Trevor Bauer Signing Not Sitting Well with Some Dodger Fans

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(Writers note: All opinions here are my own and not necessarily those of all the writers at TBPC.)

The Los Angeles Dodgers have reportedly signed Trevor Bauer to a three-year, $102 million guaranteed contract, and honestly, this writer is flabbergasted.

There are a multitude of reasons why. I did not see them going out and spending this much money on a pitcher who really only had one great year, in a shortened season nonetheless. I guess staying under the Luxury Tax Threshold immediately after a season that happened during a pandemic was not all of that big deal. And why were all those people laid off if they had the money to play a player like this? It also really seemed to be that the Dodgers were most worried about getting that power, right-handed bat, which still has yet to be done. But, most importantly, Bauer’s character seems not to be within what the Dodgers had purported their players’ to be.

On the surface, for the Dodgers, this is exactly the type of contract they were hoping to give a talented pitcher. High AAV and short in length. Bauer will receive $40 million in 2021, $42 million in 2022, and $37 million in 2023. He has the option to opt out after year one or year two of his contract.

No doubt the Dodgers now have one of the nastiest starting rotations in all of Major League Baseball. Last season with the Cincinnati Reds, Bauer held opposing batters to a .159 batting average, first in all of MLB. He won the NL Cy Young. And with that, he still figures to be third in the Dodgers rotation behind Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler.

Unless he has an even more phenomenal year than he did last year and feels like he could make more money elsewhere, Bauer will be in Dodger Blue for the next three seasons. But that money will be off the books by the time Cody Bellinger and and Buehler are eligible for free agency. It will not be off the books in time when Corey Seager becomes eligible at the end of 2021. Kershaw’s will end after the conclusion of this upcoming season as well. (If Clayton does not retire a Dodger, that would be a huge mistake. But that is for another post).

This also leaves one to wonder where the team stands with re-signing Justin Turner, or any power righty bat, for that matter. Also, are the Dodgers going to once again relegate Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin to Triple-A, or are they going to trade one of their starting pitchers, perhaps to get that right-handed bat? There have been rumors that they have been shopping starter David Price, who has yet to pitch a meaningful game wearing a Dodgers uniform. I guess time will tell.

But the biggest concern to me is where, exactly, does Bauer’s huge ego and personality fit in to that very closely-knit Dodger clubhouse? The Dodgers just brought in Mookie Betts, who made the team better by showing his leadership on the field, and off by being a quiet, strong force. Bauer has been incredibly outspoken in many aspects, such as calling out other pitchers that he thinks are cheating.

A huge ego isn’t necessarily a bad thing, nor the thing that would rock the clubhouse. A starting pitcher needs that ego to take the mound and oppose batters, while always striving to get them out. But some of the other things that Bauer has been outspoken about, are. Bauer was a very big fan of the previous President, and while I’m sure there are many a player that also were, his outspokenness about it does not sit well with a lot of fans. “Make America Great Again” has its roots in white supremacy. Bauer also once wiped a Black Lives Matter drawing in the dirt of the pitcher’s mound completely off of the mound. He also has replied to other racist tropes in this manner:

Bauer has also used his Twitter platform to sic his fans and followers on other users who try to call him out on such things, especially women and women sports writers who didn’t write exactly what Bauer wanted to hear.

Seems pretty innocent what Molly Knight said, and as we Dodger fans know, the truth. But instead of playful banter with her, or even saying “I am the hardest worker in baseball, Molly!,” Bauer chooses to question her authority and knowledge on the matter.

There are so many instances of female writers having their mentions filled with fans of Bauer’s, slinging misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-Semitic slurs at them just for simply doing their job. Yes, there are always those people, but his fans are out there disproportionately with their vulgar and bigoted replies.

There was also the time that Bauer repeatedly went after a woman for 12 hours, harassing her for no good reason.

The Los Angeles Dodgers organization is that of Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax. Breaking the color barrier and the best Jewish pitcher ever. The same organization that walked away from trading for Aroldis Chapman after his sexual assault news came out. Signing someone like Bauer to the highest one-year total for a pitcher ever is a slap in the face of those great men, and to all the racially, religiously, and gender diverse fans who love this team so dearly.

“I’m good at two things in this world,” Bauer said in this 2019 Sports Illustrated interview, “throwing baseballs and pissing people off.” Well, the Dodgers organization has helped in that regard.

