Does Signing Yu Darvish Make Sense for Dodgers?

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The Dodgers need more starting pitching, it’s as simple as that. Clayton Kershaw, Alex Wood and Rich Hill fit in perfectly with the Dodgers, but if Los Angeles intends to contend in 2018, they need another starter.

They need another quality, front-line arm.

Yu Darvish could very well be the answer to that question. He may be, he may not be. Either way, a change could very well be on the horizon for the Dodgers’ starting five.

Heres what we know so far:

1) Darvish is a free agent and has yet to be signed by a major league organization.

2) He’s going to sign for a lot of money—money the Dodgers might not want to spend.

3) He’d like to return to the Dodgers this season.

4) Kershaw can opt out of his contract after this season, the same offseason in which Bryce Harper will become a free agent.

Logistically, signing Darvish makes sense for the Dodgers. He’s a good pitcher who fits in well with the team. He’s a potential co-ace the Dodgers need.

But then again, baseball isn’t always logical.

Know this, if the Dodgers don’t snag Darvish, it won’t be because of Game 7. In the end, Game 7 was simply what it’s profound and poetic name suggests—a game. Darvish did not pitch to the level he was expected to on November 1st, and though that may headline in his career as a Dodger, it won’t define his career in its entirety.

In many ways, signing Darvish makes sense, but realistically, it may not be what’s best.

Being a bold and faithful Dodger fan, I can not objectively say whether or not Darvish should be, or will be, wearing Dodger Blue on Opening Day. I, like many other Dodger fans, remember Game 7 like it was yesterday. I also remember the heartbreak of the first few innings, and I remember the heartbreak as the Astros celebrated on the field at the Ravine.

Those memories force my opinions on such a matter are clouded. Personally, I don’t think re-signing Darvish makes sense for our beloved Dodgers. I think there are teams that could use Darvish in a stronger and more ace-like role than the Dodgers can. But, in the back of my mind, I am thinking of Game 7.

That game is inescapable.

A return to the Dodgers is unlikely for Darvish. There are arguments that can be made in support of a contract with Los Angeles. One can easily say that Game 7 aside, he pitched pretty well as a Dodger and we’d be lucky to have him back. That’s all true. The Dodgers would be extremely lucky to have Darvish on their roster. It’s a nice thought.

There’s also an argument against such a signing. Darvish is going to be offered a massive contract, and from more than one team, undoubtedly. Should the Dodgers extend an offer, he may take it, even it means making less money than he would have with another team. This is very possible, not to mention similar to Kenley Jansen in 2016, who turned down a historic contract in order to stay in Los Angeles.

The probability of the Dodgers signing Darvish, at this point, is pretty low. They still need another starter, and that starter could be a name that all of baseball knows well or a player that the Dodgers decided to take a chance on, only for it to pay off better than anyone could’ve predicted.

Baseball isn’t always logical, but baseball is always, always, emotional. We can’t ever lose sight of that.



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