Sue Jo – More Behind the Scenes with the Dodgers Social Media Manager

The Los Angeles Dodgers are not only blessed with supreme talent on the field, they are also have supreme talent in their social media department.  To many fans who follow the Dodgers across their various social media platforms, Sue Jo has become just as famous as the players she promotes. Many people look for her in her office at the stadium, get their picture taken with her, and point her out on the field while she’s documenting the Boys in Blue. Now in her fourth year with the team, she excels at documenting the team both in game and before, and out and about in the community.


Last season, Sue was kind enough to agree to an interview with Think Blue PC, and she has graciously accepted a follow-up interview this season.

TBPC -I know that you’ve recently been promoted. How has your job changed, if at all, and do you have a different team behind you?

Sue Jo – No change. Still just me on Dodgers dedicated to social. Just a title change! Hopefully we’ll have a team in the near future.

TBPC –The Dodgers are obviously doing really well this season, but how do you deal with negative fan feedback? Do you ever want to say snarky things in reply?



Sue Jo – We just leave it as is. We understand fans are frustrated and we let them voice their opinions. There are times where certain fans of certain teams will say something in our IG comments and I’ll try to respond back with a witty, positive comment. It’s more fun that way, in my opinion.

TBPC -Your caption game has been incredible this season. How do you come up with them? Do you have some ideas ahead of time, or do you make them up on the fly?



Sue Jo– A lot of my inspiration comes from songs or movies/shows that I’m watching or listening to at the moment. I’ll be in the car listening to a random song and I’m like, wow, that’d be perfect for a homer or something. I bank a lot of them and then use them when the moment is right! I also do make up captions on the fly because not everything can be planned out. For example, that 18th inning walk-off from Muncy last year? You can’t make up something like that. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and just react.

TBPC -Who is your favorite player to be around, and why?



Sue Jo -I love being around all of the guys but I think Verdugo is the most fun. He has such a good energy about him and he’s fun to capture content of. Clayton’s also been great about being on camera too so it’s been a lot of fun! 2019 has been great!

(If you look at every win celebration at home, you’ll see Alex Verdugo pointing at Sue and the camera as he’s coming off the field).

TBPC -From Rebekah on Twitter – How much do you miss Matt Kemp?



Sue Jo – I definitely miss him and his presence! He’s a good guy and was fun to be around. It was also fun capturing the fun side of him during the second half of the season into postseason.

TBPC – What was your favorite memory from the last season?

Sue Jo -Although the Dodgers fell short of the ultimate goal, the journey from clinching in SF, Game 163, NLDS, NLCS was a lot of fun.

We as a fan base are so lucky to have Sue Jo giving us a glimpse into the world of Dodgers baseball. You can tell the players love her too, from Verdugo and his antics to Rich Hill giving her pitching lessons in Spring Training. Her level of engagement with fans on her personal page in unsurpassed, and quite refreshing. Thank you for putting up with our crazy Dodger family, and for all you do, Sue!



5 thoughts on “Sue Jo – More Behind the Scenes with the Dodgers Social Media Manager

  1. Andy, love the reports on behind the scene Dodger employees. Keep em coming! I’d love to know the total number of Dodger employees, including the minor leagues. That has to be one hefty payroll!

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  2. It’s 90 degrees in Denver. Wins and losses count. Stats don’t.

    Like a lot of Dodgers, Floro has been up and down. But 7 earned in 1.2 innings is cause for pause. Waddup with him? He was doing well until this schneid. His overall WHIP is still decent. Maybe he needs some jacuzzi time. Barnes is Barnes. Blind squirrel. He hit .205 last year. He’s at .208 now. 74 OPS+. Pitchers must like him. We’re still 12 games up. We’re good. No need for a roster churn behind the plate.


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