Hyun-Jin Ryu Suspense Intensifying

(Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA TODAY Sports)

The good news is that Hyun-Jin Ryu is believed to want to remain on the West Coast, and he may even be willing to offer a bit of a returning discount to do so. The bad news is, even with the slight discount, the lefty’s contract value is seemingly increasing by the day.

After the biggest starting pitching targets were removed from the board at the Winter Meetings, the remaining free agent choices continue to drop like flies. While Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg and Zack Wheeler made their respective decisions early, players like Madison Bumgarner, Tanner Roark, Wade Miley and even Brett Anderson have subsequently followed suit.

As Ryu is certainly the most talented starter left for the taking, his demand will eventually yield a lucrative payday.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the latest rumblings suggest that Ryu’s new contract will exceed that of Bumgarner’s AAV of $17 million per year.

We’ve speculated quite a bit recently about the Dodgers’ prospective interest in bringing back Ryu. However, the more time that passes by, the more the list of potential suitors for the left-hander seems to be increasing. As it stands, the Twins, Braves, Blue Jays, Rangers, and Cardinals all have varying interest in the 2018 NL Cy Young runner-up.

Furthermore, we’ve also talked significantly about how the Los Angeles rotation might look if there weren’t any additions made to the current active roster. Right now, the front five would consist of Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias and one of either Dustin May, Tony Gonsolin or Ross Stripling.

Indeed, there’s plenty of potential among those names, but it’s tough to speculate just how well the unit would perform as a whole. Kershaw is aging, Urias may need time to settle back into a starting role, and Maeda typically begins to drift away during the second half of the season. And, it’s difficult to project just how many quality innings May or Gonsolin could contribute.

Last year, 10 different pitchers started games for the Dodgers, and that doesn’t include Casey Sadler‘s role as an “opener” on September 18 against the Rays. In 2018, the Dodgers used 11 different starting pitchers. In 2017, they used 10.

After the seven aforementioned possibilities, there’s not too much left on the Los Angeles fringe unless one of Mitchell White or Dennis Santana emerges from the shadows. Of course, there’s always the chance of an ascension by somebody like Josiah Gray—or the re-conversion of Caleb Ferguson or Josh Sborz into starting roles—but based on the current number of resources, front-office boss Andrew Friedman and his crew would probably be much more comfortable with a few more major league ready arms that have the capabilities of starting.

One thing we do know for sure, though, as much as May’s name has been whispered in a plethora of trade rumors, the young righty should be considered pretty much untouchable if the Dodgers don’t get a quality starting arm in a return deal.


29 thoughts on “Hyun-Jin Ryu Suspense Intensifying

  1. I can’t believe that AF is going to go into the season with just the guys you mentioned above Dennis. Way too many question marks. If Buehler, CK, Maeda, Urias and May all pitch to their highest potential, it could be one of the great staffs of all time. On the other hand Kershaw is a year older, Maeda is always inconsistent and Urias and May haven’t built many innings as starters so what makes us think we’re going to get 175-200 good innings out of them in 2020. Then we move to Stripling who also hasn’t built enough innings as a starter and Gonsolin, same story. Too many question marks for a team planning to win the World Series. Re-signing Ryu would make things much safer but every minute they wait, the price goes up. Taking Price is expensive and very chancy because of his injury history. I have no clue what Andrew’s strategy is and I’m beginning to think he doesn’t either.

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    1. Considering that they have utilized at least 10-11 starting pitchers over the last several seasons, you’d think Friedman would be chomping at the bit to add some arms. We all know how much he likes depth.


  2. The Price rumor is gathering some steam since some think that Betts would be included in the trade. That is a lot of salary to take on for an aging pitcher. Betts might be worth his contract, but only for a year? Nosler noted that AF has made a trade between the 17th of December and the 23rd almost every year he has been here. But that to me is a slim reason to think something gets done this week. Muncy had to explain himself after he asked fans to respect his privacy. Seems his address was leaked and he was flooded with fan mail and I guess it got a little overwhelming. I only wrote a player twice. I wrote Strawberry and asked for an autographed photo. I received one of those postcards they used to sell at the ball park that have a stamped autograph on it. I wrote Hank Aaron while I was in the Army about a youth program he was involved in. He sent back a nice card and the autograph on that was real. They have said the best way to get a signature is send a baseball card with a self address envelope and the player will sign it and send it back. Costs them nothing. And you should send it to the Stadium. Tried that once. Sent Kemp a card that looked like the 54 Topps. Never heard from them or got the card back. That is ok. I have about 5 of them.


      1. The day I sang the anthem at Dodger Stadium, I had Wes Parker gift Tommy with a 1954 Topps I had of him. It was the real thing too, no reprints were available back then. Wes told me Tommy loved it.


    1. Hang in there on your Kemp card Bear. It just hasn’t caught up with him yet. Every time the card gets close, he gets traded. You should have sent it to his home address. Oh, wait a minute, that’s probably not a good idea either.

