Do Dodgers Really Need to Do Anything Else this Winter?

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Theoretically, no. The Dodgers, the same team who almost won the World Series, are in fantastic shape. Looking solely at the Los Angeles roster, they don’t need to make any more additions. They have a great bullpen, a strong rotation, and a lineup capable of mass-producing runs. If this were last season, the Dodgers would have already won the West.

This isn’t 2017, though, and the West is stronger than it was last season.

Theoretically, the Dodgers don’t need to add anything else this winter. Realistically? They have a lot of work to do.

The Giants have helped to their offense, with the additions of Evan Longoria, Andrew McCutchen, and Austin Jackson. San Francisco, however, has yet to add to their bullpen and their rotation, two places that were revealed as great needs for the Dodgers’ rivals. Even with the Giants’ additions, there is still doubt that they will contend alongside the Dodgers’ in 2018, but a wild-card spot is not yet outside the realm of possibility.

The Giants have gotten better.

The Diamondbacks, who stood as the Dodgers’ greatest western division rival in 2017, have yet to add notable pieces to their roster. The one name that could change all that in an instant, though, is one that could very easily return to Arizona in a D-Backs uniform outfielder—J.D Martinez.

Martinez, should he re-sign with Arizona in 2018, would change the team’s entire offense. He would be the bonafide power bat that the D-Backs need to contend with the Dodgers. As of now, the D-Backs aren’t threatening the Dodgers’ chances of returning to the postseason any more than they did in 2017, but that could soon change.

The D-Backs are capable of being elite.

The Rockies have added to their bullpen, with the likes of Wade Davis and Bryan Shaw. That alone puts the Rockies in contention, right alongside the Dodgers.

The Rockies, the Giants, and the D-Backs have all changed this offseason. So have the Padres, for that matter. The Dodgers play in a division that is the definition of quality— quality players, quality coaching and quality teams with legitimate postseason potential.

There’s still a lot of offseason left, and the Dodgers still have time. It’s how they make use of that time that matters. By FanFest, there could be new Dodgers’ on the roster, and it’s that sense of potential that keeps the offseason moving forward.

Theoretically, the Dodgers don’t need to add anything else. They could charge into the season with things looking exactly the same way they do now. They could do exactly that, and be perfectly fine. Baseball, though, is a sport that is constantly evolving. Even the best teams can get better, and even the defending NL Champs have work to do. Now, what those moves will be is yet to be determined.

So, do the Dodgers need to do anything else this winter?

Yes, because no team has ever won the World Series by watching change happen around them. They have to change themselves.

The Dodgers will change, and they’ll change for the better.



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