Dodgers Still Discussing J.T. Realmuto, Apparently


Just when some fans think the Dodgers are zeroing in on a certain right-handed hitting, free agent outfielder, another rumor surfaces and throws everybody for a loop.

Smack dab in the middle of all the Hall of Fame proceedings on Tuesday, Joe Frisaro of published a column noting that Los Angeles is continuing discussions with the Marlins about a potential deal for All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto.

This time, however, Miami is apparently asking for a package centered around minor league catcher Keibert Ruiz.

In much of the chatter before Christmas, the Marlins were believed to have wanted Cody Bellinger as the centerpiece of a prospective deal.

Frisaro states that as many as 14 different clubs have been engaged in talks surrounding Realmuto. According to his report, the Dodgers, Rays, Padres, Astros, Braves and Reds are believed to be the most active.

As far as catchers go, Realmuto’s numbers speak for themselves. Last year, he slashed .277/.340/.484 with 30 doubles, 21 long balls and 74 RBI. And, he threw out 21 of 55 would-be base-stealers—a number almost better than Yasmani Grandal and Austin Barnes combined. All those numbers led to a 4.3 WAR, which was tops for all MLB catchers.

Steamer has the 27-year-old Oklahoma native projected for a 3.6 WAR in 2019, slashing .267/.323/.436 with 16 long balls and 58 RBI over 125 games.

Realmuto is set to earn $5.9 million during the 2019 season and remains under team control through 2020.

The 20-year-old Ruiz is currently ranked as the second-best prospect in the Los Angeles system, according to MLB Pipeline. He spent all his time at Double-A Tulsa last year, where he hit .268/.328/.401 with 12 long balls in an extremely pitcher-friendly Texas League. The switch-hitting native of Venezuela was named to the club’s 40-man roster in November, which means he’s almost guaranteed big league action in September of 2019. We took an in-depth look at Ruiz as recently as last March.

In spite of Ruiz’s many accolades, though, some pundits still have Will Smith with the higher ceiling. Smith is a significantly better athlete than most catchers, with many scouts giving him plus grades for his speed and quickness, much like Barnes. Offensively, Smith was impressive at the Double-A level last year, but struggled down the stretch when he was promoted to Triple-A Oklahoma City.

Recently, we took a close look at Smith after he was named the best defensive player in the Los Angeles minor league system.

It may also be worth noting that along with Ruiz, the Marlins could conceivably be asking for the inclusion of Barnes. Fisaro indicated that there are only two catchers on the entire Miami 40-man roster—Realmuto and Chad Wallach.

The 27-year-old Wallach is the son of Miami bench coach Tim Wallach and played 15 big league games for the Fish last season, going 8-for-45 with a homer and a double.


86 thoughts on “Dodgers Still Discussing J.T. Realmuto, Apparently

  1. Like Scoop, I believe any player who comes from a place where the spotlight is dimmer and steps on the field at Dodger Stadium where it shines so much brighter, does not produce great numbers. Especially if AF trades for him. One guy who got better here was Turner, but he came from the Mets as a free agent and reinvented himself. Rarely has a player come to LA and improved. Machado regressed and was no where near the player he was in Baltimore. Freese, for the time he was with the team was an exception. He played very well, and probably should have had more opportunities. Granderson and Reddick stunk up the joint. I personally would not trade Ruiz, who is just turning 20 for a 2 year rental. The kids upside is tremendous. Smith, maybe. The Dodgers are deep at the position in the minors. That does not mean you weaken the position by trading the best prospect. What it all boils down to is how comfortable is AF with the deal and what does Miami want back? Ruiz for Realmuto straight up? Or what other pieces do they have in mind. Talk is cheap. Andrew is cheaper.

    1. It’s true that some guys fade under the big lights but others get better. Not saying the JTR isn’t one of the former but I don’t think you can assume that his performance would regress if we got him. That said, I’m not giving up a 20 year old who has performed way above his age everywhere he’s been for a 27 year old with only 2 years of control and who, by some standards, is not that much better than Grandal. I’m guessing that someone else will give them more than we will but I am positive Realmuto won’t start the year with the Marlins. I’d be fine with getting him but only at the right prospect cost.

      1. Not always true but has surfaced a lot at Dodger Stadium. One guy I do remember as not being affected by it much was Gary Sheffield. He continued to put up numbers where ever he played. But the rest of the guys in the Piazza trade folded.

