Dodgers Add 5 Prospects to 40-Man Roster Ahead of Rule 5 Draft


In order to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft at the upcoming Winter Meetings, the Dodgers on Tuesday selected the contracts of right-handed pitcher Yadier Alvarez, infielder Matt Beaty, infielder Edwin Rios, catcher Keibert Ruiz and right-handed pitcher Josh Sborz.

Andy discussed a few of the implications of the Rule 5 Draft in her column on Monday.

Alvarez, 22, spent the majority of the 2018 campaign with Double-A Tulsa, going 1-2 with a 4.66 ERA (25 ER/48.1 IP) in 17 games (eight starts) and was also selected to the Texas League Mid-Season All-Star team. The hard-throwing right-hander also struck out 52 batters in 48.1 innings with the Drillers and limited the opposition to a .211 average. The native of Cuba, who was signed as a non-drafted free agent on July 2, 2015 by the Dodgers, has posted a 9-11 record with a 3.83 ERA in 54 career games (42 starts) over three professional seasons.

Beaty, 25, posted a .277/.378/.406 slashline with 10 doubles, one home run and 12 RBI in 31 games with Triple-A Oklahoma City in 2018. The corner infielder saw majority of his time at first base (16 games) with the OKC Dodgers, but also played in four games at third base and four games at second base along with appearing in five games in left field. Beaty, who was a 12th round draft pick by the Dodgers in the 2015 First-Year Player Draft out of Belmont University, has posted a career .309 batting average with 79 doubles, three triples, 31 home runs and 199 RBI in 342 games over four professional seasons.

Ríos, 24, appeared in 88 games with Triple-A Oklahoma City last year and posted a .304/.355/.482 slashline with 25 doubles, 10 homers and 55 RBI. Defensively, he spent majority of the season at third base (38 games), but also saw time at first base (28 games) and in left field (17 games). In 346 career games over four professional seasons, Ríos has batted .302 with 92 doubles, 64 home runs and 235 RBI along with a .879 OPS. He was selected in the sixth round of the 2015 First-Year Player Draft out of Florida International University.

Ruiz, 20, spent the entire season with Double-A Tulsa and hit .268 with 14 doubles, 12 home runs and 47 RBI in 101 games. The switch-hitting backstop appeared in 86 games (85 starts) behind the plate, posting a .995 fielding percentage (4 ER/740.1 INN) and throwing out 26% of would-be base stealers (25/90). The Venezuelan native, who is ranked as the Dodgers No. 2 prospect by, has posted a career .309/.357/.401 slashline with 67 doubles, six triples, 23 homers and 165 RBI in 302 games over four professional seasons. He was signed as a non-drafted free agent on July 20, 2014.

Sborz, 24, split last season with Double-A Tulsa and Triple-A Oklahoma City, combining to go 4-2 with six saves and posting a 3.88 ERA (23 ER/53.1 IP) in 46 relief appearances as he made his transition into the bullpen. The right-hander, who was selected in the Competitive Balance Round B (74th overall) of the 2015 First-Year Player Draft out of the University of Virginia, has appeared in 113 career games (46 starts) over four professionals seasons, going 20-17 with a 3.35 ERA and has collected nine saves.

To create room on the 40-man roster, the Dodgers designated right-handed pitcher Erik Goeddel, left-handed pitcher Zac Rosscup and infielder/outfielder Tim Locastro for assignment, while also giving right-handed pitcher Tom Koehler his unconditional release.

After all the dust settled, the Dodgers are left with a full 40-man roster.

(Lauren Douglas provided the majority of information in this report)


25 thoughts on “Dodgers Add 5 Prospects to 40-Man Roster Ahead of Rule 5 Draft

  1. Sorry about Locastro Dennis. I know he was a favorite of yours. As I look at the guys we added, I’m struck by the fact that it’s not all that exciting a list. Frankly, I would be surprised if any of these guys except Ruiz was ever in a Dodger uniform and that includes Alvarez. In other news, Kenny R. reports that we’re talking to the Indians about their pitchers and also possibly Yan Gomes. Indians need outfielders and we seem to have a few extra. Also still talking to the Marlins about Realmuto, although I assume that 20 other teams are also. All just talk for now.

    1. Who’s doing all this talking, Honeycutt and Roberts? Mr. Friedman has to be stretching himself quite thin these days. Those were some tough decisions for the 40-man, especially for a team who constantly has a slew of players on the DL.

      Locastro will get snatched up by somebody.

  2. Who’s talking? I don’t think it’s Doc. I believe I read somewhere that he was out of the country on vacation. Honeycutt is too old to work all year. He’s somewhere decompressing. I think the guy that’s doing the negotiating is Jimmy, the usher in Aisle 15 at Dodger Stadium. They think he has a real future.

      1. He does seem to have a lot of inside information, but then so do you Dennis. Admit it, you’re actually Andrew Friedman and you’ve set up this website so that you can get our advice for free. My agent will be contacting you in the morning. The good news – I work cheap.

      2. Normally I charge $50.00 per comment, but I’m going to let you off easy because TBPC has become a great place to hang out. I’m giving you an insider price of $35.42 and I’ll bill you annually. As a gesture of good will, I’m not going to charge for this comment.