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      1. Yeah, probably not. I am not really a big autograph guy. When I went to Glendale to watch a spring game with the Sox, people were waiting by the path getting autographs. Some signed, some did not. Torre went by on a golf cart. Manny was just totally surrounded. I got 3 on a ball I had. Lucas May, a catcher they later traded to the Royals, Mike Restovich who was in camp on a minor league contract and Rick Monday, who I caught up with on the concourse after the game. I also have a signed pic of Snider, who was my boyhood hero, and a ball signed by Kameron Loe, He pitched for the Rangers and White Sox. He is the son of a real good friend of mine, Pam Loe. She plays music around the Valley a lot. Sometimes at the Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth with her hubby, Chad Watson, another musician friend.


  3. According to the Indians president, Lindor is going no where. Panic is evident in Dodger fans on twitter. Supposedly the price for Ryu is 80 million for 4 years. If so, I say pay the man. Cheaper than Price, Donaldson may be slipping away as being too expensive too. The Nats are driving his price up,. And are thought to be ready to offer the 4th year he wants. It is really beginning to look like the only way to upgrade the rotation will be through a trade.


  4. Oh yeah, I do have a rare two sided card. It has Raul Mondesi on one side and Karros on the other. It is signed by both players.


  5. Patience. Something will happen that will change the makeup of this team. No guarantees it will be better, I don’t expect better than 106 wins, but I do think we will remain the best in the West.

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    1. With what they have, they still are the class of the division. Who knows, Gray comes out of nowhere and steals a job from someone. Some other player steps up and has a monster year. Pollock is totally healthy and becomes the player he was early in his career and hits 20 bombs plus. Anything can and often does in a 162 game season. The playoffs? That is a crapshoot no matter how good you are going in. 3 teams won over 100 games last year. None of them won the Championship. 2 did not even make the World Series. Don’t jump ship yet you Schlemmings! LOL.


      1. I’m not going to jump ship until opening day Bear, but I gotta tell ya, for the first time I’m actually looking at the rail to see how far down the water is. At the beginning of the off season I thought the odds were about 90% he would do something big. Now I think it’s down to 50-50, but since I have the utmost of faith in Olaf the Magnificent I’m going to let him accomplish it on his own timeline.

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  6. None of us knows what the 26 man, wow that sounds just weird, will look like come opening day. We can prognosticate all we want, but the real proof in the pudding will come then. I, who have very little faith in AF pulling off a monster deal, still seem to think there will be a couple of tweaks, but not much else. I am even beginning to believe that Ryu is being priced out of their comfort zone. They have the money obviously, but so far, not the inclination.


      1. That is probably the case. Bumgarner’s signing is official. Romo back to the Twins. Hudson and the Nats having trouble agreeing on length of contract. Could a AF-Hudson reunion be possible??? Old pal Jerry Sands resigned with a Korean team. He has hit over .300 with 40 bombs in a little over 700 at bats. He was one prospect I thought would really make it. He did help the Dodgers as he was part of “The Trade”.


      1. Hey, Mike Freeman was just DFA’d by the Indians. He is an exe Dodger so he would fit right in. Another multi position guy with limited skills!


  7. I would remind you that everybody’s favorite guy, Rich the Dick Mountain Hill, put up 2.9 WAR in 110 innings one year and 2.1 WAR in 135 innings the next. I think Ryu can match what Hill did. Easily in fact. No reason to let him throw over 150. 4 years of 135-150 innings? Bring him back. As Alex has been saying…. pay the man. Again.

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    1. Toronto has dropped out of the bidding for Ryu. Never had a shot anyway, no kimchi joints in Canada. Some of the trade ideas for Betts are nuts. And it is not just fans being stupid, it is some of the blogs too. One guy had a 3 way trade with Minnesota, LA and the Sox. The Dodgers would get Betts, and send 5 players out. Including Seager, Pederson, Pollock, Ruiz and Gonsolin, and they would get some money from the Twins. All that for a rental??? Crazy.


      1. The stupid blogs, presuming there are maybe 2 or 3 “not stupid” ones, are run by stupid fans. No difference between my moronic musings and those of Dodger Blue or Dodger Nation.

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    1. Hollywood lifestyle. Cracks me up. What a load of catbox. There are plenty of millionaires in Southern California who have nothing to do with Hollywood.

      You used to see Dodgers on tv all the time. Not so much anymore.

      I recently saw a few minute episode of some celebrity home tour that had Joc Pederson inviting us in. Nice home, he and his wife and kid, and a dog. Looked quite normal to me, but I’m sure he could live wherever he wants. Same with all those guys. If they want to go to a Hollywood party I’m sure they get their chances. Some might. Most don’t. If Rendon actually said that he’s an idiot. And Cole wants to live in NY? I get it. Big lights, big city. $300 million to play baseball. Good karma. But none of that has anything to do with the Dodgers. I’ve always heard they are a first rate organization that takes care of the family. Until I hear otherwise I’ll just go with Rendon doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


      1. And after saying that I read the Times piece again. He gave the “some people say” line, sounded like Limbaugh, but maybe he meant it. I am going to give Rendon the benefit of doubt. I believe he won a championship, got ungodly money, setting his family up for generations, and thinks he is doing the right thing moving them to Orange County. I live here and beg to differ, but it ain’t LA. I guess we’ll see how it all works out.


  8. Since the Times is a liberal paper, it sounds more like a democrat than Limbaugh. I think you got it backwards once again, Badger


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