    2. Realmuto is the perfect player for this dodger team. He is a strong defender has a great arm and hits left hand pitching and is a strong contact hitter.
      He also makes very little money. We also have at least 3 other prospects who have the potential to make the club in the next few yrs.

      1. So, you would trade a 20 year old who would figure in the fortunes of many seasons of Dodger baseball for a 2 year rental? He is making 9 million this year and that would go up a lot in 2020 after arbitration if he had a decent year. Plus he is not a great hitter against LHP and that’s what the Dodgers really need. Cartaya is at least 3 or 4 years away. The kid is 17. Smith is probably ready defensively, but his bat is still a huge question mark, and Wong is a couple of years behind these guys. I would not trade Ruiz, for him, but maybe Smith.

  2. If Smith has the “higher ceiling” why isn’t he the second ranked prospect in our system?

    I don’t think I’m buying this. But what do I know? Only what I read and what I read is Ruiz grades out at B+ and Smith at B- Ruiz is 20, Smith is 23. Maybe things have changed, but until I read differently I keep Ruiz. Give them Smith and Gonsolin. Both are ready now.

    1. Crazy thing is, I don’t ever remember Friedman shipping out a legit Top 10 prospect. Yusniel Diaz may have been one, but many felt he was at the beginning of a decline. Friedman seems to know what he’s doing in trades. His risk factor stays low, although sometimes it prevents him from snagging some of the higher-profile players. Realmuto may end up being one of them.

      1. It would be nice to know if Realmuto would be open to an extension. He’s 28 in March. 5 years takes him to 32. 5 years takes Ruiz to 25. How about those two splitting innings until about 2023? We could trade Barnes, if not to Miami directly then try the prospects we could get or a three way.

    2. I don’t think Smith and Gonsolin will get it done. Someone will do better than that. Maybe Smith and May.

  3. How about Muncy, Taylor and Morrow. They didn’t seem too bothered by the bright lights of LA. If AF gives up Ruiz then it’s a big change in his philosophy of keeping his top prospects or he doesn’t value Ruiz as much as others

    1. First off Morrow is a pitcher. Pitching in a pitching friendly park, plus he was a pretty talented guy before he came to LA. Taylor was less than impressive his first year with the team. He re-invented himself and had a decent 2017, and then regressed a lot in 2018. Muncy had a good year. Let’s see if he can keep it up. Lot less pressure being a guy who has never done much at the MLB level than being an established player trying to justify a contract or a trade. Just check on players who came to LA and never were close to what they were somewhere else and we are talking some big names. Machado, as I mentioned was no where near the player he was in Baltimore. Had he hit the same way, the Dodgers might have cruised to the division instead of barely winning it. Reddick was the absolute picture of futility. Boog Powell came over and hit no homers at all. Same with Jim Thome. Darryl Strawberry was no where near what he was is NY. He had a decent 1st season and then was not worth the money he was being paid. I can go on and on. Dodger Stadium is a hard place to be a great hitter. That’s why since the Dodgers moved to LA they have had exactly 2 batting champions, and it was the same guy twice, Tommy Davis, and no one has even come close to winning it since 1963. That’s fact, not fiction.

    1. Happy? I get it that he is reluctant to do that. I just feel and always have that he does not target the best available player. He signs a lot of reclamation projects and guys with iffy medical issues. Just go back over all the time he has been here. He never shoots for the stars in the off season, and his midseason trades have had the obvious mixed results. Name on single player he has brought to the team that was exciting to watch. This team is extremely boring to watch. The brand of all or nothing hitting gets really old really fast. Why do you think their RISP is so pitiful? That’s this teams mantra. We will see if the new hitting coach changes that philosophy. And he is still dumpster diving. The player he signed to a minor league deal yesterday proves that. I call it grasping at straws when you do not have the guts to pull the trigger on something that actually might IMPROVE a pretty pedestrian offense as it stands right of this moment.

  4. I am sick and tired of hearing about Realmuto. I’m to the point where I hope they don’t trade for him even if the asking price comes down. I think Ruiz and Smith both could very well end up being just as good or better. JTR is terrible against lefties also so how does that fit our need of a solid righty bat?

  5. Well I’ve been in Dodger stadium for the last 2 playoffs and it’s been the farthest thing from boring! Not the WS can’t afford that!! Boring is being eliminated by September and not playing any meaningful games. Bear you are one tough guy to please!

