Dodgers Roster: More Thoughts on Current Starting Rotation

While the starting rotation of the Los Angeles Dodgers was one of the team’s most consistent strengths throughout the regular season, it has quickly become a potential postseason concern as multiple injuries will have at least some kind of impact.

When news broke that Walker Buehler would undergo UCL surgery and miss most of the 2023 season, it was easy to stay positive about the rotation, especially when considering the way Tony Gonsolin was throwing. Obviously, Buehler’s injury was a huge loss, but it seemed like the Dodgers were still in solid shape heading into a strong October run.

Gonsolin’s forearm problems, however, are a different concern. Fans of the Dodgers everywhere held their collective breath when they were first informed about the injury, but they were somewhat relieved when they heard that the 28-year-old Vacaville resident would probably spend a minimal amount of time on the injured list.

The news surrounding Gonsolin’s forearm has been like a roller coaster so far. When skipper Dave Roberts initially said that his righty’s arm wasn’t responding as well as he liked, the outlook appeared gloomy. Nevertheless, MRI results on Friday were encouraging, leading Roberts to guess that Gonsolin could potentially miss only a few rotation turns, potentially giving him plenty of time to prepare for the playoffs.

Still, just knowing the way these things play out sometimes, it’s tough to bank on a 100% recovery.

The same can be said for lefty Clayton Kershaw. While the future Hall of Famer looked solid in his return from a back injury this week against the Mets, many fans are left thinking if his fragile back — and the rest of his body — can hold up for as long as the Dodgers stay alive in the postseason.

Strangely enough, Julio Urias and Tyler Anderson, who wasn’t among the 2022 Opening Day starting rotation, are the only current starting pitchers who haven’t spent time on the injured list this year. Both pitchers are tied with the team lead for 25 starts and expect to play roles in the playoff rotation, should they stay healthy.

Dustin May continues to work his way back, although his latest outing on Friday night in the opener against the Padres was certainly a rocky one. The hard-throwing righty went five full innings, allowing six earned runs on four hits and a whopping five walks.

Considering the potential of the offense and the way we all know that Urias and Kershaw can throw, the Dodgers have as good of a chance of any to perform well during the 2022 postseason. However, the team needs to be careful the rest of the way through, as one more serious injury to the starting rotation could put a damper on their opportunities.

4 thoughts on “Dodgers Roster: More Thoughts on Current Starting Rotation

  1. I’ve had concerns all year and admittedly am both surprised by Anderson’s success and not surprised Gonsolin had issues. Split fingers are known to be hard on arms, and Gonsolin has yet to prove he’s a 30 start pitcher. I’m also concerned about Urias. He always looks like he’s working hard and I believe there is precedent with late year fatigue. I’ve been saying since June all of these guys will need time off. Well, Kershaw and Gonsolin got it. Who’s next?

  2. Hopefully the Dodgers will use Pepiot and Grove more in the last part of this season.Urias and Anderson can use the rest. The team needs to maintain the lead to keep a bye for the start of the playoffs but resting the rotation has to be in play. The side benefit being they can measure Pepiot and Grove for possible usage next year.
    I am not concerned about May he is just coming back and will need to pitch some to get his mechanics in line. Good news so far on the medical reports on Gonsolin and Grarterol. If Gonsolin’s arm is OK hoping they give him some time off to rest. Dodgers do not need him until the playoffs.

  3. The Dodgers need to audition some new announcing talent. I suggest they checkout the local comedy clubs for a guy who also speaks baseball. Stay away from old ballplayers, all they know is baseball. Scully was not a ballplayer. He should be the model. Maybe find a TV director that understand entertainment too. WHo over is in charge does not.

  4. If and it’s a hopeful IF….Gonsolin is back and healthy for the playoffs and no one else goes on the IL they have Urias, Anderson, Kershaw, May, Gonsolin and Heaney as possible starters. That is group measures up to anyone. Sounds like Graterol will be back. The bullpen highlighted by Phillips, Treinen, Vesia, Ferguson and Price with the possibility of getting back Almonte should be solid. Not including Kimbrel as if as Roberts says it is a meritocracy then he is not on the playoff roster unless something drastic happens. Gallo and Thompson are performing better than Bellinger. If it is indeed a meritocracy they should get more playing time to prove they should get a larger percentage of at-bats in the playoffs. Taylor needs to figure out his swing and stop striking out. Hoping they give Vargas consistent at-bats. Dodgers are in cruise mode and they should use this time to let Vargas adjust to the MLB.

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