Dodgers Sign International Prospects Rodriguez, Cardozo


For those who were enthused about the 2019 international market, the Dodgers made a decent-sized splash on Tuesday when they signed a pair of Venezuelan prospects—16-year-old outfielder Luis Rodriguez and 15-year-old righty pitcher Kristian Cordozo.

The Dodgers signed six total international players on the day; however, Rodriguez and Cordozo were the only two ranked in the Top 30 of this year’s international prospect pool, according to MLB Pipeline. Rodriguez was ranked fourth while Cordozo was ranked 21st.

Jesse Sanchez of gave fans a brief idea about both players in a column on Tuesday morning.

Sanchez says that Rodriguez “is a pure hitter and a natural athlete. He has sound approach in the batter’s box and has shown the ability to use all fields with consistent and hard contact. There’s a nice rhythm and balance to his swing, and although he’s primarily a line drive hitter now, there have been flashes of power, which could increase as he develops. Rodriguez is a quality defender in center field now and makes all of the plays, but it’s uncertain if that’s where he will stay.”

Sanchez describes Cardozo as having “an easy, repeatable delivery paired with a loose and under control arm action. He has shown the ability to throw strikes and his three quality pitch mix stands out for a player his age. Cardozo’s fastball usually sits in the 90-mph range for multiple innings, and he has been up to 92 MPH with good command.”


The biggest signing of the 2018 international prospect pool for the Dodgers was Venezuelan backstop Diego Cartaya.

TBPC profiled Cartaya last November.


15 thoughts on “Dodgers Sign International Prospects Rodriguez, Cardozo

    1. Really Rich? They stood there with their bats on their shoulders and watched. Bullpen looked good though.

      International signings. Some have worked out.

  1. Joking Scoop! Put that win in the bullpen column and we haven’t said that too many times this year!

    1. Got it! Good one!

      I’ve always felt we had the arms in the bullpen, they just weren’t performing so muy bueno. If they do pitch well over the next few weeks…. maybe we don’t need to spend heavy on an expensive arm?

      I think I would get some help, but maybe not Smith. I do expect the prototypical ‘drew pickup… another Morrow type guy. Rick Ankiel is coming back. Jumbo Diaz could be available. Bartolo Colon. Fausto Carmona. Cesar Valdez. Yoanner Negrin. Jorge Martinez. Danny Farquhar. Shelby Miller. Tyler Zuber. Eduard Bazardo. (get him just to sell jerseys) I’m sure Friedman knows all these guys.

  2. All it would have taken was for one batter to flail away trying to get that game winner and we would be talking about a D’back victory this morning. They deserve at least some credit for taking all those pitches, a few of which were actually close to being strikes. Bullpen was very sharp last night but not as sharp as they’ll be once new acquisition Casey Sadler shows up. Just picked up on waivers from the Rays. Who needs Vazquez, we have Casey at the Mound.

  3. Since nobody seems to want to include Ruiz or May in a trade for Felipe Vazquez then who would do Dennis Santana, DJ Peters, Connor Wong,Jordan Sheffield and Kyle Garlick for Vazquez. The idea is you keep your star prospects as Smith, Ruiz, May, Downs, Gray and Cartaya are probably not going to be traded for a relief pitcher. Friedman just doesn’t value relievers enough to give up a top guy but you give them 5 solid players with high floors who will all eventually be big league contributors.

    1. I don’t think the Pirates do it for those 5. They would want at least one if not two major prospects and none of your guys fit that description. There’s a decent likelihood that none of them is ever a MLB regular.

      1. I agree with you 100% which is why I’m ok including May or Ruiz. Lux and Will Smith are the only truly untouchables to me.

      2. If the Pirates decide they really have a chance for a playoff spot I don’t think they trade Vazquez by end July, even for a May or Ruiz. That’s why it may take until the very end of the month for them to decide if he’s even available.

      3. Depending on how Friedman sees the need for a top reliever (he may not) my gut tells me, first, none of our Top 3 are going anywhere, but he might part with #s 4 or 5. Of the guys being auditioned now, (depending on what list you look at) that’s Smith and Gonsolin. Santana is 6. Peters is ranked as our top power prospect, Downs best athlete, Kendall speed, Alvarez fastball and slider, Cartaya best defensive catcher…we got plenty of talent to offer without giving up any of our Top 3. I wonder who that is on Andy’s list. I got Ruiz, May and Lux.

  4. For me May and Lux are untouchable. Ruiz only in Vazquez deal. Everyone else open for business. Got to have a go at Smith. It will be interesting what Giants get for Bum and Smith.

  5. I’d be fine with Will Smith I just hate giving the Giants a quality prospect and I’m sure Farhan will ask for Ruiz or Cartaya for Smith since Posey is getting up in age.

    1. The Giants have catching prospect Joey Bart, who was rated higher than Ruiz by this January, so they aren’t in desperate need for another top catcher prospect. Bart was the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 draft, out of college, so he’s probably no more than a year or two away.
      His name is ironic since it’s the same as the transit system for greater San Francisco (Bay Area Rapid Transit). No doubt that’s why they picked him.

  6. Our Will Smith is untouchable to me. I’d trade Ruiz in a heartbeat over him. Yes Ruiz may have more god given talent but Smith has all the intangibles that you can’t quantify AND he’s an elite defensive catcher with a growing offensive game. He’s who I want behind the plate in Dodger Stadium the next 10 years.

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