There are, of course, like-minded Dodger fans who are thrilled with the signing, and many, many fans who can put aside his beliefs for the sake of the name on the front of the jersey. But for the rest of us, it will take awhile to reconcile that the team we love, that we just celebrated a huge World Series win with, signed someone of Bauer’s character.

Let’s hope he helps bring Los Angeles another ring or two, and that he pitches his brains out, because at a time where baseball needs its fans the most, the Dodgers may have lost quite a few.

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  1. The messages he has left that you have shared show he is an immature male. Not a man. I wonder how the Dodgers thought that was OK? I am the proud father of two daughters and have several incredible nieces. Women should always be respected not stalked. He sounds like a complete jerk. Too bad to have that type of caustic personality in the clubhouse. People like that are like cancer.

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    1. C’mon. The criticisms of his past comments are valid, indeed. But I think most of those are pretty far in the past. Let’s give him a chance and criticize or praise him for what he does as a Dodger.


      1. This could not be more stupid. All of it is just bs with you guys getting worked up over nothing. He harassed a girl for twelve hours for no reason. So wrong. She started the Twitter fight because Bauer was anti Astros after the Astros got caught cheating. Dodger fans are on Bauer’s side there. He likes Trump. Well he may or he may not he may have or he may have never, still have not seen that or heard that from him. But ok if that is true he is with a lot of other misguided Americans. His retweeting a fake Soros meme is troubling but again that in itself is nothing. He did not create the meme. He did not do anything but retweet it. He hired a female agent with little experience. He goes against the old white network in training and pitching. He is a modern thinker. His teammates like snd respect him. He fights did the players and the dodgers do not pay anyone this kind of money without researching their investment. Do some work and stop being lazy.


      2. Thanks for reading, Brad. You seemed to be misinformed. He tweeted MAGA. Look it up for yourself. He replied to a meme, that’s included in the article. A little more than RTing. And why wouldn’t RT’ing count as promoting it? All the other things in the article are true, and troubling. You may not agree, but that does not make them less true. As for hiring a female agent, that does not make him less misogynistic. I know many people who say they’re not racist but say “I have black friends!” I wasn’t lazy, I did my research.


  2. Excuse my if I am incorrect, but didn’t Bauer announce his signing with the Dodgers without letting the Dodgers announce it? It makes me wonder if he is oblivious to the employee/employer relationship he now has with the Dodgers.

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    1. Dennis and I were discussing that, it seems odd that the team has said nothing officially yet. I do hope they know exactly what they are dealing with

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      1. They cannot make it official until they clear a roster spot, that’s why the Cubs did not announce Pederson until today after they cleared a roster spot, and The Braves DFA’d Kyle Garlick to clear room for Ozuna.


    2. Maybe Bob Nightengale was right yesterday when he said Bauer and the Mets have a deal. Maybe this is all one huge social media stunt by Bauer to mess with the minds of Dodgers fans. (or at least we can secretly hope).


  3. I am really put off by a lot of Bauer’s comments on social media but I am very conflicted by the fact that Andrew, knowing this, signed him anyway. I wonder if they even spoke about this before agreeing to the deal? I trust Andrew who, as you mentioned Andy, killed the Chapman deal. Maybe he figures these are just words where the other was actual violence. But words can lead to violence.

    I have seen many more of his ex-teammates rave about him than criticize him so, as I write this, I have decided to give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Even though we seem to be at opposite ends of the political spectrum, I have no problem with that. I do have a problem if he continues to harass women and make comments which seem to be very inflammatory toward other groups of people. I can still be a huge Dodger fan without being a Trevor Bauer fan, but for now, I’m both.

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    1. It’s an excellent article. And if any of you have Instagram, he made a beautiful video, mainly highlighting his daughter growing up at Dodgers Stadium. It’s incredibly sweet


  4. Excellent work here. I would personally have rather seen David Price pitch for the Dodgers instead of Trevor Bauer if Price is the price for signing Bauer. If not, what a rotation.
    I expect Trevor to be excellent at pitching, I have no idea if Trevor will continue to be the troll king he has been so far. He doesn’t seem to play favorites, he trolls Astro fans, both genders, but if he is Aubrey Huff or Curt Schilling, screw that.

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    1. Yeah I retired last year from a place that had a couple of guys like him. Disrespectful of people., Women especially but also people of color or physically challenged. They are rotten to the core. The last prez made them feel empowered to show their ugly thoughts. I shun them. Unclean!

