Dodgers Trade Rumors: Pederson, Pollock, Harrison, Marte & More


Another day, another rumor of another player the Dodgers are interested in. On Thursday, I discussed how Joc Pederson might fit into the Dodgers’ plans. Over the weekend, rumors started to fly that maybe the Dodgers don’t have him in their 2019 plans at all.

If we are to believe multiple internet rumors, many teams have been checking in on the possibility of a Pederson trade. The White Sox seem to be the most interested, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. Furthermore, Jon Heyman of Fancred says that the Atlanta Braves have checked in also. The Braves do need outfield help, and with a trade last off season between the two teams and the familiarity of Alex Anthopolous with the Dodgers front office, a deal could be brokered pretty easily.

Joc may simply be the casualty of Los Angeles having too many left-handed bats. In addition, his inability to hit southpaw pitching doesn’t help his cause. If the Dodgers are going to trade one of their left-handed outfielders, it certainly isn’t going to be past Rookie of the Year Cody Bellinger, and it probably isn’t going to be Alex Verdugo, their prized prospect.

Yesterday, Dennis discussed where A.J. Pollock would fit in with the Dodgers, as his name has been brought up time and again. Moving Joc would seem to make a space for the free agent, or perhaps even Bryce Harper. (I know, I know, Harper isn’t coming to L.A. But until he signs somewhere, there’s always a chance.) One place a Pollock addition does not make sense is on the in the checkbook, which seems to be what is the guiding force for the Dodgers’ front office. Pederson is due $5 million this season, and Pollock could cost up to three times that amount, plus he isn’t guaranteed to be healthy all season.

In addition to Pollock, another name the Dodgers were tied to over the weekend is Josh Harrison of the Pittsburgh Pirates. This one makes even less sense than Pollock, as the last truly good season Josh had was 2014. His contact rate has dipped in three consecutive season. Aside from his killer smile and ability to play all over, I don’t see what upgrade he would be. Besides, the Dodgers have quite a few utility players already.

Another name to the Dodgers search for a right handed bat is Harrison’s teammate Starling Marte. A career .286 hitter, he’s coming off a season where he hit 20 home runs, stole 33 bases and posted a .787 OPS. He’s been very healthy throughout his career. His one mar is he was suspended for using PEDs in 2017, when he served an 80 game suspension.

The Dodgers have been rumored to be in discussions with the Pirates earlier this off-season, with thoughts of sending Ross Stripling to western PA. Perhaps he would be packaged with Joc to make this type of trade happen.

Regardless of who it is, the Dodgers are actively looking for a right-handed bat to add to their lineup. I would propose a move is coming sooner than later, with the start of spring training now only three weeks away.


62 thoughts on “Dodgers Trade Rumors: Pederson, Pollock, Harrison, Marte & More

  1. Rosenthal reporting that the Dodgers-White Sox have a deal in place for Colome and prospects to be named later. Deal should be announced tonight per Rosenthal and the Atlantic…..

      1. yeah, good thing you did not mention Bellinger or Buehler…..but there has to be another trade in the works or a free agent close to signing. They will have only 3 OF’s on the roster after this goes down.

    1. Pederson would be going to Chicago……at least he would be training in the same place he has his entire career. There has to be another deal in the works because this leaves the Dodgers with only 3 outfielders on the roster.

      1. I’m not seeing in on the verified Ken. I see his last tweet was 4 hours ago

    2. Lets hope if we trade Joc we get something back for him not like the salary dump we made with Puig,Kemp,Wood etc. The Yankees just traded Gray to the Reds and got more in return for just him then the Dodgers got for the dump of 4

      1. Colome is a 30 yr old RH reliever who used to be with Seattle. According to Rosenthal there will also be a prospect or 2 headed this way. Could be Friedman wants to cover his heinie if they sign Pollock

  2. I went right on his twitter page. That’s where I saw it, it is also on the #dodgers feed…….so I have seen it in 2 places….not saying it is set in stone, but he usually has a handle on this stuff.

  3. They are also said to be in on Josh Harrison. At least interested. Colome is 30 and a 5 year vet. They got him from Seattle. So we will see later in the day if there is any truth to the story.

