Giancarlo Stanton to Dodgers Starting to Seem More Plausible

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A little bit ago I wrote about how it seemed very unlikely that Giancarlo Stanton would be a member of the Dodgers in 2018. While it is still far from fruition, it does seem more plausible than it did a few weeks ago.

Thursday evening, news came down that Stanton would not approve a trade to either the Cardinals or Giants, both of whom had made offers to the Marlins for Stanton’s services. The reigning MVP has a full no-trade clause in his contract, and yesterday he made known that the only teams with which he would accept a trade would be the Yankees, Astros, Cubs and Dodgers, with the Dodgers being his preferred landing spot.

And who can blame the guy. If you hold all the cards, why would you not want to go to a contending team? The Cardinals were close last year, sure, and if any team can use some weird magic and do a 60-game turnaround it would be the Giants. But why take that chance when you have been languishing in Miami with unproven ownership and no playoff chances.

The Dodgers sit in the comfy position of not needing to get a guy like Stanton, but still would welcome him with open arms for the right price. What would that price be? There have been many speculations floating around, but it would seemingly have to include the Marlins agreeing to pay some of Stanton’s contract, along with whomever the Dodgers would decide to send back in return.

And with any rumors, they have to be taken with a grain of salt. New Marlins owner Derek Jeter and company could be ‘leaking’ the list of where Stanton would prefer to go to gauge interest from those teams, and conceivably drive the market up for him.

In years of watching this front office, I can say I won’t be surprised by anything they do. They may deem the price too high, and continue on with their plan of bolstering the team with low-cost diamonds in the rough. Yet, I wouldn’t put it past them to wait the market out, use the fact that Stanton is a Los Angeles guy to their advantage, and finagle a deal with a new ownership group that works out in the Dodgers’ favor. Rumors are that Stanton would not approve a deal to another team until the Dodgers say they are out for good. The Dodgers have enough money and resources to hang out long enough to outlast any other suitors.

Either way, with the winter meetings starting next week in Orlando, we may know soon enough whether we will all see Stanton in blue in time for Hanukkah and Christmas. Until then, I will whet your palate with this little tease of what the lineup might look like with Stanton in it, from Buster Olney –



4 thoughts on “Giancarlo Stanton to Dodgers Starting to Seem More Plausible

  1. With regard to Buster’s lineup I think most people would agree that Puig is a better outfielder than Stanton and with a superior arm so I would play him in right with Stanton in left. Any lineup with Forsythe batting 6th has not been put together correctly. I would trade Forsythe, move CT-3 to second base and play some combo of Toles/Kike/Joc in center. Would also bat Turner 3rd and Stanton fourth, Barnes 7th and the centerfielder 8th. Of course this exercise will be fruitless if the Yankees decide to horn in and trade for Stanton. I’m thinking that the Cubs or Astros getting involved is less likely, but you never know.

  2. I think the Yankee rumors are smoke and mirrors, trying to push the Dodgers into bidding higher, Jeter is trying to get a favor from old friends. The only way it makes sense for the yanks to trade is to unload elsbury’s 68 mil, I doubt the Marlins want any part of that.

    1. Headley and Castro combined salaries just about equal Stanton’s for next season and after that the Yankees have much less committed. The Dodgers situation is also very top heavy for next year and after that much better but if you’re the Marlins would you rather have Headley/Castro or McCarthy/Kazmir? I think the answer is easy and that probably means Stanton goes to NY. I wonder if Andrew has asked about Ozuna? Much shorter salary commitment but, of course, a much heavier cost in prospects. Still might be worth it.

    2. Unfortunately I seem to have been correct about the Yankees. With the Ohtani and Stanton situations removed, the Winter Meetings should be very busy. I’m sorry we didn’t get Stanton but I’m not going nuts over it. Let’s see how the meetings go.

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