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      1. I think the Rays did a pretty good job last year. It was a perfect storm of course with the shortened season and everything, but they knocked out some pretty good teams to get to the Series.


    1. I think they paid 40 mil for an ace. If they just wind up getting a number 3 starter, they overpaid. Actually they probably overpaid even for an ace, but just as in real life, some people have more money to spend than others.

      I would really like Kasten or Andrew to speak on why they had to let all those employees go and can then go out and spend this ridiculous amount on Bauer. It’s really not a very good look even though it may make perfect sense from the front office perspective, and I’m hoping that sooner than later they will be able to bring most of those people back.

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  5. Here is where I stand, his character is in question, always has been. He is a loose cannon in many ways. D-Backs could not wait to get rid of him. I have seen so many fans think this signing is the greatest thing since cream cheese. Bauer is 11 games over .500 in his career. His career ERA is 3.90. His K ration is pretty good at about 3-1. But, he has had 3 good seasons and the rest of his 9 year career has been mediocre. He is going to be paid 40 million this season. I do not think there is a player on this planet who is worth that kind of money, 45 the second year and 17 the third. Plus he can opt out after each of the first two years. And I do not think there is a snowballs chance in hell he does that. He had better be the best pitcher on the planet this year or he is going to get booed. He had better have Cy Young credentials and beat SD every time he pitches against them. Because the way fans are reacting, especially on twitter, you would think this guy is the second coming of Walter Johnson. I had one guy saying he is the Ace now. Whoa there horsefly, he hasn’t thrown an inning yet. I will believe it when I see it.

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  6. Here is where I stand, his character is in question, always has been. He is a loose cannon in many ways. D-Backs could not wait to get rid of him. I have seen so many fans think this signing is the greatest thing since cream cheese. Bauer is 11 games over .500 in his career. His career ERA is 3.90. His K ratio is pretty good at about 3-1. But, he has had 3 good seasons and the rest of his 9 year career has been mediocre. He is going to be paid 40 million this season. I do not think there is a player on this planet who is worth that kind of money, 45 the second year and 17 the third. Plus he can opt out after each of the first two years. And I do not think there is a snowballs chance in hell he does that. He had better be the best pitcher on the planet this year or he is going to get booed. He had better have Cy Young credentials and beat SD every time he pitches against them. Because the way fans are reacting, especially on twitter, you would think this guy is the second coming of Walter Johnson. I had one guy saying he is the Ace now. Whoa there horsefly, he hasn’t thrown an inning yet. I will believe it when I see it.

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    1. I am with you Bear. This arrogant immature bully may be the # 5 starter as far as performance as Kershaw, Buehler, Price, and Urias all have the ability to outperform Bauer! Bauer has been good for 1 1/3 seasons. My question is WHY? Why sign him to that type of deal? If you want to spend money go back and sign LeMahieu! That would make sense!

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  7. I opted out of watching sports last years because of the inculcation of politics. Sports should be a refuge from the stresses in life. I can’t say I am thrilled with the signing, but I am always curious of attacks on people like Aubrey Huff and Curt Shilling. It is great to have differing opinions without fear of being locked up, lose one’s job or livelihood. The First Amendment is or should be a pillar of our society. However, if you disagree at least try to respect other’s right to opinions. Andy, to state that MAGA is based in white supremacy might be your opinion, but surely not based in fact. Also quite insulting to millions of people. I am a disabled, white veteran with many past teammates from all walks of life. I am married to a Mexican-born American and am the son of a Holocaust survivor who is also a veteran. We are all MAGA, along with millions of others. We are hardly white supremacists. That accusation is very damaging nowadays and for good reason, but it is a label that should be used judiciously. The debate about Bauer’s effect in the clubhouse is a reasonable discussion, but I wish we could leave politics out of sports.


    1. Good morning Jonathan! Thanks for reading! I can understand that you don’t think that MAGA has its roots in, and is synonymous with white supremacy. However, it absolutely is. It was started by the past president, who has shown time and time again that he is a racist. Also, it harkens back to the German thought of Germany First prior to WWII, and we all know what happened there. There are many articles on it. I invite you to find some and read them.
      If you didn’t watch last season because of politics is that because you didn’t like all of the Black Lives Matter protests being brought into sports? Or, athletes and people just fighting for equal rights even though their skin color is different?
      Interesting that both those athletes that you mention, Schilling and Huff, are also huge racists and bigots yet you want them to be able to “speak freely” and not be chastised or held to count for the vile things they say. Why is that?
      I’m sorry that you feel insulted by what I wrote, but there are millions and millions more who are insulted by what MAGA stands for, and who are for things like BLM and racial equality. Thanks again for reading, and thank you for your service!