  4. By the way, he also posted on the 18th that the White Sox were closing in on signing Machado. 8 Yrs, 250 mil or so.

      1. Yes, the same photo! Lots of fakes out there, unfortunately. I’ve fallen for my share

      2. I was bamboozled! Hornswoggled and just plain taken in! How could I fall for that one, oh well, not the first time….

      3. Fake news on Twitter?


        Until something is actually done I’m not falling for the twits. I mean tweets. Whatever.

    1. There ya go, you are becoming Jefe JR. Stirrin the pot and makin trouble. Friedman will probably get a brand new contract for being such a sweet boy and keeping the payroll where the owners want it. He will be praised as a genius by the multitudes. Meanwhile, another season will pass and the Dodgers will be standing on the corner watching someone else’s victory parade.

    2. That being said, if she really is the kiss of death, I want an article about Friedman and Roberts.

  5. I would love to have Marte but he will cost a ton. Pollack will cost the 31st pick in the draft which is very steep. I also can’t see a Joc trade happening simply because they already traded away a huge portion of our team power and trading Joc would just continue to add to it. If you trade Joc then obviously you intend to start Verdugo in RF and then you are forced into going after Harper, Pollack or Marte.

  6. Let’s face it folks, we don’t have a clue what the front office is thinking with regard to the 2019 outfield. Just because there are rumors about AF going after Pollock or Marte doesn’t mean there is much truth in it. On the other hand a trade or signing of one of those guys could be happening as I write this. The front office uses the media (including the guys who usually know what they’re talking about like Ken R. and Heyman) to play games with the other teams. For all we know Friedman is putting out rumors that he is interested in Marte/Pollock to try to convince the Tigers to lower their price on Castellanos. Sometimes where there’s smoke there’s fire and other times there’s just smoke.

    1. I already emailed Friedman my report on Castellanos which was filled with a bunch of negatives. Friedman sent back a “thumbs up” sign. I guess he’s starting to have faith in me. 😮

      1. I still subscribe to the old adage “It ain’t over till it’s over” and therefore still have hopes that we can offer DiPoto something that will convince him to send us Haniger. I really think he might consider Joc, Smith, May, Rios but I could be very wrong about that.

      2. I doubt it Jefe. A 28 year old team controlled 6 WAR outfielder? Stranger things have happened. Mariners are not projected to compete with him (73 wins) so…. who knows. Maybe they are due for restructuring. I have no idea what their plans are but if they intend to rebuild, Haniger is a player to build around. There are other players (salaries) they could move

        Castellanos huh. He did put up some good offensive numbers. He also had more plate appearances than anyone on the Dodgers. He hits lefties, that’s for sure. (So did Kemp, but not quite as successfully). He’d fit in with our salary restrictions, but he’s a free agent in ‘20. How much is Andrew willing to give up for one year?

        “The Dodgers remain something of an enigma” Jeff Todd and Steve Adams.

        Got that right.

      3. I’ve got to admit Scoop that if I were DiPoto, I wouldn’t make the trade I suggested. As you said, Haniger is the kind of guy around which you want to build your club. But, I would present the deal to him anyway because you never know.

  7. The Mariners seem to be in a full rebuild. If you doubt that, go to There is a story there that lists every teams transactions so far. The Mariners have added over 20 players this off season. I doubt Dipoto trades Haniger. He is a fan favorite, and he would not come cheap. Roberts stated yesterday that the Dodgers needed a PROVEN RH hitter. DUH!!! Brilliant Dave! Say didn’t Kemp and Puig hit from the right side??

    1. Puig didn’t hit lefties and for some Peter Brand reason Kemp didn’t grade out well.

      There are, and will be, right handed hitters available. ‘drew just needs to choose.

      1. Basically that happened over the last 2 years, prior to that he was decent not great against lefty’s. Of course when he first came up he killed them.

  8. Here is one for you Andy. Why don’t you do a poll and see who likes the way Friedman works and who thinks he is nuts.

    1. On Friedman:

      My left brain says yes, my right brain says no. Or is it the other way around. I’ll need to analyze this and create a more dialectical coherence.

