Dodgers Make Flurry of Roster Moves Ahead of Series at Colorado


The Dodgers on Thursday afternoon recalled infielder Edwin Ríos and selected the contract of left-handed pitcher Zac Rosscup. To make room on the 25-man roster, the Dodgers optioned pitchers Tony Gonsolin and Caleb Ferguson, while transferring A.J. Pollock to the 60-day injured list to make room on the 40-man roster.

Ríos, 25, earns his first assignment with the Dodgers and his next game will be his Major League debut. In 70 games with Oklahoma City, he slashed .249/.308/.475 with 14 homers and 48 RBI. In five minor league seasons, he has hit .293 (452-for-1542) with 78 homers and 283 RBI. The Puerto Rican native was originally drafted in the fifth round of the 2015 First Year Player Draft out of Florida International.

Rosscup, 31, is selected after signing a minor league contract with the Dodgers on June 12. The southpaw made seven appearances for Oklahoma City, tossing 6.0 innings, allowing six runs and striking out ten. He started the season with the Seattle Mariners, going 2-0 with a 3.21 ERA (5 ER/14.0 IP) in 19 games before being designated for assignment on May 17. This will be his second stint with the Dodgers organization after going 0-1 with a 4.76 ERA (6 ER/11.1 IP) and 20 strikeouts in 17 games for the Dodgers in 2018.

Gonsolin, 25, made his Major League debut yesterday, suffering the loss, allowing six runs, four earned in 4.0 innings of work. He recorded his first Major League hit in the third inning off Taylor Clarke. The former Gael is a combined 19-11 with a 3.11 ERA (88 ER/255.0 IP) and 296 strikeouts in four minor league seasons.

Ferguson, 22, has appeared in 22 games for the Dodgers this season, going 0-1 with a 5.48 ERA (14 ER/23.0 IP) and 28 strikeouts. In two seasons with the Dodgers, the Ohio native is a combined 7-3 with a 4.13 ERA (33 ER/72.0 IP) and 87 strikeouts.

Pollock, 31, was originally placed on the injured list on April 30 with left elbow inflammation. Prior to going on the injured list, the outfielder batted .223 (23-for-103) with two homers and 14 RBI. In his eight Major League seasons, he has slashed .279/336/.461 with 76 homers and 278 RBI.

Thursday’s lineup vs. righty Lambert, Rockies:

  • Pederson 1B
  • Verdugo CF
  • Turner 3B
  • Bellinger RF
  • Muncy 2B
  • Beaty LF
  • Taylor SS
  • Barnes C
  • Buehler P

(Juan Dorado provided the information furnished in this report)


40 thoughts on “Dodgers Make Flurry of Roster Moves Ahead of Series at Colorado

  1. I’d just like to point out for all those agai st us signing DJ LeMahieu this off-season that he is in the starting lineup of this year’s all star game. Just think about how much better he would have made this already good team hitting leadoff every night. Congrats to Edwin Ríos, I’m excited to see what he can do on the big team.

    1. Nope. Dodgers with 4 home runs and 2 doubles, 12 hits in 6 innings and they are behind. A hot day in Colorado. Buehler has kept the ball in the yard, but 13 hits and a walk in 5.2 is begonia chaw.

      And as I type we take the lead on another home run . Slow pitch game.

  2. Today’s moves further debunk the myth of great farm and depth. We are very thin with maybe one big league pitcher on the farm. The recent sucess of position players appears positive but don’t see any of them in our future. Hope I’m wrong.

    1. Most of the Dodgers best prospects are at AA. The AAA roster is loaded with former MLB guys, and some who are trying to make it at other positions. Some of the FA signings and traded players are also at that level. There are several pitchers at OKC with MLB experience, McCreery, Shultz, Corcino, Defratus and a couple of others have all pitched in the majors. Shultz has probably had the most success at that level.

  3. Well the future is now. You do realize Verdugo, Beaty, Garlick, Rios and Smith are all rookies and are contributing right now! Three walk off homers last week! Hello! Lux looks like a stud who could start next year at 2nd base. Ruiz is one of the top young catchers in baseball! Gonzo had a rough outing but our play behind was terrible and yet he still competed. He has great stuff and potential as does May. Buehler and Urias have top of the line stuff! This team is rolling with young talent! What are you smoking Gordon?

