Dodgers Clinch 8th Consecutive Division Title, Other Notes

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

All the big news across the baseball blogosphere on Tuesday night surrounded the Dodgers and their eighth straight National League West division title. And, although it doesn’t really mean much in the eyes of many, the win also secured Los Angeles as the No. 1 seed throughout the NL playoffs.

According to most reports, things were mostly business as usual in the clubhouse after the game, as the MLB has apparently discouraged any types of excessive celebrations. Indeed, the Dodgers are no strangers to such a scenario and are unlikely to get caught up in such commotion, anyway. While the squad will definitely be prioritizing just one game at a time come playoff time, a lot of the thinking among the fan base is that anything short of a World Series Championship will be disappointing.

Regardless, skipper Dave Roberts was still able to harness what it means for the team to secure another division title.

“It’s something that a lot of people expect but it should never be taken for granted because as you can see every year there’s a different champion in divisions,” Roberts said Tuesday night. “The consistency we put forth every year is a credit to the entire organization.”

As stated by Roberts, some players on the club did not realize the team was so close to clinching the NL West title.

“Truth be told, there were some guys tonight who didn’t even know we had a chance to clinch,” Roberts said. “I think we were pretty responsible, but I let it be known that this needs to be appreciated because this is not easy.”

Justin Turner

Infielder Justin Turner, who was initially in the lineup against Oakland on Tuesday, was scratched late because of discomfort in his hamstring. The initial plan was to get him back on the field at third base.

“There was just a cramp in his hamstring,” Roberts said. “As he went through his pregame, he felt good then something kind of tightened up. As I understand it, I just talked to Justin briefly a few minutes ago and he says he wants to be in there tomorrow. I’ll have to see how his hamstring responds tomorrow. But when the player says he wants to be in there, that’s a good thing.”

The veteran has served as the designated hitter during each of his five starts since returning from the injured list on September 15, hitting .389 (7-for-18) with three walks over that span.

Joc Pederson

Also on Tuesday night, the Dodgers activated outfielder Joc Pederson from the family emergency leave list after optioning utility man Zach McKinstry to the team’s alternate training site.

According to Bill Plunkett of the OC Register, Pederson’s family situation still might not be resolved, opening the door for perhaps another absence in the foreseeable future during the playoffs.

“Family first. Joc knows that. His family understands that,” Roberts said. “I just know Joc worked real hard to be here with us to finish out this homestand. And I would expect him to be with us through the Wild Card Series. But after that, I just don’t know.”

In the meantime, the Dodgers continue their series with the middle game of a three-game set against Oakland at home on Wednesday. Julio Urias will take the bump for Los Angeles, opposed by southpaw Sean Manaea of Oakland.

First pitch is set for 6:40 p.m. Los Angeles time.

17 thoughts on “Dodgers Clinch 8th Consecutive Division Title, Other Notes

  1. I do not think that Division titles are what the organization aspires to. To me, winning is great, but they have done nothing until they finish the job. Until then, they are the Braves revisited. I care less if they tie the Yanks next year at nine, I want to see that banner raised in LA next year.


    1. Did you read what I said? Division titles are not what they ASPIRE TO. Which means that they want to win championship’s. How many division titles did the Giants win when they won 3 World Series in 5 years? And where in that statement do you see anything about finishing last? Everyone is all excited about division titles. Hell, they are no where near close to tying the Braves who won 14 in a row, and one world championship. Getting to the playoffs is important to be sure, but the Giants, twice, and the Nationals, once have 3 title between them from the wild card.


      1. I stand corrected, the Giants won the 3014 title after being the wild card team In 10 and 12 they won the division. The Marlins won the series twice as wild cards, the Cardinals, Giants and Nats all did that once. But another thing, getting home field has not helped the Dodgers all that much either. All of their world series wins, save one, 1963 were won on the road. 4 times in this current run, they have not even made it out of the NLDS. So tell me, why should I get excited about another division title.? Hey, I am glad they won, but it does not give me a reason to gloat or jump up and down with joy. World titles do that. You lost all credibility with me after that question.


