Dodgers Reportedly Designate Yadier Alvarez for Assignment

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According to several reports coming out of camp late Saturday morning, the Dodgers have designated longtime pitching prospect Yadier Alvarez for assignment.

Ken Gurnick of was among the first to reveal the news.


Alvarez was scheduled to throw against the Brewers in a Cactus League game on Friday, but when he did not make the appearance, skipper Dave Roberts said that the 23-year-old righty “did not feel right” and was subsequently scratched.

It was later reported that Alvarez was feeling discomfort in his right shoulder.


Early on Saturday morning, Roberts told reporters that Alvarez was shut down and was being examined for an unspecified physical issue.

Approximately two hours later, the announcement came that the team was designating him for assignment.

During his first few years in the system, it was common to see Alvarez ranked among the organization’s Top 5 overall prospects.

Despite a substandard 4.02 ERA over his career in the minors, things still seemed to be on the up-and-up for the native of Cuba when he was named to the team’s 40-man roster late in 2018. However, it was a series of unexcused absences that landed him on the restricted list just before rosters expanded last season.

Reporters stated that it was Alvarez’s behavioral issues that initially got him into trouble. After Alvarez did not respond to internal disciplinary attempts by the organization, the final straw was the restricted list, which seemingly may have pushed him out of the organization for good.

After defecting from Cuba at the age of 18 and showcasing his skills in the Dominican Prospect League, the Dodgers signed Alvarez to a whopping $16 million bonus on the first day of the international signing period in July of 2015.

For offering a bonus so high and taking into account their other international signings, the Dodgers were forced to pay a penalty for surpassing international limits.

That’s how much the team liked him.

“His fastball is a power fastball,” said Gil Velazquez, manager of the Low-A Great Lakes back in 2016. “He tops out at 100 MPH several times per game. He’ll sit around 96 and he’s got a sharp curve. You can tell the hitters were intimidated. For him to be as young as he is and have such an easy delivery and hit 100 is impressive. Honestly, I’m not surprised at what he’s done here. If he speeds up his delivery a little more and gets a little more aggressive, I feel he’s a guy who can be dominant in the majors.”

Heading into spring training last year, the coaching staff engineered a rubber mechanism that connected Alvarez’s hip to his ankle in an effort to straighten out his delivery. He made two starts for Tulsa last April, but a groin injury triggered another nightmare season and his eventual downfall to the restricted list.

There’s still a chance the Dodgers could receive something in return for Alvarez. If a rival organization is willing to take a chance on the right-hander and offer an agreeable player back to the Dodgers, a trade could be orchestrated not long after.


43 thoughts on “Dodgers Reportedly Designate Yadier Alvarez for Assignment

  1. Peters is a Little too old to be a prospect. Carreer minor leaguer , 220 average, big swing and miss and some minor league power.
    We wont be seeing him in the bigs.

    1. Better get your facts straight Gordon. Peters is only 24. He is a career .269 hitter in the minors, not .220. He has been in the organization only 4 years.He got his first AAA action last year and did well. Yes, he does have the same problem as many young power hitters, he K’s a lot. But so does Bellinger and Pederson. Mitchell White and Rios, who are still listed as prospects are both older than he is. So is Gonsolin, who is also still listed as a prospect. He has only struck out twice so far this spring, same as Cody. Rios leads the team with 7. He also has more HR’s and ribbies than Cody. Peters is about the only RH power threat that they have in the minors. Most of the power down there is from the left side. Cody Thomas, who hit 2 more homers today against the Rockies and leads the team with 4, is a year older and a year behind. He played all year at AA and strikes out more than Peters does. All this info is readily available just by checking the players stats. You should read a little before embarrassing yourself by not knowing the facts. Oh yeah, Peters is the # 12 prospect on the Dodgers list. He will, like Thomas, most likely be at AAA this year. But if someone goes down, I do not think the Dodgers would hesitate to bring the kid up. Career minor leagues are guys who spend their entire career in the minors and never sniff the majors. Peters has a great shot at making it at some point. Will he be a star? Who knows, Turner was nothing more than a spare part until he came to the Dodgers and blossomed at age 29. Jackie Robinson was a rookie at 29 as was Maury Wills. Good news out of came was Buehler was nails in his first start. Stripling did well, Alexander got his first game action, and Gore actually got 2 hits and stole 2 bases. Sborz cemented his ticket back to OKC. Has a 9 ERA right now. They did indeed DFA Alvarez.

      1. I think we can pretty well forget about Broussard or Sborz ever making a contribution at the MLB level for the Dodgers. They both would have had a better chance in the past year or two when we were struggling to fill bullpen positions. That seems to be less and less of a problem as we go forward and both those guys have been so inconsistent that I doubt the front office will rely on them going forward. I’m not saying it would be impossible, but it gets far less likely as time goes on.

      2. Broussard is having a really tough spring. Now on the other hand, Kasowski has looked really good as has Santana. Uceta got his first game action today also. Lux looked better at the plate today than he has so far. So things are coming around. Rios is playing his way back to OKC also. Striking out more than should.

