Dodgers News: MLB Suspends Spring Training, Delays Start of Regular Season

Corey Seager
(AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)

In a move many fans feared might happen, today Major League Baseball announced that Spring Training has been halted, and that the start of the season has been moved back at least two weeks to April 8th while worries about the coronavirus abound.

MLB follows suit with the other major sporting programs who have recently also suspended their seasons. Last night, after a player for the Utah Jazz tested positive for the virus, the NBA suspended the rest of their season. Today, the NHL and MLS also halted their seasons already in progress. The NCAA has also canceled all conference tournaments and March Madness.

Baseball is a little different in that the season hasn’t really begun yet, allowing for a little bit more flexibility and planning. It has not been stated yet whether the season will be played in its entirety or whether it will be a shortened season. These details surely will be ironed out in the days to come.

Minor League Baseball has also delayed the start of its season, although officials did not give a prospective start date.

MLB had started to deal with the effects of the coronavirus on Monday, limiting press access to players and to locker rooms. They also had set guidelines for players interacting with fans, like carrying their own pens and having pre-signed items. Things have moved quickly in the last three days.

The Dodgers issued this statement today as well:


As of now, it appears that most, if not all, of the Dodger players will be staying at Camelback Ranch and continue to train for the time being. Manager Dave Roberts told reporters that he was unaware of any players that were going home, but that they would be allowed to go home should they so chose. He also mentioned that the training will be dialed back.

Holding steady in their training will be fine for position players. They can continue to get their bat work in and sharpen their defensive skills. The pitching staff is what could be an issue. Starting pitchers were currently in the middle of stretching themselves out to be ready for the beginning of the season. Simulated games among teammates may become commonplace.

Things will become more clear as the days and weeks pass by. In these unprecedented times, it is imperative that all safety precautions are taken so that the most people can remain safe. It is unfortunate, however, that the sports world cannot be there for us when we need it the most. Everyone stay safe, and we here at Think Blue Planning Committee will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.


11 thoughts on “Dodgers News: MLB Suspends Spring Training, Delays Start of Regular Season

  1. MLB is saying the start of the season will be pushed back “by at least two weeks” which would be sometime around mid-April. I’m guessing we’ll be lucky to get in half a season this year.


  2. Totally the right thing to do. In 95 coming out of the strike, they did not begin until mid June, and still managed a 144 game season. The health of the players, and the fans should be the # 1 concern of all. Use the lull to watch old Laugh-In shows, read a book, get an online education. There are plenty of distractions available.

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  3. It looks like most of the players are going to remain in camp. They have been given the option to leave if they like. The extra time allows for working on those nagging little injuries, Will benefit Nelson and May, and even Joc.


  4. It’s a shame, I’ve been real excited about watching this team play. Every team has “ifs”, but “if “ the dodgers stay healthy, and “ if “ they all play to their potential, this can be a special group. I hope we don’t lose the chance to see how special they can be.
    I have always used sports as a distraction when things are not going well, going to have to find another way to distract myself from obsessing over this stupid virus, and what it’s doing to us.

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    1. Keith, I do not know just how old you are, but I understand the distraction of everyday pressures. Just think how bad it is for elderly people who look so forward to the game they played as children. I am closing in on 72. Was there when they moved from Brooklyn. Watched the entire hullabaloo of the parade and everything on TV. Not much to like in 58 with an aging team, a makeshift ballpark, and close to the worst record in the league. But 59 was magic. A mix of vets from Brooklyn, Hodges, Snider, Podres, Koufax, Neal, Rosey, Furillo, and some new faces and a kid at SS in June who just shook the place up with his speed. Some new arms out of the pen, and they ended up tying Milwaukee for the pennant. So, for the 3rd time in NL history, and the 3rd time in Dodger history, they were in a playoff. This one ended better that the other 2. After beating the Braves in game 1, they were in a tight game at the coliseum, Down by 3 in the ninth, they rallied. Carl Furillo drove in Hodges with the tying run. Both teams went scoreless in the 10th and 11th innings. The Braves were then retired in the 12th. The first two hitters went down in the bottom of the 12th, but then Hodges walked. Pignatano singled him to second. Bringing up Carl Furillo. Well past his prime, and he had been injured most of the year. He had only played 50 games that year, but still hit .290. An average we would love to see a couple of our players today reach. Furillo hit a bouncer up the middle that the Braves SS. Felix Mantilla, managed to get a glove on, but his throw was wide, Hodges scored and the Dodgers won the pennant. They went on to beat the White Sox in the series and bring LA it’s first world championship in its second year of existence. The Braves on the other hand, started to spiral down, and attendance got so bad that they moved to Atlanta in 1966. They won the division in 69. but pretty much were a non factor in the NL until the 90’s. Furillo’s reward? He was released while injured in 1960. He ended up suing the Dodgers. And basically was never in baseball again. He claimed he was blackballed. He ended up working for the Otis Elevator company in New York. Over the years the Dodgers have had some wonderful moments, and for a time, due to something neither they nor anyone can control, we will not be able to enjoy them. What I wrote in this is one of those memories. It is a 62 year old memory that I can pull up when I have nothing to remember right now. I am lucky. I have music, and I live somewhere that there are not going to be huge crowds unless you go to Wal Mart on payday. The best thing to do is delve into reading a book, a lost art in my estimation, binge watch some of your favorite shows. I have a channel on my ROKU that lets me see old Laugh-In shows, which by the way, are not only nostalgic, but pretty funny still. Sock it to me!. But the main thing is my friend, take care of yourself, and keep yourself and your family safe..


  5. MLB has now decided to have all players leave ST and head to their homes. This is one more indication that the “two week delay” to the season’s opening will be substantially longer than that.


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