  3. It seems to me that I remember seeing an article or comments somewhere that said Alvarez is difficult to deal with, full of himself and virtually uncoachable. Apparently, that is why he’s made little progress in the organization. Is this true?

    1. I saw the same comments Bob. I guess when you grow up poor in Cuba and someone hands you millions sometimes it’s hard to not let that get to your head. The Dodgers’ trade window for him was a couple of years ago but now that he’s hit a wall in his progress his trade value has gone down tremendously to the point where I think they’ve decided to hang on to him in the hopes that he matures and eventually uses some of the talent he has. At that point they can bring him up or trade him. Problem is he may never mature and he may just wind up driving off into the sunset in his Ferrari (or maybe it was a Maserati).

  4. I heard Alvarez has some of the best stuff in AA. It’s probably because he got a $16 million bonus. You can buy a lot of good stuff with $16,000,000. He has way better stuff than Jeff, who only gets paid $35.42. You can only buy a few lattes and scones with $35.42. That actually sounds good Jeff. I accept your offer. Meet me at the Starbies on 89A in West Sedona at 8:30. Don’t forget Arizona doesn’t engage in the paganistic habitude of Daylight Savings Time (as if time can actually be saved…..heathens) so you are an hour behind. If you leave now you won’t make it.

    Rule 5. It’s an interesting practice, and good for the players involved, but it doesn’t move my needle. On to improving the 25 man. Somebody go wake up Andrew.

    1. Maybe where you live you can buy a few lattes and scones with $35.42. Here in L.A. that barely covers one latte and one scone. I probably should have asked for more when negotiating with Andrew. I’ll see you in a few minutes. If I’m not there by 8:30 start without me.

      1. Attitude is everything. So I’m told. I have a great attitude. I don’t give a sh*t.

        Vanilla latte, $5. Scone, $3.50. Tip. That’s $10. x 2 is $18.50. With $32.50 we can a third. I say we incite Andy… I mean we invite Andy. Not Friedman. He’s sleeping. Our TBPC Andy ….. A-Chap.

        I say we sign nobody and tell all the 2 time WS losers this is it. Third time’s the charm – a ring – or you will all be traded to the Nippon Hams for Kotara Kiyomiya and some bacon to be named later.

  5. It looks like laugh in is in full session, who’s Rowan, and who is Martin, I know you guys are old enough to know what I’m referencing, the only question is are you to old to remember?

    1. Verrrrry Interesting. The sad thing Keith is that you, Scoop and I are the only three people on this website who know what you’re referencing. That show went off the air about 45 years ago. I’ll be Rowan. He was the better looking one. Scoop can be Martin. He was the funnier one. Rumors are starting to fly. Trades and signings won’t be far behind. We can then concentrate on baseball instead of comedy. Looks like the Mets are ready to trade Syndergaard if they get the right offer. Indians are ready to trade one of their good starters. Mariners now ready to listen on Edwin Diaz. That’s the guy we really need. He was the best reliever in baseball last year and has had three good years in a row. Get him Andrew!

  6. Tim Locastro is now a Yankee. We got a minor league pitcher AND cash considerations for him so that must mean that the pitcher we got is probably not a future Cy Young winner.

  7. I’ve been driving between the South Bay, and Culver City all day, I need some comic relief, so you guys keep the laughs going. Kind of surprised about the Thor rumors, doesn’t seem like the kind of deal we would get into, but it sure is nice to dream of him in Dodger blue.

  8. I want to be the better looking one, though I’m quite sure it’s too late for that.

    So I knew this guy who worked the docks at Port of Los Angeles back in the 70s. One day he wasn’t feeling well so he took the morning off. But an important delivery was being made that day – 4 Adelie penguins were being delivered for the LA zoo and it was his responsibility to get them there. His cousin had an old Ford truck so he called and offered him $100 if could pick up the penguins and take them to the zoo. Cousin says sure, comes over, gets the money and heads to the docks. A few hours later the guy was feeling better so he decided to drive out to the zoo to make sure the delivery was made. On the way to the zoo he sees his cousin in the truck with the 4 penguins in the back heading in the opposite direction. He wheels around, chases the truck down and yells at his cousin “hey, I gave you $100 to take those penguins to the zoo!” Cousin says “yeah I know. But we have some money left so we’re going to the movies.”

    I’m pretty sure I heard Martin tell that joke in ‘72.

    1. I would have been willing to discuss your wanting to be the better looking one but then you go and post a Dick Martin joke so the two of you are now forever linked.

  9. Thanks for the joke scoop, you and Jeff keep things from getting too heavy here, don’t rremember Martin telling that one but you’re probably right, he played his part of that duo pretty good. I would make that deal for one of those pitchers in a heart beat, so it probably isn’t enough from our end, when you make a deal like that it’s probably gonna hurt a little. It would open up a spot for Toles, or verdugo.

    1. It feels like the winter deals ended with Quackenbush. I’m sure that isn’t true, but it’s been so quiet on the Dodgers front. I did read at Rumors we are “in discussions” with Cleveland, so I guess that means Friedman is back from the Azores. But it looks like it’s Rams and Lakers for the next several weeks.

      So, let’s start our own rumors:

      Smith, Santana, Rooney and Pederson for Carrasco, Kyle Korver and Gomes.

      1. We could definitely use Korver. His homers count as 3 runs. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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