      3. Miles to go before I sleep. Was my mantra when I was driving a big rig. Had to make close to 700 a day to make any kind of money. Funny thing about the. When I first started, we could drive 10 hrs a day, but only had a 70 hour work week. If you were unloading, that counted against your 70. Lots of guys would log that and it would bite them later. Then they revamped the rules. Instead of not being able to reset your hours, if you were off 36 hours straight, the 70 automatically reset. And you could drive 11, but you had to take 8 off after that. Much fairer system since it was 10/10 before. With electronic log books now in vogue with most major companies, you do not see drivers fudging their logs unless the company does not use electronic logs. Some of the trucks have on board camera ability that allows the safety department to watch the drivers every move. Drivers are fighting that one. Invasion of privacy issues. But it sure is different from when I was driving. Glad I retired when I did. Too much BS now. Baseball has morphed too. Lot different game from my childhood, and I doubt the Babe would recognize it. But I still think he would hit the blazes off of today’s pitchers. All after polishing off a dozen dogs and six pack!

      4. Fact is while a handful blossom older than 25, thousands don’t. If you are 25 and not there yet there you are probably not going to make it. Maybe add a year for pitchers and catchers. So little chance rios, Peter’s or thomas will have big league careers with the dodgers. My point is always move on and give the youngers “prospects” a opportunity. Let’s continue this discussion in 3 years.

      5. I get that. But you are assuming they will not make it. Fact is there are many examples of players doing just that and no only on the Dodgers. I know you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. I just think you are being a little too narrow minded in this instance.

  2. Man and to think just 2 short years ago we could have gotten a real good player in trade with Alvarez as the centerpiece of the deal. Now you’d be lucky to get a 3 piece with fries and a drink from Popeyes for him.

      1. Wow Justin Sellers…..there’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile. I actually liked Sellers even though he couldn’t hit he had a very slick glove.

      2. You can always count on Dennis to dredge up a name we’ve all totally forgotten about. He has a special Rolodex file for occasions just such as this.
        I wonder if Justin has gotten any new tats since he left?

      3. I remember the time Sellers was arrested for recklessly riding his dirtbike through a residential area. He actually had the balls to say the cops set him up for the arrest because they were San Fran fans. I kid you not.

  3. Our bullpen is pretty much set isn’t it, I can’t see where there’s room for anyone but the guys guaranteed a spot.
    We will keep 8 in the pen so I have 8 locks unless someone starts on the IL.
    Kolorek or Ferguson
    Maybe Floro can somehow make the team but they will carry at least 2 lefties so neither of those guys will be left off. Does anyone see it differently?

    1. I think you’ve got it pretty much perfect although if Graterol has a great spring, he might force his way on to the opening day roster. Also, I somehow doubt Nelson will be ready so they might just switch those two. If Nelson isn’t ready and Graterol needs some time at OKC, Floro could make it.

      1. I would think if Nelson starts on the IL Floro will get his spot over Graterol, May or Gonsulin. Those 3 will all start in AAA but will be called up soon.

  4. Oh I bet I could dredge a name or two out of the dumpster of players who made us notice for a minute or two. Sellers was a good one, so would Jerry Sands be one also. Jerry came up in 2011, hit .253 with 4 homers in 61 games. He had hit 29 at Alb that year. He never came close to those numbers in the majors again. Was part of THE TRADE…with Loney, going to the BoSox. Bounced around a lot, and in 2018 went to the Korean league and hit .314 with 12 dingers in only 25 games. He returned to the league last year and hit .305 with 28 homers and 113 ribbies in 139 games. This year Sands will be in the land of the rising sun playing for the Hanshin Tigers. He has been with the Dodgers, Red Sox, Pirates, Rays, White Sox, Indians and the Giants.

    1. Hard for me to picture this staff without Graterol, May and Gonsolin on it. I also think McKinstry could give us the option of moving a utility salary. Along with a Pederson trade that would get us closer to below the cap. Not that it’s needed but I’m sure along with fishing for carpe in the diem Friedman is looking 1-5 years down the road. Staying clear of them accelerated tax base tiers is no doubt a goal, but they’ve already stated publicly it isn’t a priority. We’ve no doubt all seen a lot of bullsh*t stated publicly the last few years. I think it’s good practice to watch what people do rather than listen to what they say.

      I notice Pedro Moura at the Athletic had Rios over Beaty on the bench.

      According to Sport trac this morning we are $14,212,500 over Tax Space and 20% of that is $2,842,500 for a total $222,055,000. If ownership is ok with that and likes the make up of this team there is no need to move $9,850,00 of Pederson and Stropling.

      By the way, I read on that payroll sheet we are paying Maeda’s base of $3,436,500. I wasn’t aware of that.

      1. I seem to remember that we sent 10 mil to the Twins in the trade. I can’t believe it was 10 plus the 3.4 but who knows.
        Rios vs. Beaty – I’ll take Beaty every time. Rios definitely has more power but also strikes out more and Beaty is a very good pinch hitter. Since he’ll mostly be coming off the bench I think that’s important. Also Beaty can play first, third and left while Rios is basically just first and third. Moura knows more than I do but I’m betting on Beaty (unless he’s involved in a trade).

