Matt Beaty Making Most of Big League Opportunities

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It’s certainly a good thing the Dodgers found a way to recall Matt Beaty before Friday’s opener against the Rockies, whether pitcher Josh Sborz actually had lower back soreness or not.

That same evening, Beaty’s two-run, walkoff homer to center field allowed Walker Buehler to record his first-ever complete game. More importantly, Beaty’s stock continues to rise on an already talented Los Angeles squad.

“I felt confident walking to the plate,” Beaty told Bill Plunkett of the OC Register after the 4-2 walkoff victory. “I just wanted to get the barrel to the ball and that’s what happened.”

Regardless, the 26-year-old utility man’s time in the majors could be short-lived, especially when noting that both Corey Seager and A.J. Pollock will be starting rehabilitation assignments in the very near future. Still, the native of Snellville, GA isn’t letting anything stand in his way of finding success in the majors.

Beaty has already been shuttled back and forth between Triple-A Oklahoma City and the parent club several times this year. Over 62 plate appearances in 24 big league games, he’s hitting a handy .300/.323/.450 with two long balls, three doubles and 11 RBI. He even has a stolen base to add to his personal docket.

Defensively, the left-handed hitting Beaty has made appearances at first base and left field for the big league squad this year. During his career in the minors, he has also played plenty of third base, while also seeing samples of time at both second base and right field, showing his strong versatility—something that boss Andrew Friedman values to the highest degree.

Although he was born in Georgia, Beaty grew up in Dresden, Tennessee. After a prominent career at Dresden High,  he decided to attend Belmont University in nearby Nashville. Following his All-American senior year at Belmont, Beaty was selected by the Dodgers in the 12th round of the 2015 MLB Draft.

“I was pumped when I found out that I was drafted by the Dodgers. There are so many All-Star and Hall of Fame names that are associated with the organization,” Beaty told us in an exclusive interview two summers ago. “In addition, I had heard that the Dodgers’ player development staff was one of the best in the baseball. I knew that I was going to be in good hands.”

The Dodgers drafted Beaty with the intentions of utilizing him as a catcher; however, his skills at the corner infield spots have proven to be his most valuable assets.

Despite not being a flashy, blue-chip type of prospect, Beaty rose to the top of the farm relatively quickly. At the conclusion of his 2017 campaign, he won the Texas League batting title after hitting .326/.378/.505 with 31 doubles, 15 homers and 69 RBI over 438 AB. In the process, he became the first Drillers‘ player to snag the honor and was the first Tulsa player to win a batting title since Mike Easler did in for the Triple-A Oilers in the American Assocation in 1976.

After fighting off injuries for a good portion of the 2018 season, he was still able to manage a .284/.378/.404 slash line for OKC over 34 games.

Fans of the Dodgers probably don’t want to hear it, but it’s conceivable the team could consider bartering Beaty this summer at the trade deadline. He has already shown that he can compete in the bigs, something that’s extremely important to rival clubs willing to deal. When noting the club’s desperate need to upgrade the major league bullpen, Beaty may be a player the organization might consider letting go.

At the rate he’s currently producing, though, any prospective departure would be tough to stomach.

In the meantime, Beaty will continue to make the most of his big league opportunities and continue to rack up the major league milestones he thought about as a youngster.

“Obviously, there are some personal achievements that would be great to get. For me. I just want to keep proving that I belong in the organization,” he explained. “I just try to play hard and have fun and the numbers will take care of themselves.”

So far, that’s definitely been the case.


35 thoughts on “Matt Beaty Making Most of Big League Opportunities

  1. Been spelling his name wrong all along….my bad……Dennis, got the card ok,,,thanks

      1. Will do, email me who you have and I will check and see who I might need

  2. Vindication for not signing Harper…he did not even make the top 9 in the voting and Pederson did! Who woulda thunk????

  3. Joc needs to get back on the beam. He is uppercutting the ball again, thus all the pop outs.,

  4. I agree with your point Dennis about Beaty increasing his trade value with his performance since being called up. That might also apply to Garlick and Smith.
    Just between you and me (I’m sure no one else will read this), I think I’d rather trade Joc and keep Beaty.
    Here’s something interesting that really surprised me: In about 20% fewer at bats, and hitting about 70 points less, Taylor has more RBI than Turner. I realize that RBI totals have been somewhat de-emphasized in recent years, but I think CT3 has more value than some of us have given him credit for.

  5. It may go down as an earned run in the first, but it wasn’t. That was an clearly an error on Muncy.

    Beaty looks like a hitter. A left handed left fielder. Guess you can’t have too many of those ey?

  6. I’m telling you, we are not good up the middle with Muncy/Taylor. 2 runs, neither should have scored.

    1. Be honest with yourself Rich. Barnes will be on the roster the entire season. So he has a bad at bat. He has hit better of late and has changed his swing. The team loves his defense and he can surprise people with a huge hit now and then. Quit thinking with your heart and use your brain. If you think he is bad, you should look at some of the other catchers in MLB right now who are much worse. Smith was recalled this morning and Freese placed on the 10 day IL with a barking hammy.