      1. I suppose I am a bigot that traces my roots to those Germans who crucified my Grandfather and shit my Grandmother. It is sad when differences of opinions devolve into baseless charges that are very damaging to the accused. It is also quite presumptuous to declare why I opted out, especially when I explained I did not want to mix politics with sports, as simple as that. In my years around the world, I have most often found the person who makes such proclamations need to look into a mirror.
        I have in the past enjoyed the insight of Bear and Jeff D among others. I ease your concern, Andy, about “racists” and leave your site for good. Perhaps you could consider the type of people who really do incite division. Thank you for you time.


      2. I’m sorry you feel you have to leave. I never called you a bigot personally. I will tell you that if you ask people outside of MAGA, they will tell you that it is associated with racism and worse. That’s the point I’m trying to make. You can tell me why you opted out – and yes I shouldn’t assume but in what I’ve personally witnessed when people say they stopped watching bc of politics, it was due to the players’ speaking their minds, about racial injustice and other things.
        I come out strongly on this position bc as a privileged white woman, I recognize my responsibility to speak out about any and all injustices I see. If you feel that makes me a bigot, then so be it. I wish you well


  8. I couldn’t be more pleased with the signing of Trevor Bauer.

    I had hoped that he would sign for a lower AAV for a longer period of time, but that was wishful thinking. Aces are expensive. The Yankees bought an ace last year for nine seasons at $324M, they are paying their ace through his age 37 season. The Dodgers are buying Bauer’s prime age 30 and 31 seasons for $85M. The two year contract and barring injury it is a two year contract, fits nicely around all the up and coming young Dodger pitchers in the organization. We get to reevaluate after two years. Good work Andrew!

    Wish I could say the same about the Author’s work on this column.

    “Last season with the Cincinnati Reds, Bauer held opposing batters to a .159 batting average, first in all of MLB. He won the NL Cy Young. And with that, he still figures to be third in the Dodgers rotation behind Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler”. The Dodgers know better than anyone that Clayton Kershaw’s career is winding down, he is not the pitcher he once was. He is our number 3 and a good one if he can stay healthy.

    Bauer contract pays him $40M in 2021, $45M in 2022 and $17M in 2023 (not $37M). Barring injury Bauer will opt out after year 2, if not year 1.

    Lots of incredibly outspoken opinions on Bauer’s “incredibly outspoken opinions”.

    “The Dodgers just brought in Mookie Betts who made the team better by showing his leadership”? Is that why he was the only Dodger player to kneel during the National Athem? Mookie’s Black Privilege was on full display that day, while insulting millions of Dodger Fans who have fought for this Country. But you can “piss people off” like that after signing a $365M contract.

    “Make America Great Again” has its roots in white supremacy. Way to slander/demonize 75M supporters of President Trump and his agenda, including millions of Blacks and Hispanics. Does the Author have any proof of that statement other than CNN says so? Always amazes how some people can so casually group and classify millions of people as racists. It’s really quite despicable, kind of like saying all blacks look alike.

    Where did Bauer “wipe a Black Lives Matter drawing in the dirt of the pitcher’s mound completely off of the mound”? I hadn’t heard that anywhere else. And if he did, maybe he believed the drawing “would not sit well with a lot of fans” who believe ALL LIVES MATTER.

    Since when has criticizing an admitted Nazi Collaborator (And I mean real Nazis) like George Soros become a bad thing? I know the billionaire to many has become untouchable because his dubious fortune has been used to finance the Democrat Party, but he is a truly horrible individual.

    Molly Knight: “Nobody in baseball works harder than Kershaw, or wants it more. Watching him win a ring would restore at least a sliver of my faith in humanity”. Trevor Bauer: “Molly can you present evidence that supports these claims? Perhaps, Bauer has been teammates with players from Socialist Shitholes like Venezuela who went through a whole lot more to get to MLB than Kershaw and he knows it. Molly’s comment was both silly and put her “white privilege’ on full display at the same time. Bauer’s comment was a nice admonition for Molly to think, expand her horizons, consider other people on the teams that don’t look like her and their backgrounds.

