Dodgers Reportedly Sign Blake Treinen to One-Year Deal

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After staying mostly quiet for the first two and a half days of the 2019 meetings, the front office crew of the Dodgers has addressed the club’s “omnipresent” need that we discussed on Tuesday—the bullpen.

According to the latest news, Los Angeles has agreed to terms with former Oakland right-hander Blake Treinen.

Jeff Passan of ESPN was the first to reveal the news. The reported contract is worth one year and $10 million.

J.P. Hoornstra of the Southern California News Group confirmed the signing approximately one hour after Passan’s tweet. According to Hoornstra, “there are no incentives or options in Treinen’s contract. It’s a straight one-year, $10 million deal.”

Several reports suggest that Treinen had numerous suitors with similar offers, but he chose the Dodgers because of the team’s likelihood to succeed next season.

We talked about Treinen yesterday in the early column when discussing possibilities about the Dodgers complementing closer Kenley Jansen and their other late-inning options.

The 31-year-old Treinen is coming off of a disappointing season which saw him tally a uncharacteristic 4.91 ERA and a 5.14 FIP over 57 appearances and 58-2/3 innings. These numbers came one year after he posted a ridiculous 0.78 ERA and 1.82 FIP with 38 saves in 68 appearances, leading to an appearance in the 2018 All-Star game.

Over the course of his six-year big league career, the 6-foot-5, 225-pounder has made 345 appearances, producing a 2.97 ERA and a 3.35 FIP with 391 punchouts over an even 400 innings of work.

Treinen was selected by Oakland in the seventh round of the 2011 draft out of South Dakota State, but eventually broke in with the Nationals in 2014. After four seasons on the senior circuit, things began clicking for the native of Kansas after he was dealt to the Athletics a few weeks before the 2017 trade deadline.

During the second half of his 2017 campaign, he posted a 2.13 ERA and a 3.08 FIP with 42 strikeouts and 13 saves in 35 games.

According to Brooks Baseball, Treinen mainly utilizes a sinker which sits in the 96-98 MPH range. He also mixes in an occasional slider and change.

Brooksbaseball-Chart (2)

Should Treinen be able to find success similar to his 2018 campaign, it will provide the Dodgers with a much-needed, late-inning arm to complement all three of Jansen, Pedro Baez and Joe Kelly.


32 thoughts on “Dodgers Reportedly Sign Blake Treinen to One-Year Deal

  1. The Trash Man has struck again, he’s like a stray dog, he just can’t keep his head out of the dumpster. I bet those WS odds have totally soared on this news. Geez, really, that’s all you gotz?

  2. Give him an exhaustive physical. Those graphs are going the wrong direction.

    This is what we’ve come to expect. A reclamation project. Keuchel might be next.

    Rendon? Donaldson? Give us a blockbuster. Maybe a colossal 3 team deal?

    1. Whatever they do, they better keep Treinen away from Joe Kelly’s Cajun cookout in Scottsdale during spring training. For some reason, that event already has a history of seeing pitchers walk away with lower-back problems. 🙁

    1. It’s our world. Sports figures get paid millions to play a game we play as long as we can for free. The only thing I find more bizarre are movie stars, who get paid millions pretending to be somebody else. Alternate universes indeed.

      I hope Treinen’s projections are wrong. 63 innings, 3.85 ERA, 1.33 WHIP. Baez was considerably better than that. So was Yimi.

  3. Looking like Angels will get Rendon. Looks like bear was right. Chances Dodgers sign big time free agent-nada! Back to the dumpster!

  4. Well congrats AF you let the team across town win. I guess he is intent on running the Dodgers like the DevilRays. He refuses to use our biggest resource to our advantage. IT pisses me off. 7/$245 is steep but Rendon is the entire package. He’s a great fielder, can hit for average and power, plus he’s a great human being that would have gotten along perfectly in the clubhouse. We just keep nibbling at the edges of the roster hoping for the best instead of going after a real difference maker. Damn man……..

  5. Go Angels! I hope they pull off some major deals that help them win the West. A great year of baseball would be watching them beat the Yankees in the playoffs.

  6. Now THIS has been an incredible winter meetings! Players and agents can’t complain of owner collusion now AF will have to get creative now!

  7. Well there you have it, another fine showing by Olaf the afraid. What a bunch of crap he fed the lemmings, and the cliffs edge is now in sight..bye bye lemmings!

  8. The off season isn’t over yet bear, AF offered 9/300 to Cole that is 37.5 per year, you can’t say he didn’t try. Everybody always thought Strasburg was going back to DC, and Jorge Castillo reported the Dodgers didn’t give an offer to Rendon because they didn’t feel he wanted to play for the Dodgers, so what did he do wrong?
    If nothing happens by ST I’ll gladly eat all the crow you want to dish out, but us lemmings aren’t giving up until then😀

    1. Better get yer facts straight, the offer was 8/300, but a lot of that money was deferred. So, no where near the 37.5. The Yanks also gave him a full no trade And he has ab opt out in 5 years. I know the off season is far from over. I also know all of you lemmings fell for his BS rhetoric. He has never done anything right at the meetings Yet you guys still eat up his BS talk.

