Diego Cartaya, Bobby Miller and Miguel Vargas Selected to Participate in MLB Futures Game

Three of the organization’s highest-ranking prospects will be making their Dodger Stadium debuts much sooner than anticipated.

Although Diego Cartaya, Bobby Miller and Miguel Vargas won’t be competing at the major league level, they’ll be representing the Dodgers in the MLB Futures Game on July 16 as part of this year’s All-Star extravaganza.

The seven-inning contest features some of the game’s most promising prospects split into squads representing the National and American Leagues.

Cartaya began his endeavors at catcher in the Dodgers system back in 2019 by competing in the Dominican Summer League, but he arrived on United States soil just in time to provide a decent sample size in the 2019 Arizona Rookie League. There, he slashed .296/.353/.437 with three homers and 10 doubles over just 36 games.

In his age 19 season last year, Cartaya hit .298/.409/.614 with 10 homers and 31 RBI over 137 plate appearances in 31 games for Low-A Rancho after having been shut down for the season in late July due to a moderate hamstring injury.

So far this year, the Venezuela native is slashing an impressive .283/.421/.566 with nine homers and 31 RBI with 23 walks in 56 combined games for Rancho and High-A Great Lakes.

Cartaya is currently ranked as the organization’s top prospect by MLB Pipeline.

Currently sitting at the No. 2 prospect ranking is the 23-year-old righty Miller. Although he isn’t anywhere near the major league roster, Miller captured the hearts of many when he was clocked at triple digits multiple times in the 2022 Cactus League Freeway Series — on his birthday, no less.

After a slow start to the year, Miller is finally coming around at Double-A Tulsa. He has been able to shrink an ERA that was once above 6.00 close to 4.00. His last outing on July 3 was perhaps his best this season, as he threw six scoreless innings against Arkansas with 10 strikeouts.

At No. 5 in the team’s prospect rankings is Vargas. The righty-hitting corner infielder is in his fifth full year in the Dodgers’ system after signing as an international free agent in 2017. Vargas made it as high as Double-A ball last year and registered quite an impressive season, slashing .319/.380/.526 with 27 doubles, 23 homers and 76 RBI across two levels.

Vargas has climbed to the Triple-A level this season, hitting an impressive .292/.379/.498 with 13 homers and 59 RBI for Oklahoma City.

23 thoughts on “Diego Cartaya, Bobby Miller and Miguel Vargas Selected to Participate in MLB Futures Game

  1. Those three are incredible prospects. I believe the only reason Busch is rated over Vargas is his age. I am guessing Miller ready in 24 along with Cartaya. I think Vargas will be on the roster next year.

    1. Not sure why you would think Busch is rated higher than Vargas because of his age. He’s two years older than Vargas which should work against him, not in his favor, since they’re playing at the same level.

      I think he’s rated higher because they expect him to have a better career, possibly because of Busch’s power numbers which grow more impressive every year. I don’t happen to agree with that assessment but I’m looking forward to seeing what they can both do in Dodger Blue. I hope we don’t trade either one of them.

      Within the next couple of years, we might be without JT, Muncy and Bellinger. Plenty of spots in the lineup for both of them.

      Let’s re-sign Trea and then we can have the following lineup in 2024 (they won’t all be ready at the start of 2023)

      Mookie – RF
      Trea – SS
      Freddie – 1B
      Fresh Prince – DH
      Busch – LF
      Vargas – 3B
      Cartaya – C
      Outman – CF
      Lux – 2B

      Starting Staff:
      Buehler/Urias (sign one, let the other go in free agency)
      Ohtani – (use all the money we save from Kershaw, JT, Muncy, Buehler/Urias, Bellinger to sign Ohtani who won’t want to stick around the dumpster fire that is Anaheim. If we can do that, of course Ohtani will want to DH as well, and we can make adjustments accordingly.

      Miller becomes the new closer
      Pepiot or Stone becomes the high leverage guy

      There you have it.

      1. Scouts use words like refined or mature swing referencing Busch. I think Vargas might be the best pure hitter the Dodgers have had come through their system in decades. As Gomes said Vargas could fall out of bed and hit. Friedman noted Vargas’s ability to hit. Vargas is filling out his frame. He will gain additional power in another year or two. Depending on what ball they play with in another year or two Vargas could be a 20-30 HR guy. He is that talented.

      2. You make it so easy Jeff. Vargas is ready this year. He has nothing left to prove in the minors and there is an opportunity now as Muncy looks like he is done. Miller I’m not so sure about anymore but is probably still the best of the bunch. Not sure about cartaya in 24 but certainly in 25. But outman? Serious? And you forgot the free agents. We built this team with free agents. Without free agents we would have to (gasp) promote from within.

      3. Vargas – didn’t say he wouldn’t be ready earlier. Just indicated I expected him in my 2024 lineup. I agree that he’ll be in the lineup before then.

        Outman – just picked someone that I knew could play a good centerfield. Possibly Pages or Ramos or Rodriquez could play that position if they’ve made enough progress on their offense by then.