  6. Friedman has signed the best 2 players available at the trade deadline the last 2 years. Both all stars. I put out a list of the top 10 free agents the past 3 years a week ago. It’s a sad list mostly flops. Who did you want him to sign from that group? The only guy who might significantly improve our club this year is Harper. He wants 10-350 which could cripple your ability to sign our young stars in the future with no clear consistent evidence that he really is a superstar and besides your owners won’t let you sign him anyway! Be specific what do you want him to do

    1. First off he did not sign the 2 best players available at the deadline, he traded for them. Big difference. He gave up 5 players for Machado, and got a .270 hitter in the exchange, not the .320 hitter he traded for. Darvish may have been the best arm available at the trade deadline, but he in no way was needed. They were cruising and would have won the division without him unless you really believe his 4 wins in 7 decisions was a difference maker. Darvish had not been an all star for quite a while. You do not have to sign Harper to be successful at signing a free agent. You do the diligence that needs to be done and you fill your holes and needs. Is that frippen specific enough for you? They do not need Harper. That was a pipe dream from the get go and I knew there was no way that AF would sign that guy. I am not the one who was calling for that. The playoffs may have been exciting for you, and I am glad you enjoyed them. But it was painful to watch how the Dodgers offense floundered and was totally over matched in the World Series. There were a few games in the NLCS that were not exactly fun to watch either. What you may find exciting, others may not. It gets old watching Taylor rack up strikeouts at the pace he did. Oh yeah, once in a while he had a decent game, but watching him flail away was almost as bad as having to watch Grandal kill so many rally’s with terrible at bats. The Dodgers had huge holes at catcher and in the bullpen. So far he has traded for a couple of BP guys and signed one free agent for that role, maybe that works, and maybe it does not. We will see how those guys pan out in spring. He CREATED a need by trading a large portion of his RH production in a salary dump that according to every story I read was supposed to open up enough salary to allow him to get Harper, or re-sign Machado. Signing Harper would not fix that hole, retaining Machado would have, but they have Seager coming back, so that’s not happening. He brings back a 36 year old catcher who had maybe the worst season of his career last year to add to a guy who never found his rhythm at bat last year. They addressed the bullpen, have been involved in more rumors than can be believed and still have not replaced the power lost in the salary dump. Realmuto is not going to replace all that by himself. They still are lefty heavy, and basically they still are a team of utility players in a city that loves it’s stars. That’s why everyone was pushing for Harper. I am not the only one who complains about the way AF does things, it just seems like it because I always say what is on my mind. I am also not the only person who thinks baseball today is a lot more boring than it used to be. Hard to please? Not really. Sign a player or trade for one that makes sense and I will be all in. But Friedman rarely does that kind of deal. It will take a lot more than just one move to make me believe in the guy. He is what he is, and the game has changed. To me, not for the better.

  7. I get what Bear is driving at. This platooning, and 3 true outcome all-or-nothing approach is often tough for old school guys to watch. We played, and coached, a different game. Our All Stars the last few years have mostly been pitchers – Kershaw and Jansen every year, obviously neither out there every night. Last year it was just Jansen and Kemp. Sometimes it feels like we win with smoke and mirrors. But that said, going to the World Series two years in a row is pretty exciting.

    Having Seager back might help with excitement. Having Bellinger, Taylor and Barnes return to ‘17 levels will help. If Muncy can hit 35 and OPS .973 again. We can light it up if everybody plays well. But Puig, Kemp, and Grandal, all All Stars, are all gone. and to date nobody of note has replaced them.

    My biggest concern, as I’ve stated before, is management may be content knowing they can win the West as is. They don’t HAVE to increase payroll to make the playoffs. We’ve been Kastenrated. We may be in the playoffs 14 of 15 years with 1 Championship to show for it. Wonder what year that will be? 2019? Doubt it.

  8. Am I the only one here who has enjoyed 6 straight division titles and 2 straight World Series? Sure I’m disappointed we didn’t get a WS title but I don’t think management sucks, the manager sucks and the players are boring because of a missed WS!

  9. what move or moves would you like to see Friedman make, bear, at this point, is their a move that you think will make us a better team, that you could live with the cost, in $ or prospects?

