Latest Updates on the Bryce Harper and Manny Machado Sweepstakes

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Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are two of the most high-profile free agents on the market, and the whole baseball world is awaiting decisions from them.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are connected to both these impending developments, albeit for slightly different reasons between the two.

There aren’t really any indications that Machado is going to be back with the Dodgers, who acquired him this past July at the non-waiver trade deadline.

However, there has been a lot of rumblings that Harper is seriously considering choosing the Dodgers as his next team.

Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY is reporting that Machado has an in-person visit with the Philadelphia Phillies scheduled for next week.

George A. King III of The New York Post is suggesting that Machado could be visiting with the New York Yankees next week as well.

It doesn’t appear that Machado is going to make a decision until next week at the very earliest, which could have some repercussions.

Harper could conceivably want to make a decision before then, and it could end up forcing some teams’ hands that want to acquire either of them.

There are also rumors connecting the Chicago White Sox to Machado, as well as a mystery team that is trying to stay under-the-radar throughout these very public pursuits.

While the Yankees appear to be clearly prioritizing Machado over Harper, the White Sox seem like they’re going after both.

In free agency, teams will typically wait for a specific player to make a choice before they begin pursuing other options.

Harper and Machado are the two marquee players available. It sounds like there are teams prioritizing a pursuit of Machado over Harper.

What gets complicated is when a player viewed as a secondary priority compared to another option seems poised to make a decision before that main option.

Teams then have to calculate whether they should take a chance at luring one option if it means ultimately missing out on the other.

The Phillies recently acquired Jean Segura, and that could really impact their potential draw from the perspective of Machado.

In the past, Machado has voiced a preference to play shortstop, and with Segura presumably penciled in at that position now, Machado would be playing third base if he signs with the Phillies.

Nightengale also wrote a piece that described how the Dodgers are very much a candidate for Harper’s services, although the Phillies should be considered the favorites to land him at this point.

Jim Bowden is reporting that the Dodgers don’t want to give Harper a 10-year deal, and neither do other candidates like the San Francisco Giants or Los Angeles Angels.

If Harper wants to play for the Dodgers, it seems like he’d have to turn down a longer offer from another team unless the Dodgers ultimately give in and go 10 years with him.

What’s going to be really fascinating is if the Phillies feel compelled to sign whichever player jumps on their offer first.

It’d probably be a safe bet as of now that the Phillies are going to get one of either Harper or Machado, although which one it is might depend on which gives them stronger affirmation first.

Free agency can be crazy and unpredictable, though. What seems like an inevitability one day can quickly become a dead end the very next day.

The Dodgers appear to be well within the Harper sweepstakes right now, and they certainly offer Harper a chance to not only win but also grow his presence as a global ambassador for the sport.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Harper’s decision ultimately does come down to the team willing to give him the 10-year deal, and perhaps the negotiation process really is just beginning.


12 thoughts on “Latest Updates on the Bryce Harper and Manny Machado Sweepstakes

  1. Harper won’t go to the dodgers on a short term contract and they most definitely will not bring Machado back. The dodgers are nothing but cheap platoon team. They’re never get over that bump if they don’t get a big bat in the line up who can score runs when runners are on. I’m going going to quit being a fan if they tank in 2019.


    1. When you’re done being a Dodger fan, you’ll need to find another team to support. I suggest the Orioles or maybe the Reds or Padres. Or the Mariners. So many great teams to choose from.


  2. You can’t quit being a fan. We are all Brokeback Dodger Fans. You can go live out in the middleman of nowhere, try to forget, but it won’t work.Everything is built on it If you can’t fix it, you gotta stand it. Just like the rest of us here on the mountain.

    Too much?


    1. Hey Dennis, I need a 5 minute edit faculty. I read 20/20 but I type 20/80. Always have. Don’t know why. Autocorrect kicks my butt. You were just saying you can do polls. Do an edit capability too.

      Thanking you in advance –



  3. You were never a fan to begin with if you can up and stop at any point because they don’t win it all so good riddance my friend. I’d rather no fans than bandwagon fans. I’m from south Louisiana been a Saints fan all my life even through the dreaded bag over our head years. Since we have turned into one if not the best team in the NFC we see many of your kind. Quick to praise when we win but even quicker to denounce when we lose. Perhaps you should try the Marlins, at least you won’t be disappointed there.


  4. My personal opinion only matters to me. And in my opinion signing Bryce Harper does not automatically make the Dodgers the series favorite. Not unless they beef up the pitching. Get a fulltime catcher who plays good defense and stabilize the 2nd base situation Everyone who thinks just adding Harper makes this team better than last year, well good luck with that.


    1. I think you’re right about that Bear. That’s why I wanted Hamels, then Verlander, now Kluber/Bauer. It would appear however neither of those two Cleveland players are moving. The Dodgers are historically about pitching. We have actually, surprisingly to me, been pretty good at pitching the last few years. Concerning to many is our core group looks to be aging, though having Buehler in the rotation helps. I look forward to Urias (then May?) stepping up. Kershaw, Ryu, Hill, Maeda all feel grizzled to me. Fortunately none of them are expected to go more than 150 innings and my guess is only Kershaw will. Getting Harper will give the team offense, and increased sex appeal, but more is needed…. maybe. Arguments can be made we make the playoffs as is and for some that’s apparently good enough.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 15 of the Dodgers top 30 prospects are pitchers. Buehler and Urias are already at the big league level as we know. May, Santana, White are all on their way. Michael Grove, who has not yet pitched in pro ball is their 12th rated prospect. Another kid to watch is Tony Gonsolin, who was wanted in trade by the Indians and the Reds. Gonsolin was 10-2 split between Rancho and Tulsa. He struck out 155 batters in 128 innings. Had a WHIP of 1.14 and an ERA of 2.60…watch this kid. Down the road a little farther are guys like Gerrardo Carrillo and Jordan Sheffield who they are pretty high on.


      2. Interesting names, but only 1 shows up on the MLB Top 100 list – May. That doesn’t mean they won’t make a difference. It just might be a while. My personal opinion is Gonsolin, 24 in May, could be ready to step in. I hope he gets a long look in ST.


      3. I get the distinct impression that no non-Dodger fan has the slightest idea that Gonsolin exists and even Dodger fans who don’t follow blogs have no clue about him. That doesn’t mean, however, that other teams’ GM’s aren’t familiar with his value. Miami would be smart to ask for TG in any Realmuto trade. Same holds true for the Indians although the pundits seem to think they are now less likely to trade either of their guys.

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  5. Braves dropped out of the Realmuto talks, and the Mets just signed Ramos to a 2 year 19 million dollar deal. So he stays in the same division. It sure cuts down the signing options for Grandal. Machado to NY for talks in a couple of days. He already visited Philly.


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