    1. Whoa there horsefly! Rios has not as you say contributed anything yet. He has had one at bat at the major league level. They have a lot of good talent at AA, at least 2 years from being ready to contribute. Lux was just moved to OKC, so we will see how the kid reacts to better pitchers. None of the pitchers at any level have been lights out, one reason that they have to look outside of the organization for some solid arms for the pen. If Smith is the future #1 backstop, and he is playing way better than Ruiz, you would have to think that Ruiz at some point is a trade chip. Especially since another kid, Cartaya, is their other catching phenom. I love your enthusiasm, but get your facts a little straight there. Pitchers around the league adjusted to Bellinger and Seager after they made huge splashes. Beaty and Garlick have not hit so well over their last couple of games. Smith’s average dipped in the AZ series. How those kids adjust to what MLB pitchers can do will go a long way towards showing what kind of major league hitters that they can be. Enjoy the ride, but watch out for pitfalls.

    2. Was actually talking about the farm particularly
      the pitchers. Beatty, garlicky and Rio’s are not major leaguers,and is not likely they ever will be. Ruiz and Smith possible if they can hit. We dont know that yet. Lux is a double a stud. Long way to the bigs. Same as may. My point was there are no sure things on the farm, not even close and if there is one thing we know prospects tend to fail.

  4. Sorry bear but no team in baseball has brought as good of young talent as the Dodgers have in the last 5 years! And it’s gonna keep it m coming! Props to AF and the drafting and development team in the Dodger organization. And that’s the reason we’re the best team in baseball. Especially after we get Vazquez!

    1. Well it is at least not derogatory. It means hold on to your horses there bud. Get your facts straight. The Astros have brought up as many if not more IMPACT rookies over the last 5 years. And AF’s drafts are just now coming to the bigs. His first impact player is Buehler, and even though he drafted Beaty, Rios and Garlick, the core of this team was drafted or signed by Colletti and Logan White, Bellinger was drafted a full 2 years before AF took over in the 4th round. Kershaw, Ryu, Maeda, Stripling, Jansen, Baez, Garcia, all Colletti era guys, so are Seager, Turner, Pederson. AF’s biggest claim to fame is that he did not really gut the farm when he made trades. Only 2 of the prospects he traded have performed well at the major league level, Montas, and the kid who was included in the Fields trade, Yordany Alvarez who is lighting it up for the Astros right now. Rios has not had a chance to impact anything yet, and like many of the players AF has signed or traded for, he is a redundant piece. Meaning he fills the same role as say Muncy because he plays multiple infield positions and some outfield and hits from the left side. He so far has done nothing to contribute to the team. Oh yeah, Urias is a Colletti guy too. Signed in 2012. So lets keep it real. I give AF credit where and when it is due. But the bulk of this teams stars belong in Colletti’s camp.

  5. By the way Rich, if the Pirates decide to trade Vazquez, not yet a given, he is not going to come cheap because of the team control attached to his contract and his huge talent. So what do you think the Dodgers would have to part with to acquire him? Most of the stories I have read start with at least one of the Dodgers prime prospects if not 2, meaning they are going to want either Lux, or Ruiz, and since their catching is abysmal I am leaning toward Ruiz. But he alone is not going to be enough. They are going to want maybe 4 players for this guy. Lower level talent will not likely get it done. They are going to want guys close to being MLB ready. AAA talent on the Dodgers is pretty thin. So, who would you trade? Your on Mr. GM.

  6. I’m willing to give up Ruiz but not Lux, May or Gonzo. I’d offer up Santana and another bat who’s blocked. Rios or Beaty.. and maybe a lower level guy not Grey or Downs. I think we can work a deal around Ruiz and I don’t think it will cost us two top 5 prospects. Prospects are prospects and not a sure thing. Vazquez is young, controllable and as good as it gets in relief. I think he puts us over the top for a title not only this year but years to come. Gotta make this deal and then maybe me and AF get out of your doghouse!

