Is Shane Greene a Good Fit for Dodgers?

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As the weeks of summer start to pass by at a quick pace, it means that the 2019 trade deadline is rapidly approaching. Unlike previous years, there will be no period allowed for waiver deals, meaning that there should be a huge amount of bustle among many teams before time runs out on July 31.

Seemingly, the Dodgers should be among the clubs involved.

As it stands now, the Dodgers are the best team in baseball, at least as far as overall records go. Los Angeles is strong, and they’re probably one of the deepest teams around. However, the bullpen has been an issue for almost the entire season, and even if boss Andrew Friedman doesn’t make a huge splash in the relief market, he may end up snagging one or two complimentary bullpen pieces just for the sake of building some serviceable depth.

We’ve been talking a lot about Pittsburgh closer Felipe Vazquez this year, but GM Neal Huntington still maintains he’s unlikely to move his star lefty. We’ve also discussed veteran lefty closer Will Smith of the Giants, but the consensus among many pundits is that former Los Angeles GM Farhan Zaidi will want a hefty return of quality prospects, something the Dodgers are doubtful to provide, especially since Smith will be nothing more than a half-season rental.

Regardless, another name that keeps cropping up among the many Dodger rumors is Detroit righty Shane Greene. As recently as Friday, the Los Angeles front office has inquired about the 30-year-old righty, according to Steve Adams of MLB Trade Rumors. From all conceivable angles, with the second-worst record in the American League, it definitely looks like the Tigers will be active sellers this summer.

If you’re unfamiliar with Greene, his 2019 numbers are completely off the chain. Over 33 appearances and an even 33 innings pitched, he has a ridiculous 1.09 ERA, a 0.879 WHIP and a 9.3 K/9.

Greene is a starter-turned-reliever, so his repertoire is quite hefty. However, much of his success in relief can be attributed to his fierce sinker. He also features a slider as well as a cutter. The dip on his sinker causes batters to pound the ball into the ground, resulting in a ground ball rate of more than 51%—one of the highest ground ball to fly ball rates of his career.

Greene is signed through the 2020 season, which would conceivably give the Dodgers at least a little control. Last week, Greene was named to the American League All-Star team for the first time in his career.

He is likely the most reliable reliever on the market, figuring to serve a back-end role on contending teams—perhaps as a primary or secondary closer—and should command a solid prospect or two in return.

That could be the problem with the Dodgers, though. Friedman has been infamous for not willing to invest huge amounts of resources in his bullpen, and the price from the Tigers may be a little too high for his liking. However, Los Angeles has plenty of trade chips at its disposal, especially with the emergence of a handful of rookies this year who have performed admirably at the big league level.

Maybe 2019 will finally be the year Friedman goes all in, stacking his deck with some of the heaviest, most powerful artillery available.


20 thoughts on “Is Shane Greene a Good Fit for Dodgers?

  1. Get him. He will be cheaper than what it would take to pry Vazquez from the Pirates or Smith from the Giants.


  2. I’m fine with getting Greene but I don’t know why you think he would be cheaper than getting Smith, Bear. Smith has 1/2 season of control remaining while Greene has 1.5 seasons. They are both having great years but Greene is controllable for three times as long. Farhan will certainly not give Smith away, especially to us. He doesn’t want to be taken advantage of by Friedman nor have the Giants taken advantage of by the Dodgers. However, he will deal Smith for the best offer, as will Avila with the Tigers when deciding where to send Greene.

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    1. Just a hunch Jefe. I think if anything Avila is going to want someone who is MLB ready, not a few years away. Farhan knows the system we all know that and we also know how much AF hates to trade his top prospects. The depth the Dodgers have can allow them to trade someone who probably will never make this team. I am sure though that the Tigers might want the Dodgers to take on one of those expiring contracts they have. We will see. July 31 is going to be as Arte Johnson would say……..verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting.


      1. Verrrrrrry interesting indeed. As I’ve mentioned before, at least one of the Three Musketeers (Beaty, Garlick, Rios) will be on another roster by 7/31 if not two of them or possibly all three. Both the Tigers or Giants could use one of them, although it would take more than just that to get either of those two relievers.

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  3. I see a lot of people on other blogs and twitter getting all upset about last nights loss. Dumb. They have the best record in the majors and a 14.5 game lead. The Rockies are their closest competition and they are all but toast. The Rocks have played 3 less games than the Dodgers, so that lead could be 1 1/2 games bigger or less. Still a double digit lead at the break and there will be exactly 70 games left to play after the break. Dodgers would have to totally implode to lose. They play .500 ball after the break and they have 95 wins at least. Rockies would have to win over 50 games to do that. Big thing now is keep everybody healthy,, which to me, Justin Turner looks very out of sorts lately. Rest him until after the break.


    1. I agree that Turner is not completely healthy. The ASG break will do him good.
      I also think that Bellinger isn’t 100%. It may not be affecting his batting but I haven’t seen him make a really strong throw in quite a while.
      That said, if we compare our injury situation with what the Yankees have had this year, we’ve been very fortunate. I can’t believe that with what’s happened to that team they have such a big lead in the AL East, or a lead at all for that matter.

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      1. It has already been reported that Belli was nursing a Balky ankle.Nothing wrong with his arm. He uncorked one the other day, but it was off line and the run scored. Kike’s act is getting old. They lost last night because the middle of the lineup did bupkis. 1-15 with a walk. 1-8 with runners in scoring position is not going to cut it either.


      2. After the break it’s going to be hot everywhere. We are going east and south soon. Fatigue will set in, Roberts knows how to deal with it – time off. For everybody. We have the depth to do while at the same time maintaining our lead. I’m not concerned about it.

        Yes, Farhan knows our system. There are A and AA players that won’t see the Majors for a few years, but most certainly will eventually. Zaidi will want to stack his system with those type players and a reliever is the player to do it with. MadBum and Posey would get a different type of player…. or more of the lower prospects. Obviously Friedman isn’t opposed to giving up serious talent for a reliever. He’s already done it.

        Who’s getting upset about last night’s loss Bear? Wait, I think I know where that might be. Those guys complain about everything


      3. You hit the nail right on the head Scoop. They whine about wins sometimes too. But according to the guy who runs it, it might not be around all that much longer anyway….


      4. It’s tough to complain about a 60-30 record. However, I still think there would be plenty more happy people out there if they’d have a shutdown reliever added to the roster. 😁


      5. Speaking of Russells, I hear Russell Wilson has a decent arm. I think there’s still a few weeks before QBs, kickers and punters report for camp. If I’m not mistaken, he was highly touted infielder back in the day. Or, the Dodgers could just move Russell Martin to the relief corps and see what happens there. Lots of options with Russells.


      6. Once you’re done with the Gov, I think there’s a spot for you in AF’s front office Dennis. And once Scoop’s head stops spinning there’s probably a spot for him also.


      7. Hey Jeff… Whatever happened to Kyle Russell? I bet your son would know. Kyle was really big back in the Jerry Sands era. Scoop… I don’t see any reason why a pitcher couldn’t move back and forth between positions as long as he’s not removed from the game. Also, they clocked Verdugo as high as 98 throwing from the outfield to home plate this year.


      8. How about Verdugo? I heard he was hitting 94 in high school. Verdugo followed by Martin. Maybe… Martin, Verdugo, Martin. Or Verdugo, Martin, Verdugo. I think pitchers can come back on the mound once if they switch positions. I may be wrong about that. I believe they still can in amateur ball. They could when I was umpiring in the 30s. Not thinking clearly today. Been spinning since the quake yesterday.


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