      1. A lot of the money was deferred? I’ve wondered about this. How much was and was not?

      2. They did not say how much. The Angels offer had deferred money too. Had he signed with LA I am sure they would have given full details of the offer.

  9. You stick to your guns Keith and go down with a sinking ship Here is an undisputeable fact. Unless Friedman makes a significant trade, or signs some one to a deal for 4 years or more and more than 80 million bucks, he has lost the offseason. If he does not do something significant, he is going to be raked over the coals by a fan base that is sick and tired of promises with no package delievered. The whole organization is being raked over the coals on twitter and there are a lot of pissed of people out there. Most of them die hard fans. So keep loving the carnival barker, Olaf the slick Willie, and be embarrassed by his inefficiency and lack of cojones.

    1. It’s not over yet. Heck, winter doesn’t even start for another 9 days. I’ll wait and see what the Opening Day lineup looks like. I’m old. I’ve developed patience over the years. And joint pain. Arthritis no doubt. Some memory loss. Receding hairline. Eyesight not what it used to be. Still at my high school playing weight, though it’s arranged a bit differently. What were we talking about?

  10. I get it Scoop, honestly I do. But I don’t believe a word OLAF says and fans shouldn’t either. He spouted the same line last year and nothing got done. Just more of the same, and at this point, I do not even care anymore.

    1. What is he said that bothers you so much Bear? He said he was interested in several players. He talked to and made an offer on those he thought would help the team. He got outbid. That can’t surprise you. He’s doing what it is he’s been doing for many years, first in Tampa now here. He was handed a Division winner with a deep and talented minor league system and 5 years later we’re still good and we’re still deep. Our glass is half full buddy.

      I’m fine with going into the season just as we are and making a deadline move. I think Seager and Pollock are going to have better years. I look forward to a full year of Verdugo. I believe May, Urias and Gonsolin all have what it takes. I think Lux will compete for ROY. I believe Ruiz, if not traded will push his way onto the roster by mid season. I’m not sure about Smith, but I still look forward to seeing what he can do. We’re not done fine tuning, AND…… I’m thinking we might try to make a move on Arenado.

      We are the Dodgers dammit. And nobody but the Yankees, and maybe Washington temporarily, are more glamorous and powerful than us. I’m grateful to have a team this good to pull for. I’m not going to spend a dime supporting them, but I’m going to root, root, root for the home team, and if they don’t win it’s a shame, but damm man, we are lucky! We could have grown up Pirates or Rays fans. That would really suck.

      It ain’t over yet. Now we wait for Bumgarner and Donaldson to fly away and for trade talks to materialize something. Or not. Whatever. We have a good team and I take comfort in knowing the NL is chasing us.

      1. Stop bogarting that joint and pass it around, Scoop.

        We have all seen and heard the lip-service that the TrashMan spins out each year, yet some of you still believe that crap, really amazing to me.

      2. It is not so much what he says Scoop, or any one thing. It is the fact that he says these things, gets the fans all excited, and then flames out like a worn out Russian Mig. I know what kind of a team we have and I know the offense will likely be as good if not better. And if everyone manages to stay healthy, they are going to cruise to the division title again. I know May and Gonsolin are going to be able to do a good job. And seeing how they got their feet wet this season, they will be pretty confident going into the new year. I also am a realist. I know adding anyone player does not guarantee you squat. Might give you a leg up on one hand and hurt you on another. From watching him over the last 5 off seasons, I know how he works. He will tweak, and he might make a trade. And I know he will not overpay for anyone, That is one reason I do not see a Lindor or Betts trade happening.

      3. I’m not judging the off season’s finality yet. Maybe we get nobody by Spring Training. Maybe we actually improve at one or more positions. As I said, it ain’t over yet.

        I’m not all that disappointed we didn’t get Cole. He chose NY. A SoCal kid that’s a Yankee fan? F him. And Strasburg stayed home. Good for him. And I don’t know what happened with Rendon. Maybe he didn’t want to play in LA. Take a breath and let’s see what might come next. We’re a pretty good team as is and if not for a Roberts brain fart we could be celebrating this off season.

  11. Dodgers have not lost anyone in the rule 5 so far. Meetings breaking up and most are headed home. No really earth shaking trades by any team. The free agent signings dominated the news. We head home with a new reliever and that is it. How many out there disappointed with the results? Angels make a bigger splash than the Dodgers, and OLAF the Oaf leaves a small ripple on the lake.

  12. Dodgers did not lose a player in the rule 5. But they actually picked up infielder Carlos Sepulveda in the AAA phase from the Cubs. Switch hitter with no power, but an excellent glove. He played in the high A Carolina league last year.

  13. I used to live in Sepulveda before it became Northridge, Nordhoff and Havenhurst area in fact. Carlos never played here.

    1. I used to live off Sherman Way before I moved to Seal Beach. Carlos DID play in Canoga Park, but his last name was Murillo. He was Arnie’s little brother.

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