    “There are so many instances of female writers having their mentions filled with fans of Bauer’s, slinging misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-Semitic slurs at them just for simply doing their job”. “Take the log out of your own eye; then you can see how to take the speck out of your friend’s eye”.

    There was a time in this country when most Americans agreed with this statement, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”. Our Country would be a lot better off if people remembered their opinions are just opinions, not the Gospel. NOBODY in this world has a monopoly on morality.


  9. Who is the racist here?
    “…’Make America Great Again’ has its roots in white supremacy. ”
    That’s kooky talk. I get it, you don’t like Trump but that fictional commentary on the origins of MAGA has no place here. The tone of your article is clear – you don’t like Bauer and set out to prove he has character defects and you really had to reach to try and prove your thesis.
    “He who is without sin can cast the first stone.”


    1. Not saying I’m without sin. I didn’t have to reach – I provided multiple points. And as I replied previously, it absolutely has its roots in white supremacy but you feel you don’t want to see that, and that’s fine.


      1. Absolutely! You are not the bully by shining a light on their racist behavior. you are simply reporting the Facts. Not Fake News the actual Facts of the words and actions of Mr, Bauer! Most of these MAGA people live in their own echo chamber. The people that drag out the ole “Those without sin etc” do not want to admit that actions and words have consequences. Those people act like entitled 12 year-olds. They still will not own up to their racist rhetoric.

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  10. Lets keep the politics out of a baseball blog. We are all American’s. At least we should be. I am also a Vet, and the only thing I am against 100 percent is socialism. I do not care for either political party. I believe in the Constitution and the bill of rights, including the 2nd amendment, and that is all. Bashing the former administration is a waste of energy, and the current congress wanting to impeach after the man is out of office is a waste of the taxpayers money. Nuff said.


  11. We’re usually a pretty calm and respectful group here, it’s a shame the divisiveness that is plaguing America today is showing up here.

    Sports is one of the things that is as close to equal as there is in our world today. If you are very good at your chosen sport, you get to play, and reap the financial rewards your performance merits, what could be fairer than that. That is why I watch sports, and not the news, or talk shows.

    Andy, when you write an article like this your inviting this divisiveness into your forum. I’m not telling you what to write, or not to write, this is your blog you have the right to use it as you see fit, but I for one would prefer the sports, rather than the politics.

    One of the few times I commented about something political here, was when I criticized scoop about his views during the lock down. He got very upset, and I still feel bad about it today, I wish I could take it back. Please guys don’t say things to drive each other away from our SPORTS forum.


    1. I am well aware of how some people might perceive this, and I discussed it before I wrote it with Dennis. We both felt that all aspects of Bauer needed to be discussed.

      The thing that bothers me is that people are equating racist and bigoted views as political. To me, that is not politics. That’s not on par with bigger vs smaller government, for example. That’s politics.

      I obviously won’t be bringing up all this throughout the next three seasons. But I did feel it was important enough to bring up, especially in the culture that the Dodgers have cultivated.


  12. This thread may be going a bit off the rails.
    1. This a discussion group about the LA Dodgers organization. We can discuss what they do well and poorly. We can disagree about each others opinions about the Dodgers.
    2. The Dodgers have players. Since the outcome for the team depends on whether they do well or poorly we can discuss those players. On the field and off, the players display their personalities and character, for better or worse. We discuss their personalities and character because that is on display on the field and affects the team in the locker room.
    3. However, this is not a forum to bully others for their opinions about the team or players. If you want to say something good or bad about a player, fine, and someone may express a different opinion. But if you confront or bully someone here for their opinion about the organization or a player, that’s is out of bounds for the intent of this forum.


    1. Are you saying that I am doing the bullying, or others? I am in no way trying to bully people. I was given a forum to talk about issues with an incoming player to the team. Sometimes sports and politics collide, and they must be discussed.


      1. It is the other way around. You wrote an article and did not address anyone on the forum in it. Unfortunately a few people chose to go away from commenting about the Dodgers and a Dodger player. You were personally confronted. That is poor behavior on their part. You replied, but you were not the instigator.

