Honoring Hank Aaron, Several Rumors Surrounding Dodgers

The baseball family lost another great Friday morning when the great home run king Hank Aaron passed away at 86 years old. He finished his career with 755 total home runs, a record that stood until in 2017. Aaron spent most of his career with the Braves and Brewers. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982 in his first year of eligibility. Aaron was also an avid Civil Rights Activist. It has been a tough week for baseball fans, as just couple of days ago we also lost the great Don Sutton.

The Dodgers paid tribute to Hank Aaron on social media. In total Aaron had 25 All-Star game appearances, 20+ homers in 20 seasons, while recording a total of 6,856 total bases.

In 1999, MLB renamed the award given to the best hitter in each league after Hank Aaron. The home run king ranked first in all-time ranks of RBIs, XBHs, total bases, and All-Star Appearances.

Today is January 22nd, which is also Justin Turner Day in Los Angeles. Today is probably the perfect day for the Dodgers to re-sign Turner. Over the past couple of days, rumors have circulated about the Dodgers pursuing Marcus Semien, Trevor Bauer, in addition to Turner. It has been reported that the Dodgers could even sign both Semien and Turner.

There’s been plenty of free-agent rumblings surrounding the Dodgers, but other than a few bullpen additions—specifically Blake Treinen—there hasn’t been a huge splash. Although the team did just win the World Series, they’re not going to throw money around. If Turner somehow walks, the 36-year-old would leave a tremendous hole at the hot corner.

Overall, signing both Semien and Turner would be the ideal situation. Semien struggled a bit during the shortened season, but finished in the top three of the American League MVP voting in 2019. Personally, I think Turner does re-sign with the Dodgers, as it is hard to envision him closing out his career with another team at this point. We could see Turner sign a similar deal that Michael Brantley just signed with the Astros. Brantley is set to enter his age-34 season and inked a two-year deal worth $32 million. Turner could see something similar, as it is hard to envision the Dodgers going longer than two years on a deal.

The biggest name free agent left at this point is arguably Bauer. The Dodgers were reported to be linked the righty throughout the week, but more than likely on a short team deal. It is hard to see Bauer and the Dodgers come to an agreement on a long-term deal; however, with the flurry of moves by the Padres, a good amount of Dodger fans have been pushing for a big signing.

Bauer recently on his Youtube channel, released a video Facetiming a Dodgers fan, hearing her pitch as to why he should sign with the Dodgers.

They Dodgers also seem slowly falling out of the running for Brad Hand, a former closer who the team looked to add to its bullpen when the offseason began.

In the past couple of years we have seen teams all over the league make big splashes late in the offseason, and this year feels like that may just happen again.

6 thoughts on “Honoring Hank Aaron, Several Rumors Surrounding Dodgers

  1. I totally respected Hank Aaron. He was one of the nicer players in the league. And he was consistent. Never struck out more than 97 times in any season, and only averaged 68 strikeouts a year against 69 walks. Averaged 37 homers a year over 23 seasons. Impressive stats. Still the all time RBI leader, 10 times the man and player Barry Bonds was and to me, still the real HR leader. Kike signs with the Red Sox for 2 years 14 million.


  2. I find that picture of Aaron interesting for a couple reasons.

    One, he’s choking up. I don’t know if that is just for picture taking purposes, or if Aaron normally choked up when batting (or at least with two strikes). Maybe he evolved over the years, young Aaron choking up and later not. Anybody know? Barry Bonds, love him or hate him, who has the most homers in MLB history, choked up on the bat, did number 2 also?

    Second, was that “Civil Rights Activist” Aaron would agree to wear an obviously racist (at least by today’s standards) emblem on his shoulder. Should his MLB records be blacklisted for not standing up against racism, or should we give him a pass because that was a different era? I vote for the second, but I also give Washington, Jefferson, etc. a pass on owning slaves back in the 1700s and early 1800s.

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    1. Aaron did not choke up That is nothing more than a publicity still. Maybe he felt better holding the bat like that for a photo. Aaron was a pure wrist hitter. He generated about as much bat speed as any player you will ever see, and he did not hit those long fly ball homers. Most of his were laser shots. His 1957 baseball card had the picture reversed and he was a lefty. Aaron had death threats when he was closing in on Ruth, and was under tremendous pressure. I do not know much about his stand on civil rights, but he was dignified and a gentleman all of the time. Especially during his interviews.

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  3. I’m going to miss Kike’ and the infectious smile and energy he brought to our team. He was a pivotal cog in what made us so good for so long with his clutch hitting and ability to play any position and play it well. Sadly all good things have to come to an end and we just can’t pay $7 million per year for a utility man with all our young guys coming due for big contracts. Having Chris Taylor obviously lessens the blow and we have a couple young utility type guys who should be ready for a chance at far less the cost. There’s going to be some hard decisions these next 2 years regarding some of our core players. This team will look vastly different at the start of the 2022 season.

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    1. Kike was an infectious personality no doubt. But he was not always clutch. He struck out way too much for a player with his skill set. I thought that he did himself no favors trying to be a power hitter. Yes, his two most memorable moments came in the 7th game of the NLCS against the Braves, and game 6 of the 2016 NLCS against the Cubs. His defense was always his best asset. He was handed the second base job TWICE and could not hold it. His splits against RH are bad. I never considered him anything but a scrub. If people really would look at his stats, they would see he was ok, but not great. Him being popular is why most fans are mad LA did not resign him. I look at him as a redundant piece being replaced by a cheaper piece.

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