Dodgers Place Clayton Kershaw on Injured List, Recall Dustin May


In an unfortunate turn of events just hours before Thursday’s season opener, the Dodgers have placed left-handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw on the injured list with back stiffness and have recalled right-handed pitcher Dustin May.

According to Ken Gurnick of, Kershaw sustained the injury in the weight room during a workout on Tuesday.

Manager Dave Roberts issued a comment stating that there is no timetable for the veteran lefty’s return.

May joins the squad after being optioned moments before the club’s active roster was set, although Gurnick hinted that the young righty was told before there would be a possibility that he could join the team.

The 22-year-old May will make his first career Opening Day start and will become the first Dodger rookie to start on Opening Day since Fernando Valenzuela in 1981. The Texas native made his Major League debut on August 2, 2019 against the San Diego Padres.

In his first big league season, May went 2-3 with a 3.63 ERA (14 ER/34.2 IP) with 32 strikeouts. Originally drafted in the third round of the 2016 MLB Draft out of Northwest High School (TX), May has posted a 24-17 record with a 3.50 ERA in 78 games (73 starts) in the Dodger organization. He entered the season as the league’s 23rd-rated prospect according to and participated in the 2019 Futures Game.

Kershaw, 32, enters his 13th season with the Dodgers and 347 games (344 starts) with the Dodgers, he is 169-74 with a 2.44 ERA (617 ER/2274.2 IP) with 2464 strikeouts. Last season, the 2014 NL MVP went 16-5 with a 3.03 ERA (60 ER/178.1 IP) and 189 strikeouts in 29 games (28 starts).

Thursday’s nod would have been Kersh’s ninth career Opening Day start, extending his own team record.

Los Angeles won all of Kershaw’s first seven Opening Day starts, as he compiled a 5-0 record with a 0.99 ERA during that span. However, his win streak was broken in 2018 when the Dodgers were blanked by the Giants, 1-0.

Last year, lefty Hyun-Jin Ryu took the mound on Opening day for the Dodgers when Kershaw was deemed unable to throw after dealing with shoulder problems most of the spring.

Thursday’s lineup:

  • Muncy 1B
  • Betts RF
  • Bellinger CF
  • Turner 3B
  • Seager SS
  • Hernandez 2B
  • Pederson LF
  • Pollock DH
  • Barnes C
  • (May P)


(Juan Dorado furnished some information provided in this report)


31 thoughts on “Dodgers Place Clayton Kershaw on Injured List, Recall Dustin May

  1. Looks like Doc is already playing with the lineup. Muncy hitting leadoff? Left, right, left all the way through the lineup. I would definitely have hit Joc above Kike.


      1. I haven’t been as down on Doc as most others, but I’m beginning to get aggravated. Somehow this lineup just doesn’t seem as scary as what we’ve seen the last few games. Maybe it’s just me but why mess with success? Maybe Kike hits Cueto very well. I certainly hope so, because I would have started CT3. Why hit Mookie leadoff every day and then when it counts move him to the second spot. Although Max has a very good OBP both lifetime and last year, Mookie’s is better.


      2. Do we know how often Barnes and Smith each caught CK last year? Maybe that had something to do with it. Possibly Kersh prefers Barnes. Maybe Barnes hits Cueto well. Or……………………………………..maybe Doc pulled a name out of a hat.


  2. Seriously? His back? Already? WTF???? And Roberts what in holy monkey shit hell are you doing hitting Muncy leadoff when you have a $350 million dollar MVP LEADOFF HITTER????? I feel like this is the twilight zone.


  3. How about Ferguson coming in throwing 97!?never seen him above 95. Great game by May for the situation he was put in. Saw him put 99 on the gun at least 4-5 times.


  4. This offense is just going to beat teams down. It took a few innings tonight and the Giants aren’t exactly the best team in the league, but the opposition is just going to constantly be looking over their shoulder this year, waiting for the hammer to fall. And they’ll never know who will be leading the charge.

    I would again like to point out the genius that I am, reminding everyone that last night I was complaining that I would have started CT3 over Kike. Kike, who is now on track for a 300 RBI season in 60 games.

    Overall, a great start and kudos to May for stepping in at the last minute and doing a great job. Except for Kike, the offense really never quite got rolling and we still scored 8 runs. Keep it up guys!


  5. Well, the season is underway. Not many surprises. Kike did have a nice game, and drove in the bulk of the runs. ESPN proved that they have the worse announcers by far of any network. It was surreal as none of them were anywhere close to the ball park, and they are also doing Sunday’s game with the Gnats. Loved Cody’s oppo double and Mookie’s speed to score the go ahead run, and then how they kept pilling it on. Seager almost took the pitchers head off with a liner back through the box. Pollock even came through with a knock. Roberts was quoted also as saying Betts would lead off against lefty’s. Dislike it when the announcers get info wrong. ESPN’s lead announcer said LA was supposed to have the All Star game, but would have to go back into the rotation and it would be a while. He obviously missed the announcement over a month ago that the game would be in LA in 2022. Joc needs to remember that no one is in the park, so when he lets go with the F-Bomb, pretty much the entire planet can hear him. Barnes will be fine.


