MLB Owners and Players Still Worlds Apart


At one point during the weekend, the vast majority of fans around the world were near certain they would see at least some Major League Baseball action this year.

However, that optimistic perception changed drastically by Monday afternoon.

As Andy reported in her column on Saturday, the players’ union was disgusted with the progress of salary negotiations, when its members seemingly gave in and said, “Tell us when and where.”

At that precise juncture, it appeared that the impasse was over, even though an official agreement had not been reached. Besides, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred had the executive power to set the length of a prospective season by himself if and when the two sides were unable to find a resolution.

Furthermore, Manfred promised publicly last week that “unequivocally, we are going to play Major League Baseball this year.” During the conversation, he set the odds of baseball happening at “100 percent.”

Nevertheless, on Monday, in response to the latest stance of the MLBPA, the league sent the union a letter saying there won’t be a season unless the players waive any legal claims against ownership in violation of the pact that both sides agreed to in March.

This letter apparently stemmed from a rumor that a lawyer representing the union leaked the intentions of the players of filing a grievance that supposedly entitled the players an additional billion dollars in salary.

When the smoke cleared on the letter after it was received by the union, Manfred lost all confidence in the prospects of a 2020 season.

“The owners are a hundred percent committed to getting baseball back on the field,” he said. “Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that I’m a hundred percent certain that’s gonna happen.”

Manfred added, “I’m not confident. I think there’s real risk, and as long as there’s no dialogue, that real risk is gonna continue.”

Early Monday evening, Union president Tony Clark issued a response to Manfred’s remarks.

“Players are disgusted that after Rob Manfred unequivocally told Players and fans that there would 100% be a 2020 season, he has decided to go back on his word and is now threatening to cancel the entire season. Any implication that the Players Association has somehow delayed progress on health and safety protocols is completely false, as Rob has recently acknowledged the parties are very, very close. This latest threat is just one more indication that Major League Baseball has been negotiating in bad faith since the beginning. This has always been about extracting additional pay cuts from Players and this is just another day and another bad faith tactic in their ongoing campaign.”

As it stands, some pundits seem to feel that there will not be a 2020 season unless the players would waive the aforementioned prospective legal claims against the owners.

To make matters worse, later on Monday evening Bob Nightengale of USA Today indicated that several more players and staff members have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus, elevating a potential health and safety agreement between the union and the owners to an entirely new level, especially when considering the possibility of a second wave of the virus in the fall.


9 thoughts on “MLB Owners and Players Still Worlds Apart

  1. Manfred needs 23 of the 30 owners to agree before he can implement what ever amount of games he feels is right. According to what I have read, more than 8 of the owners do not want a season….I bet I could name them too. And all of them have no shot at winning anything. I am done with them all. They will never see another dime of mine spent at a ball park.


  2. So the way it sounds is the owners want to renege on an agreement the two sides made in March, but want a guarantee they don’t get sued for breaking a three month old agreement. Truely amazing!

    In response to the last part of the article, if guys are starting to come up with the virus, maybe they shouldn’t play the season anyway.

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    1. Increased virus stats are simply because testing has increased. And the recovery rate is over 90 percent. Come on, lets be realistic. If they use the proper precautions someone might test positive, but that does no necessarily mean they are going to get sick. And with expanded rosters they could cover for players that test positive. These guys are athletes. 99.99 percent of them are in excellent health. The ones who have Diabetes are at risk, but I do not think any of them have most of the conditions conductive to the disease becoming a problem for them. This is simply about MONEY. The OWNERS desire not to pay it, and the PLAYERS desire to get the MAX. Neither side is playing fair. And now they are not even negotiating. Ya know what? Screw them. I am never spending another penny to attend their games. I will watch on TV and that is it.


  3. And here is something else. If they get a vaccine this year, unlikely, it would take months to get enough of it to vaccinate the nation. And it would be basically untested for the needed amount of time to be deemed totally safe on humans, I do not know about you, but I am not taking it no matter what. I am also not going to live my life in fear. I do not fear this virus even though I am in the most vulnerable group, and I am not going to let this dictate my daily schedule.


  4. Look at the bright side folks, only 283 days until players report for Spring Training 2021. If there is a 2021 season.


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