Early Thoughts on Dustin May Injury

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As if the injury picture for the Los Angeles Dodgers wasn’t already bad enough, things got much worse when righty starting pitcher Dustin May left Saturday’s game against the Brewers with an apparent right arm injury.

After becoming overcome with pain late in the second inning, May signaled to the Los Angeles dugout for medical attention, one batter after he surrendered a solo home run to Milwaukee shortstop Luis Urias. It didn’t take long for manager Dave Roberts to pull may from the game, initially describing the injury as a “shooting sensation” in May’s right elbow.

Prior to his removal from the contest, the 23-year-old May’s fastball was sitting at 97-98 MPH. He was making his fifth start of the season.

May is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Monday when the team arrives in Chicago to begin a three-game series against the Cubs.

Roberts remains on the optimistic side, but early indications seem to be pointing towards the worst. “We remain hopeful, but we won’t know until we get an MRI,” the skipper said in the postgame.

To make matters worse, the Dodgers ended up using a total of 10 pitchers in the 11-inning loss, one day after employing six pitchers in what was already pre-designed as a bullpen game. In Saturday’s contest, the team even used staff ace Clayton Kershaw as a pinch-hitter with the bases loaded in the 10th inning.

Roberts indicated that May will indeed be placed on the injured list on Sunday, opening the door for the club to recall at least one fresh arm to the pitching staff.

With all the uncertainty lingering, the big question right now is who will replace May in the Los Angeles starting rotation. Throughout the entire 2021 Cactus League schedule, there was seemingly a four-way battle for the rotation’s final spot between May, Tony Gonsolin, David Price, and Jimmy Nelson.

Presently, Nelson is the only healthy member of the above quartet, but he is not stretched out to the point where he’d might be able to pitch more than two innings. Gonsolin has just begun a throwing program to rehab his injured shoulder, while Price is still housed on the 10-day injured list with a hamstring issue.

Young righty Edwin Uceta, after having made his MLB debut in Friday’s contest, is a possible candidate for a rotation spot. Under normal circumstances, Uceta would not be eligible to return to the team for 10 days after being optioned, but that rule is void if he would be replacing an injured player.

Accordingly, one would wonder if the team might make any corresponding moves after using every single relief pitcher on Saturday. The only two pitchers remaining on the 40-man roster who have not yet been recalled this year are a pair of young right handers in Gerardo Carrillo and Andre Jackson.

Consequently, a vacancy on the 40-man could be created if the team decides to move reliever Corey Knebel to the 60-day inured list.

Having lost seven of their last 10 games, the Dodgers will send lefty Julio Urias to the mound in the series finale on Sunday. Urias will be opposed by righty Alec Bettinger of the Brewers.

First pitch is scheduled for 11:10 a.m. Pacific time.

20 thoughts on “Early Thoughts on Dustin May Injury

  1. Team has announced they have moved Knebel to the 60-day IL to create a space on the 40-man roster and to fill that spot they have purchased the contract of lefty Mike Kickham. I remember seeing him in one ST game this year where he looked very impressive. That said, his previous MLB career has been extremely mediocre. Right now, he’s a body and we need one.

    In other “downer” news, David Vassegh reports that Morrow’s comeback has come to a halt because his arm has not responded. Not sure if that’s a permanent or temporary thing, but I’m guessing that at his age it might be permanent.

    Does anyone know if Hong-Chih Kuo is availabe? (asking for a friend named Dennis)

      1. Is everybody ready for Joe Kelly to be our closer by the end of the month? In a perverted way, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what he can do with a now-healthy arm. If he would actually become the pitcher we thought we were signing, he’d be the most popular guy on the team. The fans would go crazy.

      2. Don’t think Kelly has been a disappointment at all . We got what he was and for some reason thought we were getting the world series hero. I’m wondering how that bullpen game worked for Roberts . On the positive side thank goodness we haven had the number of injuries that the Brewers and other teams have had.. We’ve had one position player and no starters ( until today) on the IL. Not sure why relievers are having injuries.

      3. Don’t forget about McKinstry. His contributions have been huge. Or maybe it was Bellinger you forgot about, because his contributions have not been that significant.

  2. Some of the guys would be better on the IL like Rios under .100 average and Lux going way under the Mendoza line. Glad Pollock is heating up. The alternate site helped Beaty they should take Rios and LUx down to the site to clear their heads. They are expanding the strike zone and that never ends well. Urias is throwing strikes. Thats always a good thing and they got him a 9-0 lead in the second. Hopefully Julio pitches a complete game to save the bullpen and the LEAD!!!

  3. 14 runs at the top of the 7th. Wish they could save some of those runs. They could have won several games last week with a timely hit or two. Beaty and Pollock doing all the damage. Maybe if they can get hot and stay hot it will spread to the rest of the team. We can only hope.
    Dodgers put Jackson, White, and other young pitchers on the roster to save them from Rule 5 draft. If they think they are that good they should let them take an MLB shot instead of signing another retread. When it rains lemons make lemonade. Give the young pitchers an MLB stint to let them measure their progress and see where they are at.

    1. I thought for sure we’d see more reinforcements today, especially when considering how depleted the bullpen is. Definitely didn’t expect Kickham, though. With no minor league ball until next week, it’s been impossible to tell what’s been happening with the farmhands. I, for one, am ready for some minor league action.

    1. In my mind, this is the right decision. Get it over with and get him back, hopefully by playoff time next year. Very few pitchers can rehab UCL injuries successfully without eventually having to have the surgery.

    2. Yeah, I think it’s the only decision. He has to do this. Throwing a baseball 100 miles per hour obviously creates great stress on the elbow. Not a lot of arms built to do that for multiple innings. Especially arms on skinny 23 year olds.

      Gonsolin will take his spot, hopefully be able to go 6 every 5 days. We’ll see.

      I’ve got my 32” Reggie Jackson model Louisville Slugger here in my living room going over some swing mechanics. After about 100 practice swings I think I know what’s wrong with Lux. His hands start about 8-10” too high, making him long to the ball. I think he needs to shorten up. Drop your hands and quiet them. Think Matt Beaty. Tony Gwynn. Heck, think Pete Rose. Line drives buddy. The home runs will come.

      1. Now that you’ve told us, none of whom will be starting either game of the doubleheader tomorrow, you somehow have to get this information to Gavin.

      2. If Skyhack knew some old guy with a lifetime batting average near .500* figured it out in his living room using replay on his tv and a Reggie Jackson S2, I’m sure he’d consider it, right?

        (* Includes several years of slow pitch softball)

  4. Graterol is having his MRI tomorrow. I think they can talk El Attrache into a discount since he’ll probably be doing two TJ’s on the 11th.

    1. Graterol came with medical questions. I won’t be surprised if something is found. He’s already failed a physical and missed over a year with injury.

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