Dodgers and Angels Set for Weekend Freeway Series

(Jim Young/Associated Press)

The Freeway Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Anaheim Angels is always one of the more anticipated series of the year, with both teams being so close in proximity and calling Southern California home.

A three-game weekend series will take place between the two teams at Angel Stadium beginning Friday. Last year, the Dodgers absolutely dominated the Angels winning all six matchups.

This year, the two sides enter this series not at their best moments. Both teams begin the set after being swept in their previous series.

The Dodgers were swept in a three-game set in Chicago against the Cubs. In two of those games, the Dodgers were one out away from winning the game, but they fell in extra innings in both contests. The Angels were swept in a four-game home set against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Dodgers are still without former NL MVP Cody Bellinger as he remains on the injured list as well as utility man Zach McKinstry. Both players have been missed tremendously on offense.

There will be a couple big names from the Angels missing as well, as star third baseman Anthony Rendon was just placed on the injured list after fouling a ball off his kneecap. The Angels also just cut future Hall of Famer, Albert Pujols, on Thursday.

Starting the first game on Friday night for the Dodgers will be Julio Urias. The Dodger left hander is 4-0 and has posted a 2.87 ERA so far this season. In his last start, Urias gave up one run over seven innings against the Milwaukee Brewers. Opposing him will be Angels right hander Griffin Canning who’s 2-2 and has posted a 6.20 ERA.

Saturday’s starter for Anaheim will be righty Dylan Bundy. He’s 0-3 with a 4.00 ERA. Sunday for the Angels, lefty José Quintana is set to pitch. He’s struggled so far this season posting an 0-3 record with a 10.59 ERA. The Dodgers haven’t announced a starter for Saturday and Sunday, although manager Dave Roberts said it is a possibility that Clayton Kershaw will start on four days rest to cover an anticipated bullpen game. The Dodgers have been down a starter since Dustin May went down for the year.

Fans are hoping the Dodgers come alive, as it has been quite a frustrating last few series for the team offensively. The last series the Dodgers won was nearly two weeks ago, so they will look to get back on track. Both teams are coming in on losing streaks. The Dodgers have lost three straight and the Angels have lost five straight.

Over the last ten games, the Dodgers are 2-8 and the Angels are 3-7.

Friday’s first pitch is set 6:38 p.m. Pacific.

11 thoughts on “Dodgers and Angels Set for Weekend Freeway Series

  1. As you guys know I am not a fan of Cruise Director Doc Roberts. His lack of strategic thinking shows when he doesn’t have the best-talented team in baseball to manage and his poor decisions cost the team competitiveness and games. Why in a Doubleheader do you not play your hottest hitter Beaty when the team is in an offensive slump? I get it Roberts is a great human being and a nice guy. But he is a terrible manager.
    If as Friedman says this too shall pass and I agree with him there is no reason to panic. Why when they supposedly have a plethora of young pitchers do they not bring up Uceta, White, Jackson, etc to pitch and bridge the gap with May out? Why overuse Kershaw or Bauer when it is a long season and the goal is to field the most competitive team in the playoffs? Why sign well-worn barely average pitchers like Kickham, Quakenbush, etc instead of using their young talent? Cleavinger is another of them and has not impressed.
    Very impressed with Urias. When will Roberts figure out Jansen can pitch a decent game they tried to have him go back to back the other day and he had 3 more walks. Jansen in 13 innings has 13 walks & 13 atrikeiouts.

    1. Uceta and White are actually on the active roster, so I imagine you’ll see them in a game over the weekend.

      I wouldn’t say that starting Kershaw on Saturday is overusing him since he only went one inning in his last start. I’d rather have him going tomorrow than anyone else they could sub instead.

      Bauer last pitched on the 4th so a Sunday start means he’s going on regular rest.

  2. The game started in fine fashion. Betts actually started walking to the dugout on what he thought was a third strike. Luckily the ump disagreed with him and called it a ball. By the way, Mookie was right, it was a strike.

    After flailing at a couple of pitches Seager managed to draw a walk, went to second on a single by JT and then got himself picked off. He absolutely does not have his head in these games and needs to spend a couple of days on the bench. This is not the real Corey Seager.

