And tomorrow we might not be together I’m no prophet and I don’t know nature’s ways So I’ll try and see into your eyes right now And stay right here ’cause these are the good old days

-Carly Simon  Anticipation 

Opening Day is upon us. The best day of the year. Anything is possible, and dreams are full of a World Series run. Who cares if half your team is on the disabled list? Who cares that your pitching staff has the best one there is, plus who knows who? That your manager is a rookie, and there’s too many brains in the front office? That your payroll is too high for all the uncertainty. And that you’re desperately trying not to remember that the treasure of your ball club is retiring at the end of the year and you have limited time left to listen to him.

None of that matters right now. Right now is for dreams of what can be, and that fact that this beautiful game is back in your life. That soon you’ll be able to go to Blue Heaven on Earth and listen to the transcendent Vin Scully and see that gorgeous, gorgeous curve of Clayton Kershaw.

Clayton-Kershaw(Photo Credit:

Yes, there will be late nights, and silent cursing at Yasiel Puig when he messes up, and worrying about Joc Pederson‘s new swing. Wondering if the pitching staff will ever be 100% healthy, and when Andre Ethier finally makes it back, will he be as good as he was last year? How astounding it is that Carl Crawford makes all that money. That Zack Greinke is on a division rival. And that there are so many bodies on the DL.

No, now is not the time. It’s a long season, and there is plenty of time for all that. Now is the time to appreciate all that we Dodgers fans are blessed to have —  the best pitcher on the planet. The best announcer on the planet. The most beautiful stadium on the planet. And even though there are quite a few injured players, there are seemingly capable players there to take their spots until their return. That yes, the payroll is high, but there’s still more money to go out and get help if need be. That Kenta Maeda looks as advertised. And some comfort in knowing that other teams will face adversity and have key players on the disabled list as well.

Opening Day is for focusing on all the beauty this sport has to give, and the anticipation of what is to come. The good old days when anything is possible with your team, and the best is yet to come.

Here’s to dreaming of the World Series, warm summer nights listening to Vin, beer, hot dogs, booing the Giants, and the best thing there is —  Dodgers baseball.

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