    2. Hah! You’ll have to come up with another one Bear. Dennis and I have already had a Sands conversation, probably before you showed up here on a regular basis. My son was also a big fan of his. I think all of us expected a bigger career from him than he ultimately had but at least he’s still playing. Wow, I just checked and he’s still only 32. Maybe we’ll trade Joc and Pollock and he’ll come back as our left fielder and lead us to that WS title. Here’s one I bet you didn’t know. Sands attended Catawba College, the same college that gave us long ago Rams wide receiver Bucky Pope, The Catawba Claw.

      1. The only sands I’m interested in are the ones at the beaches near me. Those names are interesting guys but they are not relevant moving forward. We’ve got depth and development going on that is promising a very bright future. We’ve also got resources to bring in the stars that are most appropriate.

        Checking the current Top 100, which is always fluent, Cartaya has passed Ruiz. I don’t think I saw that coming but I should have with Ruiz repeating AA and not improving. Maybe the injury slowed him more than was revealed, but that year and the trade talk apparently dropped his status. This is a big year for him.

      2. I can go deep into the box of Dodger tricks…..or treats… about players they traded who blossomed after leaving the blue? There have been a few. Pedro is probably the best of that lot. Has to be considered one of the worst trades in Dodger history. One other contender would be Jim Gentile. Had a decent 4 year run with the Orioles, drove in 141 runs in 61 and had 46 dingers, Hit .302 that year, Blocked by Hodges and Larker, so LA traded him to the O’s after the 59 season for Willie Miranda, and and a guy named Bill Lajoie. To bad that guy could not live up to his last name. Traded by the O’s after the to the A’s for Norm Siebern.

    1. Have you got someone in mind Rich? Only a contender would take all three because two of them are free agents after this season. Then you have their combined 15-16 mil in salary. Most contenders aren’t prepared to increase their payroll by that much at this point. I don’t mind the idea but I’m not sure you’ll find a taker.

    2. 3 productive Major League players for an outfield prospect? Who you got in mind, Willie Mays Hayes or Jo Adell? Those three in one move should bring back 6 WAR potential.

  5. But 2 of them are free agents. I think the Angels match up well. They could really use Strip especially with Canning out. They’re not giving up Adell but a deal with Marsh involved could work. Angels definitely in win now mode.

  6. Can’t believe AF just gonna let Kike and Joc walk next year. Neither guy gonna get qualifying offer.

    1. All good points Rich. They are worth extending somewhere they would be more needed than here. All are still in their prime years so considerable value is there

  7. If you found someone to take all 3 of those guys with 2 headed for FA you wouldn’t get anything in return of significance. That’s would be a straight salary dump deal where the benefit is getting under the tax line. That’s not going to happen at this point I believe management is resigned to being over the limit but just barely. I bet Friedman wants that Joe Kelly or AJ Pollock contract back right now since that would just about solve all his problems.

    1. You mean like last year’s salary dump of Kemp, Puig, etc. where we didn’t get anything of significance except Gray and Downs? I’d take that again.
      With regard to Kelly and Pollock, I’m not sure Friedman is as down on those two contracts as many others seem to be. If each of those guys has a mediocre 2020, then yes, I’m sure he would tell you he regretted the signings, but I don’t think he’s ready to give up on either of them yet. Keep in mind they each had their bright spots last year. They just were horribly inconsistent.

    2. We traded quite a bit of future talent for 1 year of Betts, who was coming off a 6.8 WAR year. Stripling .9, Pederson 3.3, Enrique 1.5. I would not consider those guys a salary dump. Kelly, would be, Pollock might be considered one, but 36 home runs, one of the best utility guys in MLB and a flexible Major League pitcher, former All Star with 3 years of team control is considerable talent. I think we could expect a pretty good return on all that.

  8. Rich, I doubt trading 3 guys with the credentials of Pederson, Kike, and Strip for a top prospect is not in the cards for AF> They could trade them for players who also have 1 year left who might actually improve the team or make it deeper, not 1 for 3. As for Kelly and Pollock, Kelly has been pretty good so far, and Pollock went 1-2 with a walk and no K’s today. It is still early but some seem to think he is over the hill and gone. The main thing is, he is healthy, and when he is healthy, he is a good player. Kolarek had a rough inning against the Rangers today. 4 earned runs. Jansen, and Gonzalez were solid. Gonzo pitched 2 scoreless as the starter. Not much in the way of offense, but Kike hit his 3rd.

  9. 8-3 Texas in the 9th. Back end getting hammered today. McKinstry hit his 2nd dinger of the spring. Hitting well over .400…….here is a name out of the past. I bet maybe Scoop and Jefe remember a guy they called ” The Grey Flamingo” . Tom Brennan. Knuckleballer. In 1985 he had a really great spring, and was a surprise non roster player to make the team. Did not have the same success as in the spring, went 1-3 in 12 games. He started 4 of those. I just always loved that nickname..not sure who gave it to him.

  10. Now 8-6. Santana triple drives in Peters who walked and Rios hits a 2 run dinger…2 outs, nobody on. Ruiz up with 2 outs and a runner at 1st……Ruiz fly’s out on the first pitch to end it…..rats…LOL.

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