    2. Hey Bear, I’m giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve just fired Friedman and Roberts for you and I’m letting you choose their replacements. Pick anyone you want for each job as long as they aren’t currently employed or dead. Who do you pick to fill each of those jobs? Any of you other folks who hate Doc and Friedman, feel free to take part in this exercise. I am just fine with keeping each of them so I won’t be participating.

      1. Manager to me is easy, I go with Bill Hasselman who was the manager at OKC the last few years. Reason is because he is known to the younger players on the roster an he knows the system as good as anyone. Friedman is the president of baseball operations, not the GM. But I would think you want someone with a lot of management skills. Me, I would like Peter O’Malley. He has owned the team and probably knows the pulse of the fans as good as anyone they have employed right now. Peter would pick a GM with pretty much the same kind of thinking.

      2. I’m assuming that AF is filling both positions right now, so give me the name of a GM you would hire. I assume it wouldn’t be O’Malley doing both jobs.

      3. Hmmmmm. Interesting choice. Always liked Logan. Of course we don’t know how he would do with trades. Our only experience is with drafting but he certainly did well with that.

      4. I just think the guy is an astute judge of talent and that would serve him well as GM.

  9. hall of Fame results tonight at 6….not sure if that is PST or what. I do know that projections have 3 guys getting the Call…Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, and Eduardo Rodriguez. Would be a nice class. Joined by Baines and Smith this summer. Also means Bonds and Clemens have to wait.

    1. Even though MLB turned a blind eye to steroid use, I hope Bonds and Clemens have to wait for the Eras Committee, or whatever they call themselves.

      You know, since you brought it up, I’m not so upset about the use of the drugs. All of society is on something. What bugs me is all the lying. I can’t handle liars. Bonds with steroids, Clinton with Monica, Trump with…. every word that comes out of his mouth…. just say “yeah I did it, so what?” and I’m ok with it. Well, not everything, but sex and drugs? Come on. MLB didn’t even try to stop them, Hillary didn’t give a sh*t, and Trump has been Trump for 70 years, so why do I care about personal indiscretions? Nobody’s perfect. But when caught, stand up and tell the truth and it’s over as far as I’m concerned. Lie and cover up and it goes on for years. Just my humble opinion on these things.

  10. I totally agree. 2022 is the last year the writers can elect those guys.I also wish that they had just copped to it and that would be that. Giambi did the right thing and admitted it. He has not been ostracize for doing that. Palmiero, McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, Clemens, all said i did not do anything. Bonds would already be in had he not ever juiced. He was that good, but he saw all the adulation going McGwire and Sosa’s way when they were having their famous HR duel, he just had to do something to get back into the spotlight. You do not get that good in your late 30’s. All the greats tailed off. I also have no sympathy for guys who cheated and then bitch about the results. That’s why I have no sympathy for Pete Rose. He accepted the ban. But he has never admitted what he did. I saw the guy play, as did you. He was probably the most intense competitor I have ever seen. Always hustling, trying to beat you any way he could. I hated the guy with a passion, but I respected the way he played baseball. It is a crying shame that he did not respect himself and the game enough to follow the rules,which are posted on every clubhouses walls. I use only what medicine my doctor prescribes. Never smoked pot, or did the other recreational stuff. But that was my choice. I do not look down on anyone who did. I just had too many responsibilities to afford that kind of stuff.

    1. Every year? Sorry, the last 2 yes, every year, no. Me I would like to win one. So you are thinking pretty narrow there bud. And if not for brain farts by senor Roberts they might have won in 2017. They had no shot last year. Winning there Rich. That’s the aim. AF has never won one. He has had 3 shots at the prize. You tell me that you enjoy this what is becoming annual lack of doing anything to improve as a good thing?? Sorry,. I am not drinking his cool aid.

  11. AF didn’t give up the hr to Gonzales in game 2 or the 13 runs in game 5 in a Kershaw start. 2017 loss rests squarley on the shoulders of the players!

    1. Ah, my pot stirring is having it’s desired effect this morning. End of round one. Go back to your corners gents and come out swinging when the bell rings for round two.