  2. Rich … I’m pretty sure that Bear is just expressing some of the frustration many of us have been feeling since 1988. Last night when Joe mentioned that Roberts was the manager with the 3rd highest winning percentage, ever … I felt a little sick to my stomach. I don’t know the man, seems like a nice guy … but the 3rd best manager ever … c’mon! I have watched every game for a long, long time. Over the last five years, Roberts has personally cost us a half dozen or so games every year. I agree with Bear, stats are meaningless, until we get this across the finish line!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. His record might be the 3rd best ever, but he is no where close to being the 3rd best manager ever. That is about titles and longevity. Roberts right now is not a hall of fame manager. The 3rd best of all time is in the hall. Right now that might be Casey Stengel if you are going by titles. Or John McGraw. Connie Mack managed for over 50 years. His winning percentage is not that great simply from the fact he managed so long and the A’s were pretty bad for a lot of those years. He is not as good a manager as Bochy. And he for sure is no great strategic manager. His in game tactics are extremely questionable.


  3. Bear, losing credibility with you is one of my life’s greatest disappointments because we all know how many championships that you have won.I thought beating back the corona virus was nasty but dealing with you is much worse. It’s no fun being involved in a forum where the primary poster thinks he’s god and is just such an a hole. I won’t be back


    1. gee Rich, just look at what you posted. You know I never have thought I was god. I just am not satisfied with division titles and as a Dodger fan, I would at least like to believe that you aren’t either. And I am far from the primary poster on this site. I have opinions yes, and I express them a lot. But I respect everyone else’s, always have. And calling me names loses you more cred. You do not know me at all. You are judging me simply because I offended your delicate sensibilities I myself have never won a championship and have never claimed to have. What I have is a love of history and all things Dodgers. I have also been alive to see all of their championship teams. I was talking about what ownership and the players ASPIRE TO. If you are happy with 8 division titles, and no championships, that is on you. Is it an accomplishment? . Sure. great, we have won the west 8 times. Unfortunately, they have not accomplished what we all look for. I doubt the team is satisfied with just titles, and I doubt most Dodger fans are either. Braves won 14 of them in a row, and the Yankees 9. Yanks were more successful than the Braves, they won 4 World Series during their run. I am not an a hole. I just have a different perception of what they have done than you. You can continue to post here in peace because I am not going to respond to any post by you from now on. God knows offending you is a cardinal sin.


  4. Golly gee, Rich … maybe just a hint of over reaction. Bear might be a little rough around the edges, but his knowledge, all things Dodgers, has certainly gained respect around here. Sorry your feelings were hurt … but you did lead with some sarcasm. Grab a breath, and hang around … there’s still some exciting stuff about the happen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bill. But I am perfectly capable of defending myself. And Dennis would have removed my post if he thought it was offensive. As for me being the primary poster, that is ridiculous since I have spent a lot of time the last few weeks researching and writing stories for another blog. I check in here everyday to see what is posted and contribute when I feel I have something pertinent to say. But I am not on here attacking people.


      1. It’s all good. I was actually thinking what winning a World Championship this year would mean for everybody. Sure, it would go down in the history books as a World Series victory, but it would still seem tainted just a bit. It just wouldn’t feel the same—at least to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I totally agree. Excuse my French, but this is a bastardized season. I am wondering a lot what it would have looked like over 162 games. SD and the Dodgers clearly the class of the division at this point, but who knows where they would have been on the 31st of July. Winning takes away some of the angst of the losses, but there are many fans, especially Giant fans who are going to say, well, it wasn’t a real baseball season. Thing is, you factor the way they are playing and the way hitters are performing, and they would roll over the division with ease. Someone figured out that they were on a pace over 162 to hit 309 homers, which would break the Twins record by 2. Mookie would hit close to 40, and with their bats waking up some, Cody and Muncy both would top 30 again. Seager would probably get his first 30 homer season, and Pollock would easily top his career mark of 21. And what about Taylor? He would probably crank at least 20. And Rios as a sub might even get close to that. Yeah, it is a totally different feel. If they win, at least they will have broken the string of years without one. But it just will not feel the same with no fans in the stands on a field 1200 miles from home. And do not expect Joc to be there if they make it that far. I think he stays in LA with his family.


  5. Dennis … I was thinking about that yesterday. Decided if the Dodgers do get to the series, and win … I’ll take it. I actually don’t think a series win would be tainted. In some ways, it’s more difficult this year. Shorter season, more teams can stay in it longer. And the playoffs will be way more demanding, with more teams eligible than any other season. In my opinion, no reason to discount 2020 at all!

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    1. You have a point. And the Dodgers have won a shortened season World Series before in 81. Nothing tainted about that one. But it still feels different.


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