Dodgers News and Notes – Urías, Ace? Muncy Back? and More

The Los Angeles Dodgers just keep trucking along. They’ve now won nine straight games, for the first time this season, and look to go for double digits Wednesday night against the Minnesota Twins.

In that nine game span, all of the games were won by multiple runs. The Dodgers have not had that kind of streak since the 1940 and 1947 teams did it for the same amount of games, and the 1945 team did it for 11 straight games.

Some of the keys to that success are the Dodgers seem to be now truly hitting all up and down the lineup. And one of those guys now hitting more consistently is Max Muncy.

Muncy had a completely terrible, horrible, no good, very bad first half. One could most likely tie that to his not being completely back from his shoulder injury from last season. But whatever it is, Max has seemingly started to find his former strength and production.

Here’s a good look at his resent stats –

Muncy was missing a lot of pitches previously that should have been hits but now, he is driving them for doubles and homers. When he hits a ball foul, he does not seem to get discouraged by it; instead he seems better at readjusting and driving the next pitch. You can see his confidence returning and that is a delightful thing.

Cody Bellinger also has been starting to turn it around. In the last seven games, he has nine RBI with two homers, and a slugging percentage of .720.

Muncy remarked after the game that while the offense is looking really good, they still aren’t all clicking on all cylinders. And if they do, there will be not much that could stop these Dodgers.

And while he may not completely turn it around, Joey Gallo is showing signs of maybe doing so. In Tuesday night’s game, he ripped a double with that was 112mph off the bat. It was just first extra base hit while a Dodger, and the team’s overall second hardest hit ball. It’ll be interesting to watch if Gallo keeps trending in the right direction because if he does what a embarrassment of riches in the power bat department.

On the pitching side, while the staff as a whole has been doing an incredible job, and with both Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw on the IL most of the season, there hasn’t seemed to be an ace to the staff. I suppose when you have three starters that have 12 or more wins at this point that’s a mute point. But more and more it’s looking like Julio Urías could be the now ace of this staff.

Over his last five starts, Urías’s fastball has ticked up from a 92 to 94 average. His opponents’ batting average is a measly .155, and their slugging percentage is a low .224.

Urías started the season 3-6 and now only four National League pitchers have more wins than he. over his last 33 innings of work, he’s only allowed four runs. And with all his playoff experience, he looks to be the number one heading into the playoffs.

After an off day on Thursday, the Dodgers will head out on another road trip which will take them to Kansas City and Milwaukee. Saturday’s game against the Royals will feature both teams wearing Negro League throwback uniforms, which will then be auctioned to raise money for the Negro League museum which is in Kansas Coty.

2 thoughts on “Dodgers News and Notes – Urías, Ace? Muncy Back? and More

  1. Hey it posted! Yay..Jeff called the resurgence of Muncy he was only off by two weeks. So props to Jeff. Got any betting tips?


  2. Okay Jeff, now predict a Cody, resurgence to his mvp year, and predict a Joey Gallo back to having a .400 obp again. Please.
    Can you imagine, that would be something.


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