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  13. Well, when you make a claim that a moniker like MAGA is a form of white supremacy, the conversation that follows needs to be had. You’re definitely entitled to your own opinions, however, you’re not entitled to sculpting those opinions into your own perception of truth & then badger fellow Americans for NOT agreeing with you. Why is this hard to understand for some folks?

    Andy, I get it. You detest the former president. He has acted detestable at times. My question for you is & you’ve opened yourself up to this so please explain. When you voted for Biden were you good with the fact that he eulogized a truly despicable person in Robert Byrd & by his own account had an admiration for the former Klan leader? Did you ask yourself if Black lives mattered to Biden? He did author the ’94 crime bill that has incarcerated hundreds of thousands of young black men. If we’re going political in a baseball blog, then by all means let’s do it.


    1. Discuss the Dodger organization or players. Quit being confrontational to others using politics as your tool. It does not reflect well on you.


  14. No, it really is. When you talked down to Jonathan you made it into that. And, I’m quite sure you won’t see that. At any rate, stick to baseball.


    1. No, I didn’t talk down to Jonathan. I replied to his thoughts on my piece. I explained where I felt he was wrong. And I’ll stick to what I want to, thanks


  15. So long, Andy … I came to the forum to talk Dodger baseball, not to listen to your opinion of our former president. So disappointed.


  16. Andy put her ignorance and bigotry on full display with her article that was full of innuendo and short (non-existent) on facts. Both her article and comments reveal she believes her bigoted opinions qualify as facts.

    Her attempt to ostracize President Trump, millions of his supporters and Trevor Bauer for “Thoughtcrimes” is both repugnant and dangerous. Thought Police have a history of quickly dismissing facts like the current President’s long close relationship with KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd (as pointed out by Gionfriddo), but quick to analyze other people’s facial expressions, off handed remarks, and even suggestive eye twitches to find guilt.

    MAGA supporters cherish the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which protects ALL people from “Thought Police”. We know, history has shown us, the penalty for thought-crimes has always led to work camps, torture and death.

    Welcome Home Trevor Bauer. We are counting on you earning your salary.


  17. Yeah this was doomed as soon as any mention of Trump or MAGA or politics in general was mentioned. I love baseball and I’m happy the Dodgers got better with the addition of a CY Young arm. That doesn’t mean I’m not without noticing the baggage that comes with arm and before Bauer was a Dodger I’ll admit I saw him as a cocky little shit. Now that he’s a Dodger I’ll hope he put he’s great and maybe has grown up a bit or at the very least he keeps his shit to a minimum not to “Puig the clubhouse”. Signing a guy like this only reinforces the need to bring back a leader like Turner to keep him in his place. Now for the uncomfortable part. Full disclosure, I am a Republican who voted for Donald Trump. While I know his personality is bordering on sandpaper rough and he needs to keep his mouth shut and fingers off the Twitter, I also align with his political beliefs. Some call that MAGA that’s fine with me as I don’t see anything wrong with the statement or the thought of putting America first. As someone whose livelihood is built on the oil and gas industry I’m not at all ashamed to say the actions of this new administration so far are downright terrifying to someone like me and seem to me more than a little unhinged and based more on payback that good policy. I won’t get into it but the fact is our country runs on black gold not solar power, wind turbines or hydroelectric and that won’t change anytime soon because none of those “clean” sources are advanced enough, made in enough quantity and aren’t crisply all that clean in the first place. Its not ok to associate MAGA with racism or privilege just as it’s not ok to assume all liberals are “libtards” and hippies wanting free stuff all the time. There’s good people and bad on both sides and while you may be on the other side of the fence from me Andy I would hope you don’t really see 75 million people in our country as bad people because they have differing political views than you. That’s what the country is supposed to be built on. And now more than ever that’s why it’s probably best to keep any mention of politics as far away from this place as possible.


    1. A couple of things about politics, that I keep repeating and no one appears to be really understanding, and then I’m done replying to people –

      1) racism, misogyny, anti-semitism- those things are NOT POLITICAL. I won’t stand for it in any player on the Dodgers.

      2)MAGA may not seem to some republicans as having those ideals, but groups like the KKK, Proud Boys, and others were more than happy to attach their tails to the MAGA train. Almost every person that stormed the Capitol was wearing a MAGA hat, on the perpetuated lie that the election was stolen. That means something

      3) of course I do not hate the 75 million people who voted for Trump, or who align as republicans. But for the reason I stated above, yes, proudly tweeting about MAGA leaves me concerned.

