Dodgers Hot Stove: 5 Untouchable Players & 4 Players Who Could Be Dealt

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As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, this winter could be a time of great flux for the Dodgers roster. Today, let’s look at five players who most definitely won’t and four players who could be traded before the start of the 2019 season.


We can start with the most obvious player that will not be traded this off-season, and that is Clayton Kershaw. The once-in-a-generation pitcher was just signed to an extension, and the front office has made it clear they would like him to be a Dodger for life. Kershaw isn’t going anywhere.

Kenley Jansen, although dealing with some heart issues and after having an up and down year, is the big man at the end of the line, and won’t be in the Dodgers’ trade plans. Besides, finding someone to take over such a hefty contract would be difficult.

Coming off a season that was severely shortened after undergoing elbow ligament replacement surgery, Corey Seager will regain his spot at shortstop.

Cody Bellinger, reigning Rookie of the Year for a few hours or so, will still be patrolling either centerfield or showing his hops at first base.

Walker Buehler, one of the finalist for this year’s Rookie of the Year, will be anchoring the Dodgers rotation, and probably taking over the Ace status from Kershaw sooner than later.


Joc Pederson has never quite lived up to his potential, but has shown flashes of power. He had two homers in the postseason, and 25 on the regular season. In a crowded outfield he could be one of the first to go.

Coming off a season where he was named Sporting News Comeback Player of the Year, Matt Kemp still carries with him a huge contract and an aging body. He would be best suited at this point in his career to an AL team, and the Dodgers may look to unload him there. A year may have changed some teams minds that were not keen to play him last year.

Max Muncy is a controversial pick here. But the Dodger could very well look to sell high on their newfound star. Dodger fans would definitely be sad to see him go, but Muncy could be traded to fill in some holes existing in the Dodger lineup.

This one pains me the most the say, as I long have been vocal about Yasiel Puig staying with the team. But he has been rumored to be in any numbers of trades throughout his whole tenure with the Dodgers, including one from just last summer in exchange for Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals. There’s no doubt that he will continue to be included in any upcoming trade talks.

I would not be surprised if any of the remaining members of the Dodgers roster were traded, as not much surprises me with the front office anymore. However, I think the four stated are the most likely to be involved in any trades. Who do you think the front office would be willing to part with to better the roster?


13 thoughts on “Dodgers Hot Stove: 5 Untouchable Players & 4 Players Who Could Be Dealt

  1. Surprised you didn’t include Turner in the “no” list. I don’t see any way he’s traded, not only because of what he contributes on the field but also because I view him as the undisputed clubhouse leader now that Utley has retired. So I vote a big “no” on JT. I could see any of the guys on your “yes” list going. It will be interesting to see what Andrew does, unless he spends his entire off-season just looking to fill all the vacancies he has off the field.

    1. I have closer to 10 on the untouchable list, but I decided to just stick to five. I agree that JT will not be traded

      1. Freese, Urias, JT, and Ryu if took qualifying offer. But Ryu and Freese more of “why would they if they just took steps to re-sign them” as opposed to JT being a team leader

      2. Early word has it that Ryu will probably take the QO. I’m fine with that. We’ll know for sure in about 90 minutes (deadline is 2:00 our time, I think). I’d also bet my house that Yaz won’t. He’ll have no problem getting a 3-4 year deal from someone at a decent AAV.

  2. I could easily see Alex Wood being moved. Now that Ryu accepted the QO, we have kersh, and Buehler as no’s. That still leaves us with Hill, Maeda, Ryu, and Wood, a total of six SPs, wth Urias, Stripling, Ferguson, and Stewart for depth in the minors. I’m all for depth, but this seems a little over kill, so someone is expendable, Hill has a fairly big number to move, Ryu can’t be moved because of the QO, Maeda’s contract is too team friendly, Wood is a free agent at the end of 2019, so I think he becomes the guy the FO tries to move.

    1. I’m all for keeping pitchers. The last 3 years have taught us that EVERY pitcher goes on the DL at some point. We’ve had depth in pitching all those years and used them all. I agree one could be moved but I’d hate to see them go down to 5-6 starting pitchers, if the last fees years have taught us anything g

    2. I don’t see any possibility that Brock Stewart is with the team next year. He’s out of options and I can’t imagine that they would carry him on a 12 or 13 man staff all year to avoid losing him. I do think they’ll be able to get something (although not a whole lot) for him in trade rather than having to just release him. I agree that it’s time to wave good-bye to Alex Wood, and at this point I think he’ll be happy to go somewhere since it’s his last year before free agency. He’ll want to show that he deserves a decent contract next winter and he’s got at least 5 if not 6 guys ahead of him in the rotation. His trade value has dipped since his spectacular 2017 season but teams like the Reds, Marlins and Orioles to mention just a few would no doubt be happy to add him to their rotation. He’ll probably earn about 9 mil in arbitration so unless we deal him to a contender, we might have to kick in some money.

  3. Andy, Kluber is supposedly available, I wouldn’t trade Buehler, but would you put Urias in a Kluber package?

  4. Urias! No way! Kluber on downside! Wood, Stripling and Stewart could be gone this winter. We need power right handed bat in left. If we could negotiate Stanton’s contract down to 7 years with Yanks that would work

  5. My basic philosophy is that nobody is untouchable. They would all leave if more money is available elsewhere, so, if better players can be had for them, adios amigos.

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