    1. The Lakers look as the Dodgers do.

      I must have better things to do. I just downloaded the Atlantic app. Maybe I’ll peruse that for some interesting reading

      Just heard Joe say the league average in K/9 is the same as Koufax’s was. That is an incredible stat. I find it shameful.

  3. Urias was lousy, the umpire was worse. Angels playing sloppy too, but Dodgers cannot take advantage…and the beat goes on…they look totally out of sync.

  4. Umpires have been incredibly inconsistent and missing on pitches all year. Baseball needs to get the computerized system working to stabilize the strike zone. The design as long as it’s consistent game to game the players will adjust. We know it will be a fight with the unions but they should have time during the long strike next year to lay the groundwork for it.

    1. They will be using the electronic K zone in one of the leagues this season. I think there will be a work stoppage of some sort next season. I think Seager is losing money every day with his sporadic play so far. Glimmer of hope from last nights game, his last two at bats Betts looked like Betts finally. Time to jettison Kelly. Lots of relievers still on the free agent list. Another no hitter last night from a very mediocre career pitcher, Wade Miley. A’s pitcher Mannea came within an inning of a no no. Hitters are striking out at a horrendous pace. Dodgers still take way too many pitches that are right down Broadway. Muncy took two very hittable pitches in his first at bat. A fastball belt high and then a change up at the letters.

      1. Bear I have watched several games this week and hitters are striking out at a very high rate as you state. I notice the Dodgers are taking a lot of strikes. Is it because the umpire’s strike zones are so erratic the hitters have resorted to looking for one pitch more than they usually do. What do you think?
        I thought Seager’s comments this Spring on how he was still upset with the Dodgers for talking to the Tribe about Lindor, his constant insistence on playing SS although he is below average defensively and constantly swinging at the first pitch all show his immaturity.
        I think Seager is elite offensively when he has his head screwed on straight. But not worth the Tatis Jr type contract Boras will be pushing.
        Do we think this is the “real Muncy”? Muncy’s numbers are what the new baseball people look for, high, OBP, and OPS.

      2. I think Seager, like so many players before him felt slighted that the team he has been part of his entire career was actively seeking what seemed like his replacement. He is not an elite SS, but he is still better than many of them. And his problems at the position are not as huge as some think. Is he elite there, no, but Lindor, who is elite as a fielder, is hitting a lot worse than Seager. He is not playing anything close to what the Mets expected. Check Seager’s stats on the first pitch. He is very successful in hitting the first offering. And I do not think he is an immature player. And as for wanting to stay at SS, most players who have played one position their entire careers feel the same. A lot of people feel he would be better as a third baseman, but he has never played there either in the minors or the majors. If you feel comfortable somewhere in any job you do, change does not come easy. Now another thing, this is not the first April Seager has struggled with in his career. It is actually his second best. The guy is a pro, not a rookie fighting for a job. He will get better. As for the umps, the strike zone has not been consistent with any of them this year. Hitters are taking a lot more pitches because the strike zone is so fluid. Last nights ump was all over the place. Muncy is very guilty of this. He takes pitches right down Broadway and then flails at something 6 inches off of the plate.

  5. I understand Seager feeling slighted but he had been injured with his TJ surgery and hip surgeries. I do agree he is not a terrible SS just not a good one defensively. Everyone wants him at 3rd as his range fits better there defensively. 3rd is a fast reaction position but SS needs to be fast-twitch also so I think Seager would be fine there if he committed himself to it. Few of these long-term contracts are a good deal for the teams. Lindor’s, Harper’s are current deals I think will not turn out to be good for the club signing them. Bett’s deal already enabled the team to win the WS so it’s worth it. Betts and Trout are generational players. Not many of those around. I thought Machado’s contract was insane. They signed Tatis and now find he has shoulder issues.
    I do think the terribly fluid strike zones are causing hitters to strike out more. The umpire union is very strong however these constant problems will eventually force change.
    Lux still does not look good at the plate. Peters didn’t strike out Yay!

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