        Free agents? – If we’ve signed Mookie, Freddie, Trea, Buehler/Urias and Ohtani, you think AF will have money left for a good free agent centerfielder? I’ll meet you at Dodger Stadium for opening day 2024. We can sit in the upper deck in our $500 seats. 🙂

      4. Jeff, that is a comprehensive look into the future. All of your placements have a logic. By 2024 Pages will have to be accounted for either as a swing outfielder on the team or having been traded. The player I have least confidence in is Outman. When I saw him play last year several times he didn’t play strong, but my eye read has been wrong before. He may have holes in his swing because his 500+ slugging pct. this year at the MiL level is accompanied by a 200 strikeout pace. Since he’s come up through the Dodger system, he could have a Bellinger swing. You want your pitchers to be on a 200 K pace. [laughing]

      5. I definitely agree that Outman is the least likely to actually make a regular lineup. Possibly Pages or one of the others I mentioned above could move into that spot.

        Unlike Kreskin and Criswell, there are times where my predictions aren’t 100% correct, but it’s so much fun to play with lineups.

  2. Actually I kind of like that new York guy for centre field. And Jt seems to be heating up finally. And muncy has to go. NOW!! After his breakout game against Colorado (2 for 2) which doesn’t really count, and all the comments, I had to check. He was 3 for 32 before and 0 from 8 sinse, and he’s not even walking anymore. And they don’t think Vargas can do better?

    1. And by the way jeff when you ever wrong before, except when you ridicule my comments? Lol

      1. I was wrong once in 1983 and another time in 2004.

        As far as my ridicule of your comments is concerned, I’ll just remind you it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of age. Some of our 27 and 28 year old prospects are putting together a class-action suit against you.

      2. I’ll win!! No such thing as a 27 or 28 year old prospect. They are called career minor leaguers.

    2. I fear poor Muncy had his swing permanently damaged by the elbow injury. But since the Dodgers are 6 games in first place and have a winning % of almost .650, he hasn’t exactly sunk the team. Perhaps they keep playing him and hoping a hot week or two might increase his value for the trade deadline. Trading him could bring a pitcher of some talent who is also underperforming this year. Hellloooo Aroldis. [laughing]

  3. Pujols and Cabrerra named to the All-Star team as legendary players. So if Kersh is going to be on the team, Snitker is going to have to pick him. Cartaya injured his hand the other day, unless it is minor, I do not see him playing in the game. One step forward and two back for Bellinger. As good as he looked on Wednesday, he looked like the same old thing yesterday. Mookie and JT look like they are getting locked in. I think moving into the 2 hole has messed with Trea’s head. Even though he was ok with it. He just is not squaring up as many balls the last few games. Thompson continues to impress.

    1. Cartaya played last night, although it was as the DH. He still has 10 days to get ready so I’m guessing he’ll probably play in the Futures Game.

      As far as CK is concerned, the managers no longer have a say in who makes the team.
      Fans vote in the starting 8 (no pitcher).
      Then a players’ ballot determines 8 pitchers (5 starters/3 relievers) and 9 position players (one backup for each position including DH).
      Then the Commissioner’s office picks 4 more position players and 2 more pitchers. The rule of having at least one representative from each team still applies.

      So if Kershaw is going to be on the team it will be up to his fellow players or the Commissioner’s office.
      One thing I’m almost certain of, Gonsolin, Urias and Kershaw will not all be on the team. With 15 NL teams, there is no way that 3 of the 12 pitchers would be from one team.

  4. I have stated my opinion before. While I am in awe of Kershaw and his career in my opinion Urias and Gonsolin have earned a spot on the AS roster and as the Commisioner has used his pick for Pujos I am hoping they pick Gonsolin and Urias. But players are nostalgic also so I think Kershaw and Gonsolin will get the nod and Urias gets hosed Again! Oh well

    1. I don’t think it has ever been about talent or the particular season. It’s always been a popularity contest.its actually impossible to have one player from every team and be a “all star” team. The real all star team is picked after the season is over, and even then there are nostalgic picks

  5. It looks like Pages, Ramos or Rodriguez in 24 is my guess. If the MLB rules against or changes the shift Bellinger as hard headed as he is becomes a much more viable guy as he has demonstrated he will not change his swing hard in case you hit it philosophy. As frustrating as that is to watch. He is obviously not a team guy.It is all about him attempting to regain his MVP status. I hear Glory Days in the background. I have been watching the Dodgers minor league clubs on MiLB and there are not many pure hitters in the group; Lots of guys doing a Bellinger. Vargas and Busch with their swings stand out. Vogel resembles Kendall as very fast but can’t make contact. Besides Pederson and Verdugo the scouts have not been very accurate at finding outfielders that can make contact.

    1. I agree that the elimination of the shift is going to be a huge help to a number of lefty hitters, including Belli and Max.

      I really don’t know what to make of Belli. I can’t believe he’s just ignoring what everyone is telling him, but I can’t come up with any other explanation.

  6. It’s a terrible thing that so many Major League players are too stubborn or unskillful that they cannot or will not simply hit the ball the other way! But it will help Bellinger and/or Muncy

  7. Not sure how the end of the shift will help bellinger any more than the other2/300 lefty swingers. It’s not quite as easy to go to the opposite field, but it’s not hard and it won’t take but a few hits to left field or even a few bunts to have the shift repositioned, especially with runners on.i think it’s a ego thing but its getting old.

  8. Back on topic, can someone explain the top prospects game? How do they pick. These players aren’t really highly-rated, except for Cartaya. Do the rosters have 40 or so each? Do they all play 1 inning? Never paid much attention because, well they are prospects, and the good ones have already been promoted

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