  10. And Scoop I realize it’s a different game today. I remember the days when you got into your opponents bullpen it was game over. Today you have guys pitching the 5th inning with better stuff than the starter. Bullpen guys throwing 100 mph. The shifts today. If you pull the ball on the ground you’re out 90% of the time. It’s almost impossible to put 3 hits together to score against playoff caliber teams. Hence launch angles and all of that. But it’s still a great game and the Dodgers are one of the best playing it!

    1. I recognize the changes Rich and accept them with the following exceptions: 1. strikeouts. With 2 strikes protect and put the ball in play. You bat .000 on every strikeout. Put the ball in play and you might get on. 2. Learn how to bunt and go the other way. Mickey Mantle won a batting title in ‘56 because he could bunt. He hit over .500 when bunting. In my opinion there is no excuse for hitting .250 into a shift when you can hit .500 going the other way.

      We led the league in scoring. Only an idiot would argue against the process that did that. I miss the run game (steals, hit and run) and I miss defense fundamentals. To watch bases being surrendered because players don’t hit cutoffs and don’t back up bases is maddening to me. But again, I accept what is.

  11. Rich, I’m on your side of the fence, but I respect, and like bears passion and opinion. The one thing I will say in a negative light against the Dodgers goes more towards ownership, at this point it looks like they are starting to cut payroll when we all know they have money. We are not San Diego, or Milwaukee we are the second largest market, with the highest attendance, and the largest television package. It pisses me off that they are acting like we can’t afford to exceed the luxury cap.

  12. OK….a better team. Trade for another pitcher that is a true ace. Kluber would be nice. That gives you 3 really good starting pitchers and takes a lot of the load away from the bullpen, IF, they change the mind set of the starters from just going 5 innings and then turning it over to the pen. 6 plus should be the goal of every starter. It also makes the rotation less lefty heavy in a division where most of the power hitters are RH. Settle on a REGULAR 2nd baseman. Be it Taylor, who I think is the obvious choice or Kike, who I believe has way more value as a reserve. Make deals from a position of strength, not because you are so thin you have a need. Trade Muncy while his value is high. I personally believe that he will not come close to repeating last years numbers, and the guy is not a kid. I also think playing him at first base weakens the defense. Seager is coming back from an arm injury. He is not going to be making accurate throws to first all the time, and Muncy is not a great scoop and catch player, which Bellinger is. Go with a more set lineup. The platooning is ok if you constantly have guys injured, and it keeps some players fresh, but it also tends to get players out of rhythm. Part of the FO problem is that Friedman is working under the guidelines to keep the payroll under the CBT. I get it. So, if you are going to sign the low risk high reward guys as he has a tendency to do, then look for players who have been pretty decent in their splits and who are not just one dimensional players. I mentioned Grossman. He would not cost much, and he is a pretty decent hitter against LHP, which as we all know is a Dodger Achilles heel. The more stability you have in your lineup, the better off you are, especially up the middle. It has been a while since LA has had that. They can afford to go over the cap Keith, they just do not want to. I also think they are in some trouble with both MLB and concerning some of their money deals. They are worried about losing draft picks if they sign a guy like Pollock. So veer away from that and go another way with a player who is cheaper, but has skills. Unfortunately, the OF market is a little thin this year. If you do trade Joc, get a RH hitting OF for him if at all possible. It all depends on availability. One guy suggested trading for Abreu from the Sox. Bonafide RH power hitter and decent first baseman who allows you to put your fastest player in CF and keep the defense decent. Either play Verdugo or trade him. The bullpen has a lot of options and there are a few players who are out of options this year. If they show they are not going to make the team, use them as trade bait to secure needs or depth, or even trade them now. AF is always doing deals like that anyway. I don’t have all the answers. None of us do. But Rich, if you are just satisfied with winning division titles and just getting to the World Series, I am really sorry for you. I expect them to win when they get there and play at a higher level than in the regular season. All Dodger fans should expect that. Rolling over and playing dead like they did in the series last year is just not fun to watch.

  13. I’m with you Keith. I thought last year we came in under the cap to get a reset and sign Harper. But it’s not just the Dodgers. The Cubs have done nothing. Boston has been trying to trade Bradley to reduce payroll and get back down. No Kimbrel signing. They dont have a closer. And the Yankees aren’t in on Harper or Machado. Houston has been quiet. They don’t even have a starting 5. The owners are up to something!

