Latest Lockout Updates, Other Dodgers Notes

We are almost through January and we are still in a lockout. Nothing has been moving — so with no news, it has been hard to know where both sides potentially stand.

Rumors have surrounded the Dodgers regarding players, coaches, and front offices members. The Dodgers have added some pieces to the front office recently with the appointment of Brandon Gomes to general manager.

The Dodgers also have some minor league personnel and roster moves, as well as digging into the international market.

Baseball Prospectus has released their Top 101 prospects, and four Dodger prospects are included in it. They also released the Top 10 Dodgers prospects list.

Baseball Prospectus had 22-year-old Miguel Vargas as the No. 1 ranked Dodger prospect while Baseball America had 20-year-old catcher Diego Cartaya. Pitcher Bobby Miller came in at third, outfielder Andy Pages fourth and Ryan Pepiot was fifth.

The Dodgers have been known now for a while as one of the deeper farm systems in baseball, and it appears it will be so for the next couple of years as well.

In other news, old friend Yasiel Puig expressed interest in a return to play for Los Angeles. He has been playing overseas for the past two years, and in a recent interview said he won’t mind coming back to Los Angeles.

Now before you Wild Horse fans get excited, it is very unlikely this happens. The Dodgers do not really need outfielders at the moment, and Puig hasn’t faced MLB pitching in two years. While some fans may want him back for nostalgic reasons, it’s just unlikely.

It feels like Puig and the Dodgers have definitely completed their chapter; so personally, I see this chapter has run its course.

Other than this, as you all know, MLB has been quiet, as the two sides are set to meet again this Monday to further negotiations as Spring Training is now only several weeks away.

Once the lockout ends, there are still plenty of free agents the Dodgers could sign or possibly even swing a trade. It will be interesting to see what approach the team takes, as there only may be a limited time to sign any players before the beginning of a season.

It will be exciting to see how the new additions to the front office handle the free agency period post-lockout once things finally get rolling.

10 thoughts on “Latest Lockout Updates, Other Dodgers Notes

  1. The lockout doesn’t prohibit teams from talking to each other right? So I would guess that GM’s are still talking about possible trades. Or am I missing something?

    1. I’ve been trying to get a definitive answer on that question Daniel and have come up with two opposing answers. I know GM’s can’t talk to players or their agents but I’ve heard both yes and no when it comes to talking to each other. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to since the GM’s have nothing to do with the player’s union but I’ve read in more than one place where they weren’t supposed to be talking about trades. Of course, as somebody pointed out, there may be a lot of burner phones out there in GM offices these days.

  2. Well, tomorrow is the big unveil of the players counter offer, my guess is it will create quite a stir from the owners. The owners didn’t address, or offer much in their proposal, players are going to make some pretty far fetched demands. I really think the owners want this to wipe out part of the season, and the players are okay with that. There is not much of a sense of urgency here, on either side. I don’t think I remember a contract negotiation, where both sides are not negotiating, pretty strange if you ask me.

    1. I don’t agree that the owners want to wipe out part of the season, Keith. Nor do I think the players want that.
      It’s all about money and if they don’t play, both sides lose.

      I think that each side figures if they seem the more anxious party to resolve this it puts them in a weaker bargaining position, so the end result might be wiping out part of the season, but I don’t think that’s the goal.

      What they will accomplish is wiping out a good chunk of their fanbase, attendance will go down, and that will mean less money for them. Let’s see if they’re ultimately smart enough to realize that.

      1. I agree Jefe. They are all arrogant 1%ers, but they aren’t stupid. Attendance has trended down, even before Covid. FCI is going up, TV coverage is decent and affordable. As us old guys fade out, who’s gonna take our place?

        Not sure how this is settled but I sure hope they start on time.

        Bauer. If there are no charges filed, who here would welcome him back? If no charges are filed, for how long does MLB suspend him? If MLB suspends him, Bauer will clearly appeal. If he loses the appeal does a. file a grievance b. file a lawsuit.

        I’ll go first. Sure. Welcome back moron. Now go start 30 and throw 200 innings of 3.00.

      2. Here’s my Bauer prediction:
        1) DA does not file any charges
        2) Manfred suspends Bauer for roughly 20 games but makes it retroactive to last year’s suspension, meaning he can play on opening day this year. Those 20 games are without pay so he loses about 4 or 5 mil.
        3) The Dodgers allow/encourage him to have a press conference where he says he learned a lot from the experience but once again explains he was framed/taken advantage of, etc. He makes sure to say how much he respects women.
        4) Part of this whole deal involves TB agreeing not to sue MLB.
        5) He goes to Spring Training, where he is welcomed by some teammates and ignored by others.
        6) He gets more boos than cheers at his first start at Dodger Stadium and then it blows over after a few games.
        7) When asked why he brought Bauer back rather than cutting him or trading him, AF tells the press that there are facts which have come to light but for legal reasons cannot be made public. And based on those facts, the Dodgers felt they had no problem with him on the team.
        8) He goes 14-9 with a 3.75 ERA this year after getting off to a slow start.

      3. Your wish is my command, sire.
        Although I’m not sure that Andy would sign on. Are you out there Andy? If that would happen exactly the way I outlined it, how furious would you be?
        I really have very mixed feelings about the whole thing.

      4. Yeah, me too. I don’t much like the guy, never did really, but what he and that woman did is none of my business. If he’s charged I won’t miss him. But if he isn’t? Get back to work. I do expect a public statement that has all the elements Jefe mentioned, with an annual generous donation to the proper organizations. Some humility would be nice.

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