  6. Sorry bear but if by fine you mean the Mendoza line then he will indeed be fine. Barnes isn’t a good enough receiver to warrant any playing time with his bat. You were so tough on White but I’d much rather see him up over Barnes when we need a hit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh good. Our first disagreement of the year. Don’t let him get away with that Rich. Are you going to let him talk to you like that Bear?
      Go to your corners gentlemen. No foul language. Come out swinging.
      Just stirrin’ the pot a little folks. 🙂


      1. With the offense this team has, and the use of the DH this season, what ever production they get out of Barnes and Smith is a plus. Smith faded badly at the end, and was miserable in the playoffs. He has talent, and a lot of drive to learn. He will be a force, but in a truncated season, there is not one single reason to not give every player his shot. I do not expect Barnsie to hit .300, but I will take a solid .240. I do not expect Smith to hit for a high average either. What both will be come playoff time is fresh. They are together as good a defensive tandem as there is in the league. And if Smith hits anything like he did last year, they will be fine. Comparing White to Barnes was just wrong. Especially with those stats he put up in blue. I am totally glad he is not a part of the organization anymore. Now, we are all waiting for Keibert Ruiz to make his mark. If he is as good as advertised, Barnes will most likely be an exe Dodger by next season.


    2. For your info, Barnes at this point in his career is a better defensive catcher than Smith. And Doc has already said, they are sharing the duties, and Barnes has hit in the past. He came up with a few clutch hits last year. Is he the hitter Smith is? Nope, not close, but he is 120 points better than Gale. Career wise he has out homered Gale 17 -1. His career .229 average dwarfs Gales .109. You mentioned the Mendoza line? Gale has never come within 90 points of it. Barnes is an excellent catcher. He has a lot more experience than Gale or Smith. Barnes did more as a Dodger than White did. You had better check your stats. White hit .045 as a Dodger last year. Me thinks you are smoking the wrong stuff. Barnes also is an excellent game caller. Something Grandmal was dismal at for all his framing ability. AJ Ellis was not much of a stick either. But he was CK’s personal catcher and handled every pitcher on the staff well. I respect your opinion, but this one is mine, game set match!


      1. Some excellent jousting there guys. I have no problem with each of the two getting some playing time until one or the other shows he deserves most all of it. If we go by what Smith did when he first came up last year, the job should be his. If we go by the 2017 Barnes season, he has a claim to it. In the meanwhile they are both better than average defensive catchers and with the other 8 guys we have in the lineup we can afford a not-so-good hitter until one of them figures it out (or until Kaybear arrives).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you…..I think Ruiz has a lot to prove before he is thrown into the mix. He has not even played a full year in AAA yet.


  7. Oh yea I’d want to stake my cred on the bat of Austin Barnes! He couldn’t hit .240 if you included batting practice! Smith should be catching most every game. He’s young and the equipment isn’t that heavy as John McKay would say! Game, set, and match. I think you have something there bear. Barnes would make a better ball boy than an MLB catcher!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I happen to think the powers that be have a better handle on how good or bad Barnsie is. And he hit .289 in 2017. Kike has had some bad years too, but I do not see anyone bad mouthing him. But you lost all cred my friend throwing White’s name in there. Barnes was picked to start over Grandal in the 2017 playoffs. Not all that long ago. Your game is weak my friend, and your analysis lame.


    2. One more thing, I guess stats mean nothing to you. But that is ok, your whinning sounds more like sour grapes than anything else, and makes no sense. since you cannot back it up with facts. But you are an ok guy and I will let you bask in what you consider to be your own brilliance. I do know one thing for sure. Barnes can hit MLB pitching a lot better than you could..Game set season over.


  8. Schebler signs with the Braves…maybe you would be better off rooting for them Rich. Both of their catchers are out for the opener.


  9. My friendly bear look up Barnes career stats. He had an outlier year in 17 but otherwise it’s Austin Mendoza. Those are the facts! When you diss players it’s brilliant analysis and when I point out Barnes ineptitude it’s whining! I’d rather have you hitting with men on base rather than Barnes! With your fishing rod!


  10. And bear, that’s rich of you defending the Dodger powers to be In evaluating Barnes. You’ve been ripping AF since the day he got here!


    1. I said the powers that be And i did check Barnes career stats. I am no dummy. He is not the greatest hitter ever by far, But defensively he is damn good. Roberts already said they are going to share the duties. Which means Smith 3 out of 5 games. Barnes always hit in the minors. He, like many players has not found that stroke in the majors. But, he has also never had the opportunity to be an everyday catcher. He has mainly been a back up his entire MLB career. Your mistake was saying you would take White over Barnes.Bad choice. White has done nothing over the last 2 season either. As for AF, I will give him credit when it is due. He still has not over come some of the really bad signings he made when he first took over the job. He scored points for Betts, that is true, but the real test is winning the big prize. That he has NEVER done. Smith had a sac fly and not much else last night. I apologize for saying you were whining. Bad choice of words. But Barnes is a better hitter than you give him credit for. Give him a chance in a clutch situation. He has not had many of those, and his bat was not really, and is not really needed to keep this team competitive. Catcher is the one position that this team needs defense more than offense. I should think having Grandmal back there for 4 years would have proved that to you. And he is a terrible hitter in the clutch. For all his tools, Kike has had one really good year with the bat. Yeah, he kept his power numbers, but his hitting was not that great. Just check his BA. But he gets opportunities because of his glovework.


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