  14. Thx bear for putting some ideas out there. Of course I’m not satisfied with losing WS. Ive been very disappointed. But I gotta keep things in perspective. It’s been an exiting ride. Better than the other 29 teams in baseball not Houston or Boston. We’re close. I’d love to get Kluber but they want outfielders. That means Verdugo and maybe 2 more top prospects. May and Ferguson? Are you willing to give up that much? Then you have to put together a package with Pederson to get a big righty bat. That’s a lot of top 10 prospects. I’d still like to make a run at Osuna. Big upside if healthy

    1. Exiting is right..they exited bot WS without a win. I think you meant exciting. May and Ferguson, no, one of them yes. Just like Verdugo, they are prospects. They have proven nothing at the MLB level. Ferguson to me would be the one to keep. He did a fine job out of the pen last year. But they can always deal for an outfielder and flip him to the Indians.

      1. Really! wow……You would think that he would be too expensive for AF’s blood. But he can hit leadoff and is an excellent CF.

      2. Heyman is reporting it is for 55 million plus. Not sure how many years. Pending his physical. Do Dodgers give him #11> ?

  15. I think the only way I would include verdugo in a trade is if they sign Harper, which none of us think they will do. Why do you think the cards would trade osuna? I hadn’t heard any rumors.

    1. Cards have Ozuna, and they aren’t trading him. Not sure who Rich is referring to, maybe Roberto Osuna?

  16. Jeff has been right all along, haniger solves all the problems, and we all know Dipoto would trade his own mother, I wonder what it would take to make him say yes.

  17. Ozuna is in final year of his contact w Cards. Was injured last year. Do not think Cards love him. Id make an offer of JOC and a few prospects. If healthy could have a huge upside. I think Haniger would cost a fortune bc he has some years of control but yea I’d love to get him

    1. The Cards are competing this year. They aren’t going to trade Ozuna unless he’s not producing. If he lights it up again they will try to extend him or make a QO next winter.

  18. I would at least make a phone call to St Louis about Jose Martinez. He’s terrible defensively but you can hide him between 1B and LF and he gives you a legitimate righty bat with some pop.

  19. Yeah Rich the owners are up to something, the mlpa better figure something out,I heard the other day that the players percentage of gross revenues is all the way down to 40%, not that many years ago it was in the mid 50s, at those kind of #s you can’t tell me the owners aren’t making good profits.

  20. A.J. Pollock seems to be the biggest name we can expect to get based on payroll. I’m still 100% certain Friedman has been told he’s not allowed to go over the $206 mil luxury tax so that gives the Fodgers about $20 million in salary to play with. You need to take at least $5 mil of that away just for Maeda’s expected contract bonuses so you’re left with around $15 million. Signing Pollock would take every penny of the remaining balance so you’d just about havevto trade someone like Joc who is making $5 mil this year. I would love a true leadoff hitter to come on board so I’m willing to give the 1st round pick if we can get a decent deal on Pollock. At the same time I’d be ok going into the season asvthe team stands right now. Maybe add one more reliever on a cheap 1 year deal like Adam Warren or Oliver Perez.

      1. He likes the guy because at heart AF is nothing more than a glorified garbage collector.

      2. He is way over the hill. I can’t believe Oliver Perez is still available. He had a 1.39 ERA last year.

  21. They are not adding much unless they clear a little more roster space. There is one spot open right now. Kelly will not be wearing # 56. He is now wearing # 17. Pics of him in his new uni while helping out at a grocery chain were seen on Twitter. Pomeranz signs for 1.5 with the guys up north. Blake Gailen, the outfielder who signed a minor league deal with LA, lefty hitter, once hit .400 in the minors according to his bio. And he is Lancaster’s all time HR leader.

      1. Amish Country is pretty much limited to the southern part of Lancaster County. Lebanon is one county above Lancaster. I live right on the edge of the mountains in Mifflin County now. No bayous up this way. 😉

      2. Yeah we don’t have too many Amish down south. I used to watch that show Amish Mafia, Lancaster is a beautiful place it seems.

  22. Ozuna had work done on his shoulder this off season and he has been rehabbing in the DR instead of working with the Cards people. They aren’t happy and I’m sure would trade him in a second for Joc, but shoulder injuries sometimes take a year or two to come back from. That’s a gamble even AF might not want to take.

