The Real Reasons Why the Dodgers Aren’t Winning

Things have only gotten worse in the world of the Los Angeles Dodgers since the last time we talked, dear reader. The team that some said would never lose again has done a complete 180 and may never win again.

Of course, neither of those statements are true—sports don’t work like that. But there must be some explanation as to why the Dodgers are doing so badly at the moment.

CBS Sports put out an article this morning that gave four reasons as to why the team can’t buy a win. Mookie Betts and Corey Seager not hitting. Injuries. Bullpen blowing leads. Their depth is not there for them.

All of those reasons are well and good, but with a downward spiral this fast and hard there has to be other factors at work, right? I took to Twitter to find out the real reasons the Dodgers are seemingly cursed at the moment.

Recently, it was announced that Farmer John would no longer be the official Dodger Dog. Smithfield, the parent company of Farmer John, said that the contract with the Dodgers ended in 2019 and the two sides were unable to reach an agreement. Dodger Dogs will go on, but the Farmer John variety is no more. They must have cursed the Dodgers for this reason.

Lots of answers about vaccinations. Maybe the Padres did put something in their vaccines. Maybe their batch made them forget how to play baseball. Maybe none of them got them. (I’m kidding on all accounts people! Please, get vaccinated if you can! So we can all return to as much of a normal as possible).

I mean, honestly. You’d think a former MVP would be able to hit home runs even while he’s on the injured list. Slacker.

I was a long time dugout mom for little league, and I think that they need some moms talking to them about their play. Get their butts in gear. Let them know that missing simples plays is Not Ok.

And now for some that kinda make some sense:

I have for a few years thought that this team doesn’t have the pep it’s had in previous years. The excitement. And that’s been especially apparent this year. Mookie is not his normal fun self, and they’re missing Kiké Hernandez and Joc Pederson in this regard. It will help when the whole team is healthy—but someone, somewhere needs to be a spark plug.

And finally, the real reason that they’re not doing well—they were Reporter Cursed by Bill Plaschke and Bob Nightengale

At the beginning of the season, noted curmudgeon Plaschke wrote an article about how this very well could be the Very Best Dodger Team Ever. And as seen above, Nightengale said they were on a pace to win 140 games. Since then, the downward spiral began. Nightengale has long been known for his Twitter curses, and this time he took out the Dodgers.

Of course, we all know that it’s really injuries to blame, but I think possibly it’s a little bit of everything. The stars need to get themselves back in line so we can all watch some fun baseball again.

10 thoughts on “The Real Reasons Why the Dodgers Aren’t Winning

  1. Thank you Andy, this article is just what I needed – you put it all in perspective and now I know the Dodgers are going to be fine!

  2. Interesting read.

    Dodgers. Games before the All Star break just don’t seem to excite them much. This is a team and an organization that targets post season. I think we are still looking at 100 wins.

  3. Del Crandall passed away, former Brave catcher and worked for the Dodgers for a while…RIP

  4. Can’t believe that nobody has identified the real reason we aren’t winning:

    At the end of the game, the other team has more runs than we do.

  5. Josiah Gray struck out 10 in 5 innings at OKC yesterday. Although he is stretched out as a starter, an electric arm out of the bullpen around July could be a big benefit. The Dodgers have a history of trusting young pitchers.

  6. Easy, the offense is not offensive and the bullpen cannot hold a one run lead…they have lost 9 one run games. Nuff said.

      1. Lighthearted is in short supply in society now. I value it. Whimsy I adore.

      2. So many articles out there about how bad they are, and rightly so. Just wanted to take a brief break from it

      3. I knew that. I just offered the simple explanation. And one other thing, Roberts is not a great tactician. He is a very good players manager. He soothes ego’s and he is one of the best communicators in the business. But tactically he is a few bananas short of a bunch.

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