    1. Attractive package. Santana has been hurt, so not sure they would want damaged goods. I would give up Garlick over Beatty. Older player who is not really in their plans down the road. Maybe instead of Santana, Mitchell White. Who while he is a good prospect is a little behind the others. But has a huge upside. There is a 3rd baseman at Rancho named Santana they might want, or even Estevez who is also playing well. Most of the Dodgers top 30 are not really performing all that great.

    1. Not sure that they would want either of those guys. Kike has power, but is weak against RHP. He is a defensive wiz,. but like the Dodgers, they are pretty set around their infield. Like I said, they are going to want a lot for this guy and not trash. Kike is basically castoff stuff. Stripling at this point in time is a valuable piece to the Dodgers since Urias, no matter how much talent he has, is not really ready for full time starter duty. Stripling can do that easily and until they find out how long Hill is out, and now it is looking like Mid August at best, they need him as a starter and they need Urias as that second LH arm out of the pen.

    1. U do that a lot….hey AF will never be out of my doghouse until this team wins the big dance. Until then my friend all he has done is keep them competitive and relevant. He has won nothing. That’s the bottom line, 3 trips to the big dance and no wedding proposals. Very good, not great teams. Great teams bring home the trophy. The Cubbies got stronger yesterday. Kimbrel was activated. Until the Dodgers address the quagmire that is their bullpen, their chances of winning a short series are good, not great.

      1. Interesting trade proposals.

        Upon reflection I don’t think the Dodgers will be willing to make the best offer. For anybody. It’s not the AF blueprint. He likes pulling rabbits out of his vest.

        It’s my humble opinion that Ruiz is our future franchise catcher. It’s Ruiz that is our top catching prospect, not Smith. I don’t trade him for a reliever. I would part with 2 of our top 10, none of our top 5, and add another lower prospect in the deal. That said, seeing how Friedman has done it for 5 years I think we get some guy that is not going to cost much. I look first for a damaged goods reach, a Morrow, Koehler, Blanton, Anderson kind of guy. I read something recently about Chris Tillman being in the conversation. I think it might be a move like that, or a lower profile reliever, like Shane Green.

  7. I agree and that’s why we have to go all in on Vazquez! And the best teams don’t always win. The 88 was hardly a great team. Oakland was a much better team. That’s why they call them upsets. Giants were not a better team than the undefeated Pattiot team. I think AF put the best team in baseball together in 17 but their best players didn’t deliver. Jansen in games 2 and 5, Kershaw n game 5 and the nightmare that was Darvish. If they delivered Dodgers take home the trophy and you and AF would ride off into the sunset together! Also we forget that Darvish pitched two great game 3’s on the road in the first two series. Too bad it didn’t continue