      4). I don’t often write about politics in the baseball blog because no, it usually does not belong. I did in this instance it was worthy of mentioning. You don’t agree, so be it.

      I am content with what I wrote and will not lose sleep over whether or not someone agrees with me or not, or is going to take their eyeballs to another site because of it. I did not direct any insinuations at any people in particular besides Bauer. If you take things I said personally, well it is what it is.

      I am always open for frank and honest discussion it I will not put up with name calling.


      1. Something you obviously never learned, “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”.

        Like all rantings of a bigot your screed is steeped in self importance, innuendo, name calling, opinion stated as truth and ignorance; all wrapped in a aura of false moral superiority.

        Your misguided attempts to classify Trevor Bauer as a racist are SICKENING, here is what people who know him think about him. I think I’ll form my opinion of him from them not some uninformed individual like you.

        Welcome to the Dodgers Trevor Bauer.


  18. Andy, I visit various Dodgers sites daily, including this one. I’m a middle aged guy who loves baseball & history (2 history degrees). I haven’t posted in here in over a year. It’s not me. I come for the detailed analysis that you & others provide daily (big Thank you). I sat by this entire past year like millions of other law abiding Americans & watched over 40 U.S. cities burned, looted, & ravaged to the tune of 1 to 1.5 billion in damages (Reuters). 25 Americans lost their lives this past summer in the rioting, including several law enforcement officers. 400 more cops were severely injured as the “protesters” went unchecked. The media was silent & sadly normalized it. An entire political party went mute hoping the mess would further their agenda/narrative. Caught in the middle were low income folks, mostly people of color in those major cities. What irritated me yesterday was your tying of MAGA folks to Germany, which is a CNN/MSNBC go-to trope. It’s a dangerous tactic & intellectually dishonest. Trust me, if the last administration had Nazi’s in it the protests would’ve ended the 1st night. “Protesters” who ransacked and ruined that Target in Minneapolis would’ve been apprehended, lined up against a wall & then shot. You see, that’s how real Nazi’s behaved 75, 80 years ago. Fascists? again, to use this word in relation to MAGA folks is disgusting. As someone who had family tormented by the 1st Fascists in Italy by Mussolini’s black shirts by force, it’s wrong to use that term here in a free country. We have the 1st amendment still. Italians did not. Those who dissented were silenced & often dissapeared. Do us all a favor, no more underhanded veiled slights to everyday Americans in relation to Germany & Nazism. We’re all Americans, plain and simple.


    1. While I don’t have a history degree Gionfriddo, I am a student of history. So much we can learn from history.

      Excellent summation of the horrible and deadly rioting of the last year.

      I see a lot of parallels between the facist Nazi’s and the wannabe facist BLM. It’s scary, like the Nazi’s who had millions of “Good Germans” supporting them, BLM has millions of misguided brainwashed Americans supporting them. Sadly, this probably won’t end well.

      I’ll be watching and listening, as much as I can, to the show trial starting today. Can you think of a recent example of a trial of this magnitude where judge and jury were the same? Always hoped it wouldn’t ever happen in America.


  19. There are always going to be shithead extremists on both sides who make them look bad like the proud boys for republicans and antifa for democrats. It isn’t a representation for the vast majority on both sides who are just normal hard working people who hope to live a good life with a good career to be able to retire one day. The Capital incident was a terrible thing no doubt about it. There’s always no excuse for violence. But it’s very hard for me to see how terrible that incident was when it was the government themselves getting broken into as portrayed by the media but people’s businesses, homes and lives were getting wrecked by looting and burning of entire cities while another was partially occupied but the media and Congress called it “peaceful protesting”. There seems to be one narrative that’s excepted out there and anyone else who doesn’t agree automatically are bigots, racists and generally bad people who need to be canceled and the media hammers it home 24/7 which all the more makes me wish baseball would hurry up and get here so I can hear about something positive on TV for a change.


  20. Yes, we all do.

    That’s the entire point. Glad you noticed that.

    An appeaser is someone who feeds the alligator, hoping it will eat him last.
    W. Churchill

    Here’s to Trevor Bauer making 28 to 31 starts, winning 15 to 20 w/ a sub 3 ERA & 250 K’s, thus taking home the Cy Young award for the 2nd straight year, helping his hometown Dodgers to their 2nd straight World championship title.


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