Kody Hoese, Michael Busch Named Among MLB’s Top Position Prospects


In a current series of prospect rankings put together by MLB.com, infielders Kody Hoese and Michael Busch of the Dodgers were named among MLB’s best position prospects.

The 23-year-old Hoese, a product of Tulane University, was listed as the tenth-best third base prospect in baseball. Busch, also 22 years of age, was surprisingly ranked as the sixth-best second base prospect, providing even more evidence that the Los Angeles farm is among the best in the game.

Hoese was chosen by the Dodgers as the 25th overall pick in the first round of the 2019 draft. Immediately after his selection, he was ushered to rookie ball in Arizona, where he hit .357/.456/.643 with five doubles and three homers in 56 AB over 19 games. From there, he went straight to Low-A Great Lakes, bypassing Ogden in the Pioneer League. For the Loons, he slashed .264/.330/.385 with three long balls in 22 games.

The right-handed hitting Hoese has the ability to drive the ball to all fields and continues to gain power at the plate. His 6-foot-4 frame, coupled with his decent range on the infield, is perfect for the hot corner. Scouts say right now his arm strength might be his best asset.

Already, Hoese has climbed the prospect rankings in the Dodgers system according to MLB Pipeline, having recently elevated to the No. 7 spot.

Taken just six picks after Hoese, Busch was selected as the 31st overall pick in the 2019 draft out of the University of North Carolina.

Billy Gasparino, the Dodgers’ director of player development, called Busch an “elite left-handed hitter,” comparing him to current Los Angeles slugger Max Muncy.

Said Gasparino not long after Busch’s selection, “Michael is a guy who we thought was one of the better bats in the Cape [Cape Cod League], both in terms of performance and swing, as well as overall defensive versatility. He’s been a staple in the UNC program. They rave about his makeup and his character, and we’re excited to add him to our organization. We’re going to challenge Michael and start at second base.”

Coincidentally, Busch was primarily a shortstop at UNC. Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com ranked Busch as having the best overall power grade among all the second base prospects.

After playing a handful of games in the Arizona Rookie League last season, the six-foot, 205-lb. Busch arrived at Great Lakes in time to appear in five games, going 2-for-11 with two RBI and six walks. According to Mayo, Busch’s “advanced approach at the plate allows him to wait for good pitches to drive.”

Busch hit 33 homers over his final two years at North Carolina.

In an earlier edition of the rankings issued last week, Jim Callis of MLB.com listed Dustin May as the sixth-best right-handed pitching prospect in all of baseball.

Shortstop rankings are due to be published on January 22.


13 thoughts on “Kody Hoese, Michael Busch Named Among MLB’s Top Position Prospects

    1. I’m sure Downs will be included with the shortstops. I’m certain Lux will get the top shortstop spot, but I won’t be surprised at all if Downs is ranked somewhere inside the Top 10.

  1. I constantly think about the drafts that Logan White had for us, but Gasparino isn’t going to be far behind. I like the way he’s filling holes we have. Hoese for third and all those relievers in the last couple of drafts. Now for an outfielder or two in the next draft.

  2. Busch is 22 and grades out at 50, Downs is 21 and grades out at 55. I’m not sure what the 5 year plan looks like but we currently have too many starting infielders in our system. Lux, Downs, Hoese, Busch, Rios, De Jesus, Estevez, Vargas, McKinstry, Mann, Amaya… who am I leaving out. Not to mention we still have Seager.

    Somebody gotta go.

  3. It should be fun to keep an eye out on Hoese, and Busch this up coming season. Plenty of good reasons to keep up with the minor league teams In the 2020 season.

  4. So the Dodgers plan on Hoeseing the competition? Could not let that one pass, sorry. Jeter and Walker to the hall. Highest vote for exe Dodger was Sheffield at 30 percent. Konerko, Furcal, Beckett did not get the required 5% and will not be on a ballot again. Konerko not making it surprises me a little. Over 400 career HR’s. Bonds and Clemens had minimal gains. Biggest gain by a non electee was Omar Vizquel who gained 42% more votes than last year. Shilling got 70 percent of the vote and has 2 years remaining as do Bonds and Clemens. Manny jumped from 22% to 28 in his second year on the ballot.

    1. Vizquel was one the best fielding shortstops I ever saw. Jeter deserves it. No opinion on anyone else.

      Quiet time.

      1. I agree totally. Jeter does deserve the honor. I am surprised a little at the lack of support for Helton.

      2. Someone was mentioning that there’s a kind of prejudice against hitters who played all or most of their games in Colorado. Walker broke through yesterday so maybe that will make it easier for Helton.

  5. Correction, Manny in his 4th year. Downs is considered a SS, not a second baseman. Scoop is correct, they are loaded at the middle infielder slots. Someone could be moved. Football has had it’s share of thugs, but A. Brown should be banned for life. Another episode with police yesterday where a moving van driver was assaulted by his body guard. Police also believe Brown was involved. Investigation on going. Larry Fitzgerald of the Az Cardinals bought an ownership stake in the Suns. Lots of minor league signings going on. Most seem to be relief pitchers filling up AAA rosters.

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