the rotation innings eater. It’s time for a new Kershaw to establish themselves the ace of this staff.

  6. Really happy for Beaty, especially considering he was supposed to be on a plane to OKC. If I’m the Rox I demand to have MY doctors examine Sborz. I think AF was probably being very creative with the IL again and if he hadn’t done that Beaty would not have been at the stadium last night.
    For those who have been on the “Give him the money!” Ryu bandwagon, here’s a link to a great article on him from the Ringer. Well worth the read. I realize that this will jinx him and he’ll give up 10 runs tonight so I’m prepared to take the blame. As you’re throwing your rotten tomatoes at me, however, keep in mind that he is due for a bad game at some point.

  7. Kody Hoese is OPSn 1.939 with 14 total bases in 11 at bats in the AZ Rookie League. That’s pretty good. Jeren Kendall is OPSn .766 in A ball, striking out every once in every 3 plate appearances. He’s 23 now. Sure hope he can learn to make contact. He’s got uncommon all-around tools. He just needs to learn how to reach base. Once there, he can get around the bases as well as anyone. Some are questioning his pitch recognition. I wonder if he needs glasses. I can see I need more coffee

    1. I’m convinced that Kendall and Yadier Alvarez have no major league futures, but if I’m another GM, I tell AF he has to throw one of them into the deal after I’ve finished negotiating a trade with him. He’d probably do it in a second to complete a deal for a Hand or a Smith and it would be like buying a lottery ticket for the other team. You know it will never pay off but…….……………………………….

      1. Kendall looks like an outfield version of Peraza. Somebody will take a flier on him. I read his scouting comparison is Jacoby Ellsbury. I don’t believe our launch angle backspin approach is right for him. I think he needs to work a count, hit line drives with topspin and run the bases. He’s a base stealer, home to third in a hurry plus defender. Who could use a talent like that? Well, everybody in my world, but Tampa and Oakland come to mind. I could be wrong about that. I don’t know about Alvarez. I hate to give up on an arm like that.

      2. Somebody should definitely take a chance on Kendall, but I’m thinking it has to be a team on a total rebuild like the Orioles. With regard to Alvarez he seems to be a total head case, even though the arm is great. Someone needs to find a mentor for him, a pitcher with past MLB success that he really respects. I think that’s the only hope for him.

  8. Alex, I know Kersh has lost some mph on his fastball but to call him a middle of the rotation innings water is a bit harsh. The guy is 7-1 with a .280 era and would still be the ace on most clubs in baseball. We just have a couple of pitchers Ryu and Buehler throwing out this world baseball right now which makes him 3rd on this staff right now. If Kersh could just develop a change up like Ryu breaking down and away from righties he’d be back in Cy Young conversation again. You know it’s a good year when Kersh is your #3! And too bad for Hill because he was throwing some phenomenal baseball as well. It was like we had 4 aces! Hope he can come back strong again. He’s such a great story!

  9. Great game by the guy who is going to be the next Dodger ACE. Ryu unless he is resigned, is not that guy. They have as good a 1-2-3 as they have had since the 60’s. Now for my biggest gripe. Umpires who feel they are more important than what is happening on the field. Last nights home plate ump had about as bad a strike zone as I have seen in recent games. Fairchild was all over the place. The pitch prior to Arenado’s homer was called a ball, and according to pitch cast, it was a strike. But that was not the only bad call. He called a couple of pitches on Turner strikes that were not even close to borderline. So Turner gets tossed while in the dugout complaining about the guys strike zone. And it was a short fuse for the ump too. Roberts did race out to find out what he said that got him tossed. But to no avail. Turner knows the strike zone a lot better than that ump does. Second time in less than a month that a rookie has hit a walk off winner for the Dodgers and I got to see them both. Since I live here in Colorado I am really giving it to the Rockie aficionado’s in my building. Worse part of last nights game? Having to listen to the Rockies announcers. Biggest bunch of crybaby homers in the league. Drew Goodman is the WORST.

  10. Both Kendall and Alvarez have a zero chance of ever wearing the uni at the big league level. Neither has shown that they do. Trade em or release em, makes not one bit of difference to me.

    1. Are you saying that Goodman and the other Rox announcers are worse than Joe and Orel?
      I knew you’d realize that our guys aren’t as bad as you thought.

      1. Nope…I still think the Joe and Orel show is terrible. But Goodman and that bunch are downright unlistenable. I have seen announcers who were homers, but never to the extent this guy is, nor did they cry about every call that goes against their boys. Rockies fans probably love the slug because he is constantly saying how they were robbed. But to a fan from another team the only word describing this bunch is ANNOYING>

      2. Au contraire mon Amie: Where you live does not dictate whom you root for. Over 60 years loyalty to the Dodgers and a native born Angelino trump living in Colorado. My daughter lives in Cali, but is a Cowboys fan…..So, not a rule you see.

      3. I’m going to make an exception for you Bear, just because you’re so cuddly. 🙂

      4. Uh, watch that cuddly stuff. I have not been cuddly since I was about 3.

    2. I give them a 1 in 6 chance of getting a call, but Jefe’s point is a good one – let them go somewhere they have a better chance. We don’t need them. We are deep and we are rich. That’s why I guessed Tampa or Oakland. They turn over a lot, with good players leaving every few months. Baltimore makes sense I guess. I don’t know what’s going on there but it hasn’t been good.

      Alvarez. He’s from Cuba. Gotta be somebody who can get through to him.

      Sometimes a change of scenery is needed. Perhaps Spring In Florida would be good for them.

      1. Maybe Puig is the guy we’re looking for. Just the person to teach Alvarez how to be a mature MLB ballplayer.
        He could show him how to lick his glove (or is that even legal?).

  11. Joc back at 1st base tonight and Beaty in left. Joc does not really look all that comfortable there, but he made no major gaffs. Pollock and Seager will soon start re-hab assignments…that is great news.

    1. With an 11 game lead, I have no problem with Joc at first base. I don’t think they were thrilled with what they saw from Beaty over there so have decided to flip flop them and see what that looks like. Also increases trade value on both guys if they show they can play both positions. I’m going to go on record as saying that one of the two will not be on the Dodger roster next opening day. Both the Giants and Indians are in need of outfielders.

      1. Compared to the outfield first base is a breeze. Joc will be fine over there. That said, I’m not in favor of moving guys around as much as we do.

        Game on here too. Odd start time.

      2. They have talked of trading Joc for a long time. I think they are unwilling to part with that raw power of his. He is a 20 plus homer guy, and Beaty has not shown that kind of pop anywhere. I am pretty sure they are using him over there because the plan is to put Pollock back in CF on an everyday basis when he comes back and move Verdugo to LF. Outfield is to increase Beaty’s value, either as a trade chip or to the team. Either way, he and Garlick both will be back in the minors by the end of July when both Pollock and Seager are expected back.

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