    2. In my opinion it’s always on the players Rich. Andrew put the teams together, Roberts made out the lineups. Neither Friedman nor Roberts played a flipping inning. Kershaw and Jansen are paid millions. They do their jobs to level they are paid and we have at least 1 Championship. The Red Sox were clearly the better team so, I didn’t really expect that one. This year? I still see 3 teams in the AL who appear to be better and frankly I won’t be surprised if we don’t have home field in October. NL teams are gearing up and coming after us.

  12. Can’t understand what more Friedman could have done in 17. And so many times the WS is a crapshoot. Unexpected guys come out of nowhere to decide a series. See Pierce, Kelley, Evoldi and Price who was the worst post season pitcher in baseball history until last year. We didn’t get that unexpected production

  13. Well we did with Hill but then Roberts took him out. Now that was a fiasco. Talk about a lack of communication!

  14. Cannot have it both ways> Gets credit for a WS team and then when they lose it is all on the players. Yep, ultimately the players are the ones who win or lose. But who plays and who does not is on Roberts. Pitching changes and rotation set up on him too. He made the same blunders in 17 that he did last year. He took Hill out early in a game then too. Bringing McCarthy in when he had barely pitched all year? What the hell was he even doing on the roster? Over using Morrow until when they really needed him he was OUT OF GAS> Roberts is no strategical genius that’s for sure. But he gets a pass? You guys can sit here and sing their praises all you want. From where I sit it is a failure of everyone. players, manager and the FO.

  15. I agree bear. Roberts and the players play and manage the games. He made some ? calls and shares in thenblame for sure but I think AF put together a pretty good team in 17, and deserves some props. Like everyone I’m pretty frustrated this season but who knows what restrictions ownership has placed on him. League wide everyone is shying away from going over the cap. Pretty suspicious

    1. Let’s look at that 17 team. 2 guys who made the biggest impact were not even on the team at the start of the year. Both Taylor and Bellinger were at AAA. Both were brought in because of injury. Bellinger because of Gonzalez, and Taylor because of Turner. Had Gonzalez been healthy, Belli would have stayed at AAA. Taylor reinvented him self. They did come from an early deficit and got about as hot as any team ever has. They were well on their way to having the best record ever by a Dodger team until the September swoon. But even with that, they cruised to the division title. They traded for Darvish at the deadline because they felt they needed a solid #2 starter. But Darvish was coming off the injured list when he came over and he really did not contribute all that much to the pennant push. He was decent in the playoffs, and then totally went in the tank in the World Series. Morrow had a great season per se and did not give up a homer all year, until the World Series. They made what I considered a very ill advised trade for Granderson, who despite a pretty good 2 weeks when he first came to LA, folded like a wet taco when it counted the most. So except for the mid season and end of August trades, AF did not really add much to the team he already had. I think, and honestly believe they would have made it to the Series even without trading for Darvish. I think they blew a genuine opportunity by not trading for Verlander. That being said, they still should have won the World Series. They blew 2 games they had in the bag. Then they rolled over and played dead in game 7. AF gets credit when he does something right. He should also get the blame when he does nothing. They have not improved a 92 win team. It has been weakened. They are counting on bounce back years and improved performances. They are counting on Seager being full recovered and Martin and Barnes being able to handle the catching duties and providing some offense. There are people who think they are still the class of the National League. I am not that optimistic. Nor do I sing the praises of someone who has sat on his thumbs all winter except for 1 free agent, and a salary dump trade. Now maybe Friedman has a plan up his sleeve. But he is sure taking his sweet time implementing it.

  16. You got it in your last two sentences Bear. The plan is to take his sweet time. This is like having the team 2 games out of first at the All Star break (or maybe in this case the end of August) and complaining that the season was a total failure. The season is only over (and therefore should only be judged) after 162 games (or sometimes 163). It may be that AF does absolutely nothing else before ST. You would then have every right to be pissed that he didn’t do much of anything. I’ll even submit that you can complain right now about his strategy in taking his sweet time, but you can’t yet complain about the results of his plan because it probably hasn’t played out yet.

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