Keibert Ruiz Amid Hot Streak at Oklahoma City

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After a bit of a rocky start to his 2021 campaign, catcher Keibert Ruiz finds himself amid a torrid offensive streak for the Triple-A Oklahoma City Dodgers.

Already this season, Ruiz has been recalled twice to what has been an extremely battered big league squad, to say the least. During his time in the majors, the 22-year-old switch hitter went 1-for-7 with a homer over six appearances.

Now settling into a stable role at Triple-A, Ruiz is hitting .300/.364/.686 with nine doubles, six homers, and 15 RBI in 70 AB over 17 games. After spending a week on the temporary inactive list in late May to early June, the Venezuela native has gone 9-for-27 with four homers, three doubles, five walks, nine runs scored, and nine RBI in seven games.

As pointed out by Eric Stephen at True Blue LA, “All seven of Ruiz’s home runs this year, counting his one major league shot as well, have been hit left-handed. The switch-hitter does have three doubles in limited duty batting right-handed, hitting .313 (5-for-16) as a righty with one strikeout.”

No question, the Pacific Coast League is one of the friendlier places to compete in the minors when it comes to offense, but the idea that Ruiz is settling into a consistent groove bodes well for the entire organization.

There were many discussions over the early part of the season—especially when the Dodgers were hammered by injuries to position players—surrounding whether the team would carry three catchers. Ruiz saw limited time as a stop-gap player mainly off the bench, but his offensive numbers probably didn’t warrant him a long-term role in the majors. Now that he’s producing with the bat, management could elect to give him another look in the bigs.

In his first major league stint this year, Ruiz was recalled as the 27th player for a doubleheader against the Cubs back on May 4, and he was optioned back to Oklahoma City when the team recalled Luke Raley on May 11. When Corey Seager initially went on the injured list on May 16, Ruiz was recalled again, only to be optioned one day later when Albert Pujols was activated.

Settling back in at OKC, Ruiz has been typically hitting in the two-hole behind regular leadoff man Zach Reks. In the 17 games Ruiz has played for OKC, he has caught in 16 contests and appeared as the designated hitter in one.

At one point, Oklahoma City saw itself in the cellar of the Triple-A West Eastern Division of the PCL but has since clawed its way back into relative contention, specifically after its roster has somewhat stabilized. Through the first 32 games of the year, OKC is 15-17, trailing first place Sugar Land by five and a half games and Round Rock by a full five games.

Oklahoma City continues its six-game series against El Paso at home on Saturday. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m. Central time.

27 thoughts on “Keibert Ruiz Amid Hot Streak at Oklahoma City

  1. Sad truth is that right now, there is no room for him on the roster. No matter how major league ready he is.

  2. I’d much rather see Keibert play every day at OKC for at least the first half of the year than to come to L.A. and spend most of his time on the bench. His time will come. I do think they should give him some time at first base while he’s at OKC. The more versatile he is, the better.

  3. Burns is hitting .330 at OKC with 5 dingers. Must feel a need for infielders more than outfielders at this point. Might get a start tonight against the Rangers lefty.

      1. Andy Burns? Had to look him up. 30 year old career minor leaguer with a .766 OPS over 2000 some odd milb at bats. Obviously the Dodgers hitting coaches have changed everything and he’s going to go Muncy on the National League. We’ve got a stretch of 30 games in 32 days, or something like that, so we might see more of this. Rangel anyone?

        I’d like a word with Lux on his throwing technique. Don’t flip it, throw it. You’re a human, not a dolphin. Use that arm like a Major League shortstop.

        Keibert is next year’s ROY candidate.

      2. 🙂 I like your throwing advice Scoop. Must say, though, the more I see of Lux, the more I’m convinced he’s going to be a very good major leaguer. Just might take him another couple of years to get there. And if, for some reason, he never becomes a consistent fielder at short or second we can make a center fielder out of him.

      3. I think another problem with Lux is that he never keeps his legs still and plants his feet when he throws. Of course, there isn’t always time, but he never does it even when he has all day to throw. It almost seems like he’s trying to be too cute.

      4. Good eye Dennis.

        As you know Jefe I’m a Lux believer. He’s got gifts that separate him from others. I hope he’s here for a long time. Funny you mentioned center field as I thought the same thing. He’s got the wheels, that’s for sure. Shortstop yes, second base no. We’ve got Busch who will be 24 next year and ready to step in. Seager? If he stays all might be better served with him at third.

      5. CT 3 is playing SS and hitting 2nd. Lineup, Betts, Taylor, Turner, Pujols, Smith, Pollock, Burns, McKinstry and Bauer. Betts in CF, McKinstry in RF.

      6. Hadn’t considered that they would have CT at short today, but if they’re going to give Lux a rest day it’s most likely going to be against a southpaw.

  4. Ravelo has been out of action the last few days. Burns gets the call because he is more versatile. He can play all 4 infield positions and the outfield. Ravelo is either a 1st baseman, we have 3 already or an outfielder.

    1. Yeah, he could play left. Muncy on the IL with an oblique and Bellinger is cramping so room for Rangel could be made. Might be fun to see him get some at bats.

  5. Hey y’all I’ve been completely swamped and have had to travel a lot lately so I haven’t really got to see much of this year. I see the record but what’s going on Betts with a .250 average? Who is slacking? Thanks I appreciate it. I hope I’ll be able to watch more very soon when I’m home..

    1. schiz·o·phre·nic
      (in general use) a mentality or approach characterized by inconsistent or contradictory elements.
      “From one night to the next, the Dodgers’ offense is so inconsistent that some call it schizophrenic.”

    2. Mookie has not been very Mookieish so far. Injuries have also been a problem. Tonight they are getting CREAMED by a last place Texas team. Muncy to IL, Mudcat Grant, former Dodger passed away today. Hey, people in LA get another jumbo Jack tomorrow…whoopee.

      1. Arizona had free tacos if they scored 5 runs. At our local Taco Bell in Sedona I could get 3 bean and cheese burritos with extra onions and tomatoes instead of meat tacos.

        Bauer hasn’t looked right lately. Too many pitches. Wonder what his spin rate is doing.

        This offense can look awful at times. Especially when middle order hitters are missing and Mookie goes 0fer. Doesn’t matter when you give up 12. And at home against a last place club. Yoiks.

    3. What? I guy who contributes comments here who isn’t old enough to retire?
      Look forward to seeing more of your comments when you get more time Alex.

    4. Not so much that anyone is slacking Alex, but injuries have killed us. They haven’t had Bellinger, Muncy, Mookie and Seager in the lineup together except for a very few games. If and when they all get back, we should be in much better shape, assuming that no more of our starters get injured and the bullpen holds together, and the Padres and Giants fall back a little.

      I look forward to seeing more of your comments on a regular basis when your work situation allows. Why don’t you just retire like the rest of us? There are those who say that eating and having a roof over your head are both overrated.

      1. Does that deal extend all the way to PA Dennis or do you have to get them at an L.A. Jack in the Box and Fedex them to your place?

      2. Hmmmmmmm…………………………….a 16-18 hour roundtrip would be worth it, but it would probably get cold on the way back. Maybe not worth the drive.

  6. Rockies you get a free taco when they score 7 which has not happened too often lately. I got the jumbo Jack once when I was out in LA, let my brother have them the other times we went.

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