Dodgers’ Postseason Destiny Still Completely Undecided

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The good news is that the Dodgers still control their postseason destiny, at least in terms of a Wild Card appearance. And the other-semi-good news is that the Rockies are hosting a Nationals club this weekend who have won three straight games, unlike another NL East club who laid down for four straight this week in Denver. But the bad news is the Dodgers could find themselves in a one-game playoff at the beginning of next week or even staying home altogether should they not take care of business this weekend in San Francisco.

If it’s any consolation, the Cardinals, who are one game behind the Dodgers at the moment for the second Wild card spot, face the Cubs in their final three games this weekend in Chicago. Only a half game separates the Cubs and the Brewers for the NL Central lead, which puts plenty of pressure on the Cubs to win.

But if the Dodgers are unable to secure the NL West title and are forced to face, say the Brewers, in the Wild Card game on Tuesday, Los Angeles may be faced to start either Rich Hill or Ross Stripling in the Wild card contest, because the Dodgers are throwing all their big guns—Hyun-Jin Ryu, Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler—against the Giants this weekend.

Any way you look at it, there’s a ton of speculation and there are a number of possible scenarios. A loss from any one of a handful of clubs could change the entire landscape in the blink of an eye.

If the Dodgers and Rockies finish tied in the West, they will play for the division title on Monday at Dodger Stadium because the Dodgers won the season series. Hill or Stripling would start that game for Los Angeles. And both teams would still have their expanded rosters.

“Just prepare to win a game on Friday,” Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner told reporters after Wednesday’s loss to the Diamondbacks. “There’s nothing else you can do.”

Either way, the team’s streak of five consecutive division crowns will be in jeopardy. Sure, there have been plenty of injuries, but there also has been a lot of underachievement. On paper, the Dodgers have perhaps the best offensive weapons on the senior circuit, yet they have been unable to consistently execute. As far as season series go, they went 1-6 against the last-place Cincinnati Reds and 2-4 against the last-place Miami Marlins. They even lost a critical home series against the Mets earlier in September.

Los Angeles will need to find a way to ignite its bats this weekend in San Francisco, which is commonly known as a pitcher’s park. It may be time to stop playing the numbers games and just go with the team’s best eight players, because after this weekend, there may not be another chance to mike it right.


8 thoughts on “Dodgers’ Postseason Destiny Still Completely Undecided

  1. One game behind the Rox. One game ahead of the Cards. Chances are pretty decent we’ll be playing a Monday game. I can’t imagine any set of circumstances where they use Stripling instead of Hill, but you never know. If it’s the Cards and it’s a wildcard play in game and we win, then it’s off to Chicago or Milwaukee on Tuesday. I suppose Stripling would be the logical starter for that one, but that probably means it’s basically a bullpen game. Just think, you play the whole season, it comes down to a wildcard game because you basically underachieved all year and your starter is a guy who is having a problem going more than 3 innings, so it becomes all hands on deck. So much for setting things up to have your playoff schedule start at home with the NLDS and Kershaw, Buehler, Ryu set up to go in the first three. I hope our guys like mountain climbing, because they’re staring at Mt Everest.

    1. The thing that gets me, like I mentioned in the story, it that they pretty much have every NL club beat on paper. Where are they misfiring? Is it because of the exorbitant number of platoon situations and some of the big guns not playing every day? What else could it be?

      1. yea i agree he b just keeps changing the line up too much he needs to just stick with the hot bats . roberts keep losing he will be gone and that would serve him right he’s only ply playing people he like. that’s the problem.

  2. I don’t think the problem with the Dodgers is the manager. He’s doing what he was hired to do. What we are seeing is the result of an all or nothing approach. It worked last year. The difference is this year we have 26 Blown Saves, are 16th hitting with runners in scoring position, 23rd defensively with an inexcusable 99 errors, and that doesn’t include Grandal’s passed balls which for some unknown reason don’t count as errors. AND this year we 1-6 vs Cincinnati, 8-11 vs the Dbacks, 2-4 vs Miami and unless we sweep SF we will have a losing record against them.

    This is on the players. It’s my opinion, win or lose, it’s ALWAYS on the players. I read somewhere, fangraphs I think, that the best managers of all time are only worth about 5 wins a year. Roberts certainly isn’t the best, but he’s not the worst either.

    It isn’t over, but it can easily be said this team has underperformed. I don’t believe FAZ will use Roberts as the fall guy. That would be a cowardly move. If it ends badly this will be chalked up as a tax reset year. And besides, the Guggs will be happy. They lowered payroll by over $50 million in a year attendance was up and ticket prices were increased by nearly 15%. Performance be damned, they made bank.

  3. I understand that Kemp hasn’t been as good in the second half. But he has hit .296 against righthanders for the year, yet seems like he hasn’t started a game against a righty in months! I’m not suggesting he start ahead of Puig and I understand they want Pederson, Muncey and Bellinger in there against righties. Offensively, the lineup would be better with an OF of Kemp, Pederson, Puig, with Bellinger at first and Muncey at 2B. Of course this lineup is weaker defensively at 2B and CF, but stronger at 1B. I don’t have an answer, but would like to see Kemp playing more.

      1. Kemp had a tough August but rebounded in September. I still like Bellinger in center, not that I don’t like him at first, I do, but we are better defensively with Muncy at first and Cody in center. Kemp is not a good defensive outfielder – a negative 1.6 dWAR. I want him to get at bats, and he will, but we have an abundance of good outfielders, all of whom are better defensively.

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