    1. That’s cool. After Temple joined the A-10 and mandated scholarships, I got cut from the baseball team. At that point, I joined a fraternity and started playing rugby. From there on out, I lived in one of those lovely row homes on 15th and Diamond Streets. 🙂

    1. I always preferred Geno’s. It may sound strange, but I’m sort of dating a girl who lives down on South 6th Street now. Rekindled romance from college. So I actually get down to South Phila often.

  23. I haven’t been back in about 7-8 years now. Took my family back for a weekend when we were back in NYC. Lots of fun!

  24. 5 different projections sites show Ozuna with 25 and 90+, OPSn over .800. Even hurt he hit as well, or better, than Pederson. He’s an every day player, for the Cards anyway. Probably not here. If he’s available, and frankly I doubt it, I’d consider that trade. Is this just a fantasy or did somebody read it somewhere?

  25. No I was just playing GM. If they’re set on trading JOC I’d rather put a package together to get a big righty bat that can help us win this year rather than prospects. I know Ozuna is in his walk year but it sounds like there could be other issues with him. I’d at least make a phone call and check him out

    1. Oh. Sure, no harm in asking.

      I wonder if we are still interested in Castellanos. He’s in a walk year too, and I believe more likely to be available than Ozuna. Actually I read something a month ago about him that at the time made sense…. we acquire him and flip him to Cleveland for Kluber. Indians need outfield help, though Castellanos isn’t much of a defender. He can hack and every team needs that.

  26. If we survived Kemp in left field last year I think we’d love to have his bat in our lineup in left. And I don’t think he would cost us much.

    1. His numbers are based on playing right field. He had 10 assists out there, which I find notable. His RF was above league average according to BR but his UZR at fangraphs sucks. I don’t know why that is, but I think if he’s in left field his numbers would be better. I also think he’d probably be expensive as other teams will bid on a bat like his. A 130 wRC+ is right there with Votto and Arenado. It’s a MLB Top 20 number.

  27. Nothing brewing yet. It is amazing how many twits on Twitter make comments and yet have no knowledge of how it all works. Dodgers are carrying Taylor and Bellinger as infielders. Not outfielders, since those are their natural positions. But these clowns keep insisting we have 6 outfielders. What they have is a bunch of position players who can play multiple positions. The only guys on the 40 man who do not play more than one spot are Toles, Verdugo, Pederson, Ruiz, Gale. Every one else on the roster can play multiple spots. Barnes has even played LF before as did Martin when he was younger. Pomeranz signed by Faidi to a 1 year deal. 20 days to pitchers and catchers. Got a baseball card yesterday of Bill Sharman. Yep, the former Laker coach and NBA HOFer who did a stint for a while in the Brooklyn Dodgers farm system. How time has changed note…..on this day in 1950, Jackie Robinson signed the richest contract in Brooklyn Dodger history when he signed a deal for………..35,000.00 dollars. How times have changed…..that barely buys him a new car today.

      1. I’m seeing 4/50 or 4/55 with incentives and an opt out. Like I said earlier this week, I knew AF would have someone new for Fan Fest this weekend. That’s the only reason they did the deal this week. 🙂 So, do we trade Joc now or trade Verdugo in a deal for Kluber or JTR?

  28. Heyman is saying 4/50 with incentives. I am down with it. RH pop and a guy who can hit leadoff. Good defensive guy in CF. Means that Muncy can be had for the right deal along with Pederson. I move Belli to 1st permanently. He is the best option there.

  29. Cubs signed reliever Brad Brach. Maybe things are heating up. There is also a blurb floating that Harper might make his choice this week.

  30. If the deal is more than 50 million, D-Backs get a compensory pick AFTER the 1st round. The Dodgers do not lose a pick. The signing would put them right up against the 206 Tax cap figure.

  31. I would be surprised if another deal doesn’t follow this one. I assume that Joc, Muncy or Verdugo are about to be shipped somewhere. I would think that Pollock would get most of the playing time in center and I completely agree that Bellinger should move to first. I’m ambivalent about center vs first but a corner outfield position vs first is a slam dunk. Move Belli to first. Glad to see you’re OK with the signing Bear. Have some Butterscotch Schnapps to celebrate!

  32. Boy this working for a living gets in the way of following the Dodgers. I like the Pollock signing and I agree with you Jeff I think old AF has another move in him. Does he go for another righty batbin left, Realmuto or Kluber? What do u guys think?

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