Dodger Stadium Tickets Go on Sale, Game 2 Preview at Colorado

After dropping a bizarre game on Opening Day to the Colorado Rockies, the Dodgers are still looking to grab their first win of the season heading into the weekend. One of the best things about baseball is that right after a loss, a team gets to go back out there the next day with a fresh start, especially this early in the season.

Reigning National League Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer will make his first regular-season start today for the Dodgers. Bauer also announced his “K’s for a cause” campaign earlier today.

The right-hander had a career year in 2020, posting a 1.73 ERA and striking out 100 batters during the shortened season.

The Dodgers had plenty of hits in their opener against the Rockies on Thursday, but a few bizarre plays and runners stranded on the bases had them come up short.

Bauer will face Rockies right-hander Antonio Senzatela, who went 5-3 last year while posting an ERA of 3.44.

The Dodgers made a couple of lineup changes for Game 2, as Will Smith will get the start at catcher and bat sixth. AJ Pollock also gets his first start of the season in left field, batting seventh.

The Rockies are the last team to beat the Dodgers in a regular-season series, and they will try to accomplish that task again by winning two of the next three games this weekend.

The first pitch for Friday’s contest is set for 5:40 p.m. Pacific time.

MLB announced on Friday that it will be moving this year’s All-Star Game from Atlanta to a yet-to-be-named location. Dodger Stadium is set to host the 2022 All-Star Game, so it is likely that Los Angeles is not in consideration as a replacement for this year. Dodger Stadium was originally supposed to host the 2020 game, but with no game occurring, Los Angeles was awarded the 2022 venue.

Speaking of Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers won’t play their home opener until a week from now against the Washington Nationals on Friday, April 9.

Single-game ticket sales for home games in the month of April have now begun. Opening Day tickets are not available, but all other games are still available to purchase. Fans will be seated socially-distanced in pods of 2,3,4,5 or 6. Parking will also have to be purchased before Game Day.

The tickets can be purchased through the Dodgers official website.

12 thoughts on “Dodger Stadium Tickets Go on Sale, Game 2 Preview at Colorado

  1. MLB moving the All Star game. Pressure from player’s groups. Simply too much politics for me.

  2. If it eases your minds a little, Darvish got lit up pretty good in his first start as a Padre.

  3. I applaud MLB’s decision. It’s the right thing to do.

    I don’t applaud the Dodgers sloppy first game. They looked drugged.

    1. If it’s the right thing to do, how can you say it has no place in sports? I’m sure Henry Aaron would disagree with you Bear.

      Anybody else have a take on this issue?

      Dodger pitching looked great until it didn’t. Yeah, it’s Colorado. Just score in double figures and we should be ok.

      1. Just my personal opinion, and Henry isn’t here to state how he feels. A lot of people disagree with me, that is their right. I saw politics and sports up close and personal in Munich in 72. I was there. Entertainment is just that. I do not need actors, singers or athletes telling me what to believe or how to believe. All lives matter

      2. As you know, I respect your opinion. I think realistically it’s impossible to keep sports and politics (policy) completely separated. A lot of people are weighing in on this issue and it would appear a majority support MLB’s opinion.

  4. Case in point, viewership has dropped 35 percent since all of the social awareness stuff invaded sports. It might be the right thing to do, but I think the absolute wrong people are going to suffer for it. The fans in Georgia. I respect your beliefs and your opinion Scoop. We are just wired a lot differently.

    1. According to an article I read in Forbes the drop in viewership is down because of the chaos created by the coronavirus. Of course the divisive practices employed over the last 4 years did indeed have an effect as well. We’ve seen “major disruptions in viewing patterns for some time now, and even after people have been vaccinated it will take time to get back on schedule”. But, we will get back on schedule.

      It’s an historic time Bear. I for one hope the policies currently being generated are successful. All lives DO matter, and it’s time our national policies reflect that. But when the dust settles, I won’t be attending any MLB games. Too rich for my blood. I can afford cable tv. I’ll watch from my living room.

      1. Two years since I went to a game. Also too rich for my blood. I will get MLB TV back when I get back from Cali. I have my doubts about the leadership in this country and that goes for both sides. I do not mind national policy’s making all things equal, should have been done decades ago. But I also do not want a bunch of multimillionaire athletes telling me what to believe either.

      2. Well, I think it’s important to be able to listen. I believe you do that. I understand you are conservative by nature and I respect that. I’m conservative about some things. But the people’s money should be spent on the people.

        Speaking of people’s money, have you seen an FCI chart for ‘21 yet? I haven’t, but I’ll try to find one. In ‘19 the Dodgers figure was $274.98, well above the league average of $234, nowhere near the Cubs $370. Whatever it is now, Dodger fans will pay it.

  5. Glad to see you back here Scoop and I applaud both you and Bear for having a civil conversation about a topic you have opposite views on. We have lost the ability to discuss in this country. It seems we can only yell back and forth at each other. So thanks again, you two, for having a discussion and not a screaming match.

    As you know Bear, I tend to lean more toward Scoop’s views on political/social issues than I do yours, but that doesn’t mean I respect you any less. You aren’t trying to bully me into accepting your position, you are just putting it out there. I would hope that you feel I do the same when I comment on those types of issues.

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