  7. It really doesn’t matter what happens, 9 tines out of 10 this team is going to find a way to win. I’ve got this feeling this years team is finally going to be the one that does it.

      1. Taking this team with the present relief squad would be like taking a knife to a gun fight.

  8. No new post yet this morning so I’ll insert this here.


    Some real gems in there.

    Verdugo – “I just try to hit a line drive.” This has been true since Abner was a minnow. Hit it hard where it’s pitched. He gets it.

    This team grinds it out. Get the right fit for the bullpen and this could be the year. By the right fit I mean a guy that has the same personality of this team. No prima donnas, just team guys who can pull on the same end of the rope. May not be Hand or Smith. Could be somebody we don’t expect.

  9. We keep on talking about what it would take to get Smith or Hand but we aren’t taking enough time to consider that a team has to want to trade a guy before we can get him. Smith is definitely available. Hand is not, and may not be. The Indians are basically tied for the second wild card. They have had major injury problems with their starters this year and infielder Jose Ramirez, a former All Star, has totally tanked. Any or all of those problems could be solved and they could be in the wild card race all the way through the trade deadline, thereby very unlikely to trade their closer. The Pirates, on the other hand, would have to jump seven teams to get to the second wild card. I suggest we stop talking about Hand and start talking about Felipe Vazquez. Maybe not quite as good a pitcher as Hand, but still better than most of our guys and probably available. He has four years of control remaining after this year (2 years plus 2 team options).

  10. I’d love to have Vazquez. But he would cost us the most in prospects because of all,the control. I’d rather get a rental like Smith if it would cost us less and then develop some internal options like Sheffield and Kaz for next year and if Ferguson could develop a slider in the off season he could be dominant!

    1. Perfectly understandable Rich. I know the Pirates would want a lot for Vazquez, I’d just like to know exactly what they would ask for before passing on him.
      Trevor Rosenthal was released by the Nats today. We could have him for nothing. Unfortunately he can’t get anyone out anymore and his control has been horrendous. Maybe we could fix him while we’re adding our elite guy or guys, and have him ready for next year.

  11. Ryu was robbed by some very shoddy fielding. The 4 they ran out there yesterday, the same 4 as today, are by far the weakest defensive bunch, Defense has been a strong point. Freese to the 10 day IL with a barking hammy. Smith recalled. It does not look like Joc is really comfortable over there right now. But like Scoop said, it takes practice and Joc is getting plenty of that. Eric Karros on the FOX broadcast though threw some cold water on Scoop’s claim that 1st base is the easiest position on the infield. He said it is much harder than most people think and I agree with that. I believe, and always will that an elite fielding 1st sacker saves a lot of games. Belli, Freese and Muncy would not have bobbled that double play throw. As for Vazquez, prospects are just that. Since Friedman has been at the reigns he has traded some supposed top players to other teams. Few have contributed to winners. Some have made little splashes at the big league level and others are still toiling away in the minors. They need BP help, that is so obvious. I trade someone with some skills who is not MLB ready to strengthen that bullpen. You are going to need it against teams like NY and the Stros with those deep lineups. Hill is not expected back until maybe August. Who fills that rotation spot>?

    1. Karros was a first baseman. Of course he’s going to say that. By EVERY measure, current and historical, he’s wrong. Pederson dropped a ball that a Little Leaguer could have caught. Karros making it sound difficult was laughable. Let me guess…. you played first base, right Bear? 😜

      There will be a lot of buyers this deadline. I don’t look for a big name reliever. We are going to get one, but I doubt it’s Smith or Hand. It will probably be some relatively unknown that the computer spits out. And I’m with Jefe about Cleveland. They’re still in it. They might be buyers, and would want somebody that can help win now. That said, if you believe the stats, Cleveland has the best bullpen in baseball. Can they afford to trade Hand? …. for an outfielder maybe?……

      1. Actually Scoop, I played all 3 outfield positions, first base and I pitched…the last of which I was the worst at. I prided myself on my defense at all positions. My best plays were when I was playing first. Digging out bad throws and a leaping catch here and there. As Karros did it at the highest level, I defer to his expertise over your Many many many many years as a coach……LOL…….Wes Parker, who I knew personally, also told me it was a lot harder than most fans think. I defer to superior knowledge of these 2 former 1st basemen.

      2. Well, who would know more about how difficult first base is to play than a first baseman. I know how difficult it was for Dick Stuart and Steve Bilko.

        I played every position on the field at one time or another. I like shortstop and catcher in baseball, shortstop and left field in softball. After playing short and catching, scooping a throw in the dirt at first was as easy as tying a shoe.

        And what do sabermetricians know about baseball? They rank only DH below first base in ease of playing. Ask any DH in the game and they will tell you that what they do is far more difficult than playing first base.

        Speaking of catching and scooping…. nice play Russell. First game behind the plate buddy?

    1. I caught in softball. My favorite thing was blocking the plate. I still defer to the guys who played the position.

    2. Rich, you and I both know he is not going to play until either Martin or Barnes are gone. Might not make sense, but that is how ol Andy works. Don’t apologize to me. I am not the one making the personnel decisions for this bunch.

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