    1. Having seen or been alive with every Dodger Championship team I know what they have done. The 55 team bludgeoned it’s way through the NL. Then they faced their nemesis the Yankees and managed to win after losing the first 2 games in the Bronx. What was different with that team? Well, they had a young pitcher who went out and pitched a complete game shutout in game 7. Podres. The 59 team was a mixture of Brooklyn vets and kids. They faced a White Sox team that on paper was the better team. But the Dodger pitching after game 1 was outstanding. Especially the bullpen with Larry Sherry winning 2 and saving 2 before the save was an everyday stat. They got clutch hitting up and down the line up and the old War Horse, Duke Snider hit a clutch homer. They should have won the pennant in 62, but Koufax’s injury derailed that effort along with one of the dumbest moves in managerial history when Alston brought in Stan Williams to face the Giants with a 2 run lead in the top of the 9th of game 3 of the playoffs instead of using Drysdale to close. He was ready to go, but Alston told him he needed him to pitch game one of the Series….need to get there first Walt. Oh yeah, the only other game the Dodgers lost in 59 was a 1-0 shutout, and they had to beat the Braves in a playoff to get to the series. In 63, the Dodger pitchers totally shut down Yankee bats. Koufax was brilliant, and Drysdale and Podres were equally as good. 4 game sweep. Sweetest WS win in Dodger history. 65, They lost the first 2 and then swept the Twins in LA. Lost game 6 and Koufax, on 2 days rest shut down the Twins. Lou Johnson was the hero of that game. 81 erased the demons of losses to the Yanks in 77 and 78 and was the infields last hurrah. 88 you well know about. They have won when they were not the best, but the difference with those teams and this one, a shut down bullpen, starters who could pitch complete games or really deep into the game, and clutch contributions from basically the scrubs. 88, it was Mickey Hatcher. You are a passionate fan, I get that. But I believe you think with your heart more than your head. The trades you suggest might make sense to you, but the GM in Pittsburgh is going to be looking for a haul if he trades Vazquez. Most experts, and the press in Pittsburgh are convinced that Vazquez is not even going to be on the block. Now, Scoop says he would not trade Ruiz for a reliever and he is most likely correct. Ruiz is considered the better prospect than Smith. He is not showing that at AA so far. But for a guy who is as controllable as Vazquez is, I would trade him. But I am not the one making that decision. The chances are they go after the best reliever available, but won’t get into a bidding war with another team. That is AF’s modus operandi. Hand if he is available, Smith and Dyson from the Giants or as Scoop says, a low profile guy like Shane Greene in Detroit.

      1. Well said Bear.

        For the record, I DO WANT an elite high profile pitcher, I just don’t think Friedman will be willing to give away our top prospects to get one. I could be wrong. I believe he will get somebody, but I will be very surprised if it’s Vasquez or Smith. At this time I don’t think Hand will be traded. Cleveland is still in it. If they fold in July, then yeah, Hand will be available, and he will be expensive. Also for the record, I trade Smith before I trade Ruiz. Remember, when Smith was Ruiz’ age, he was hitting .240 at Louisville. I think it wise to be patient with Ruiz.

      2. How about a little out of the box thinking and prying away Doolittle from the Nats? They are sinking fasted than the Titanic and could use an infusion of new blood. Considering the awful display the Dodgers are putting on tonight, some humor would be required to watch that garbage. 8 runs in the 5th inning. Awful. Ryu is 0-4 for his career in Coors. Might be a good idea to make sure he never pitches there again. They finally got them out….wow..

      3. You sure of that??? They are 41-40. ay behind the Phillies and the Braves and are said to be considering moving Rendon

      4. Am I sure? Of course not. They are 8-2 and 1.5 back in the Wild Card. They lead those WC teams in front of them in RDiff. They have a shot. Much depends on the next month. To give up when you are contending is inexcusable.

  8. If you want to win a championship you have to be bold and brave. Look no further than Toronto this year with Leonard. Chapman with the Cubs in 17. I think we have to
    Get either Smithnor Vazquez. Someone who can shut down Astros or Yankees late in game. Go big or go home! This is our year! I think AF will come thru!

  9. Sloppy game. 5 of the 15 runs unearned.

    Kelly still getting too much of the plate. 100 over the middle can be hit by these guys. If he can’t find the edges he will continue to have problems.

  10. Well our string of starting pitching has come to a screeching halt! We’ll see how a Ryu responds to this mauling. Hope we’re not revisiting Wood 17

    1. Don’t compare Ryu to Wood. The guy is a much more mature pitcher than Wood was at that point. He has never fared well at Coors. 0-4 in his career there. Ryu has ice water in his veins.

      1. “You can roll a ball off a table at Coors and it won’t drop.” Harold Reynolds. I think Ryu would agree with that.

  11. Maeda is 6-1 lifetime at Coors, go figure, then I remembered a couple of years ago, closer to 3, I went to back to back games at Coors. Saturday night Maeda beat the Rocks 3-1 on a AJ Ellis homer. Next day Kazmire, as in quagmire pitched and they won a wild 12-10 game by scoring 5 in the top of the 9th after Rocks scored 5 in the bottom of the 8th. Losing pitcher that day was McGee.

  12. Middle of the lineup, Taylor, Bellinger, Muncy 0-6 so far today. Beaty drove in the only run with a groundout.

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