Sunday’s MLB Lockout Talks Reportedly ‘Productive’

With one day remaining before the league’s self-imposed February 28 deadline, talks are reportedly progressing between owners and players towards a new collective bargaining agreement.

Commissioner Rob Manfred previously set the deadline as a mark for both sides to compromise before the 2022 regular season would be affected by cancelled games. While the first few weeks of spring training games has already been wiped out, the belief is that Opening Day on March 31 could still go as planned if both sides reach an agreement by Monday.

Mainly, economics seems to be the primary issues preventing a compromise, as both sides continue to go back and forth over matters like salary arbitration and the league’s luxury tax.

According to Michael Silverman of the Boston Globe, an MLB spokesperson said that Sunday was a productive day of talks. Both sides discussed core and non-core economic issues.

It was a strange weekend of reporting, as Jon Heyman of MLB Network was just about all alone early in the weekend in thinking that both sides were progressing. On Saturday, the owners reportedly reacted badly to the players union’s latest proposal, which lead to a hostile tone between both sides. Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post reported on Saturday evening that the players “were considering walking away from the table altogether.”

Despite today’s talks being perhaps the most productive of the lockout, both sides remain far apart. According to Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY Sports, Sunday’s talks included a lot of hypotheticals without any actual proposals from either side.

While the seems to be various perspectives about an agreement among those familiar with the talks, it’s tough to believe a compromise will take place by the end of tomorrow.


In Dodgers news, it looks like the team and skipper Dave Roberts will be reaching a contract extension once the smoke settles on the new collective bargaining agreement.

Nightengale reported this weekend that both the Dodgers and Roberts plan to have a new contract in place before the start of the regular season, whenever that turns out to be.

Los Angeles has advanced to the postseason each year since Roberts has taken over the reigns of manager in 2015, including three National League pennants and the team’s first World Championship since 1988.

According to Baseball Reference, Roberts has the fifth-best winning percentage in MLB history among skippers who have managed at least 315 games.

13 thoughts on “Sunday’s MLB Lockout Talks Reportedly ‘Productive’

  1. I wonder if there is any scenario where the owners would declare tomorrow night that enough progress has been made that they are ending the lockout and players can report to ST without the actual agreement being finalized yet.

    I don’t see any way in the world that they can finish this thing tomorrow and have all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. It would take some trust on the owners part to go ahead and do what I suggested above and I don’t think they have that level of trust.

  2. I don’t see the owners doing that, they are the ones that put the lockout in place to start with.

    I had a half of dozen witty insults about the owners greed, but decided to keep my answer to your post simple and direct.😀

    1. I always enjoy witty insults. Sorry you decided against sharing them.

      With regard to the owners being the ones who put the lockout in place to start with, that’s why they would have to be the ones to end it. But I agree, it’s very unlikely.

  3. And that’s the gamble the owners are taking, with this lockout, many fans will lose interest, some may find other things to do with their money, and time. Baseball is already changing rules to keep fan interest, and lure in a younger audience, the owners greed and need to control/dominate their work force, may bite them in their backside, loss in TV viewership is could equal a loss of revenue. This is an awfully big and expensive game they are playing.

  4. MLB states it’s willingness to miss a month of games. Not optimistic at this point. MLBPA opens a camp in Arizona where the players can workout. Planning on one in Florida also. Jeter leaves the Marlins. Ownership and he not on the same page.

  5. Slightly more optimistic than yesterday. Some progress made as both sides have dropped a couple of demands. 12 team playoffs look like a lock right now with the best team in each league getting a bye.

  6. Report yesterday that a former teammate said Kershaw will either sign with the Rangers or retire.

      1. This just in: Kershaw is retiring and will become the Rams new center so that he can play once again with his childhood pal, Matthew Stafford.

  7. “I want to assure our fans that our failure to reach an agreement was not because of lack of effort.” Rob Manfred

    Up yours Rob.

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